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9:45pm LoliApolys: Did u read my post?
9:45pm Terran resistance: someone thing like that
9:45pm LoliApolys: Started 4 days ago now
9:44pm LoliApolys: Time was messed with again and it hit hard
9:44pm Terran resistance: what the fuck
9:44pm Terran resistance: yes!!!!
9:44pm Terran resistance: O_O
9:44pm LoliApolys: From people's brains shouting down to having no ability to do anything to people being forced Astral travle and almost dieing
9:44pm Terran resistance: because i think no one will believe me
9:44pm Terran resistance: :/
9:44pm Terran resistance: i dont really want to talk about at the same time i do
9:44pm TriThorntheReaper: Same here
9:43pm LoliApolys: Nope
9:43pm LoliApolys: Nole
9:43pm LoliApolys: Yeah
9:43pm Terran resistance: im not the only one then
9:43pm Terran resistance: seriously?
9:43pm LoliApolys: So u are ok
9:42pm LoliApolys: Last cupped days have been bad for all us in that are awakended
9:42pm TriThorntheReaper: Sound interesting
9:41pm Terran resistance: without sounding like an utter scitso the last couple of days in terms of hearing things is kind of freaky, the nearest thing I can compare it to is overtone singing
9:41pm LoliApolys: Oh try refreshing the page sometime that works for privet chat
9:39pm LoliApolys: Lol
9:39pm Terran resistance: XD
9:39pm Terran resistance: auto correct, bloody ducking thing
9:39pm LoliApolys: Try written something again
9:38pm LoliApolys: Lol wow I hate this phone though I has my suspension lol
9:38pm Terran resistance: lol nice one
9:38pm wolfe: coffee IS tasty, Its 116 degrees here today so its iced, coffee is ine of my biggest vices
9:38pm Terran resistance: last message i got from you is "It's been a long time"
9:37pm LoliApolys: Tr are u getting any of my messages iam on my phone so it acts odd some times for messages
9:36pm Terran resistance: i switched to tea
9:36pm LoliApolys: Coffiee sounds tasty lol I miss it
9:34pm LoliApolys: Thank you
9:33pm Terran resistance: yeah we can talk
9:33pm Terran resistance: you said someone is in danger? subtuly you okay that end?
9:33pm LoliApolys: Would love to talk to u in privet if u have time and compare something's if u have time
9:32pm LoliApolys: I apologies for my post but it had to happena
9:32pm TriThorntheReaper: Sorry I had my phone did not transfer over
9:32pm Terran resistance: hiya
9:32pm LoliApolys: Hiya tr
9:31pm Terran resistance: any news from lucifer, or are you still waiting on that selfie stick that you ordered throuh amazon
9:30pm TriThorntheReaper: My day has bin ok just burning in my ghost appendages
9:29pm Terran resistance: hows your day/night today
9:29pm TriThorntheReaper: Ellow
9:29pm Terran resistance: anyone else alive?
9:28pm Terran resistance: ok
9:28pm wolfe: afk more coffee, kind of nice catching people on and chatting for a change
9:27pm Terran resistance: XD
9:27pm wolfe: heh true, I just dont want to be the person causeing other peoples "shit" to happen lol
9:27pm Terran resistance: i hate wasting time, never sure if im doing it though
9:26pm Terran resistance: as predator says "shit happens" just before he gets his arm sliced off of course
9:26pm wolfe: I dont mind people who embellish themselves to feel important, thats just soothing their own ego or making them feel good about themselves, its people who want to take from me or others with no reguard to the damage (wasted time and effort) it causes
9:25pm Terran resistance: i heard a story in the newspaper once that a man working for the government was hired to inviltrate an organisation by bedding a woman that slept with him, she later sued but got no compensation
9:24pm Terran resistance: as well
9:24pm Terran resistance: people lying about who they say they are etc
9:24pm Terran resistance: OH iknow that feeling
9:23pm wolfe: for me the manipulations are usually more elaborate and months in the making, so at the end when it all comes out im frustrated by the time and effort ive wasted on them
9:22pm wolfe: nods
9:21pm Terran resistance: but who knows...
9:21pm Terran resistance: i have had people come up to me pregnant asking for twenty watsits, then people the next day asking me for money. what gave it away as a social experiment is was the difference in circumstance and appearance
9:20pm wolfe: I just hate people who disguise their intentions, it's a waste of everyones time in the end
9:19pm Terran resistance: hiya :)
9:19pm wolfe: howdy TR good to see ya!
9:18pm Terran resistance: its called "plausible deniability" they use it alot where i am
9:18pm wolfe: Im sure you have, people can be shitty for sure, they make it hard to trust them
9:18pm Terran resistance: but again like you said it could be parnoia or it could be blind panic etc.
9:18pm Terran resistance: i have had social experiments done on me
9:17pm Terran resistance: I've had worse done to me
9:16pm wolfe: For me I dont deal with people much, but when I do it usually has money involved and people are always looking for way's to get me to do things for them for nothing, a lot of them will buddy up with me and then try to get me to do what they want done and when it's not free act like im a terrible friend for expecting to charge them for the services I provide as a business, its usually pretty silly actually
9:06pm wolfe: No, in my business just simple self motivated greed leading to deception and things like acting my friend to be able to use me.
