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9:46pm TriThorntheReaper: Dream weaveing or he summoned me
9:45pm Terran resistance: ??
9:45pm Terran resistance: how can a dream become reality
9:45pm TriThorntheReaper: I mean
9:44pm TriThorntheReaper: wepon
9:44pm Terran resistance: your defintely taking the piss
9:44pm TriThorntheReaper: Magic gauntlets that can turn into whatever what I want
9:44pm Terran resistance: ill humor you
9:44pm Terran resistance: whats the gift?
9:44pm Terran resistance: arrrgh
9:43pm Terran resistance: one person called jean
9:43pm TriThorntheReaper: When I first met him in a dream On 16th birthday in this life and he's like oh here's a gift
9:43pm Terran resistance: they quote famous people
9:43pm Terran resistance: someone emailed me the other day saying they were the reincarnation of someone ive forgotten, quite interesting, WHO im realy looking for is the people the adverts and musi industry talk about
9:42pm Terran resistance: what he say, what was the situation like
9:41pm TriThorntheReaper: loli told me and he told me
9:41pm Terran resistance: told you?
9:41pm Terran resistance: how do you know?
9:40pm TriThorntheReaper: My very first father when I was first born in my past life has gotten in contact with me in this life
9:39pm Terran resistance: then again your pagan nothing makes sense XD
9:39pm Terran resistance: not sure i understand
9:39pm TriThorntheReaper: Interesting guy he still keep tabs on me
9:38pm TriThorntheReaper: I meet my soul father when my soul was born
9:38pm Terran resistance: but thats all i know
9:38pm Terran resistance: died of an apparent ear infection
9:37pm Terran resistance: york rite
9:37pm Terran resistance: 22nd degree
9:37pm Terran resistance: dont remember past lives though only what people have told me
9:37pm Terran resistance: i was oscar wilde in a past life thats why i know so much about freemasonry
9:37pm TriThorntheReaper: Yes
9:36pm TriThorntheReaper: I had visions of my past lifes but the vision went by so fast it was hard to process
9:36pm Terran resistance: on a soul level
9:36pm Terran resistance: im hyadean
9:36pm Terran resistance: chris=half elf, loli=half dragon, you half fey im notcing a trend here
9:35pm Terran resistance: oh
9:35pm Terran resistance: i get that alot especially froom people who can remember past lives
9:35pm TriThorntheReaper: Nope
9:35pm Terran resistance: your not speaking in metaphors are you, i hate it when people do that
9:35pm TriThorntheReaper: My soul is Anyway
9:34pm Terran resistance: yeah and im the black pope
9:34pm TriThorntheReaper: Yea I am half Fay
9:34pm Terran resistance: mkes sense
9:34pm Terran resistance: fey=fairies?
9:34pm TriThorntheReaper: The Fay realm it where there a lot of fairy live not shure it mite be Greek
9:33pm Terran resistance: u have strange beliefs i give you that, but im used to strange people XD
9:33pm Terran resistance: norse?
9:32pm Terran resistance: never heard of it
9:32pm TriThorntheReaper: I like the Fay realm more then hell tho
9:32pm TriThorntheReaper: I said I travel to hell it not a bad place just needway to gloomy for me
9:30pm Terran resistance: aesir or valhalla and what not
9:30pm TriThorntheReaper: it hallow but hell not on this planet
9:29pm Terran resistance: fire and brimstone?
9:29pm Terran resistance: if u believe in loki u think the earth is hollow? literal hell or what
9:28pm TriThorntheReaper: no pan does not it all fur
9:28pm Terran resistance: pan doesnt have pants so a tough one
9:28pm Terran resistance: XD
9:28pm Terran resistance: zeus is the one that causes all the problems he cant keep it in his pants
9:27pm Terran resistance: LOL
9:27pm TriThorntheReaper: Or if it pan run
9:27pm Terran resistance: they are killers
9:27pm Terran resistance: watch out for a mistletoe
9:26pm TriThorntheReaper: i meet 4 gods that I can remember pan Loki lady hel and death all interesting people
9:25pm Terran resistance: *laughs internally at inside joke*
9:25pm Terran resistance: u remind me of hanuman *smug face*
9:24pm Terran resistance: not krisna no, maybe a relative
9:24pm TriThorntheReaper: Ever meet them?
