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7:57pm Terran resistance: the left hand side of the aura receives energy the right hand side projects energy, so if someone pyschic attacks you you cross your arms and legs so that the left hand side is on the right hand side
7:55pm Terran resistance: most people are unaware but crystals must be worn on the left hand side of the body
7:54pm Terran resistance: rose quartz is the best for feeling motivated
7:53pm Terran resistance: XD
7:53pm Terran resistance: i know because iv tried it
7:53pm Terran resistance: black tourmaline is better but it hurts when you use negtive thoughts against someone else if u imagine a pick axe going into someone elses head you feel it.
7:51pm Terran resistance: obsidian apparently turns yourself against itself until you relinquish hate its supposed to be quite painful emotionally to carry around with you and your aura
2:26am LoliApolys: obsidian is made out of glass more or less its magic properties are that of protection but they have other uses as well.
3:36am Truth And Knowledge: Yup. Tablets and many televisions also have the black backing. Traditionally, scrying mirrors are made with obsidian though. I am not sure if it is of any major significance or not.
3:03am LoliApolys: scrying mirrors have a black backing to them it makes it easier to see. crystal balls work the same way as well.
9:26pm Truth And Knowledge: Funny you mentioned that. I was toying around with my tablet with the screen off to use it as such.
9:35am Terran resistance: my house is already built on a limestone ancient indian burial mound dont need any more ghosts
9:34am Terran resistance: lol i saw a theory that tvs are actually scrying mirrors when they are off, but i bloody hope not..
6:31am Truth And Knowledge: I did come across this page but I have to question the validity. Where does this info come from exactly?
6:06am wolfe: here ya go Truth and Knowledge
5:16am Truth And Knowledge: Give it a try if you get bored, I found the results to be interesting.
5:15am Truth And Knowledge: Also, don't know if it is worthy or not but I found out that many musicians practice the art of Magick. Maynard James Keenan (Front man for Tool), who I have seen in many poses that seem to indicate ties to Freemasonary, is one and mentioned his scrying mirror. I started looking into this concept and how evocation works in regard to one's own psyche. Apparently if you stare into a mirror in low light, some strange things start to occur after a short period of time.
4:59am Truth And Knowledge: So much crazy shit floating around it is hard for one to make sense of it all. Did you hear about these other countries supposedly warning their citizens to stock up on food and water? Also to make sure structures are secure? I am not sure of the validity but it is what is going around.
4:55am Quinton: Hah, no nothing new on global status
4:54am Quinton: That's good
4:54am Truth And Knowledge: Doing alright. Still trying to make sense of everything. Regained my sanity for the time being, lol. Any new interesting reports on the global status?
4:48am Quinton: It's good, how are you doing?
4:32am Truth And Knowledge: What's up Quinton. How's it going?
4:31am Quinton: Hi
3:58am Truth And Knowledge: Hey, anyone there?
5:19am Quinton: I'm not familiar with Anabua. What do you know about it?
2:00am Skjustice70: So little information about them
2:00am Skjustice70: Anyone kno about Anabua
1:57am Skjustice70: There's not much information on them anywhere
1:57am Skjustice70: I'm in need of contacting Anabua
10:00am Terran resistance: hittite language luwian is composed of factions in the hollow earth, comets, nebulas, planetary orbits
9:05am chiasmatta: sumerian
9:05am chiasmatta: sumerian
2:33pm Dr James D Smith MBA: What would Joe Nickels of the Transnational Group associated with Richard Dawkins named "Center for Inquiry" have to say about the aliens and myths?
6:59pm Quinton: I don't think so, but that would be a good idea
5:47pm stalling: Are there memebers here that get together and chat at a given time and date?