9:05pm LoliApolys: Oh? Like in dramatic polar phases? And out of the blue switching?
9:03pm wolfe: Nods, for me, in the last 4 years, ive gone from being super trusting, to questioning motives of everyone I deal with, it kind of sucks to always feel like you have to figure out how someone is planning to screw you over
9:02pm LoliApolys: Iam not overly paranoid in less I have to be
9:01pm wolfe: nothing wrong with being paranoid even though a lot of people think there is
9:00pm LoliApolys: True
9:00pm LoliApolys: It just thing are falling into the odd spectrum today
9:00pm wolfe: Of course not, but at the same time, paranoia is a survival instinct
8:59pm LoliApolys: Indeed but much is to be investigated on that I don't like going on paranoia or assuming alone
8:58pm wolfe: Ahh, ok you are concerned that someone may have killed the bird rather then it died of illness or natural causes, got ya
8:56pm LoliApolys: My brothers bird and if and if and only if it was by some one. It's hard to exsplane -.-
8:55pm wolfe: Who's life was taken? and by whom?
8:54pm LoliApolys: Indeed
8:52pm wolfe: And good, intimidation is a crappy tactic
8:52pm LoliApolys: And if it was I don't well for anyone taking an innocent life.
8:52pm wolfe: Can I ask who tried to intimidate you and how?
8:51pm LoliApolys: Iam not intimidated lol iam just not sure it wasn't a attempt to do so.
8:45pm wolfe: Sorry about your brother's bird. I hope the dollar tip was just kindness and not the attempted buy off! What is making you feel intimidated? From reading your post's you sound strong and confident, dont let anything intimidate you!
8:43pm LoliApolys: Not so fun entirely my brothers bird died and had random stranger give me a tip a dollar bill for no reason ........ and after last night's post and meeting not sure if anyone is trying to intimidate me or buy me off -.- lots off interesting things indeed
8:40pm wolfe: Oh yeah? Interesting can be fun! how so?
8:39pm LoliApolys: In a verry odd way
8:39pm LoliApolys: Interesting to say the least
8:39pm wolfe: Not bad, hiding from the heat today, staying inside and drinking large amounts of iced coffee :), how your day going?
8:38pm LoliApolys: How's it going wolfe?
8:35pm wolfe: hiya Loli
8:34pm LoliApolys: Hiya guys
8:28pm wolfe: Woo, lots of people on today, hello all.
7:57pm Quinton: Glad to see all the new people :)
7:57pm Quinton: Hi Dallas and IlluminedEden
7:53pm iLLuminedEden: Hello from USA
5:43pm ArchangelDallas777: Hello
4:50pm Tarheel: What's up, fellow time trippers ?
12:55pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi Terran did you read Loli post yet
12:14pm Terran resistance: another billion to go
12:14pm Terran resistance: XD
12:14pm Terran resistance: i have 7 subscribers quinton, im catching up
12:08pm Terran resistance: need a light?
11:29am wolfe: Oh yeah? Whats new and interesting?
10:43am TriThorntheReaper: Things are starting to get interesting
9:07am wolfe: Hello TriThorn
8:25am wolfe: Err ok hi everyone in the middle of the night thats on which is just Loli now that I looked LOL
8:23am wolfe: Evening everyone.
6:58am LoliApolys: quinton i just wanted you to know if i go missing or if they actuay manage to kill me your the best web master i have seen XD and if i die you can has my orange juice
6:56am LoliApolys: lol my intuition is high tonight i loged off like 2 munits ago and i was like i feel a presents in the force loged back on and sure enough you popped on lol
6:55am ArchangelDallas777: Goodnight and god bless
6:54am LoliApolys: laterz dallas
6:54am Quinton: Have a good night Dallas
6:54am LoliApolys: iam sure iam not the only one. like it would be cool if we held the mouse down on the side scroll bar to read it and when we let it up have it do that instant scroll down
6:54am ArchangelDallas777: Goodnight everyone, god has given me permission to sleep, so I will try and talk to you tomorrow when I wake up, depending on my schedule tomorrow.
6:53am LoliApolys: i just though i would mention it lol
6:52am LoliApolys: witch can be good but when they talk a lot i cant read anyting lol
6:52am Quinton: Yeah
6:52am Quinton: Yeah, I'll get the scroll thing fixed at some point
6:52am LoliApolys: once they start typinig it brings me to the bottom of the page
6:52am Quinton: Oh right
6:52am LoliApolys: i can scroll as long as there not typing
6:49am Quinton: Are you able to scroll up Loli?
5:51am LoliApolys: quinton a though in chat the conversation keeps moving to the bottom and i cant read anything that has moved above this is supper anyoing cuse i cant get most of my conversations content :(
4:35am ArchangelDallas777: Can someone link me to the secret societies forum area ?
4:32am LoliApolys: eh there is never a terran resistance when you need him lol
4:24am ArchangelDallas777: I'm from Massachusetts
4:14am Quinton: Where are you from?
