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by Annunaki77 on January 11th, 2011

I am a friend of the Feather, I will be of assistance during these Sinister times of Deciet and Great Treachery, together we will point out the traitors of humanity.
This will take courage and guts, but nothing is ever easy.

This is an awsome website.
I will speak in Sumerian, " ni arammu Ersetu , ni arammu nisiqtu nabu edisonik", "ni arammu ilat Enki, ni arammu Ekur Nibiru".
" Sunu samu , ni resussun wardum ellamu,gitmalu kasadu Azag!".

Peace to you who thirst for Sacred knowledge, you will find it.

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Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control

Welcome to Truth Control Annunaki77! It's always great to have new members :) It sounds like you may have much to share about the Anunnaki and Sumerians. I will have a few questions for you at a later time :).

inanna17: Hello

I was wondering if another 'person' was going to take Edisonik's place. Welcome! Will you translate the Sumerian please? Thanks

caseyhue: Leaving?

Is Edisonik leaving ? That would be a shame if he does :(

Loving-Self-Truth: Sacred Truth

The untold secrets are no longer being hidden by those who have known and willing to share this sacred information. mutidimensional beings(including ourselves) that we've been withheld from for too long! What was first in the orginal sacred life and death book, for lack of a better term, as All-Wisdom book, as these books have been compact to give very limited knowledge to where it now remains as in more questions than anwers. People, i talk to you with deep concern of all humanities history, present and near future changes to be taken into conception of truth, if you follow me this far, your doing better in the understanding than those who haven't gotten to this point of two worlds, two realitiies, two minds as a little knowledge i can give in the little time i have...

I will be back with more. NAMESTE!!!!

ANUBIS: Edisonik was Enki, channelled via a Edisonik he loves humanity

I understand and respect his information, Enki was heavily demonized for helping mankind.
The Gods are Returning People, the Ancient Gods are already here. Some of you are Gods and you have chosen to Incarnate here on Earth and Edisonik has chosen to assist you in Sacred Knowledge, whether you believe or not is entirely up to you.
I am a friend of his I managed my chi energy and channelled my force, it turns out the I am Anubis an Ancient God , Judger of Souls.
This is deep , very deep.

The Great Awakening has begun and the Illuminati know this, this is why they are speeding up their Genocide against the GODS. Will you wake up and stop them?, the decision is yours, for many of you are GODS, which Ultimately means you must not Worship no one but the divine fire burning in your heart. For the true Light of God burns deep within you.

Learn your truth Self which you have forgotten Humans.

inanna17: Enki

Enmity did and does love us. I feel honored to have read and learned from him.

ANUBIS: You have basically learned the Doctrines of Star Kings

What the Prince has said has been said elsewhere but not on this Planet, this is why you can relate yet his message seems different.
Nothing in life is done by accident, everything has been fortold before the act , for everything you do has Cosmic Relevance, every breath that you take belongs to the One. For if you don't breath you disembody and become spirit instantaneously, you humans take many things for granted. I cannot blame you for you have been conditioned to accept a manufactured reality, a reality designed for Shame, Guilt, Submission, Worship and Renouncement of your Divine Power.

Your power belongs to you , do not give it away to Churches, Government, or People who declare themselves Messiahs or Leaders over you, do not follow your Leaders over the Cliff people. You have been conditioned to accept these things from cradle to grave. Millions of Souls have been programmed to accept these Ideas. The Draconans are very elaborate and Mindcontrol well and Decieve very Masterfully.
Through Religions they play with your hearts and minds, through Governments they put up an illusion that you are being taken cared for Nations cannot stand if this Illusion is not in place.
Safety & Security as the Leaders preach, when this is Control and Submission in Disguise.
Human have a Victim Mentality , this is because they have no awareness of their Immortalness, they only rely on what they see and hear not what they feel.

We are here, and nothing can stop it now.


ANUBIS: The Gods are Returning

You will soon be free frm these Illuminati Monsters.


Your not alone.


The evidence of the Gods is all around you HAHAHAHAHA!, use discernment , use your awareness and realize that you have been lied to big time!.






samirimis: The Adoni

We are here as well.

wmarkley: the truth

Hello, i just joined this fine site hoping to get some insight on truth of who we are, I have always read the Bible, and see Revelations unfolding before my eyes, and im powerless to stop it. I am Human, I was born here, and i have a great love for all life, i have never seen an ET, but welcome the opportunity, I have read Alex Collier material and seen that all his predictions never came to pass, atleast the ones i read. he says that ETs are not allowed to intervene in human activity, but says that our government made agreements with ET, and its been the evil ones, that seems like an intervention to me, if its true, I know one thing for sure, god created us, and breathed his spirit into us, He created the greatest force in the universe, We humans are lost to blindness from the truth, we have been lied to from the start, If there really is a benevolent ET out there, it would be in their best interest to reveal the truth to the human race on a global scale, We can be the best ally to any friendly ET race, but from what i read and see, only the evil stepped forward, there is corruption everywhere, violence and massive evil on my planet, we need the truth, and i have only seen it in the bible, through Jesus. I wish for peace, love, and happiness for all, And im sure that 97% of humans feel this way, the human race has been in bondage from the beginning, and we are sick of the lies and deception, but that all we know because of Intervention. If there really are Benevolent ETs out there, we need your assistance badly, We dont need to be saved from evil, just pointed in the right direction to the truth. before we destroy ourselves. once we know the truth, evil doesnt stand a chance, We Humans are the greatest force in the Universe, Our power of love can move the planets, and beat Evil ETs ass, including the Dracs, they better fear us.

kwamerica: the truth

Heart warming, wmarkley

Annunaki77: WMarkley Beautiful Young God!

WMarkley you have accepted the truth , you are on your Path to Godhood, to be a Divine Being as Mighty Enki has Invisioned, The Galactic Federation is closer then you can Imagine Beautiful Being , that is WMarkley.
Be Positive and never give up on Hope, we will Prevail and we will Resist Tyranny from all Enemies Alien & NWO Cowards.

wmarkley: hope

Thank you for the kind words, God Bless You! I will never give up on my Human Brothers and Sisters. The NWO has made moves recently, The Aluminati grows ever more bolder, I will keep praying for All of Us. We are stronger than they think.

LordEnlil: Lord Anu it will be pleased

Lord Anu it will be pleased A77....
You are shore you are not from The Brotherhood?....

Lord Enlil

Ecbra de Oaoj: God bless you, Lord Anu77

my lesson today was: A true Master want one pupil that teach him too.

and was said as proverb: better than be just is be good.

and Angels seem first to Heart.

well, I confess that dont know about all things in Uni-verse; or dont need remember all what Im, was, or the Order keep inner to when cames right time.

but I believe in you. In your intention to us, in your words, because says and pray to Humanity and this World vots of Peace, Harmony, and Justice among people and beings.

thanks very much for be like you are, for wanna us living our Free Will with Passion and Compassion.



Health and Good Will...


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