2:05am Emertherfollower: Nvm I'm the real one
1:54am Emetherfollower: That last one was a mistake emertherfollower
1:54am Emetherfollower: Hey guys
1:41am Emertherfollower: Hi guys
6:24pm Terran resistance: they can literally bee seen in the night sky when there is no light pollution like places like Tibet and look like a pair of eyes looking down on humanity in the night sky and inspired stories of the apocryphal texts such the book of enoch 'watchers' which are both nibiru and the hyadeans
6:23pm Terran resistance: the crab nebula and sh2-264 are nebulas caused by warfare hence why the stories in mythology of gods losing an eye to each other
6:20pm Terran resistance: they use the crab nebula as the left eye of god, the god of truth, the god of life, the biblical father (joseph of arimathea, apostle barnabas aka the original satan)
6:18pm Terran resistance: i would be more worried about the Illuminati which are from Aldebaran, a star in the hyades cluster
6:17pm Terran resistance: draconians live 200km underground (source contactee alex collier)
6:17pm Terran resistance: whether or not they have given up is another thing all together
6:17pm Terran resistance: hale bopp was the last effort to attack us by draconians (comet)
6:16pm Terran resistance: the dracos are draconians from alpha dracnis in the constellation of draco, they also exist in the constellation of cancer as far as im aware
2:27am MHeatherly: Who are the Draco's?
12:53am Knowlegebased1019: Just a heads up the dracos might be plotting a harvast. I think they are setting up in saturns rings right now.
7:04pm Terran resistance: fee pdf online
7:04pm Terran resistance: i find an interesting read is the book alex collier defending sacred ground
6:42pm stalling: I'll be back later... things to do here, MH
6:39pm stalling: A and D wrote a book called the Day the Earth Almost Died
6:38pm stalling: Allan and Delair*
6:38pm stalling: I see. well, I stumbled upon this site while looking for Allan & Delair info
6:37pm MHeatherly: Yes its why I'm here
6:36pm stalling: No, is the story on this Truth Control site
6:36pm MHeatherly: Did you read the story on Michael the archangel?
6:35pm stalling: Is that the deal? OKay
6:35pm MHeatherly: Click the page then chat after a message
6:35pm stalling: Glad to hear that lol
6:34pm MHeatherly: Same here
6:34pm stalling: Half the text I type is not coming out on the screen
6:33pm stalling: I'm in New York
6:33pm MHeatherly: TN
6:32pm stalling: where are you, MH
6:31pm stalling: hi MH
6:30pm MHeatherly: Is anyone here
6:16pm MHeatherly: So where can I see some cool things at on this site?
4:35pm Quinton: Greetings from Andromeda
4:35pm Quinton: Hello
4:26pm stalling: sorry
4:26pm stalling: I keep missing folks
3:05pm Terran resistance: im here
2:54pm stalling: Sorry, I was away from the screen
2:54pm stalling: anyone alive and talking here?
2:53pm stalling: I'm back
2:47pm Quinton: Good morning stalling
1:39pm stalling: good morning
10:06am Terran resistance: and thoughts...
10:06am Terran resistance: just some of my experiments thus far
10:05am Terran resistance: another thing im gonna dive into is see if certain rocks can help you read peoples minds by decalcifying the pituitray gland though v2k techonology seems to work past that which is interesting
10:04am Terran resistance: (third eye)
10:04am Terran resistance: also the thyroid chakra/gland seems to be the source of loud telepathy (why can you think aloud in your head in the first place?) not the pituitary gland (or pineal gland as people mistaken it for)
10:02am Terran resistance: voice 2 skull
10:02am Terran resistance: XD
10:01am Terran resistance: also experimenting with b vitamins to see if they help stop voices, ill tell you when im the first to cure v2k techonology symptoms
10:00am Terran resistance: tourmaline, hematite, rose quartz etc which i got off of a friend of mine
10:00am Terran resistance: anyone familiar with v2k techonology? ive been using crystals as a way to see if they work to block such things out
9:56am Terran resistance: nagga*
9:56am Terran resistance: michael tsarions etymology of nagger and such words is quite interesting
1:20am Quinton: Hi
1:11am stalling: night
1:11am stalling: I'll try again later
1:10am stalling: Dead
1:10am stalling: It seems I've hit another deep spot here
1:09am stalling: good evening
11:10pm Quinton: I'm familiar with him
8:19pm stalling: (perhaps it is too hot to talk)
8:18pm stalling: anyone familiar with Michael Tsarian?
