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The Aliens are currently trying to make Humanity fight against itself with Nation against Nation, the Middle East is the Hot Spot , what the Reptilian Orion Empire wants is a Reduction of the Worlds Populations Via War, Vaccinations, and Fema Camps.
I know this sounds Crazy but your Government are in on this because the Orions chair the United Nations and these Tall Greys dictate foreign Policy, yes the Global Governments that are Members of the United Nations work for the Orion Group, these Aliens want to destroy and Decimate Humanity. The Alien Question is the most important Question in the History of Humanity, these Creatures are very smart , they are making Earth Governments wipe each other out so they can take over Earth and steal Precious Resources.

Humanity must wake up and study the Alien Question further for the sake of the Human Races, do not go to War for Religion , it is the oldest Galactic Trick in the Book, those Nations that go to War are the biggest Dummies they will fry first and the Aliens will steal their Resources say no to War and be weary of 2029 because these Creatures do have a deadline so defend Earth and defend Liberty and Democracy.

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If the NWO fails in their quest to Decimate the Planet of Humans through fabricated Wars and Vaccinations the Orion Empire will come to Earth and Launch an Elaborate Hoax Involving Prophets and the Mind Controlled Masses might fall for the trap and get delivered to Motherships for Processing as Slaves and Food Source, thinking they are getting Raptured when in fact are becoming Human Happy Meals.

Humanity must wake up and demand more transparency from their Governments otherswise they will suffer.

ZIN-URU: (from the John Kettler site)

(from the John Kettler site)
Q. ...been wondering what happened to Earth ~52,000 years ago when last it passed through the equatorial plane of the center of the galaxy. I wondered why there wasn’t a transition to 4D at that time, or was there, but a 3D version is still here. Then I got to wondering if by your count of 1892 previous tries to get Earth to 4D whether that meant each ~52,000 year cycle, for a total of 1892 previous times that the Earth, Sun, and Galaxy Black Hole lined up, it was tried but prevented. That would be roughly 98,384,000 years ago that it was first tried. So 2 parts to the question, 1) What happened ~52k years ago to Earth when it passed this way, and why didn’t it go to 4D at that time, and, 2) did those 1892 previous attempts happen at each 52k year cycle for the last 98M years? THX

Reply ...approximately every 10,000 years the Reptoids destroy Earth. They tried in 2,000 and failed due to off world interference.

After Earth is destroyed, “Humans are recreated from laboratories on Reptoid ships.” I shuddered when I read that—it is not from my family I learned either of these facts.

Forbidden Archeology (Michael Cremo) has in it facts about this destruction, and it is seen in various canyons where the lava is warped and twisted. This is why our history is truncated to about 8,000 BC where it is claimed there is no written history prior. Total lie, but it makes humans start over, and they are easily controlled.

In reference to the 1,892 times, it pertains to this last 10,000 years only because Earth is headed for the pole shift while we’re passing through the galactic center, giving us a chance to get free. Your expression of “torpedoing the effort,” is accurate.

The off world effort to free this planet has now enough information to make a serious break through. It has taken this long to gather the facts and took several heartbreaking sacrifices of many of the “royal families,” to send their children here in hopes to get essential information back. With the black water (a substance which blocks the higher frequencies the Sun’s now emitting and would otherwise help uplift us) absorbing light, all those children were lost, and no one ever was able to “phone home.”

There are four main types caught here: 1) those who were dangerous because they were criminals and other systems trashed them here, 2) those whose worlds were destroyed because the Reptoids exploded them 3) those who thought they were shunned by their family and expelled, but it was only to plant them here 4) those who are the most dangerous enemies of the Reptoids; the latest e-mail of soul transference, being in the wrong body would be a good example of that one.

This effort to infiltrate this place has taken generations to seed to get ready for this effort, and thus the Pole ships are here because of it. This is also why the reptiles ensure the memory is wiped out, and that happens through the water along with some other chemistry.

As far as 52,000 years ago, I don’t have the details in the data bank.”

ZIN-URU: Also from the John Kettler site

(word is that we are 3.93 closer to the 4th Dimension)

..."To get into a place where the Reptoids can be dealt with on a more even playing field, Earth must be in the fourth dimension. The third dimension is too dense. While our spirit weight is something like 5 grams, our bodies weighs over 100 pounds because of density here. In other realities, both body and spirit together have nowhere near that kind of weight. I’m "hearing" something like three to five pounds. It makes it difficult for ET/EDs to deal here, as their bodies cannot adapt for a long time in this static environment. Reptoids have no problem in 3D.