9:24pm Terran resistance: ramayana that is
9:24pm Terran resistance: could never get into it though
9:23pm Terran resistance: like the ramayana
9:23pm Terran resistance: my fav god is got to be krishna
9:23pm TriThorntheReaper: More
9:23pm TriThorntheReaper: i like women I just like the Fay girls
9:22pm Terran resistance: he likes women u donut
9:22pm TriThorntheReaper: Just watch you butt pan like touching butts
9:21pm Quinton: haha
9:21pm Terran resistance: hmmm
9:21pm Terran resistance: lol
9:21pm TriThorntheReaper: Both lady hel and pan
9:20pm Quinton: Which god is your fav TR?
9:20pm Terran resistance: greek? u seem to like pan alot...
9:20pm Terran resistance: norse pagan?
9:20pm TriThorntheReaper: yea I I agree with that. In my opinion some of the gods have risen from being mortals so yes I would say some gods are aliens
9:18pm Terran resistance: your a pagan right, have yo ever considered that some gods could be aliens?
9:17pm Terran resistance: jeez some people
9:17pm TriThorntheReaper: Lol
9:17pm Terran resistance: XD
9:17pm Terran resistance: im an archangel your point is invalid
9:17pm TriThorntheReaper: Yea there better then some people tho
9:16pm Terran resistance: lots of lurkers
9:16pm Terran resistance: they will come and go but some will keep
9:14pm TriThorntheReaper: Yea new people
9:09pm Terran resistance: hi
9:09pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi
8:27pm Quinton: Oh cool :)
7:38pm Bdogb75: Thanks I read your response to the prison planet It really resonated with me.
7:33pm Quinton: Welcome to the site
7:32pm Quinton: Hello
7:28pm Bdogb75: Hi everyone
7:06pm Terran resistance: the power of vril, belief, intent, manifestation to make it happen, the nazi vril society used to use the power of belief to win a battle among other things...
7:04pm Terran resistance: speaking of biblical matters alot of the stuff in syria happening now is in the book of revelations such as babylon (iraq), syria, then ISRAEL, alot of what happened in syria happened near the valley of ephraim. im not a chistrian but someone is trying to fulfil biblical prophecy...
5:56pm Tarheel: Welcome to yet anuda new dog, Bdogb75.
12:41pm Quinton: Hi Bdogb75 :)
12:36pm Terran resistance: hiya newbie what brings you to ths prt of the neighbourhood
9:30am Bdogb75: Hello
9:09am LoliApolys: perhaps its time for me to do a post on this subject ......tomarrow its 3 am CD
9:08am LoliApolys: hell i though i was my first lives mother for 5 years before the truth was revealed to me that i was infact her daughter. its a bit awkward to know how to every detail i was consived @>@
9:06am LoliApolys: yes archangel you are a awakend but you need to read on what that actualy is it takes many of us years to find out what our souls are if were not human enless you are lucky enough to have some one who can read your soul. or records
9:04am LoliApolys: first of all many people who are just awaking find them selfs lost for identiey exspcaly angels wither there fallen or not. this is not the first time i have seen this nor will it be the last. most people think there an archangel and only use the 5 but i actualy know in person the soul shards of the 5 with out them spiting out whats in the bible .
4:06am Quinton: I'm with you wolfe
4:05am wolfe: No, I think balance, my statements that im making are not about the validity or falsehood of god or Satan.
4:04am Quinton: When you hear Satan do you guys think evil?
4:02am TriThorntheReaper: And also people need to remember not everything on the Internet is true
4:01am TriThorntheReaper: Sorry lazy using mic to chat
4:01am TriThorntheReaper: I agree but but saying that you the real Michael then now you're following Satan does not make sense it would be more center now you're following Satan does not make sense. I might not have met Michael but even I know you would never fallow satan he more than likely follow his brother Lucifer.
3:43am wolfe: Its not the story for me, its the lack of conviction. Some of us have experienced some very real things and though we may perceive them incorrectly we still believe what we have seen with our own eyes and hearts until we have new information that we hopefully can make sense of. To make a claim that you are a greater being (an archangel) who has no courage, conviction or first hand knowledge that such a being would have is absurd. This guy read's something someplace and has decided it must be the truth because he read it on the internet. Gain conviction for your beliefs gain courage to know yourself and pick beliefs that are worthy of your conviction and character
3:34am TriThorntheReaper: When someone story changes so much with in one week it's kind a hard to believe what someone is saying. I Love that we're having new people come to the site but when you have someone who story changes so much it's becoming a pain in the pot. Archangel let me give you tip quit changing your story so much you are literally losing any credibility that you have because you change your story so much.