8:17pm stalling: afternoon, folks
3:46pm Quinton: ^ this
3:10pm bluesbaby5050: You could also do this under the alien section in full frail about all three you mentioned. How did each of them make contact with you and for how long. What was their purpose for your contact? Please share.
3:06pm bluesbaby5050: Explain this in detail please.
3:05pm bluesbaby5050: Hi Morphiis. How did you come to know that, as you said, Saul is a cyborg. Would you please this for the members in this forum? Thanks:)
2:34am Morphius: I meant Enlil
2:34am Morphius: Email isn't very nice. For the past year I have encountered Enlil Enki Inanna and Saul. Saul is an Anunnaki Cyborg. Huge about 12 foot tall
1:26pm Tarheel: Looks like Julian Assange has been busy!
1:49pm Tarheel: HHS
9:23pm Quinton: Interesting
4:50pm Tarheel: I will try but I'm not sure I understand your question. Would you be more specific?
2:40pm Myskinsmysin: Can you give insite on my ring or point me to someone who can?
2:40pm Myskinsmysin: @tarheel.
2:24pm Myskinsmysin: Need some info on a ring. Who can help me?
2:15pm Tarheel: Fruit Loops anyone? dude
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Call/Whatsapp: +2348079527152 Regard's
8:21pm Mudphantasm: Could you aliens make my lottery numbers come out the numbers I will choose lottery numbers is 21 22 23 24 25 26 cause I believe that will come out one day like that like all the 30's 31 32 33 34 35 36 came out and didn't think it would come out like that and it did there's bound to be a time when lottery numbers will come 21 22 23 24 25 26. I've no fear winning millions of pounds I love to win millions on the lottery and on thunderball it be a dream come true I would buy a house for £49, 000 somewhere away from this local area buy a flat screen television lots more dvds rather than one at long length of time could buy quite a few dvds each week and more clothes and double groceries and any other treats and things like that. I want to win 88 million pounds please make that happen for me aliens. Cheers.
8:12pm Mudphantasm: I personally like it to happen at my address when I am awake so that i know it's for real. I'm not scared of you aliens. I've gone through worse with me having tracheotomy since I was age 7 for 2 years in hospital which I now believe one of your aliens caused it cause I can remember something moving down inside my neck that cut my vains apart and me me head collapse at school at dinner time. I believe they caused it. Cure my tracheotomy and asthma too whilst your at it thanks..
8:05pm Mudphantasm: Hello to all aliens on here can aliens abduct me today from my address of 50 east cost 111 UK planet earth please. Please don't use gases me on cause I think certain gases can trigger of me having asthma attacks and so can many other things cause me having asthma attacks and I welcome all aliens greys and grays to my address. I am open to all aliens I'm a flexible person and will let you take me at anytime day or night. I'm available for abductions 24/7 totally free of charge and no discounts for it. I'm friendly and not on the side of governments and nasa covering it up. I'm no agent of any earth groups just a normal citizen trying to earn a living the normal way. Hope you can help me aliens. I know your really out there. Don't need to be afraid of me, I once saw an ufo behind a star when I looked through my telescope. Saw ufo when I was age 11 outside in a park it silver small shaped like a cup no windows no wings no door had a silver handle on top and came out from a field and didn't move above a field.
1:09am AliSpirit: anybody know michaeladam777?
1:08am Truth And Knowledge: Vaccinations containing mercury isn't anything new. We have been injecting our children in the U.S. with them for some time now.
8:54pm truthseeking_wolf: TR Why are you ignoring my private msgs?