There is also a problem of dimensional collapse, since many people on Earth are in duplicate forms to another version of themselves in another dimension. Both cannot occupy the same space in 3D without some strange complications. The will is weaker in the third dimension, as 3D was never designed for how it is used now. Thus meeting oneself in 3D causes a merging, and the kinds of bodies we have cannot morph.

3D is designed to learn via sequential unfolding, and is thus solid. We cannot jump time, fold time or skip around using time technology. Further, we are in a prison, and any effort to do that would be killed, just like all the free energy efforts are ended quickly. The Reptoids are here to destroy us, stamp out the light, and they do not care if they are destroyed in the process. It means nothing to them. This fact about the Reptoids carries into all dimensions; thus the ET wars that have been waged. The Reptoids are a unstoppable, genetically programmed horrors of creation and will take down absolutely everything living, given the chance. This is why the GMO effort is going on.

All dimensions have good and bad; it depends on light and how it is used. Earth has little to no source light at the cellular structure, especially in humans, so we cannot see what is so obvious to others living in off-world realities. For example, there are many, mostly politicians, who are not human. Our eyes have been blinded because we are enslaved, but it is fairly obvious, to others whose eyes have not been dimmed, there are things in human bodies running the show.

During the last 20 years is when the most penetration of this dimension has happened, and we have learned the ways of the dark.

All the effort to make pretty this fourth dimensional transition is a blanket of hideous lies to ensure you never wake up and remember who you are. To keep you asleep is the best insurance; you will simply snooze yourself into oblivion. Waking up entails wrangling with a nightmare, but that’s the battle. In the end, it is just facing your own truth, seeing what is so, and acting on it.

We are in the window where we have a chance. Welcome to the challenge."

So, there you have it. I personally have my jury out over this passage: "We cannot jump time, fold time or skip around using time technology." A followup question got a response indicating this was generally true for the Third Dimension, though there are various parties seeking to "bend the rules" via technology, magick or both.

bluesbaby5050: I wish more humans like you would realize ....

This is really happening RIGHT NOW before their eyes. Your right about this. First, the humans NEED to get them selves OFF THE JUNK FOODS, AND THE POISION FOODS FILLED WITH THE GMO'S, AND THE MSG'S, AND STOP DRINKING THE NASTY POISON FILLED WATER! This is a start. Their minds WILL clear,and their bodies will become stronger,their immune systems will also improve greatly. Then they will begin to see more clearly. Then work on their spiritual selves, and this will help to guard them, and guide them. Thanks for your input to this forum. Glad to have you. Welcome aboard.Thanks for this great link too! (It has some great news for us humans for a change.)

project_wide_awake: Hey guys new here..what are

Hey guys new here..what are some of the GMO's that are giving us and not telling

Terran resistance: you might aswell not eat at all

becuase everything is grown with tap water
whats in tap water?

bluesbaby5050: Not everything is............

There is still good foods available, but you will have to pay a higher price for them. For example the foods that are dehydrated foods,you just add pure water to it. Everything is already in it. Fruits,vegetables,meats,dairy. GMO,AND MSG FREE, the same for the Garden seeds,and they can reproduce for the following years when you harvest the seeds from those foods.Buying a good water filteration system is also a good idea too. People that have prepared, have been buying them,and stocking up on them,and will stand a better chance to live because of their fore-sight. They will not wait for their goverments to supply them with any foods,as they know darn well that they will NOT! They never did during Katrina either! The world watched those events ,and should have remembered the hard lessons from that experience. I know I did,and I did prepare just like this.I do not eat from the stores. I know plenty of people that did the same thing I did.Their are other ways,you just have to know what,and where to look. It's worth it.

ZIN-URU: GMO foods? Well there's just

GMO foods? Well there's just about everything that you eat. Apart from the foods that you grow in your backyard. Everything else is pretty much tainted. Monsanto has it's finger in just about everything that is stocked on every shop, supermarket shelves etc... food, clothing, even the material that is used in cars etc, it boggles the mind.

ZIN-URU: All things that belong to

All things that belong to Nature are genetically modified by big pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, who are governed by these reptoids. These reptoids are brilliant geneticists, most highly intelligent ( it would take us humans 500 - 1000 earth years of education, to get to where they are), and are the most absolute brutal, totally domineering psychopaths ever in this universe. As far as they are concerned they own everything in this universe, and what we are to them is how we view bugs or gnats and squash 'em. We have a window of opportunity to break free of these jerks TIME IS RUNNING SHORT...
Know that each and anyone of us who awakens more light pours onto this earth(Gaia), as she (Gaia) is speeding up and going into the 4th dimension. The more people who awaken along with those who are already awake helps bring the human vibration up to match Earth(Gaia), We are almost there (3.93) the veil is wearing thin, soon we will be able to see what has been denied us for so long by our governments...

