Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone behind the Christian religion. It is said that his sacrifice on the cross atones for man's sins.


Simon: JESUS

There are so many different variables and possibilities on the Jesus character. The only thing that is certain is that trying to nail anything down as truth,(excuse the pun), you will nail down nothing because there are just far too many possibilities. The mysteries of the cross and the man are like a psychic/spiritual maze, dont go in there!


I do not get it. Is he real or not. Why is Jesus so famous. What did he really do? Im so lost.

Quinton: On Jesus...

I am just as confused as anyone on Jesus. My current understanding is that he was sent here as a "Son of God" to help people grow, just like all the others sent before him. He was most certainly real in my opinion.

I think he is famous for 2 reasons: 1) he helped to teach and enlighten many. 2) because he was heavily branded and marketed through the Roman Catholic Church. I think many of his teachings have been purposefully perverted and used for control.

He was almost certainly a Master sent here on a mission. That's my current take, hope that helps.

ANUBIS: KANE can you handle the truth?

For the Gods have truly fooled the Human Mulitudes but they cannot fool ANUBIS.
Before I answer your Question Kane you must first understand that no matter what happens in the future , understand this are you alive? and you are immortal, the answer is yes i will tell you, are you confused?, the Whole World is not just you.
What is the meaning of Jesus and Lucipher, the answer is so powerful , so provocative , so frightening, so shocking, so heartwrenching, so insane, so unbelievable, so Earth shattering that to suggest such a thing would have you burned at the Stake.

They are one and the same. Food for the Gods many are and will be and through Religions the Draconans ply their trade of War and Hatred , I will let you know an Ancient Secret these teachings have been here to sedate and control you, the Teachings are Noble but what is the meaning of it all, simple Control and Absolute Domination.
Bow you head and Worship me , and they do, billions do.
Go watch the Movie " The Season of the Witch " and you will see who has the Power on Earth.
But not for long because the people are waking up but many are still asleep.

You do not need to be saved, you are Immortal a God already, Billions Decieved, Slaves to their Religions. These Gods are Extraterrestrial they are Draconans.
Brutal truly brutal. Keep an opened mind and there is a Prime Creator but Prime Creator is a force and not a person, Prime Creator is the Universe that creates all things.
Prime Creator has no Religion.

Learn more.

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