lucifer worshipping in music videos, satanists and more!!!

most singers and musicians are freemasons who worship the trinity
whch is a sun god, moon god and an all seeing eye god

depending on what religion, defines what the trinity is:
holy spirit, jesus, god =christian

singers often speak backwards in their music videos without anyone knowing becuase of plausible deniability and sometimes the lyrics are hard to decifer
singers all over the world do this

Shinee, japanese band
the video is backwards!!
chants of lucifer can be heard all the way through the video
from the beginning

lady gaga
at 31 seconds it says
these stars will fall above, we follow the one arts of Lucifer

daft punk
at 1 min mark thers continuous chants of
it doesnt matter bout' the world it doesnt matter A Bout the world

korn evolution
it says f**k the N******

korn twisted twansistor
it says foolishness, foolishnes, god wont save you, god wont want you, infidel!

lead zepplin
just watch

just watch

justin bieber
let me in, let me in, we need a war, good stuff
at 42 seconds

tunak tunak tun forwards
tunak tunak tun backwards

its exactly the same backwards as forwards!!!!!!!!!!!

these are not even half of them.................

this is where we got the sterotype of demons talking backwards aswell.

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Terran resistance: lucifer = jesus

some freemasons are gnostics and think that the god of the old testament is different to the god of the new testament and think that jesus is lucifer because he claims to be in the book of revelations

some people tell me that some masons believe that jesus was a brother to lucifer

Terran resistance: osiris, horus, isis, anubis

isis and osiris had two children, anubis and horus

anubis is associated with hermes (eg. hermanubis, look up the hermetic order of the golden dawn) and sirius b where some nibiru live
horus represents betelgeuse where also some nibiru live
isis is the sun/sirius (ra is the offical sun/Sol god however lots of deities have sun disks above their heads).
osiris the moon god, underworld god, evil one of the trinity

nibiru = the divded amongst two, those who are half from orion, and half from sirius genetically.

Terran resistance: :D

bet they loved that, the teachers

Terran resistance: no not the pokemon!

what will I do without my devil monsters

bluesbaby5050: 11O11--

Most people are really good souls,and are still being MIS-LEAD BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH! They are Ignorant of the real truths, like we are taught here! For some people,THEY REALLY DO KNOW,IT IS A MATTER OF WHAT THEY WILL CHOOSE!

Terran resistance: yes mind control is a problem

if you dont follow the status quo, they usually kill off family members if they cant get to you

and guess what?

its allways in threes... just like the trinity (or the triad or orions belt perhaps?)

i live in an area full of masons, and trust me when i say this, even though women are supposidly not allowed to become freemasons in mainstream masonary, alot of them still are, and even more still share the same beliefs as them, in the area I live in anyway!

I got the shock of my life when I got facebook and saw most the people I know using masonic gestures...

sheesh talk about a soul destroying revelation.

bluesbaby5050: They kill off family members to GAIN IN WEALTH,AND POWER!

They WILL stoop very LOW to do this, whether they do this with their own hands etc. OR they have someone else to do it for them.They STILL HAVE THE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! And when someone is for hire, they have a big pay off for their services! True.This has always been this way all down thought out time! This needs to change! And IT WILL! IT IS NOW! It is a Titantic job! So many are corrupt! But, God's Angels are Always in service to become incarnated in to the human bodies, just to get this job done! We are truely Gods/Goddesses in service! The Falcon.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Acdc and Led Zepelin...

ate least have nice songs; rock and roll, baby; but majority of these... artists (?) are a shit. hahaha...

I always knew that music industrie is a iluminati extension because is more one form to hipnose mass. but never understand why people get dance dire balads. it explain a bit.

because they make pacts; give their souls to these entities in return for sucess and fame, and money. Its not fiction, its true. that priests are not missing.

For they, its almost a crime be independent. but is possible, Free Will is a choice, the narrow gate.

you can found many many videos in youtube about this theme; musicians, militaries, politics, influent people using masonic simbols; that someone will be left? I dont know... since Beatles and Elvis; Ivete Sangalo and Aguilera I sincerely think ...not. they choosed theyr world; and therefore its rules. What karma implies? well... I have been listening that; karma is a bicht.

what you... believe?

Wise and... Love. Brotehrs and Sisters


bluesbaby5050: To Ecbra---

KARMA IS A BITCH! What Goes Around Comes Around!

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