Mesopotamian clay tablet with propaganda

Arkadian clay tablet with propaganda.

The tablet shows two men beside the devil.
Devil has horns represnting the zodiac signs of Taurus / Aries.
Ancient deities used to have a crescent moon on top of their heads which later evolved into horns.
The seven dots above the devil's head represent the 7 stars of the Pleiades.
The moon represents the devil since it is a moon god.
The moon and the Pleiades is where the ancients thought the devil came from.
Moon god = Sin / Inanna.

One man has placed his foot on top of the devil to show that he has subdued the devil. Also this man is pointing skywards, this is an ancient sun god gesture which is still in use today by freemasons, this shows the sun god's followers triumph over the heretical moon god.

The star Sirius was worshipped as a solar deity by these ancients.

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Tarheel: Cant say I agree with ALL your interpretations. Some MAYBE.

My brother is a Freemason and he said you're FoS re: The Sun God. He has been a Mason for years and also head of local chapter and he started laughing hysterically at your inference, and he also said "Never once has he EVER heard ANYTHING about any Sun God."

Terran resistance: type in masonic art into google

type in masonic art into google, lower level masons always look at the trinity from a religious perspective, my interpretation is from a scientific perspective.

I believe they call the sun aspect isis
or the virgin mary if your christian :D
ask him how is old lucifer anyway?

Terran resistance: religious people everywhere yet theres aliens everywhere?

the only logical conclusion that can be drawn is that religious people are being manipulated to think a certain way, to hold them back, I will not tolerate this!

Tarheel: The Masters have told us Religions was created to DIVIDE !

If you would take a look back at Anu77's and Edi's posts, they have told us all about how and why of religions. It's like the creation of various languages and sects. All in an attempt to divide. It's ore than OBVIOUS.
So, you wont tolerate it. I like that. What are YOU going to do about it?

bluesbaby5050: YA TARHEEL--

I DO agree with you on this one! Hahahaha! What are you going to do about this Terra Rest.? What have you done in your life to IMprove life on this planet? Your only a teen yourself! Don't talk the Talk,unless you CAN walk the TALK! It is easy to to look up pictures ,and make assumptions on them! This is all you really do here. Back up what you post for a change! You just copy what you read here,and find silly pictures to post.Share some real knowledge with us,as Annunaki77 asked of you last week,in the previous posts.

bluesbaby5050: Music---------

I prefer Native American,and Meditation.Thanks anyways!

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