6:14pm Terran resistance: Illuminati psychiatrist card would also help
6:13pm Terran resistance: new vacinations with mercury in it here in the UK theres some helpful advice and none of the doctors have taken it for that reason
3:51pm drgradydeal: it is 11 pm here and I will go to bed; I tried to login in or request a new password using a different browser but the log in function would not work at all.; I will sleep now; thanks for trying
3:46pm drgradydeal: fraud meaning fake; not reporting findings they do not want know; fraud lying; etc
3:45pm Quinton: I don't know
3:44pm drgradydeal: does Mr. Maxwell have any info on that
3:44pm Quinton: Fraud in what way?
3:44pm Quinton: Hmmm, nothing comes to mind
3:44pm drgradydeal: I will try that; but do you info on medical research fraud
3:43pm Quinton: I think it asks for your current password because you're logged in. Try opening the reset password link in another browser that you're not logged into and it shouldn't ask for your current password.
3:34pm drgradydeal: I realy like your idiots guide to the NWO
3:33pm drgradydeal: I did that but it still demands that I enter my current password; I do not have my current password; please advise; while I have your attention, I am writing book about medical research fraud; do you have any info on that or medical corruption in general; please email me at [email protected] because I find your website not user friendly
3:23pm Quinton: You need to reset it. Go here: and then click the link in the email and enter your new password.
3:14pm drgradydeal: I forgot my password; you keep asking me to put in my current password in order to change my password; makes no sense; I forgot my password; please advise
11:21am truthseeking_wolf: bro
11:21am truthseeking_wolf: Whats the matter bt
6:02am Truth And Knowledge: Good luck on that. I have been looking into it to no avail. Let me know if you find anything.
5:34am Bumpy Toad: Is there a way to contact extraterrestrial life/beings? Because I really need some help, as I seek to help others on Earth who are stuck in conformity and fear and negative mentalities...... I also seek to free myself from my struggles and suffering.
3:45am mahi-mahi91: Hows everyone doing tonight?
6:35pm truthseeking_wolf: talk private
6:35pm truthseeking_wolf: Wazzaaaaap
5:09pm HebrianDaniel: :(
5:09pm HebrianDaniel: y u no talk!
5:03pm HebrianDaniel: bah
5:03pm HebrianDaniel: often
5:03pm HebrianDaniel: you guys don talk much oftem
5:03pm HebrianDaniel: yo wassup
10:33pm Quinton: You should be able to use the image form in a comment to upload a photo and then insert the code into the comment.
10:32pm Quinton: No it's not for security
10:03pm truthseeking_wolf: ..
10:03pm truthseeking_wolf: is img tag not allowed in comments?
6:47pm HebrianDaniel: how are you quinton?
6:45pm HebrianDaniel: good
6:35pm Quinton: Waaaaaaaaaaaaasssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
5:44pm truthseeking_wolf: Wazzaaaaap
5:34pm HebrianDaniel: wassup
5:00am Quinton: Welcome to TC
5:00am Quinton: Hi StMichael
3:43am StMichael: Hello everyone
4:27pm truthseeking_wolf: No, Azra. Its nothing like that. TheVenus Project is about making the best of what we know in order to achieve a better world. its not that easy to explain.. i suggest you do some research about it.
4:04pm Azra: you mean like a roman senate?
2:34pm truthseeking_wolf: "body of people who act like a government" - hmm thats another idea... and it sounds better than few donkeys controlling our lives? right?.. I do not understand why people are so hopeless about this project.. i mean TheVenusProject does not require a monetary system but a resource based one. Plus we will all have access to everything about science and no secrets will exist "FREEDOM OF INFO".... who knows? maybe we can even build spaceships after building cities and taking care of the problems we have... Everyone here is whining about reptilians controlling our planet but actually we are letting them do this. Without our support government will fall.. like piece of a dust.
5:43pm Quinton: The Venus Project still requires a body of people who act like a government though, right?