3:31am TriThorntheReaper: I know right. And of God is evil and Satan is good f I know right. And of God is evil and Satan is good what would that make Lucifer. Literally just make no sense
3:29am wolfe: I would expect more of Michael as well.
3:26am TriThorntheReaper: First he said he would been trained by God Jesus and the Archangel Michael then the next day he said he was Michael now today he's a follower of Satan and Satan is God. He makes knows sense. Yet he is not fooling me.
3:22am wolfe: A week ago you said you were an Archangel here on Earth to do battle against Satan and that you had saved a women from him on Wednesday. It's Wednesday a week later and now god is a liar and Satan is speaking to you telepathically? Wow, it must have been a hard week for sure for such a majestic being to fall to doubt in 1 week. I would expect more from Gabriel.
2:57am TriThorntheReaper: 0.o ok
2:55am Quinton: How did you reach that conclusion?
2:55am Quinton: Hah I reached this same conclusion. At least according to the fall of man story in the bible. Tell that to a Christian and you're going to hell.
1:53am ArchangelDallas777: So today I have come to the conclusion that satan is the good one and Yahweh, also known as "god" is actually the deciever. Does this mean I'm truly one of the awakened ones or have I been deceived myself ?
10:16pm TriThorntheReaper: Sore and tired
10:13pm Quinton: I'm good, how are you doing?
10:07pm TriThorntheReaper: How everyone today
10:03pm Quinton: Hello :)
10:03pm TriThorntheReaper: Hello
9:59pm Clement Redeemer: Hello!
8:59pm Quinton: Well done TR
7:58pm Terran resistance: XD
7:58pm Terran resistance: 8 subscribers and counting
7:48pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi
2:34am mahi-mahi91: Whats going on guys/gals?
1:09am Quinton: Hi TriThorn
11:07pm TriThorntheReaper: Hello everyone
9:58pm LoliApolys: so i hurd a odd rumor that draconions love chocolate? is this true? i know that black dragons can not eat chocolate for some reason they seem to be almost intolerant to it
3:16pm TriThorntheReaper: Did someone get the number off that train man I'm sore
12:42pm Terran resistance: famous people that we as conspracy theorists are not aware of yet
12:41pm Terran resistance: "tommy and jean knelt back down" -bon jovi
12:41pm Terran resistance: i have been studying adverts where people in the back ground say people's names of very famous people we are not aware of only aliens, they even use their quotes in music i have heard paul (clash of clans new advert uk) scarlet (mummy returns music) paul (galaxy chocolate car advert uk, staged in italy) John (i cant remember) etc.
5:01am TriThorntheReaper: Hi Chris
4:51am TriThorntheReaper: Does anyone want to talk?
4:43am TriThorntheReaper: Loli you there
3:50am mahi-mahi91: Same
3:50am mahi-mahi91: ^^
3:41am TriThorntheReaper: Quinton I'm having trouble get private chat on my phone when I hit the chat icon on the drop down bar all I get is a search bar
3:02am mahi-mahi91: Good enjoying a bit of time off
2:46am Quinton: I'm good, how you been?
2:26am mahi-mahi91: How are ya quinton?
1:47am Quinton: Hi mahi
1:19am mahi-mahi91: Hi everyone
12:19am TriThorntheReaper: Poke I win :P
11:45pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi Loli
11:05pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi everyone
9:23pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi tr
3:53pm Quinton: Happy Sun Day
12:53am TriThorntheReaper: dont give me that look i was board i wanted to see if he do it
12:45am TriThorntheReaper: i was board and it work
12:44am TriThorntheReaper: or go you want to touch the butt you know you want to.... just be careful he will touch it
12:42am LoliApolys: its not hard all you need to do is invoke him and have a bottle of wine with you
12:41am TriThorntheReaper: i gut found the best way to summon pan XD
12:41am TriThorntheReaper: hi loli
12:40am LoliApolys: hiya quinton
12:18am TriThorntheReaper: chat was busy today
12:12am TriThorntheReaper: you miss all the fun
12:12am TriThorntheReaper: hi
12:02am Quinton: Hello everyone
10:57pm Terran resistance: okay cya
10:57pm Terran resistance: lol
10:56pm TriThorntheReaper: What should I buy with all my gold :p
10:55pm Terran resistance: lol
10:55pm TriThorntheReaper: My dust not your and my gold :P
10:54pm LoliApolys: I was wondering why u stoped the auto written
10:54pm Terran resistance: if its about pixie dust...