4:14am Quinton: Hi ArchangelDallas! Welcome to TC
4:05am LoliApolys: greetings
4:05am ArchangelDallas777: Hello
3:17am Quinton: Greetings from Los Angeles
1:55am TriThorntheReaper: hi
6:50am wolfe: howdy quinton
5:54am Quinton: Good evening wolfe
12:32am wolfe: Evening everyone
5:34am LoliApolys: oh and hi wolfe XD
4:44am LoliApolys: yes to the first and 2nd and iam not sure on the 3rd
8:47pm ICUFO's: Is the earth hollow, and does it contain subterranean civilisations? If so, is it the Reptilianswer living within it?
8:46pm ICUFO's: Hello everyone, from BC CAN.
6:00pm Tarheel: the forum posts.
6:00pm Tarheel: Good to see activity in the chat area. I agree with TR we need more Activity.
5:45pm Tarheel: This is how WE do it. (for audio purposes only)
6:56am wolfe: Evening LoliApolys
5:27pm Hermes: Hello
5:23pm Kizuna: Uhh...hello
12:39pm Terran resistance: hiya
9:56am wolfe: Evening TR
4:54pm Terran resistance: Quinton-"this is how we do it here"©tm
4:46pm Terran resistance: sure does
4:37pm Quinton: That's how it goes sometimes TR
4:37pm Terran resistance: XD
4:37pm Terran resistance: im so lonely in the recent activity bar *sad face*
5:07am Quinton: I did a reset on the recent activity so that's why nothing is showing. Future content should start showing in there again.
2:13am Quinton: Welcome to TC luxangelquebec :)
2:06am TriThorntheReaper: has anyone else felt an energy fluxes today
1:21am TriThorntheReaper: hello
12:33am luxangelquebec: hi from quebec
12:33am luxangelquebec: hi !
3:36pm Quinton: Happy weekend everyone
10:34pm TriThorntheReaper: today a boring day today
5:03pm TriThorntheReaper: No Jesus and lucifer are 2 different people trust me
2:15pm Terran resistance: isnt jesus supposed to be lucifer while satan is something else entirely.
1:22am TriThorntheReaper: I love that show
1:16am Quinton: ...was at least :(
1:11am Quinton: Hi
1:05am TriThorntheReaper: Bad day 0.o
1:01am LoliApolys: I along bloody have autocorrect
1:01am LoliApolys: I bloody give up this sight hates my phone exchange for posting
12:54am TriThorntheReaper: Holly cow full house
12:25am TriThorntheReaper: Hi Loli
12:14am LoliApolys: Lucifer is a fallen angel and did NOT transform into a demon. Though all angels have the ability to shape-shift it's not hard to learn. Satan if iam not mistaken is a mother name for a demon lord of baphomet. I will go threw occult books and post something on it but how they got mixed up when a bunch of dumb humans claim things to be evil they cram it in the evil box. No one is suposta know the truth about it they twist the truth to fit there biest ways. The truth gets lost. And because it's evil no one is suposta ask or go digging because that's bad and your going down a dark path. I have pissed off so may priests.
6:41pm TriThorntheReaper: I've had a dream about lucifer holy hell is he beautiful.
6:34pm Quinton: And what these even mean
6:33pm Quinton: The difference between Lucifer and Satan
6:33pm Quinton: I've always found that an interesting topic
6:33pm Quinton: Agreed Tri
6:11pm TriThorntheReaper: i wonder how people got lucifer a ungodly beautiful man and satin a man goat confused with each other there nothing alike
2:26pm Tarheel: Djmoddragon, disspell your fears brother.
2:25pm Tarheel: Quinton you crack me up !
9:16am wolfe: Hello Truth, I just got on, how are you?
9:15am Truth And Knowledge: Hey wolfe, you still there?
6:51am wolfe: How ya doing tonight Quinton?
4:02am Truth And Knowledge: Dj_moddragon...I hope I am not imposing but I figured that I would mention that I agree that LSD and other psychedelics seem to assist one in becoming more aware. I have used psychedelics in much the same manner as your wife for some time now. Though I do also believe that once enlightenment is achieved to a certain degree there would be no need for these substances rather they are more so a means for one who is attempting to achieve enlightenment to more clearly see the path they must take. A temporary opening of the third eye is how I see it.
3:30am Truth And Knowledge: Hello Quinton. I have just posted a few questions for you but again I feel they fall short in one aspect or another. My ability to verbalize my thoughts seems rather limited. I am curious to your take on them none the less. I am going to take a look a your book on Crowd Freedom as I was actually just about to get a kickstarter going to put similar concepts into motion. If you ever cared to work together to get some of these ideas in motion, I personally am open to the idea since power in numbers seems much more effective than singularity.
11:24pm Quinton: And drugs in general
11:24pm Quinton: Yeah, I've heard a lot about acid. Ram Dass was really into it and talks a lot about it.
11:20pm Dj_ moddragon_: I haven't but it makes u more aware of the world your living in and smarter ideas and a wider vew of thinking after the drug is out ur system my wife does this and i can tell you she beleves she has vision of the future while she was meditating for like 3-4hours i know this sounds crazy but beleve me please somthing is going to happen and it will be bad
11:13pm Quinton: No
11:13pm Dj_ moddragon_: Have u ever taken acid ?