4:37pm truthseeking_wolf: the only way to get rid of government is
5:52pm Terran resistance: Matthew 16:19I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."
as above so below
5:50pm Terran resistance: anyone seen sun dogs before? google it. its a pleiadian war carrier in fourth density.
3:26pm Tarheel: Is there anybody OUT THERE?
1:37am Bumpy Toad: I support ALL diversity. Autistics, Gothics, Otherkin, Therians, Transgender, Non-binary gender, LGBT, different religions (as long as they're not oppressive to differences themselves), all insects and amphibians and gastropods and ALL arthropods and ALL manner of species. I consider all species to be my equals, and I am vegetarian. I love Neurodiversity of all kinds, as long as it's not oppressive (i.e. Neurotypicals). I'm not saying I won't like INDIVIDUAL NTs, but as a whole I can't forget the harm they've caused.... I LOVE ALL DIFFERENCES!! We need to make the world a more accepting and safe place. Let's work together to do so.
11:54pm Terran resistance: the nazis called manifestation vril, the reason the government does terrorist attacks on its own people with crisis actors is so that some of that channelled energy is released from peoples beliefs about the world. if enough people on the planet thought that america needs to be attacked for all the wars its done then by fulfilling it you starve off real attacks later on. thats why 9/10 FBI plots foiled are done by the FBI. Ever watched the end of the movie watchmen? its a hint from hollywood.
3:54pm Azra: Allo
2:17pm Tarheel: I think manifesting is part of our development (becoming). It's there, we just have to figure out how to use it. I believe the strongest component is belief. You have to believe it.
8:45pm Quinton: That kind of stuff is really interesting to me
8:45pm Quinton: How's that working out for you TR?
8:07pm Terran resistance: or imagine a thought beng pushed through your pituitary gland
8:07pm Terran resistance: "I intend (insert words here) manifest"
8:06pm Terran resistance: on the topic of manifestation I have been trying to reality jump all the time by saying things in my head to bring reality into being.
4:07pm 1_9: Peace and blessings, its hard to keep inputting all this data, yet the brain takes so much. Its alot of manifestation on all different levels. Between faith & power of words it gets epic. Everything is computerized down to ppl. But its a science to everything right. Even our existence, will catapult you into a mental Institution depending on what you asking or saying. Didn't internet blogs & depending on whose writing them how can we truly decipher the actual truth. Mentally complicated & stressful and Money is the only way to truly find out the bigger picture. I'm applying for NASA. NASA is the best job to have!!!! Even if you a test dummy
9:30am Glynnis: you put me in a country with all cultures and I will leave that bitch with an entire NATION OF BLACKNESS MELIANIN. Eye creates straight hair. Curly hair tightly tight curly hair. Eye am the eye am. The melanin goddess Eye have no age. Man fuck up and gave me one. For the world is infinity. Eye old soul. Young Soul. Mature soul. And sometimes. My dam EGO takes over Eye wear my Emotions on my dam selves. For it was not God that FLOODED the Earth nor did NOAH Build no Ark. For it was and is EYE the GODDESS that FLOODED and FLOODS THE WORLD not with no ark. But it eye LITTLE MAN IN THE BOAT MY YONI. MY VAGINA. MY PUSSY UPPS DID EYE SAY THAT. FOR when My WATER BAG BREAKS OUT COMES THE MF FLOOD AND EYE BRINGS LIFE INTO EXISTENCE What if EYE told u. That the Big WHITE (HOLE) the BIG WHITE TUNNEL u see when one dies is just YOU PUSHING OUT ANOTHER VIGINA. YONI SHIT! EYE A SPIRITUAL BEIN. JUST HAVING A DAM HUMAN EXPERIENCE. A GODDESS DO NOT NEED MAN. BOOKS. NO PASTORS LIKE ACTORS. NO RELIGIOUS SPIRITUAL TEACHERS. TO CONNECT TO THE EYE AM. THE UNIVERSE. So is the COSMIC BODY. As is the HUMAN MIND. So is the MIORCONISM. As is the MIROCONISM So is the ATOM. As is the UNIVERSE. EYE AM OF THE UNIVERSE. EYE AM SPIRITUALLY FREE!!!! My life did not come with a Book. A CLOCK. NOR WITH A PRICE. ONE is still trying figure this shit out. I must admit. Y IN THE FUCK I CHOOSE THE FAMILY THAT THEY CALL YOUR EARTLY LOVE ONE. U MO. LIKE UR MOTHER AND SIBLINGS. ONE MUST FELL AND BUMP HER HEAD WHEN EYE WAS CHOOSING THEM DAM HUMANS LIONS TIGERS AND BEARS. OH MY!! Eye might need to go to the Land Of OZ and let the WIZARD help me out on this one. Lol .