10:54pm Terran resistance: was ist das?
10:54pm LoliApolys: Aw I still has much to talks about but one more thing
10:54pm TriThorntheReaper: Okay I hope you have fun
10:53pm Terran resistance: you probably can smell me from here anyway
10:53pm LoliApolys: Apple pudding?
10:53pm Terran resistance: anyway i better be off
10:53pm LoliApolys: Yummy pudding g
10:53pm LoliApolys: ....skittles equals f
10:52pm Terran resistance: je m'appelle pudding
10:52pm TriThorntheReaper: I don't know
10:52pm Terran resistance: comment t'appelles tu?
10:52pm Terran resistance: bonjour tout le monde
10:52pm LoliApolys: Seriously who build this stupid thing of the matrix I swear it's adequate just to skittles with me
10:51pm TriThorntheReaper: Bonjour wee wee that's all I know
10:51pm Terran resistance: hello my names is carlos im from mecico
10:51pm Terran resistance: XD
10:51pm Terran resistance: thats spanish, i was speaking french
10:50pm LoliApolys: Well iam done fucking skittles phone matrix crap of hell
10:50pm TriThorntheReaper: Hola como estas yeah that's all I know
10:50pm Terran resistance: vous ne comprendez pas?
10:50pm LoliApolys: In the spaghetti. Speak
10:49pm TriThorntheReaper: 0.o
10:49pm Terran resistance: parlez vous franglais
10:49pm LoliApolys: Invitation
10:48pm LoliApolys: That sounds like a indentation
10:47pm TriThorntheReaper: If you want my dust come and get it
10:47pm LoliApolys: Bloody dark fae anyway
10:47pm LoliApolys: I sparkle enough on my own no one needs to think iam Edward
10:46pm TriThorntheReaper: Now you sparky
10:46pm LoliApolys: Grrrrr really
10:46pm TriThorntheReaper: No my dust
10:46pm TriThorntheReaper: Covers loli in pixie dust
10:46pm LoliApolys: Possibly lol it is a warm fire
10:46pm Terran resistance: the pixe dust gimmie
10:46pm Terran resistance: maybe itll make my baked beans grow
10:45pm LoliApolys: °.○ I don't know
10:45pm TriThorntheReaper: I haz pixie dust does that count
10:45pm Terran resistance: at the end of it
10:45pm Terran resistance: does it come with gold?
10:45pm LoliApolys: Lol if u don't mind rainbow fire
10:44pm TriThorntheReaper: Lucky dragon
10:44pm Terran resistance: oh wait thats a contradicition
10:44pm Terran resistance: fight fire with fire..
10:44pm LoliApolys: Good thing dragons are fire proof
10:43pm LoliApolys: XD probaly knowing my luck
10:43pm TriThorntheReaper: Now we run fro pan as he trying to touch our butts
10:43pm Terran resistance: sort of,... maybe... barbecued
10:43pm LoliApolys: But the fire keeps me warm
10:43pm Terran resistance: you would be the maiden loli
10:43pm LoliApolys: I has no idea what he is referring to °.○
10:43pm Terran resistance: pagans these days, back in my day it was fire worship
10:42pm TriThorntheReaper: Ask loli T.T
10:42pm Terran resistance: lol
10:42pm TriThorntheReaper: No it not it real
10:41pm Terran resistance: or are you refering to frying pans
10:41pm Terran resistance: is this a ancient greek joke?
10:41pm TriThorntheReaper: He say it a cute butt
10:41pm TriThorntheReaper: Butt*
10:41pm TriThorntheReaper: Pan grab my but
10:40pm Terran resistance: k cya
10:40pm TriThorntheReaper: Same to you
10:39pm wolfe: Not me, im out actually, the puppy needs to go for a walk. Good laughing with you all, be safe
10:39pm Terran resistance: anyway, anyone got a more serious topic of interest
10:37pm LoliApolys: Got dam matrix go skittles your self!
