Past and future lives

How about spiral evolution, future and past lives? Does anybody think that we can meet someone from another life? One can have memories from another life, maybe a war or so, and be under influence of some strange faces or places from the past (future)? Sometimes in dreams we can see cities unknown in real life. Genetic inherited memories from our ancestors or messages from our friends from above? What is the truth? If we meet such a person (let's not call it soul mate) there's a "butterfly effect"? Many questions I know ... And if we have an answer we are allowed to write it down for others, or only the few chosen have the right to know?

Bottom line: Soul or Energy? Consciousness in another life or darkness - end of story?

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edisonik: Souls have the ability to

Souls have the ability to enter Dimensions and Time & Space.
You will see your Incarnational Past, Present and Future.
You are all Travellers of Time and Space.
Karma is experienced when a Soul has done a great wrong to others.
Lifetime after lifetime.

Tarheel: Great questions, APB. Edi will steer you right!

I have never been one to think "the chosen few have the right" to do anything. Anything is for One and All to SHARE. For THEM to think "they are the chosen few, so they have the right to...BLAH. BLAH,. BLAH !"
If I have something , I share it. I would encourage all to do the same. One Love, One Heart ! I would refer you to The Law of One for enlightenment.

Adrian Paul Botta: Soul and energy

I believe it's soul and energy. I believe in future and past lives. And I believe in spiral evolution. There can't be only darkness after one cycle. There IS light. And maybe in that place future blends with past so we may travel where we must in order to evolve. But hey, this is me. It's a personal opinion.

Tarheel: Your opinion is important, APB.

What's up with the AVATAR? What is that ?

Adrian Paul Botta: Avatar meaning

I've chosen Vril logo for my avatar. (One of the Vril logos). It's means more to me than my smiling face or other pic. If I may say so, it's my religion. I respect that society and I admire It's power,

bluesbaby5050: The Vril were in co-hoots with the Nazis!

With Hitler during the 2WW! Did you know this? It seem that you must of studied about them before you decided on this choice? I also believe in the spiral evolvution too. Just look at our solar system for an example.I'm just a little curious that's all. The Vril are associated with the Grey aliens.

Adrian Paul Botta: The Vril were in co-hoots with the Nazis

Yes I know that. I also must admit that most of tech wonders have their origin in Germany. Problem is, I live in Romania, my uncle was a Me 109 G pilot, and another uncle was in Crimea '42. It was long time ago, it was war, not my war. It's just ... both sides lost there the best men. I can't deny that and I can't deny my origins. But I still think that our actual progress has some German roots (Aerospace program, jet engines, nuclear fusion and so on and so forth). This is who we are ... (for me is a = true). Anyway what I'm thinking now - 2012 is: I respect all religions of this world, may all live and let live. I don't feel superior, smarter than others, I just try to slide smiling on my way out. One show ends, another one begins. One star dies only to let another new one to be created. Nothing is by chance. All fits in the big plan. Gods great piano - where keyboard never ends.

bluesbaby5050: Your are only connected to them by blood.....

You have a mind of your own.You are also responsible for all your own choices,and none of theirs.No negative feelings here.Your Welcome here.

Tarheel: Thanks for the clarification, APB.

I wasnt aware of The Vrils past having heard the name.
Welcome aboard.

bluesbaby5050: The Vril Society in the" Inner Circle" group.....

They delved into the occult,and are 4 woman,and they were very Psyhic.They recieved answers on certain subjects of secrets that were kept from people,and used this knowledge to their advantage.

bluesbaby5050: The Illuminati also are apart of this as well.....

This has to be said here, as this site is about the TRUTH. I hope you do understand. I had reconized this logo, but it was Your choice to give an answer to that question Tarheel Coyboy has asked you earlier...

Adrian Paul Botta: No prob

Yes I know all that. Like I said, live and let live. Speaking about the truth, I was telling the truth before. This is who we are ... That can't be changed. What we choose to do makes the difference. Up or down ...

bluesbaby5050: The Thule Society is another name for this group......

This history is well known to most people that do their research,and studing.I also admire the German technologies.They are some of the best engineers.And there are more from all areas of this planet.There are alot of great minds here now.I hope history never repeats itself.I hope we all will be able to live side by side in peace the coming future.

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