9:08am Glynnis: Hello Humans one is knew to the group. Eye wud like to introduce self. Eye very Outspoken leader and NEVA a follower. Eye been delected from Different site and on facebook. Why because one is not here to Soothe man Conscience. Eye can only be ME. ITS NO IN BETWEEN with me. U either like it or u don't. THISES that don't. One just take it with a COKE AND A SMILE AND MOVE THE FUCK ON. Eye hated by many love by few. THAS only because eye Leader and not a Follower. To know me is to Love me.and if one don't Love me simply means u just don't know me. This is who eye be. Eye SOURCE. ENTERGY SUN THE MELANIN BLACK GODDESS EYE dw and worship no man they call me MOTHER EARTH. MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE and what makes me that because the SUN AND the UNIVERSES has my D N A. Eye am not a RACE. Eye a NATION. what makes me a Nation. My D N A. EYE CREATES BLACK BBY. BROWN BLUE. BLUE BLACK. GREEN. RED. YELLOW PINK WHITE ALBINO. YOU
8:51am Glynnis: the g
8:51am Glynnis: Is this were eye introduce myself to
1:35pm Tarheel: Qdog-you makin changes to the site? Im seeing any pic uploaded from a member appear all the way across the page, thus blocking content.
9:27pm Truth And Knowledge: If ya get around to taking a peek at it, let me know what you think. I thought it was a pretty good message for everyone who wants to point the finger, myself included
9:14pm Truth And Knowledge: They are some pretty smart and funny SOBs
9:13pm Truth And Knowledge: Mind the fact that is is quasi-rap but it kind of straightens out the Illuminati thing
9:12pm Truth And Knowledge: I found a video you might like
9:12pm Truth And Knowledge: Hey Quinton
9:12pm Quinton: Hello
9:11pm Truth And Knowledge: Hey, anyone on here?
8:33pm thecrowman: Hi just joined, glad this exists :)
2:35am Quinton: Yes, that's true
9:48pm Paul Meyers: Thank you, am going to try to keep it positive and sometimes you may get some weird ideas from me, but that is what we are going to need. the normal they have tried is broken and we need new ways and ideas.
9:26pm Quinton: Welcome to the site Paul Meyers :)
7:56pm Paul Meyers: Good afternoon everyone, Thanks to Meiling Colorado to steering me to this site. I am seeking truths and trying to guide others to the same. it aint easy
1:35pm Tarheel: Check out this re: CERN
1:29pm Tarheel: Good Morning to ALL !
8:21pm W7a: Some one can share the DVD called "Oversoul basics" Stewart Swerdlow.?
3:50pm Tarheel: Ditto wolfe.
7:49pm wolfe: Afternoon Quinton, good seeing ya
6:22pm Quinton: Agreed wolfe
6:28am wolfe: Ya know, everyone in America has an opportunity to better themselves and their life, I dont care what color you are. Some people are born into poorer conditions that can draw them down and make them feel like they never had a chance though. But no one says you MUST stay and live in those places, hell I would rather be homeless and wander like a gypsy then be stuck in the projects and allow the environment wear me down. But, for some reason people still live in Detroit. The only person responsible for your life, is you. Its not your fault if I mess my own choices up.