11:11pm Quinton: Could be
11:09pm Dj_ moddragon_: How do u think we are getting smarter faster than ever. They share there ideas for new technology but they dont give us the accual stuff to create. It
11:06pm Dj_ moddragon_: Underground area 51
11:05pm Dj_ moddragon_: Our military is weak compared to them they've been doing secrets behind our goverment back ever since they signed the peace agreement they've even slaughtered innocent people for there cross genetic testing
11:02pm Quinton: Which greys?
11:01pm Dj_ moddragon_: Yess
11:01pm Quinton: The greys?
11:01pm Quinton: Who do you think is behind it?
11:01pm Dj_ moddragon_: Next 5-10years maybe
11:00pm Quinton: How soon?
10:59pm Dj_ moddragon_: I fear its coming sooner than you think
10:59pm Quinton: You can message privately on here
10:58pm Dj_ moddragon_: I just dont want to get in trouble with any law including the up comming world order
10:57pm Quinton: Somebody else on here might though
10:57pm Quinton: I prefer not to communicate through my phone
10:57pm Dj_ moddragon_: Do u agree
10:56pm Quinton: Yes
10:55pm Dj_ moddragon_: Did u see what i said
10:55pm Quinton: Hi
10:54pm Dj_ moddragon_: Hello
10:51pm Dj_ moddragon_: U shoud get it lol i got a lot of stuff i need to ask but i want to ask privetly u never know whos listening
10:49pm Quinton: j/k ;)
10:49pm Quinton: I usually only communicate on facebook so the CIA can watch me
10:49pm Quinton: Oh, no I don't
10:49pm Dj_ moddragon_: Its an app for messiging
10:48pm Quinton: kik?
10:48pm Dj_ moddragon_: Do u have kik
10:48pm Quinton: Oh okay
10:48pm Dj_ moddragon_: The grays
10:48pm Quinton: See what?
10:48pm Dj_ moddragon_: I just want to see for myself
10:47pm Quinton: What would constitute proof to you?
10:47pm Quinton: Nope
10:47pm Dj_ moddragon_: Do u have proof
10:46pm Quinton: I do
10:46pm Dj_ moddragon_: Who thinks our goverment is being controled by otherworldly beings
10:46pm Quinton: Hello friends
10:45pm Dj_ moddragon_: Suh dude
9:40pm mahi-mahi91: Hello all
4:30pm TriThorntheReaper: nice to see more then one or 2 people on
12:39pm Quinton: What's it about?
7:42am Magnifiek77: So i just finished watching all the book of man and im speechless
3:37am Quinton: Welcome Bumpy Toad. I agree, autistic people are awesome!
2:16am Bumpy Toad: I love being Autistic. I am proud of being Autistic and happy to be so. Autism is NOT a disorder -- it's a wonderful difference! It's a neurotype! Embrace Neurodiversity, and accomodate different brains and differences in general, because DIVERSITY is beautiful!
5:30pm TriThorntheReaper: hi
10:27am Truth And Knowledge: Is there anyone on here at the moment?
10:27am Truth And Knowledge: Hello all
8:13am mahi-mahi91: Hello
1:08am Hermes: cool
1:08am Hermes: Oh okay
1:06am TriThorntheReaper: you can make privet chat useing messages
1:05am Hermes: What's group chat?
1:05am Hermes: Hi
1:05am TriThorntheReaper: loli get on group chat with me and chris
12:42am TriThorntheReaper: hi
12:25am LoliApolys: Hi everyone
9:57pm TriThorntheReaper: can someone talk to hebrian and ask to make a post about it and not spam the living daylights out of chat.
9:20pm HebrianDaniel: its has to be year 2150-2200 approx
9:20pm HebrianDaniel: he will be born in 130 years
9:19pm HebrianDaniel: its has to be aquarian by Birth
9:19pm HebrianDaniel: he cant be avatar of aquarius
9:19pm HebrianDaniel: hes cancerian
9:19pm HebrianDaniel: =/
9:19pm HebrianDaniel: he born on july
9:19pm HebrianDaniel: nvm
9:18pm HebrianDaniel: therefor i call Tesla as avatar of Aquarius
9:18pm HebrianDaniel: Jesus is avatar of Pisces
9:18pm HebrianDaniel: moses is the avatar of Aries
9:17pm HebrianDaniel: every astrological age there is Avatar
8:30pm TriThorntheReaper: hebrian you should make a post for this instead of chat
8:12pm TriThorntheReaper: there a lot more fun coming around the corner we just have to wait for the boss start the party
7:35pm TriThorntheReaper: im not to worried about the illuminati
7:33pm HebrianDaniel: everyone will want to think and know
7:33pm HebrianDaniel: illuminati will have problem to hendle aquarius age
7:33pm HebrianDaniel: unity
7:33pm HebrianDaniel: humanatirism
7:33pm HebrianDaniel: aquarius is about progressive innovation technology
7:32pm HebrianDaniel: well
7:32pm HebrianDaniel: hey
5:43pm TriThorntheReaper: is it party time yet?
7:56pm Terran resistance: thanks for spamming so we couldnt see that comment about 9/11, say where are you from again hebrian?