10:36pm LoliApolys: And iam part furry so the horse thing is no big gym
10:36pm TriThorntheReaper: (Waves at the guy with big sharp item)
10:36pm LoliApolys: Iam not intimidated know better
10:36pm wolfe: that will teach em
10:36pm wolfe: Well, maybe whoever it is went and had their psyche damaged by that clip
10:35pm TriThorntheReaper: I know the feeling
10:35pm Terran resistance: why do i got this feeling. somone is watchi........... oh wait its a feeling alright. *happy face*
10:35pm TriThorntheReaper: It not loli friendly don't look
10:34pm wolfe: *covers his eyes and ears*
10:34pm LoliApolys: O.0
10:34pm TriThorntheReaper: You spin me right round baby
10:33pm wolfe: lol, love it TR, your a twisted soul I can understand
10:33pm Terran resistance: ill tell you when i reach 1000
10:33pm wolfe: lol
10:32pm Terran resistance: 15 spin
10:32pm Terran resistance: three spin
10:32pm TriThorntheReaper: No
10:32pm Terran resistance: two spin
10:32pm Terran resistance: one spin
10:32pm wolfe: dont do it, it will only hurt you
10:32pm wolfe: That would be like me telling you the secret agenda is hidden on
10:31pm TriThorntheReaper: You failed your diplomacy roll
10:31pm Terran resistance: wolfe u ruin everything
10:31pm wolfe: still not gunna look TR
10:31pm Terran resistance: yes go on dear
10:31pm TriThorntheReaper: Yea no
10:31pm Terran resistance: ever heard of "blue waffle" on google image search its supposed to be a way of unlocking dna
10:30pm wolfe: Rogues do it in secret too
10:29pm TriThorntheReaper: I had a crush on one loli know who I'm talking about
10:29pm LoliApolys: Oh and rogues because we do it from behind
10:29pm LoliApolys: I likes the furr and scales XD
10:28pm TriThorntheReaper: I like pixie girls more
10:28pm wolfe: Your not missing out on much Loli thats for sure
10:28pm LoliApolys: So I don't looks at randome pics......
10:28pm TriThorntheReaper: Yea
10:28pm LoliApolys: Not realy I am not so interested in humans
10:27pm wolfe: Ever seen girls who take pictures and try to look like they are kissing? Thats duck face
10:26pm wolfe: NOT LOOKIN!
10:26pm LoliApolys: Lol......what's duck face?
10:26pm Terran resistance: i didnt quite hear that say that again
10:25pm wolfe: TR _everybody_ is a victim of your scene of humor.... ;)
10:25pm TriThorntheReaper: XD
10:25pm Terran resistance: some people like duck face i like to take it one step further
10:25pm TriThorntheReaper: Lol I'm glad I don't have to worry about that
10:24pm Terran resistance: i told you its only for my victims
10:24pm TriThorntheReaper: Says the guy that wears lipstick
10:24pm wolfe: You are brother, at least on the inside ;)
10:23pm Terran resistance: dont hate because im beautiful
10:23pm TriThorntheReaper: Blame tr he doing it
10:23pm wolfe: *Blames TR*
10:23pm Terran resistance: oh goody i could have fun with this
10:23pm Terran resistance: noooooooooooooo!!
10:22pm wolfe: its TRs links that keep messing my chat up LOL
10:21pm wolfe: I have my own so im good
10:21pm TriThorntheReaper: So no gold for you to it all mine
10:21pm Terran resistance: cast a magic circle around the chat, then i might believe you
10:21pm TriThorntheReaper: In my other pajamas
10:20pm TriThorntheReaper: Sorry I left all my hell
10:19pm LoliApolys: °.○ I knows
10:19pm TriThorntheReaper: You brake everything loli
10:19pm Terran resistance: so the gold is hidden at Hhiug&*89 8797arh okay so thats where you put it
10:19pm TriThorntheReaper: Mine a gift :P
10:18pm LoliApolys: I think it's dew to me and tr lol
10:18pm Terran resistance: *&(^^&?
10:18pm LoliApolys: Lol
10:18pm TriThorntheReaper: Why is chat braking so much
10:17pm wolfe: You guys all have cool scythes and stuff, all I got was this silly red ryder BB gun....not fair
10:17pm LoliApolys: Oh refresh p chat
10:17pm Terran resistance: will do
10:17pm TriThorntheReaper: Have fun with that
10:16pm Terran resistance: about symbols for free in my spare time
10:16pm Terran resistance: then maybe write a book
10:16pm Terran resistance: trying to buff up my website
10:16pm LoliApolys: Darn
10:16pm Terran resistance: nah not anymore
10:16pm LoliApolys: You still doing automatic writing tr?