2:27am Tarheel: HD, there is probably a faction or factions out there that would like to, but there are other races that are targeted more so than whites. I think all that racism is coming to a halt soon :). Let love rule.
11:43pm Terran resistance: the sign of the horns is the pleiades cluster for example so these gestures that politicians make is to do with different planes of existene, star clusters and the hollow earth, if you know ehere to look you can find these people everywhere
11:40pm Terran resistance: lightning above and a fire below me
11:26pm Terran resistance: hollow earth and the fourth density people around us
11:21pm Quinton: hehe
11:20pm Terran resistance: that detective is the right question
11:20pm Quinton: Why are white people oligarchs and not blacks?
11:19pm Terran resistance: white oligarchs = poverty for blacks
11:16pm Quinton: Blacks also kill much more whites than whites kill blacks
11:16pm Quinton: Black people gun down other blacks on the streets much more than whites TR
11:10pm Terran resistance: check out facebook they all do hand gestures they live in their cozy little world with their draconian brahma caste and think they can govern us in secret because they can remember past lives. who is the real racists?
11:09pm Terran resistance: racism is not a terran construct
11:09pm Terran resistance: why do white people starve out black people? and gun them down in the streets? everyone is looking at the persecuted but not looking for the persecutor. ...just my thoughts... the answer is racists aliens living among us that brought their racism with them
4:22pm HebrianDaniel: so why the force immigrants to europe and mix with ethnic euroes?
3:04am shadowchild: no
8:46am HebrianDaniel: guys do you think elitists trying to wipe out the white race?
9:44pm LoliApolys: tr is not chaotic enough to be cut from me XD
4:52pm Tarheel: Previous Chat msg applies to TR.
4:49pm Tarheel: Actually,I think you're a god, but cut from the Loki mold.
10:08am Terran resistance: quite a nice guy, said i was legally obliged to cite his name on his images i used on my wesbite
10:08am Terran resistance: got an email off the guy on
10:07am Terran resistance: still believe edisonik is an alien or a god?
10:06am Terran resistance: "actually, once anyone here gets as much bad press as you gave me on your site, they automatically qualify as a Mod" glad to hear im annoying you
11:05pm Tarheel: I promised to deliver your lifeless body to LGBT headquarters where it belongs so I rocketed up the Mod consideration chart. Actually, once anyone here gets as much bad press as you gave me on your site, they automatically qualify as Mod. You do however have to be way cool, which makes you exempt this incarnation. Damned glad to see ya out & about, TR.
5:12am Quinton: I could see that being the case TR.
3:41pm Terran resistance: i've been doing research into aliens and i have found that the draconians being in charge is just a cover for what the rest of the very human aliens are doing such as the hyadeans.. which are reptilian and human on a genetic level.
3:38pm Terran resistance: or is just me
3:38pm Terran resistance: why is his name blue XD
3:38pm Terran resistance: who did tarheel have to kill to become moderator anyway?
3:37pm Terran resistance: so obvious wht they are trying to do
3:37pm Terran resistance: google still suggests truthcontest over truthcontrol on the internet
3:36pm Terran resistance: i've done 2/99 names of allah on my website only another 97 to go explainig the astrotheology
3:30pm Terran resistance: long time no see
3:30pm Terran resistance: hiya
3:29pm Quinton: Hi TR
3:24pm Terran resistance: seasunned, are you new? or just long time lurker? Hi otherwise
3:21pm Terran resistance: i see the local shills from america and israel are here
5:21am LoliApolys: Hey chris
11:09pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I love the narrow minded. It fuels my buring to write even more of my past. As in the end I am fullfilled while you are emptied. An mine is the last gate. An if you come upon it as such the way you are now expect your soul to continue to be put back into a new body and life. May you be stripped of your memories of this life an God help you to learn the lessons so that you may go further the final time around.
