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Chris: Enki and Enlil Tribes of Nibiru

Enki was benevolent twards hummanity he is the one who genectically engineerded humans and Enlil was the regressive Et who hated humans and worked them to death mining gold Enki did not like this and saved humanity when Enlil used Nibiru,s tractor beam to cause the great flood. there two Tribes of the Annunaki the Enki Tribe of Nibiru wicth there genectic lineage comes from Enki they are benevolent and the Enlil Tribe of Nibiru is regessive they very evil and self serving and hate humanity just like Enlil wicth there genectic lineage comes from.

Terran resistance: both

enki and enlil were bad

your a fan of Alex Collier right? he says the same thing

bluesbaby5050: The information Alex Collier gives to Humans----

Comes from the Andromedans! They should know!! They live for thousands of years,and have RE-corded all this history your always trying to say is all Lies TR! The Human Race does not live for Thousands of years,and so have the RE-corded Human history of the Andromedans to go by,as well as The Arturians,and the Pleiadians,and Others.

Terran resistance: lol

you just agreed with me that the andromedans are right, so enki is evil

thanks for agreeing with me.

Bellerophon: Really?

They have never said that either side is bad or good. They said that both sides have promised a lot things and not lived up to them. And that they (Enki's side) had been involved in things that have not always been beneficial for humanity. That's not the same as saying they are evil and have our worst intentions in mind.

You made that one up.


Was Evil TR! THIS IS ANOTHER FINE EXAMPLE OF YOUR WAYS OF TWISTING,AND MANIPULATING PEOPLE'S WORDS TO FIT YOUR AGENDA! Your on the payroll of the UK Goverment! Tony Blair included,as he is all the same as you,and the rests! Your A paid Pysop Agent! That's why Your Here! Your all Cabalists = Illuminati.

Bellerophon: Nope

Enlil did the worst things in recorded (and in unrecorded) history. Enki did screw few things up, but he never saw us as nothing more than slaves, unlike his brother's side of the family.

Terran resistance: I dont agree with what alex collier says all the time

he says that enki and enlil are both to do with tribes of nibiru

i have found evidence that enki has to do with the hollow earth, not with the nibiru, but my opinion is changing every week now...

yes I am a troll, you mad bro?

got a problem with that? Are you gonna come at me bro with a ak-47? whatcha you gonna do??


bluesbaby5050: It's OK to have a disagreement.....

Because after all, this is a forum, and it is OK to have a Disagreement. (I am speaking in general here, and this is Not personal to you Tr.) We are ALL here to seek knowledge, and to discover new ideas. We are ALL ONE, so please, let's try to get along here. If you can't be nice, then be Civil to each other, and this goes out to the New Members too. In the beginning TR you Shook things up here. You took us by surprize, me for one. I said," I was Sorry for my re-action to you in the past, when I came to realize that you are here to seek knowledge,and New Ideas too." I had said this to you in private, and you were very nice to me about it. I really do like you. Your a friend to me. So everyone Let's set THE Example, and Prove that we Can come together in the LIGHT of Love, and world Peace. Let's work together for Harmony, and A NEW FUTURE for our self's, and this planet. God Know's we Need this! TR your Not a Troll, Nice Try! Hahahaha! Your my friend }:>)

bluesbaby5050: Sorry for the double hit.........

Sorry for the double hit, it's Earley here *^* zzzs ....(not enough coffee }:>)

Bellerophon: I don't always agree with him either ...

Yes, both are tribes of Nibiru. So?

... But he is not the one who blurted out that in the first place. So there ya go.

And the reason you are confused fella, is because you also lack some understanding of the Nibiru concept and what it actually was.

And its not mentally healthy to change opinions every week. It means you have a problem with coherency, consistency, and having a firm stand on a certain thing. But for a troll, all that is forgiven :).

Tarheel: Welcome aboard Bellerophon. Peace in the Valley !

TR doesnt always agree with what we think, but we respect his right to state otherwise as long as he recognizes ours.

What does your name mean/represent ?

bluesbaby5050: Your correct Chris, as Alex Collier does Know His Stuff!

I do Agree with You Chris! This is correct information Regarding the history of these Two Half Brothers,son of Anu,the King of Niberu.Lord Prince Inki the Oldest son,and Lord Prince Enlil the Younger son of The King Anu of Niberu/ the Tribes of The Annunaki, Alien Groups.

bluesbaby5050: I Never Agreed with you TR!