4:27pm HebrianDaniel: we going to be more progressive and less social
4:27pm HebrianDaniel: the problem is anti social trait
4:26pm HebrianDaniel: its age of progression and innovetion
4:26pm HebrianDaniel: but about aquarius age
4:26pm HebrianDaniel: and the pope mitre head that has fish
4:26pm HebrianDaniel: like greeks who has Icthus sign
4:26pm HebrianDaniel: many people adopted the Pisces signs
4:26pm HebrianDaniel: jesus began with pisces and preached about love and peace and care
4:25pm HebrianDaniel: which is about emotion and empathy
4:25pm HebrianDaniel: Pisces age involve water element
4:25pm HebrianDaniel: however the transite to pisces is very effective
4:25pm HebrianDaniel: fire in latin Ignis
4:24pm HebrianDaniel: the jewish tend to sacrifice lamb and burn in on fire in jewish tample
4:24pm HebrianDaniel: so much instability
4:24pm HebrianDaniel: that explain the bronze age collapes and so many wars in canaan and mesopotamia
4:24pm HebrianDaniel: god of war
4:24pm HebrianDaniel: planet ruler mars -_-
4:23pm HebrianDaniel: element fire =/
4:23pm HebrianDaniel: formed in Aries zodiac age
4:23pm HebrianDaniel: judaism atenism and zoroastrianism is Aries sign
4:23pm HebrianDaniel: even civilisations has involment into zodiac
4:23pm HebrianDaniel: btw
4:22pm HebrianDaniel: most element sign i fear is fire
4:22pm HebrianDaniel: XD
4:22pm HebrianDaniel: not good trait for leader to be honest
4:22pm HebrianDaniel: Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive
4:21pm HebrianDaniel: Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas
4:21pm HebrianDaniel: air element
4:21pm HebrianDaniel: and mysterious
4:21pm HebrianDaniel: :P
4:21pm HebrianDaniel: just saying gemini are two faced
4:21pm HebrianDaniel: Gemini
4:21pm HebrianDaniel: 12 june
4:20pm HebrianDaniel: let see david rockefeller
4:19pm HebrianDaniel: :P
4:19pm HebrianDaniel: scorpio tend to be very sectretive and violent
4:19pm HebrianDaniel: water element
4:19pm HebrianDaniel: bill gate is scorpio
4:19pm HebrianDaniel: im also checking the leaders zodiac sign
4:19pm Tarheel: Tell us more, HebrainDaniel. Great to see you about.
4:19pm HebrianDaniel: the astrology give me new enlightenment and understand
4:18pm HebrianDaniel: good to see you tarheel
4:18pm Tarheel: You're a WELCOME truther here, rbthorne. Thanks for sharing that story. Stick around.
4:06pm HebrianDaniel: how its will effect scorpio and saggitarius because Ophiuchus stand between them
4:06pm HebrianDaniel: i wonder how its effect our astrological meaning
4:05pm HebrianDaniel: the snake bearer
4:05pm HebrianDaniel: im such shocked about finding 13th sign
4:05pm HebrianDaniel: hey people
6:25am rbthorne: this is a very good website!! I videoed, for free, 3 New York 9/11 Truth meetings and put them up on Youtube. Three patients I was seeing on Thursdays at an office 3 blocks from the WTC (130 William Street) died on 9/11. I'd probably be dead if I worked in that office on Tuesdays. Anyhow, I got to know Ted Gunderson (by phone), the Pickering brothers (Clay and Shawn), and a number of 9/11 Truth people. If you went to the NIST Public Hearing at the Marriott World Financial Center on 12 February 2004, I was the guy who told them that they were "lying" in the afternoon session when Dr. Shyam Sunder was talking and taking comments from the audience; 1-2 weeks later this was followed by an "almost" car accident involving 3 other cars when coming up from the Holland Tunnel after a day long ski trip at Hunter Mountain organized by Paragon Sports of downtown Manhattan. A friend of mine, Lamont Hubert Davis, who'd been a pro football player for one year with the Philadelphia Eagles (in 1985 when the strike occurred) was in the car with me, and didn't go with me in the car again until last summer (2015). I only mention this because some people, including family members, had implied that I was somehow making this up. I talked with Ted Gunderson the next day about it, and he said they were trying to kill me as I described what happened to him. I'll also state that Ted was murdered by arsenic poisoning. The first time he was poisoned he called me from Las Vegas, and I sent him a prescription for succimer (a heavy metal chelating agent) and 2 of the 3 bottles of Dr. Michael Teplitzky's "Heavy Metal Cleanse), and Ted told me it helped. When he moved from Las Vegas, back to Los Angeles, the poisonings continued and he died. This, therefore, was a murder that has not been properly investigated. I'm currently in India for a few months. Respectfully, Bob Thorne
4:39am TriThorntheReaper: Hay who else can't sleep tonight
10:30pm TriThorntheReaper: I'm doing good thx
3:29am wolfe: Hi TriThorn, im good thank you. How are you doing?
11:38pm TriThorntheReaper: hi Quinton how's your day
11:32pm TriThorntheReaper: hi wolfe how are you today
11:28pm TriThorntheReaper: hello
7:28am LoliApolys: Tr. An you exsplain more about the maldekains I don't know much about them
10:32pm Quinton: Great to have you here, where are you from?