Tarheel: ZIN-URU-you have some interesting spins.

Welcome aboard, and tell us what you think is needed to get GAIA to 4d...I deducted that you are a proponent of waking people up, and showing them what's right. Anything else you believe ?

Happy to have you.

Tarheel: I agree regarding The Reptoids, as you call them.

BUT, their strength is their weakness. That is a design flaw. Why else would they have been run outta their universe and dumped here? Right, they werent wanted.
Any faction that needs to dominate/control/demean all other factions suffers from low self-esteem and is DEFINITELY psychopathic. They see any and all others as potential competition and a threat to their own existence so they are fearful themselves. Thats no strength, that's weakness.

bluesbaby5050: I do have to disagree here about the reptoids being of low..

Of low self asteem because, they are the exact opposite in that respect. They have very High self asteem,and are very advanced in technologies,and very physically strong,and powerful, and are highly physic too.For them, only the strong survive.They are taught this from birth. They lack in the areas of spiritual evolution. This is their downfall.They have none.This is why they do not fit in.This is why they see humans as weak, in body, and in mind. They hate weakness of any kind. The emotions of the human makes them strong,because they feed off of them. We humans have a large range of emotions,and they have none. They are all about survival no matter what it takes.

Ecbra de Oaoj: very nice, Zin-Uru

these sites greatly enriched answers to us that are searching Harmony among beings, to us that are searching answers to evolve,, to us remembering who we are and searching be more about our missions to contribute for this Planet and Humanity.

thank you.


Ecbra de Oaoj: "Trust in Divine Providence

"Trust in Divine Providence that gave you life, and never despond.
Although your best intentions appear frustrated, not be discouraged in business elevation.
Perseverance is the foundation of success in the accomplishment of all good works.
that your most beautiful hopes become smoke, at the touch of unexpected
disappointments, do not abate your self under the weight of unnecessary worries.
Resumption of dismantled action build security.
that you accused without due, with remembrance of crimes of which not
you had the slightest knowledge, do not stay away from the duties
that the existence booked there.
The time will speak for you in of course.
Although the task in your hands proves apparently lost, do not despair.
Failure is a lesson for you to do the best.
Yet even if this or that illness will threaten the stability organic, do not despair.
Aid Hidden Spirituality of Superior has numerous vehicles
relief in order to bring us rebalancing and renewal.
Yet even when the dearest affections leave you alone, do not let yourself numb arms against the chill of loneliness.
Greater protection of Life will guide you in the direction of other hearts that you
Bless the presence and energies to ensure you do not miss that at
uplifting accomplishments for which thou goest.
Whatever the ordeal that you tick the way, never despond.
trust in God and waiting for God, working and serving in
building the good of all, as much as possible so if you do,
because God trusts also waiting for you. "

from book: Recados do Alem (Messages from Beyond), Chico Xavier (Emmanuel), translated by Galicion; and Ecbra.


"Confia na Divina Providência que te deu a vida, e nunca esmoreças.
Ainda que os teus melhores propósitos apareçam frustrados, não te desencorajes nas empresas de elevação.
Perseverança é a base do êxito na realização de todas as boas obras.
que as tuas mais belas esperanças se esfumem, ao toque de inesperados
desenganos, não te abatas sob o peso de inquietações desnecessárias.
Recomeço de ação desmantelada é construção de segurança.
que te acusem indebitamente, com recordação de delitos dos quais não
tiveste o mínimo conhecimento, não te afastes dos encargos que a
existência te reservou.
O tempo falará por ti, no momento oportuno.
Ainda que a tarefa em tuas mãos se mostre aparentemente perdida, não desesperes.
Fracasso é lição para que se faça o melhor.
Ainda mesmo que essa ou aquela enfermidade te ameace a estabilidade orgânica, não desanimes.
Auxílio Invisível da Espiritualidade Superior possui veículos inúmeros
de socorro, a fim de trazer-nos reequilíbrio e renovação.
Ainda mesmo quando as afeições mais queridas te deixem a sós, não te permitas entorpecer os braços ante o frio da solidão.
amparo da Vida Maior te guiará no rumo de corações outros que te
abençoem a presença e te garantam as energias para que não falhes nas
realizações edificantes para as quais te diriges.
Seja qual for a provação que te assinale o caminho, jamais esmoreças.
na confiança em Deus e espera por Deus, trabalhando e servindo na
edificação do bem de todos, tanto quanto isso se te faça possível,
porque Deus também confia, esperando por ti."

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