by edisonik on August 5th, 2012

Every Wrong, Every Pain and Sorrow you cause on your fellow beings never goes un punished.
Those who have done Great Wrongs on others through War , Disease and Famine will "BE PAID IN FULL!", through Incarnation Karma.

Many of you will never believe in the Words being said here, because your hearts are closed, you will never believe that their is more to this Life after Death.
Many of you are the Souls of Malona, Maldek, Tia Mat , the Planet that was Blown up because of the Ancient War between the Gods of Olympus , Sirius and the SST Queens of Orion.

This Great Pain is still being felt to this Day, Events that happened Millions of Years ago, the Pain of the Souls is still being felt, You can still feel this Pain in your Hearts.
We must move forward and Love Again.

Give Love a Chance, and Let go of Fear.


Terran resistance: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!11!!!

*kicks edisonik into a pit of lava*

edisonik: Poor Child

You will Learn. Boy will you Learn.
Be Greatful that I still care about you.
Xeres was a God King of Persia , it is not wise to Mock Ancient Kings Terran R.


Humanity was Tested in those Days , the Ancient Battles between Greece and Persia.
The Clash between these Civilizations was a Game for the Kods.
I never took part in this Carnage, I never believed in Carnage, but there were Heroes in those Days like King Leonidas the Lion of Sparta.


Terran resistance: jesus christ

those are some powerful hallucinogens your taking, can I have some please?

xeres didnt claim he was a psychic, telepathic, master teacher and an ET.

edisonik: Yes have some

My Drug is Knowledge so I give you the Unltimate Drug Child, I will give you the Greatest Drug of all, Knowledge so put this in your Pipe and smoke it Terran R.

NEW CHARIOTS OF THE GODS ( The Mysteries Continue )


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