10:32pm Quinton: Welcome brutonsj :)
9:34pm brutonsj: New here so just looking around. Hi everyone.
10:34pm TriThorntheReaper: Nope it not me my self and I. It a little complicated but one of them has a crush on me. And it fun when all 3 voices get in to an argument and brake you're brain and you need to yell at them to shut up.
6:39pm Terran resistance: im guessing it isnt me,myself and i is it
3:51pm TriThorntheReaper: I have 3 voices in my head at all times. Loli know who they are
12:59pm Terran resistance: loli and thorn, i honestly think the maldekians are responsible and are hiding as other people in the WHOLE channeling, because of the anti-hyadean rhetoric. I have heard some people say that the hyadeans are responsible for the destruction of maldek where the ateroid belt is which raised my suspicions thats its reptilians.
3:56am Quinton: Hello TC
11:06pm LoliApolys: Tr I know how you feel half the time I can't determine there alliances they work for there just like hello and iam like star your bussness or go away lol. Also iam confused on the channeling reptilians? You seem to have many contacts so to what event or seeking did you come to suspicion? O.p .....but If you need a person to go kick there Butts just text me XD especially if they lied to you about who they were.
8:38pm TriThorntheReaper: i know how you feel
1:46pm Terran resistance: and someone keeps putting voices in my head its driving me crazy!
1:44pm Terran resistance: well this is embarrasing i think i have been channeling not joking, slightly confused what to do next now
1:34am mahi-mahi91: Did any of you guys/gals ever read up on the Shag Harbour UFO?
12:21am TriThorntheReaper: the easy way or hard way
11:32pm Krisbryan15: How do I make contact with friendly ET's?
7:31pm Quinton: So I don't think it's about waking people up. People evolve at the level they choose to evolve. And it's all just an experience.
7:29pm Quinton: And in a way that is what people want. And when they've gone down the road of fear long enough and decide they no longer want that then they will reclaim their energy.
7:28pm Quinton: I agree lunalas. It's a big topic because it ties in lots of other things. Nothing has power over us unless we allow for it to. And since most people don't control their own energy and give it away through ignorance other entities are able to feed off of them.
7:19pm Terran resistance: in a sense it does
7:19pm Terran resistance: but doesnt fear lead to curiosity?
7:18pm Terran resistance: ive noticed that very postive people have become negative and very negative people have become positive in attitude as we are crossing the galatic plane.
6:18pm lunalas: ps, are there any friendly ETs that will help us? Can they? The part I don't get is why God would create such a nice place, as earth, and humans, and then abandoned us to a foe that we have no chance against? I understand they worship evil, the devil, whatever, but I do believe there is some sort of creative intelligence that put us here and it must be for a good reason because there is so much beauty and love. maybe that is what God wants us to excel to, a vibration of love so they starve and go back to the earth center and stay there?????
6:13pm lunalas: So, if their food is our negative energy, which they manipulate by causing massive fear and loathing, if we as a human race evolve to a slightly higher vibration, or a high vibration, such as love, then they will starve, right? I think that is what they are afraid of. I think it is happening. I'm old. I've been studying this for a long time and slowly, over my lifetime, I can see the change in people. Slowly, we are waking up and letting go of our fear and feeling more love. What do you think? This is the only way I can imagine being free of them. It doesn't seem like we could win a physical battle with them, and there's never a winner in war. If they live off our fear, and love is the opposite of fear, do you guys think that would work. I'm just looking for some hope, for me, and mostly for my son. What a world to leave him in!!!!!1 Ugh!!!
11:54pm Sage67: So what's the best advice
11:53pm Sage67: I'm interested in learning about them
11:53pm Sage67: And how should I react to them
11:53pm Sage67: So how many ships can you contact using the light flash method?
6:56am mahi-mahi91: Going on quinton?
3:51am Quinton: I'm here
9:54pm TriThorntheReaper: loli you there
7:24pm Quinton: Yeah, I agree, something would need to be done within the current system
3:04pm Tarheel: Great topic and OH, so controversial. I guess while we're here, they would need to do it within the confines of the system, however BAD it is. I guess there should be parameters. My jury is still deliberating.
11:55pm TriThorntheReaper: can someone help me with capstun about dr phil eyes.
11:01pm LoliApolys: Do you have any threads that exsplane the helix thing tr? Or anything that might be helpful
11:00pm LoliApolys: Iam complicated XD but it's happend before right up to me getting my ghost appendages the first time and more of my abilitys unlocked like my memories so :/ I do not know what more I can get o.0 would be cool if I got my body back though.
7:16pm Terran resistance: then again u remember your past lives. so i dont know
7:14pm Terran resistance: if you had an andrenaline rush you could be developing a third strand of dna -source alex collier.
6:49pm LoliApolys: Anyone else having issues of oddness today like the feeling of being on fire Q.Q and pain in ghost appendages? Mine started around 1 .30 am this morning
1:31pm Terran resistance: as with everything in life
1:31pm Terran resistance: oh by the way, they reveal themselves to certain people that are watching in order for you to share, the image, its called controlled oposition, to increase enlightment, theres no such things as coincidences but there are conequences
1:29pm Terran resistance: your image doesnt display properly
12:22am capstun: Thanx
11:49pm TriThorntheReaper: hope it helps
11:37pm TriThorntheReaper: it called "pic of girl draconian or cat etrace?"