I Never said Inki was Evil!! Your always Twisting,and Manipulating peoples words to fit Your Agenda! Your a Paid Goverment Pysops Whore of the UK goverment.Your Sick ,and Deluted,and Your a Paid DIS-Information Agent! And you work for Tony Blair,and Company! Your all alike,just a bunch Of Goverment Spies,and Crooked to the Core! Your Empire is going to Collapse,and Fall just like a house of Cards! Your ALL Going Down!! I hope you can swim far distances! Your going to need to! Hahahahaha! Your Corrupt,and You Will pay with your Souls !!

Terran resistance: lol!

Tony blair is not the prime minister you muppet, he hasnt been for years xD
And yes you did agree with me and you said alex collier was right, and im telling you he is aswell and he said enki and enlil are bad

end of story.

bluesbaby5050: Your All the Same - Cabalist = Illuminati !

You Spread your Propaganda,and Tell your Lies,and Twist, and Manipulate people,and what they have to say. This is what your getting paid for.Your a paid Physops Whore,and the Real Truth Hurts you here! Too bad! You ask for it. Save Your Soul,and Stop Shaming Yourself!

Chris: what alex collier said about the Annunaki

was that there different Tribes at different evolutionay levels the enki Tribe was benevolent twards humanity and was very spirtualy evolved. the Enlil tribe was regressive and King Anu discided to divide the cultures of eath by givng them different languages so the human populatons on earth cound be more easily controled. Enki did not like this.

Annunaki77: Every Family has Issues

Even In Sirius Families had Issues. Some believed to give the Animals Free Will, Passion & Destiny was a Sacriledge.
En Ki wanted to give his Creations Incredible Gifts.
And Humanity has them, you have these Gifts, but you must believe in order for them to work. Believe and Creation will bring your Vision into this World.


Ecbra de Oaoj: name isnt the thing or person.

the word simply represents orally what you mean but it is not 'the thing or person itself.
malicious rhetoric may speak like that in his magic tricks deceive you; eyes, ears and mind.

what matters are the essence and acts; if it does good, then good. if no, no. who are bad, calls good for foolish and calls Justice for evil.

little matter of that name but what are someone or something in-self. Independent or race, place, etc.

Annunaki77: Bad?

If they were Bad you wouldn't exist silly Ant.
You are lucky some Beings have Mercy , Bad?.
Is it Bad to want Freedom?, is it Bad to want Free Will & Passion.
Even Lord Enlil had his ways and the Rightful heir to the Throne he had his right to his ways , you are wrong to think Both are Bad.
They are Different.

Terran resistance: mwahaha


prove otherwise

Bellerophon: Are you 13 years old?

Your trolling behavior is beyond childish. Grow the fuck up dude.

But back on topic - Enki = Lucifer = Prometheus. True. So fucking what?

Nothing suggests that Satan is evil, other than a dirty old book written before any canal systems were invented and endured 2200+ years of recombination, modification, filtration and processing by various powers that were during that time period.

If that's your source of wisdom and knowledge, then I feel sorry for you.

Whether you see him through the story of Lucifer, or Prometheus, or Enki, this person helped in the creation of the first human prototypes, of the species as we know ourselves to be. He went out of his way to anger the other "gods" to the point where they didn't even let him die a quick death, but tortured him until his soul left his body.

This comes from the side that is favored in the Bible, and all those "angels" or similarly described beings.

Terran resistance: your understanding of satanism is lacking

lots of different deities in the bible are called satan, yes I did say lots of deities, you read that correctly.

the father is called satan
heck even saint peter or should I say p'taah is called satan

look it up

you mad bro?

Bellerophon: Look it up?

The point of research is not to make connections to fit your already established view on a particular topic.

True, there are many. But Satan is not a name. It means opposer/opponent. Opposing the 'other side' of this conflict. Usually Lucifer is regarded even by other religious scholars (be it mainstream or alternative), as a fitting name for one of the main forms of power among the "demonic kind".

I was raised as an orthodox Christian. I was taught that everything other than that is wrong. Even other Christian denominations. Normally, I wanted to learn more as to why that is, and since my early years I started reading about other religions, other forms of worship and belief systems, etc.

I eventually got into satanism as well. And yes, I can tell you are dead wrong about it. I'm not sure where have you compiled this information, but it sure hasn't been any relevant sources.

