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6:31pm Quinton: I grew up listening to metal
6:31pm Quinton: I like all types of music
6:29pm mahi-mahi91: What kind of music are you guys into?
6:15pm Quinton: Hi Aleander :) Welcome!
5:27pm Aleander: thx for the warm welcome friend
6:57am mahi-mahi91: If anyone wants to contact me send me a pm. Any topic any time, about anything. I am non-judemental. All that mattersto me is a resolve to all dilemas and a brutaly honest answer to any questions.
6:52am mahi-mahi91: I do not want to spam the chat
6:43am mahi-mahi91: You are absolutly right! I have read alot of your post and they resonate deeply within me.
10:09am Terran resistance: no problem, Im contstantly looking for pdfs to steal so I can share them, after that i would try lyssa royal. We should have a proper chat at sometime!
6:10pm mahi-mahi91: TR i downloaded the that .pdf you mentioned. I only got in a little ways but its a good read. Thanks for the heads up!!
6:07pm mahi-mahi91: Yeah i figured that much after i asked the question haha
2:48pm Quinton: They don't seem to post as much as they used to, but every once in a while you see a new post from them.
6:50am Phaminator: The same could be said for anu77
3:35am mahi-mahi91: What ever happened to edisonik? Never see anything from him lately...
6:59am mahi-mahi91: Hello balam
1:18pm Quinton: Hi TR
1:10pm Terran resistance: hiya
1:04pm Quinton: Hello
1:00pm Sylk: hello
11:12am Terran resistance: free pdf book
10:59am Terran resistance: sacred*
10:59am Terran resistance: mahi do you follow contactee alex collier? i would suggest reading his book defending scared ground
1:14am mahi-mahi91: Also the the archons most like have a role in all of it
1:12am mahi-mahi91: Orions from what ive gathered
12:37am Quinton: Yeah, red comes up a lot in ancient texts and I've seen a lot of different interpretations with it
11:21pm Terran resistance: according to the hadiths the ancient turks were red faced and had faces like shields whitey showed up, same with the minoans the greeks said they looked like they were permanently sun burnt red, ancient egyptians are also shown as red but egyptologists put this down to ochre, phoenician also means red, possible extinct ethnic group?
11:19pm Terran resistance: i.e black people, native americans etc
11:19pm Terran resistance: if it were sirians then why do their genetic stock live in poverty
11:18pm Terran resistance: read into that one
11:17pm Terran resistance: the working eye and the blind eyes of god
11:16pm Terran resistance: orion group, jews, nazis would be my best guess
11:16pm Terran resistance: oo
11:14pm Quinton: First person to answer correctly gets a free knock on their door from big brother :)
11:12pm Quinton: a) Obama
b) George Soros
c) Queen of England
d) Pope
e) Black Pope
f) Sirians
g) Orions
h) Jay Z
i) Rothschilds
j) none of the above
11:10pm Quinton: So who runs the NWO TR?
11:09pm Quinton: paging mahi-mahi
11:09pm Quinton: mahi-mahi come in
11:09pm Quinton: Checking to see what other symbolism you've discovered ;)
11:08pm Quinton: I'm actually on this site every few hours
11:08pm Quinton: Hehe
11:08pm Terran resistance: fair enough cya
11:08pm Quinton: Same place, same time tomorrow XD
11:04pm Quinton: lol
11:01pm Terran resistance: good its 11.00 here and this coffee isnt drinking itself
11:01pm Quinton: I'm good, how are you?
11:01pm Quinton: I think this is the first official live TC chat
11:00pm Terran resistance: how art thou?
11:00pm Quinton: Well hello TR
11:00pm Terran resistance: you must get sick of explaining this XD
11:00pm Quinton: The old messages are still saved, however, if you need to get them somehow
10:59pm Quinton: You can click the persons name in chat and click message or go to their profile and message them there
10:59pm Quinton: The old inbox version is gone but there is a new one now that you can use.
2:44pm mahi-mahi91: Is this working?
12:58am Tarheel: Inbox is gone. Is that permanent?
12:55am Tarheel: Looking fwd to reading your book asap. You've been a busy man.
9:41am Terran resistance: good idea to keep the site alive, i will have a read of it myself at some point
10:09pm Quinton: If you guys are looking for something new to read try my book :)
7:15am NeedProof: I agree with you. Anyway, I shall check back every now and then, in between my other excursions!
11:24pm LoliApolys: Wow the site seems dead lately o.o
12:04pm Terran resistance: cool, i would go through all the systems and dont give up! we're routing for you! In a couple of years time you'll be laughing about it :)
11:31am Tim Lovell: I'm looking into getting hemp oil tr
5:19am Quinton: Wish you all the best Tim. Great to hear from you :)
4:56pm Terran resistance: marjuana
4:32pm Crackdown: Wish you good health and recovery!
4:31pm Crackdown: Tim, while you are doing a chemo, if you have some free time, please also try some alternative methods with "natural medicine". At worst case, it wouldnt make a situation worth, at best case, it will improve a situation
4:12pm Tarheel: Hang in there,Tim. We're praying for you.
1:53am Tim Lovell: Btw sorry for being inactive recently I have health issues, I am back on the chemotherapy, my brain tumor ha exploded now and become a grade4 glioblastoma , the most aggressive type :(
1:51am Tim Lovell: I had the inbox problem also but it works now must have just been a glitch
1:49am Tim Lovell: Lol
10:06pm LoliApolys: Wow I tried to send a message and I got a huge long list of red like truthcontrole dose not exsist @,@ did I make someone mad?
9:39am Terran resistance: another thing i dont like about is that if you get kicked off the website all your topics are deleted ratehr suspiciuosly, you would have thought if was governement controlled, makes u wonder though...
3:44pm Quinton: I've never liked sites that integrate Facebook. I find it so annoying
9:33am Terran resistance: facebook= lots of stupid people
9:33am Terran resistance: whatever u do do not intergrate facebook or make people pay like godlikeproductions did or did.
12:16am Tarheel: Yet another stellar update, Q-dog ! The Machine in-line and on-time.
5:08pm Quinton: That's how we do it over here TR
1:40pm Terran resistance: ooh cool it works :)
1:40pm Terran resistance: nsa fancy a chat on on agenda 21 *inside joke*
4:59am Quinton: Go to a user profile and click the "Message" button on their profile :)
4:58am Quinton: Chat has been updated to work in real time and there is also a new Peer 2 Peer chat you can use too
4:55am Quinton: test 2
4:55am Quinton: Chat test

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