10:15pm TriThorntheReaper: I can give you gold will that help
10:15pm LoliApolys: Lol
10:15pm Terran resistance: i still need 4000k experience before i can upgrade
10:14pm TriThorntheReaper: I ask for an upgrade
10:14pm TriThorntheReaper: My does not
10:14pm Terran resistance: mine came with a kinder egg
10:14pm TriThorntheReaper: I name him duskkull
10:14pm LoliApolys: Mine shoots energy XD to my liking
10:13pm TriThorntheReaper: Same here
10:13pm wolfe: heh
10:13pm LoliApolys: Lol I got a scythe iam good
10:12pm Terran resistance: XD
10:12pm Terran resistance: let alone a left handed hammer
10:12pm Terran resistance: loli dont laugh you need invisible scissors for your invisible appendages
10:12pm LoliApolys: Lol
10:11pm wolfe: no no, a left handed one, thats an important part!
10:11pm Terran resistance: hammer, by jo
10:11pm Terran resistance: with a frying pan, kind of unconvensional i give you that
10:11pm wolfe: with a left handed hammer
10:10pm TriThorntheReaper: I want to make a car that power off of farts
10:10pm Terran resistance: yes and you were plotting to kill colnel mustard
10:10pm wolfe: The one I started was just useing throrium 234
10:10pm TriThorntheReaper: You can't forget that
10:09pm TriThorntheReaper: It run of farts
10:09pm Terran resistance: in my back garden in trafalgar square
10:09pm wolfe: Personally, I could care less if im being watched
10:09pm TriThorntheReaper: Lol
10:09pm Terran resistance: so anyway i was buidling this nucear bomb
10:09pm TriThorntheReaper: Would not surprise me with what bin going on
10:08pm Terran resistance: beat your to it, dont look surprised
10:08pm wolfe: Could? LOL
10:08pm Terran resistance: dont look surprised
10:08pm Terran resistance: we could be being watched you know
10:07pm wolfe: I refreshed but its missing about the last 20 hours still
10:07pm Terran resistance: inteference?
10:06pm LoliApolys: But it messed up the last part
10:06pm TriThorntheReaper: Mine went crazy Wolfe I refreshed it and it fixed it
10:06pm LoliApolys: Lol that was angelic
10:05pm LoliApolys: Exc nore the me as native part it auto corrected
10:05pm Terran resistance: even your autocorrect is wrong :/
10:04pm Terran resistance: damn*
10:04pm LoliApolys: Dam auto correct
10:04pm TriThorntheReaper: Refresh
10:04pm wolfe: woah did public chat just totally reset? or just mine
10:04pm LoliApolys: Mentanr deisstorlies me as a native
10:04pm Terran resistance: and i thought i was scitso, so tell me about your childhood michael... who touched you?
10:03pm TriThorntheReaper: I thought you said you where Michael appreciate yesterday
10:02pm Terran resistance: XD
10:02pm Terran resistance: *dafuq* did i just read im blind!!
10:01pm TriThorntheReaper: ..... ok
9:58pm ArchangelDallas777: No I'm not, I'm the archangel Michael, and I have taken upon this responsibility. My brother Patrick is actually Gabriel, and 5 of the other archangels are here on earth, but we are hiding from the public.
9:57pm LoliApolys: Anyone feel there body shift?
9:57pm TriThorntheReaper: Your mark by the Illuminati 0.o dallas
9:57pm ArchangelDallas777: There is a difference between satan and Lucifer. Satan is the enemy while Lucifer is an ally.
9:56pm LoliApolys: Much energy is been off and on lately
9:56pm Terran resistance: satanic bastards
9:56pm ArchangelDallas777: The Illuminati
9:56pm ArchangelDallas777: I did today
9:56pm TriThorntheReaper: What kind of occult
9:56pm Terran resistance: yes and yes
9:55pm TriThorntheReaper: Did anyone feel major energy spikes in there body
9:55pm ArchangelDallas777: You guys know of the occult correct?