Terran resistance: oh lol

thats all primary school stuff there

look im not in the mood for arguing, I provide evidence
if you want to debunk it, you must provide evidence, not shoot the messenger

otherwise I believe that makes you the troll lol XD

enki and enlil are the equivalent of osiris and seth, that they fought alot

this has to do with the black league wars which collier and lyssa royal talk about, in my opinion

enki = pleiaidians helping the black league fightiing the orion empire, some of these I would imagine are in the hollow earth now, because the moon shows evidence of the black league wars.

seth could be equated to queen suttee (spelling?) which collier talks about which might have to do with orion.

but yeah thats alot of interpretations, like alot of people say osiris is representive of orion etc.
in my opinion there is a shit load of gods that represent orion.
Enki is the god of the abyse, abyse being another name for hell aswell

aub means snake in ancient egyptian if i remember correctly

like oblivion (ab-livion), negative connetations
lots of words have ab/ob in it and are negative words.
like obscene etc.

yady yady yada

Bellerophon: negative not same as opposite :)

We're not arguing, we're having a discussion. Edgy one, but a discussion nonetheless :). The problem is, etymology is faulty, and you can't use it as absolute proof for anything (I almost never do).

As much evidence I have, that is so much evidence you have :).

And I don't disagree with you completely, I do understand the concept of the conflict in ancient times. I'm just saying, satanism is not as evil as it is portrayed to be. I'm not saying there are no such things as blood sacrifices today, but they have nothing to do with the other forms of satanism. I'm not even sure we can all it that way, as I believe its another form of worship altogether.

In fact, other satanism denominations hate the blood sacrifices used in many other religions. They are not that uncivilized.

Enki was not a pleiadian though. They are a separate civilization from those who present themselves as pleiadian. Hollow Earth - I support you there. That there are "evil" factions among them, I support you there too. I'm just being specific on what I disagree with you with, because you seem to think I disagree with everything.

Terran resistance: yeah I know what you mean

like baldur (norse) and balor (irsh) totally different gods but sound the same.
but in this instance I still think im right

one thing is true though that all names evolve over time, if enki is not loki/ kali then what did it evolve into?

for example the name king

Bellerophon: mhm

Yeah, we use the 'tsar' word :D

I can see the connection between Enki and Loki (soemwhat), but Kali? I'm lost there on that one.

Tarheel: The "TRICKSTER" Gods are at work in the "interpretations".

Remember, they will prop you up 3 times with Truths, and just when you think you can trust them....The Grand Deception.

That is why we have all the stories being weaved. Many interpretations, many meanings so we are confused. Decide WHAT/which is right, and WHAT/which is wrong and GO WITH IT.

Trust your intuition.

Esu (sp?) anyone?

Terran resistance: im pretty sure that

loki was a trickster god


Tarheel: But TR is a circumsilion(sp/), and when he attacked....

.....nobody "offed" you. SO, you were supposed to commit suicide.

I wasnt doubting Loki was a trickster God. In Norse code, he was methinx. So was Esu(sp?) and there are many more.

Tarheel: Enki is NOT Satan.

Enki was termed Lucifer by his brother-The Lord of Command- EnLiL. EnLiL did this to confuse the masses as to who the good guy is. We all know that M'Lord Enki is NOT Satan, but EnLiL loves that you think he is. Tahts why he did it.

EnLiL also overtook Enki's Brotherhood of The Snake, which was originally (under Enki) a GRAND society of Benevolents. EnLiL infiltrated The BotS and turned it into a BAD outfit of self serving Command Types that undermined Humanity.

karam: TR your working for

TR your working for illuminati?

karam: TR is psyop

tr r u performing psychological opertions on this site???

bluesbaby5050: Yes , Karam! TR is a----

Pysops Agent! TR is on the Pysops Agents Payroll.

Tarheel: NOPE, TR is a DIS(sed) Info Agent.

But he's just not very good at it.

Ecbra de Oaoj: this site is more one site


works dont stop.
relax Karan.

there are a part of our World that NOT want that people have awareness because if it happen they will lose their secular privileges.
Are you from India? well, Im brazilian. you will understand I think, what I mean, even without translation:


americans are fools? do you trust in north america politic for World? well... we are Americans here too. in South. what I can say about? No. completely. Reasons? manys. but people... are one thing and govern other; diferent. Tarheel and Bluesbaby are north americans citizens and speack in favour to Freedom and Health to Earth. Friendship and truth independent of nation.

Peace and cooperation for the common good and the intention makes us one.

well, but I think is important someone says to us: ei... idiots. you guys in this site are being fooled by two fakes that call theirselves Ets telepatics and... etc. take this versions about that they are teaching you; they are evil... and etc. Its a tasks to our leaning.

particularly I think that who does it assumes a certain; risk. One: if they are really the... Evil? buuh! and... two... if they are realy... Entities that accompany humanity like Angels in all cultures, that live thousands of years and have some power above?

Each one is able to feel; about own life. and I, in my experience... well... I never doubt because Heart is a Source of God ... and we arent alone in Eternity.

so that Karan... welcome... please stay with us and post your impressions because is very important; who also teaches this same learning; and vice versa.