11:36pm TriThorntheReaper: go to the ailens form on here there a topic on that right now
11:35pm Tarheel: Nancy Grace....that cnn ass-clown?
11:32pm capstun: I have the pic I took off of my TV as well as re orded the show on my DVR
11:31pm capstun: Excuse messy typos
11:30pm capstun: I got on here because this morning I was watching Dr. Phil which I never do but stoped the channel because Nancy Grace wS on the show and right as the camera turned to Dr. Phil I noticed slits in his eyes...not a momentary slit it lasted the entire show... So I rewinded and pauses and took a pic of his eyes. Just wanted to know if if was lighting or something else...because other people's eyes on the show were normal..
10:02pm Terran resistance: another yawn
10:01pm Terran resistance: just realised ive been tricked by ha'satan, another day another dawn
2:51pm TriThorntheReaper: i hate allergy season
11:24am Terran resistance: hiya
7:30am mahi-mahi91: Hey guys n gals
4:47am LoliApolys: iam compairing the worlds geography to a orange o.0 .......i think i need sleep
4:46am LoliApolys: oh oh the hallowed earth is like an orange! it has poles and the white vines in the fruit is like the tunnels leading to the centers core and seeds are the cities the peal is the crust of the earth and the white stuff is the lava XD
2:11am LoliApolys: lol i hope discribing that hallow earth map helped i tried to draw a pic but it ened up looking like a infected eye ball XD\
10:28pm Terran resistance: FUCK explaining northern polar entrance geology is hard on a youtube video.
8:01pm TriThorntheReaper: Nothing much
7:57pm Terran resistance: hiya
7:57pm Terran resistance: hiya
6:52pm Quinton: What's new?
6:52pm Quinton: Hi TriThorn, doing well :)
5:25pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi everyone how everyone today
4:33pm Terran resistance: XD
4:33pm Terran resistance: ive got two subscribers on youtube, lets see if i can catch up with quinton who probably has something like 200, im 100th of the way!
4:06am LoliApolys: yep ty :)
12:33am Quinton: I see you got it now :)
12:03am LoliApolys: cuse i uploaded it and clicked done but nothing happen i felt more retarded than normal lol
12:02am LoliApolys: oh ok thanks :)
11:59pm Quinton: Got the recent activity page fixed finally Tar :)
9:37pm Quinton: You can then paste that into your post and then it will show
9:37pm Quinton: After you upload it there should be an embed code that looks something like this: [nodeinsert fid=7861]
9:28pm LoliApolys: how do you post a pic again?
9:28pm LoliApolys: hi ya
7:03pm Quinton: Happy Monday everyone
2:38am TriThorntheReaper: thank you glad to be here
2:36am Quinton: Hi TriThorntheReaper, welcome to TC. Glad to see you here :)
2:07am TriThorntheReaper: hello im new here my friend LoliApolys told me about this site
2:53pm Tarheel: Any word from Tim Lovell...anybody? I hope he's okay.
2:32pm Tarheel: Sorry it took so long to respond, Mahi. I'm great and trust you are. Are you a fisherman? I made that assumption based on your name.
12:49pm Terran resistance: jesus i thought i blew my internet connection when i was vacuum cleaning by blowing all the fuses...there is a god!
4:47am mahi-mahi91: Hows things going?
4:31am Quinton: Hi mahi
3:33am mahi-mahi91: Good evening all.
6:20pm Quinton: Yeah that doesn't work anymore for security. You will need to upload it when you create a new forum topic. And then from there you can copy/paste the embed text into the post. It will look like [nodeinsert fid=XX]
6:16pm Terran resistance: quinton how do you embed an image because i have tried img src etc and it doesnt work?
4:01pm Terran resistance: these layers seem to be drilled rather than natural, though i suspect there are probably exceptions to that rule.
3:43pm Terran resistance: not magnetic poles, physical i.e icy poles. all on one side of the earth all underneath each other.
3:38pm Terran resistance: funny you should mention layers because i was looking at on old indus valley seal which showed there being about three 'physical' poles within the earth.
5:21am Quinton: I agree Jasmine Marston. Welcome to Truth Control :)
12:04am Jasmine Marston: Ya know how many times iv tried to explain to uneducated fools that earth has layers and cities under cites that this war is not new 2016 or not and they just repeated what they see on tv... My good. Thank you t.c
12:01am Jasmine Marston: Loving this topic !!!
11:15pm Marc-Antoine Moreno: Yup thank you :)
10:10pm Quinton: I see you got that figured out :) Welcome to TC
5:10pm Marc-Antoine Moreno: Greetings. I am new and just registered. Can anyone tell me how I create a new formum or topic of some sort?
5:55am mahi-mahi91: Good. Been loving this beautiful weather we have been having
4:51am Quinton: It's good :) How are you?
4:14am mahi-mahi91: Hey quinton hows it going?
3:59am Quinton: I need to look into that Tarheel, forgot about it
3:59am Quinton: Hey guys
1:41am mahi-mahi91: Hello Tarheel, how are you?
12:42am Tarheel: Any news on Tim Lovell? It feels weird not to see him around when I check in.