9:55pm LoliApolys: OK good
9:54pm Terran resistance: i see it, loud and clear in private chat
9:54pm LoliApolys: If it does then I will continue
9:54pm LoliApolys: I put some info on there but we will see if it works
9:54pm TriThorntheReaper: XD
9:53pm Terran resistance: ok
9:53pm Terran resistance: XD
9:53pm Terran resistance: i wish i hadnt
9:53pm LoliApolys: Hey refresh your privet chat tr
9:53pm TriThorntheReaper: Did you wet yourself :p
9:53pm Terran resistance: some freaky shit i still dont know what the fuck is going on but I would be stupid not to say that it scares me
9:52pm LoliApolys: Well I did get abducted and the next day I had a x shaped scratch on my back were I can't reach my whole family need up having the same experience and took us 3 days to find out but we filled out all the details for eachothwr
9:52pm Terran resistance: sudden brusing from no where, one minute the drier is on the next minute everything wet again
9:51pm LoliApolys: But when there is time tares lots of things can happen
9:51pm Terran resistance: feel like injections by any chance any rashes?
9:51pm Terran resistance: sounds interesting
9:50pm LoliApolys: Last cupped days I can feel my soul and human body strife for controll I have been having beings pulling and reseting wire nodes on my Astral body
9:50pm wolfe: LOL
9:50pm Terran resistance: luke i am not your fatther (what f-up reality is this) *joke*
9:50pm ArchangelDallas777: Hello Wolfe
9:50pm wolfe: Hello Dallas
9:50pm Terran resistance: haha lol
9:49pm wolfe: funny you should mention that, i was just taking a mandella effect test last night
9:49pm ArchangelDallas777: Lucifer is my brother
9:49pm Terran resistance: hadron collider?
9:49pm Terran resistance: mandella effect?
9:48pm LoliApolys: Time traveling can do that
9:48pm TriThorntheReaper: Yes I had it happen
9:48pm Terran resistance: anyone else kep getting lots of internal bickering?
9:47pm wolfe: Mine hasnt been keeping as cool as I would like, but then again its 116 degrees here :)
9:46pm Terran resistance: hearing things lots of shouting in your head, lots of voices nick picking you shit like that
9:46pm TriThorntheReaper: I has wings and a tail It not that hard to believe in what you say
9:46pm Terran resistance: simple question
9:46pm Terran resistance: okay... then does your firdge act abnormally to you
9:45pm LoliApolys: It's most important
9:45pm Terran resistance: a little but i have been dealing with a lot of shit
9:45pm wolfe: Who cares if anyone believes you, lol look at the site your on. People either get it, or they dont.
9:45pm LoliApolys: Did u read my post?
9:45pm Terran resistance: someone thing like that
9:45pm LoliApolys: Started 4 days ago now
9:44pm LoliApolys: Time was messed with again and it hit hard
9:44pm Terran resistance: what the fuck
9:44pm Terran resistance: yes!!!!
9:44pm Terran resistance: O_O
9:44pm LoliApolys: From people's brains shouting down to having no ability to do anything to people being forced Astral travle and almost dieing
9:44pm Terran resistance: because i think no one will believe me
9:44pm Terran resistance: :/
9:44pm Terran resistance: i dont really want to talk about at the same time i do
9:44pm TriThorntheReaper: Same here
9:43pm LoliApolys: Nope
9:43pm LoliApolys: Nole
9:43pm LoliApolys: Yeah
9:43pm Terran resistance: im not the only one then
9:43pm Terran resistance: seriously?
9:43pm LoliApolys: So u are ok
9:42pm LoliApolys: Last cupped days have been bad for all us in that are awakended
9:42pm TriThorntheReaper: Sound interesting
9:41pm Terran resistance: without sounding like an utter scitso the last couple of days in terms of hearing things is kind of freaky, the nearest thing I can compare it to is overtone singing
9:41pm LoliApolys: Oh try refreshing the page sometime that works for privet chat
9:39pm LoliApolys: Lol
9:39pm Terran resistance: XD
9:39pm Terran resistance: auto correct, bloody ducking thing
9:39pm LoliApolys: Try written something again
9:38pm LoliApolys: Lol wow I hate this phone though I has my suspension lol
9:38pm Terran resistance: lol nice one
9:38pm wolfe: coffee IS tasty, Its 116 degrees here today so its iced, coffee is ine of my biggest vices
9:38pm Terran resistance: last message i got from you is "It's been a long time"
9:37pm LoliApolys: Tr are u getting any of my messages iam on my phone so it acts odd some times for messages
9:36pm Terran resistance: i switched to tea
9:36pm LoliApolys: Coffiee sounds tasty lol I miss it
9:34pm LoliApolys: Thank you
9:33pm Terran resistance: yeah we can talk
9:33pm Terran resistance: you said someone is in danger? subtuly you okay that end?