Ecbra de Oaoj: and mainly...

why ofend someone with ofensive languaje, is a god or a small kid in your computer?
that to act with disrespect someone who does not know him and never does any harm? because they think differently, because I said something that did not agree?

intention and that 'this?

what to expect in response? why?
(maybe is not questions... just... thoughts...

sometimes I think I'm wasting my time here; but I am sure that friendship is worth more than this money here.


Health and Good Will to all that; want its.

bluesbaby5050: You Speak the Real Truths here Ecbra,Our Brother Form Brazil!

We are ALL ONE! Love, and Light. Peace to All Life Forms!

Terran resistance: I guess that makes you all


the truth hurts

wandjina: your spot terran resistance

they are a bunch of satanic bastards

Ecbra de Oaoj: have a God to worship?

I... no one. Just believe that are The Source... The Infinite, The... Uni-verse... that can see, hear... know. about all because create all, include Kods...

The Creator of All Things... isnt a person defined...

so; maybe Im ateist if... you worship some god... which god you worship? or better...
forget it. its your... chooice. what I know is that one day you will be alone, it is what your club or office. Not my problem...
but...not. not include lies in yours coments. please.



Love... when in doubt... choose Love because you will be secure.


Bellerophon: :)

I doubt you even know what satanism is at all, to be able to use it to any extent in any context possible when formulating sentences.

Terran resistance: all talk no content


simple etymology

if you looked up what cultists who worshipped kali actually did, you wouldnt be saying half of the things you are saying

im talking blood sacrafices

Bellerophon: Etymology .... riiiiight .... (U_U)

I have read that about Kali somewhere, yes. But not about Enki. And even if it was true, that humans did blood sacrifices for Enki, what makes you certain that it was him who demanded it? :)

Can I bump the Aztec case of blood sacrifices here real quick? :)

wandjina: Notice how none of them present any evidence otherwise

terran resistance you win the argument yet again WOW!
enki= satan, I'll remember that

bluesbaby5050: TR'S Puppet is Back!

He Finally Brought it Out of the Box from the Attic Again for Another Visit on Truth Control!Hahahaha! Notice the First thing for Words out of The Puppets mouth is All Swear Words? Same Style too! TR is so Obvious! Join A Comedy Club! You would have more FUN! Hahahahaha!

Tarheel: Yes-TR had to get himself to support himself becuz..

...nobody else does.
More transparency from Dissed Info Ahgent TR. He's had a bad life and I exposed more of his earlier years and he tried to be all defensive and he couldnt so he went on the offensive. He's Mr Big Man now...cursing behind his keyboard and propping himself up with his various Avatars. It must suck when you (TR) are THE Punch Line and The Joke.

Terran resistance: are you a fan of indiana jones tarheel?

your favourite deity stars in it.

Tarheel: Yes, but I went to college.

Do you know where I went to college?
I have a doctorate from SCREW U. !!!

Haha! You feel for THAT! You're inept. I get you all tangled up in your underwear to the point that you cant think straight, and you turn into Mr Big Man behind your PC and start cursing, showing your limited vocabulary. Your Disinfo Agency gives you an F for flunkybutt.
So, tell us about your repressed past, the past that leads you to habg out on sites and denounce/demena/divide because the sites empower you, Mr Big Man. You were repressed at an earlier age so you are gonna show society, arent you? YES YOU ARE! It's payback time for Mr Big Man and everybody's gonna pay for Mr Big Man's pains. Serious therapy needed,dude. UK must have some program for the "repressed childhood syndrome". Maybe they can help you and you can regroup and start over at another site where you can garnish some respect, because you never will here. You blew it. I tried to help you early on, I stuck out my hand and you spit on it and you continued your smear campaign....yeah, Mr Big man is sooooo enmpowered...he's gonna show these guys , Mr Big Man is gonna get respect by tearing down people's beliefs and making a name foir himself. He's gonna show society, and somebody's gonna pay! Mr Big Man's gonna slander anybody he can, and Mr Big man has make-believe friends to prop him up. Dude, that's so lame, and BB spotted your alter avatar/split personality first post.
Now that you're in too deep and so over your head that you cant quit TruthControl- you have to prove yourself able to dig out and try to save face BUT...... who are you gonna impress now? You're out of people to TRY to offend. It must suck to have no friends and no life whatsoever, but...YOU'RE GONNA SHOW US, ARENT YOU? You're a disgrace. Stop it, you're FURTHER embarassing yourself. remeber, most of us tried to send an olive branch-your fat ass snapped it in half. You're on your own, SUNSHINE. How lame.
Let me write your ONLINE epitaph-"I'm afraid the burden was more than he could bear."

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