12:37am Tarheel: Every time I try to access "View More", I get a blank screen.
12:35am Tarheel: Quinton,Is our "View More" recent forum posts feature gone or still a WIP?
12:27am Tarheel: More people frequent TruthControl than you realize.
4:52am Quinton: I think anything is possible Anaita :)
8:30pm Anaita: I'm having one of those moments that feels beyond, written in the stars... Quinton do we have a contract? Lol
8:22pm Anaita: hi
8:22pm Anaita: Do you think another march to D.C is possible?
3:08pm Quinton: How are you all doing today?
3:08pm Quinton: Hi everyone
3:00am mahi-mahi91: Hello
7:02pm LoliApolys: Good mornings everyone ^~^
3:32pm Quinton: Welcome Arrngrim, glad you like the site. The government can try to hide the truth but the truth can never be hidden :)
1:41pm Arrngrim: hi everyone, new guy here, been reading the site for the past few days and this stuff has been making a lot of sense...I've always felt that the truth has been hidden by the gov't :)
12:37pm Quinton: Hello guys
12:02pm Raliby: hi
10:30am Terran resistance: from the views i get on the forum when i post something, i get 5 views instantly, then it usually goes upto about 17 views over the course of a day so yes there are plenty of lurkers.
8:39am Phaminator: Kinda funny that the total members here on TC is a size of a small town. Yet there's less than 10 people that are active on this forum. I guess that we either have way too many lurkers (guilty of that) or most are just made up of autobots and fish eyes.
6:34am Kizuna: Loliapolys I miss you!o(╥﹏╥)o
8:05pm Gentil9: Hi I'm new to the site. My question is "who funded Stitchins research?"
7:57am phattelvis: fell asleep with youtube on and woke up to Project Camelot interview.... Wierd
7:56am phattelvis: Hi I'm new to this site erm, nice to meet youse
7:39pm LoliApolys: Mine are mostly of the end times ever sence I was a child ..... It has been taking to long :(
6:31pm Terran resistance: they say that we will see more ghosts as we move closer to fourth density and that they say dreaming will be confirmed as a real life occurence, to be honest recently i have day dreamed some horrific things...
5:32pm LoliApolys: Me too:) .... Odd you should say that dew to the activity today x.x my bf and I were on the buss today and watched 2 people just vanish! Like they were walking like people do and just go incorprial o.0 anyone who is awakend seeing the ethiral plane easier today too?
5:18pm Terran resistance: i see.....dead people
5:31am LoliApolys: XD
5:31am mahi-mahi91: Hahaha a bit crabby but not floundered lmao
5:29am LoliApolys: so your day is a bit floundered XD
5:26am mahi-mahi91: Hey Quinton how are ya?
5:25am mahi-mahi91: Not really, im a commercial fisherman, long hours, hard worka and not much sleep but i see pretty much see every sunset and sunrise when we are out. Well.worth it
5:21am LoliApolys: good to hear sounds relaxing :)
5:21am mahi-mahi91: I had a long day at work but it felt good to be on the water. It was a beautiful sunny day with a breeze.
5:20am LoliApolys: had crazy anxiety today :( energy lvls are driving me crazy
5:20am LoliApolys: sorry quinton if tr and mine conversation got a bit out of hand //o.o\\
5:19am mahi-mahi91: How have you been?
5:18am LoliApolys: hiya mahi :)
5:17am mahi-mahi91: Late night greetings
5:16am LoliApolys: your up late too arnt ya?
5:13am LoliApolys: full moon going crazy and has insomia XD
5:12am Quinton: I'm good, how are you doing?
5:11am LoliApolys: sadness how is you quinton?
5:11am Quinton: I should probably send an email to try to bring some of the older members back
5:10am Quinton: There's a lot of members, but not a lot of active members :(
4:20am LoliApolys: ....... Q.Q its so lonely in here..(tumble weed blows by)
4:03am LoliApolys: what is with people not pertisapating in the forms ? there is like 1000 people but no one has a voice?
6:01pm LoliApolys: Whatcha mean TR? I don't have a cold?
1:05pm Terran resistance: you might want to clean your nose after that one LoliApolys....
4:16am Quinton: We're all awesome!!
3:42am LoliApolys: hi Quinton ^_^ your awesome i just wanted you to know.
2:29am Quinton: Glad to have you here Jasmine Marston :)
11:00pm mahi-mahi91: True jasmine. This is a treasure trove of knowledge and information. Most people would just say "Grab your tinfoil hats.", if they read anything on this site.
10:38pm Jasmine Marston: Shouting from Erie Pa .. Loving being in t.c wish more people were as intelligent enough to comprehend 2016 and all of the info here which admittingly i already had knowledge of.. But it is nice to have a wonderful site to remind me that there are still others out there. Thanks
8:04pm Tarheel: Tim hasn't been around as much lately but I'm not counting him out.
3:17pm Terran resistance: hmmmm
3:10pm Quinton: He was on like a month ago
10:43am Terran resistance: i havnt seen him online in ages, i hope im wrong
10:42am Terran resistance: is tim lovell dead from cancer?
2:27am LoliApolys: nope
8:30am mahi-mahi91: Anyone one at the momenr

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