9:33pm LoliApolys: Would love to talk to u in privet if u have time and compare something's if u have time
9:32pm LoliApolys: I apologies for my post but it had to happena
9:32pm TriThorntheReaper: Sorry I had my phone did not transfer over
9:32pm Terran resistance: hiya
9:32pm LoliApolys: Hiya tr
9:31pm Terran resistance: any news from lucifer, or are you still waiting on that selfie stick that you ordered throuh amazon
9:30pm TriThorntheReaper: My day has bin ok just burning in my ghost appendages
9:29pm Terran resistance: hows your day/night today
9:29pm TriThorntheReaper: Ellow
9:29pm Terran resistance: anyone else alive?
9:28pm Terran resistance: ok
9:28pm wolfe: afk more coffee, kind of nice catching people on and chatting for a change
9:27pm Terran resistance: XD
9:27pm wolfe: heh true, I just dont want to be the person causeing other peoples "shit" to happen lol
9:27pm Terran resistance: i hate wasting time, never sure if im doing it though
9:26pm Terran resistance: as predator says "shit happens" just before he gets his arm sliced off of course
9:26pm wolfe: I dont mind people who embellish themselves to feel important, thats just soothing their own ego or making them feel good about themselves, its people who want to take from me or others with no reguard to the damage (wasted time and effort) it causes
9:25pm Terran resistance: i heard a story in the newspaper once that a man working for the government was hired to inviltrate an organisation by bedding a woman that slept with him, she later sued but got no compensation
9:24pm Terran resistance: as well
9:24pm Terran resistance: people lying about who they say they are etc
9:24pm Terran resistance: OH iknow that feeling
9:23pm wolfe: for me the manipulations are usually more elaborate and months in the making, so at the end when it all comes out im frustrated by the time and effort ive wasted on them
9:22pm wolfe: nods
9:21pm Terran resistance: but who knows...
9:21pm Terran resistance: i have had people come up to me pregnant asking for twenty watsits, then people the next day asking me for money. what gave it away as a social experiment is was the difference in circumstance and appearance
9:20pm wolfe: I just hate people who disguise their intentions, it's a waste of everyones time in the end
9:19pm Terran resistance: hiya :)
9:19pm wolfe: howdy TR good to see ya!
9:18pm Terran resistance: its called "plausible deniability" they use it alot where i am
9:18pm wolfe: Im sure you have, people can be shitty for sure, they make it hard to trust them
9:18pm Terran resistance: but again like you said it could be parnoia or it could be blind panic etc.
9:18pm Terran resistance: i have had social experiments done on me
9:17pm Terran resistance: I've had worse done to me
9:16pm wolfe: For me I dont deal with people much, but when I do it usually has money involved and people are always looking for way's to get me to do things for them for nothing, a lot of them will buddy up with me and then try to get me to do what they want done and when it's not free act like im a terrible friend for expecting to charge them for the services I provide as a business, its usually pretty silly actually
9:06pm wolfe: No, in my business just simple self motivated greed leading to deception and things like acting my friend to be able to use me.
9:05pm LoliApolys: Oh? Like in dramatic polar phases? And out of the blue switching?
9:03pm wolfe: Nods, for me, in the last 4 years, ive gone from being super trusting, to questioning motives of everyone I deal with, it kind of sucks to always feel like you have to figure out how someone is planning to screw you over
9:02pm LoliApolys: Iam not overly paranoid in less I have to be
9:01pm wolfe: nothing wrong with being paranoid even though a lot of people think there is
9:00pm LoliApolys: True
9:00pm LoliApolys: It just thing are falling into the odd spectrum today
9:00pm wolfe: Of course not, but at the same time, paranoia is a survival instinct
8:59pm LoliApolys: Indeed but much is to be investigated on that I don't like going on paranoia or assuming alone
8:58pm wolfe: Ahh, ok you are concerned that someone may have killed the bird rather then it died of illness or natural causes, got ya
8:56pm LoliApolys: My brothers bird and if and if and only if it was by some one. It's hard to exsplane -.-

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