by edisonik on September 16th, 2012

We will Protect Humanity and if there is any Monkey Business we will Unleash THE DAK, THE DESTROYERS ON THIS NEW WORLD DISORDER.
Your Pathetic Armies are no match to the Dogs of Sirius, no match at all so you who control your Armies to hurt our Innocent Adamu you will be crushed by THE TEETH of Sirius.

Peace & Harmony will come.



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bluesbaby5050: Wow! The DAK!

They sound very powerful! I can see them in my minds Eye! They are Frigheningly Powerful! Huge Wolf like Warriors! They are even Bigger then in the movie Wolfen! And in the movie,The Were- Wolfs,verus the Vampires!

edisonik: They are Real

Super Soldiers would wet themselves because the Dogs are True Warriors that even the MK Draco Warriors Fear.
The Teeth of Sirius.

bluesbaby5050: This is Awesome!

I am Glad they are on the side of Humanity! I hope to some day meet them!?? To Honor them in person. I Admire their expertise,and their strength!.

edisonik: We have come to reclaim our Human Family

To Crush the New World Order.
To reunite with our Children.

bluesbaby5050: We Will be Re-united!

I can not wait for the day this does happen! AWESOME!

Tarheel: I remember what Anu77 said about The DAK.

Edi and Anu77 have served a STERN warning to NWO.

Their comments on the DAK!
1) Ail in all, the DAK forces had in a short time become an army of devastating power. The ASA-RRR ... destruction never before seen in the Ninth Sector, the AR of DAK forces made the Empire a force to be reckoned with.
2)...the Ultimate KOD = CREATOR. In Sirius Kod means Creator and Dak means Destoryer. King Anu's Royal Gaurds were called Dak (Guteral, Aggressive Sound, DAK!).
3) The Ikiki Were the Dogs of War, the DAK. They are just biding their time, these Dogs are very Hungry for Earth, ... to none. I will Pay a Tribute to My Dogs , the Mighty DAK.

The message is CLEAR. NWO, it's OVER for you. You can run, but you cant hide from DAK.

bluesbaby5050: 11Orion11...........

That's a Good Point you just made. He Won't Hide Anyone! Your gonna get what you Deserve! It don't matter how,but you will!

bluesbaby5050: I know what you mean,as this..........

Gives Enlil Power, and the people do Not understand when they are doing this! This is Not good! The Real God is the PRIME CREATOR THAT CREATED ALL THE KODS/GODS! Enlil was a Alien Being that used a Spaceship to travel around the Planet, and he also used the Ark of the Covenant to Communicate to the people when he was gone to other parts of the planet Earth,such as to South Americas to Establish ,and Influence other People,and their Cultures! Alot of people do Not know the True History of ENlil,and his Tribe/Family. He is the Kod/god that had human blood ,and death Sacrefices to him,and then later animals as burned meat! I sincerely hope people will learn the real history of the people from the past.

Tarheel: I say we "Walk and dont look back" from The NWO!

Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh say "nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide so we (should) walk and dont look back"...from the NWO.


All-Time Classic !

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