11:06pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Just remember my name when you connect the dots. Remember that their are 12 gates into heaven. An one of them bares my name. I would not expect a narrow mind like you to know what it is like being on the shoulders of the Lord or having lived before this earth.
11:03pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Why are people who claim to be awake so quick to put people down. I wish I could pull a Paul and show you all I remember from the great explosion to my current life. Oh well. Dear ObservantLouie. Thank you for mocking me on blueskys comment. I love haters!
7:37am Seasunned: appeaing. (Sorry Chicken of the Sea)
7:36am Seasunned: -scrutize, question. Why? They begin to see the light, are awakening; soon answers come in ways heard through being receptive. Reception has ability to recognize Truth through waves: Like musjc to my ears is String Theory. Funny! I like my eggs sunny-side up. Scrambled, runny, just isn't appeal- g
7:20am Seasunned: What is meant by fleeing? Hiding? Ascension? Then, of fighting? The Truth is underst!ood beyond question yet many are unknowing, never entered their mind, dogmatic, scu
7:12am Seasunned: There is a rhythm to Truth, for example why are we here and what battle will we fight or flee?
11:00pm wolfe: Made me laugh TR, needed it too, thanks
12:22pm Terran resistance: i find the most liberating meditation is just by walking backwards and forwards. Hitler used to do it thats what won him the...oh wait....
5:41pm wolfe: Just popping in my two cents on the "let go of your mind", I suspect it has to do with meditation. Take a moment and just "Be'?
4:58pm Tarheel: If ya figure it out before I do, plz share. I will do the same.As much as I enjoy my mind, there are times when I feel like I would be better off if I could shed it.And there are certainly peeps I know who would be better off w/out theirs (lmao).
4:47pm Quinton: I don't fully know. I remember Manly P Hall talking about it in a book. It's also talked about in the book, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle
3:49pm Tarheel: Quinton,can you expand upon your "let go of the mind" statement. How do you go about this? Thx in advance for your reply.
12:53am Quinton: Talk to you later
12:53am Quinton: Alright, take care my friend
12:53am Truth And Knowledge: I gotta get back to work around the house. I'll talk to you later. Good chat brother, things are getting interesting, hope we all come out the other end smelling like flowers. Have a good one man.
12:51am Quinton: Good stuff
12:51am Truth And Knowledge: I know Jesus mentioned it
12:51am Truth And Knowledge: Thought that sounded kind of like an extension of the same concept
12:51am Quinton: I've heard that quote in a few books I think
12:50am Quinton: :)
12:50am Truth And Knowledge: "Be part of this world but don't be of it"
12:49am Quinton: And no problem for the Bible stuff :)
12:49am Quinton: Yeah, he's really sharp but obviously doesn't hit on spiritual stuff...
12:49am Truth And Knowledge: Hmm
12:49am Truth And Knowledge: I must extend my gratitude to you sir for pointing out those passages in the bible about us being gods. This was of MAJOR importance and fits very nicely without over lap into the puzzle I am constructing. I was actually just listening to him and Joe Rogan. Smart guy but I can pick apart a few of his concepts but definately has a bit of information for one to ingest.
12:48am Quinton: So I totally see where that thought = evil thing is coming from
12:48am Quinton: The mind is something we must at some point let go of
12:48am Quinton: Our consciousness and essence is above our mind.
12:48am Quinton: Because we are not our mind
12:48am Quinton: The mind in itself is a form of a prison
12:47am Quinton: I'm obviously not an expert on this but I could see the correlation
12:47am Quinton: In regards to the thought = evil thing that's interesting
12:47am Quinton: Check out Stefan Molyneux if you're into the IQ stuff. He has great videos on Youtube for it.
12:46am Quinton: Haha nice :)
12:45am Truth And Knowledge: I have heard it theorized that thought in of itself was the creation of evil. I thought this to sound a bit of a stretch but could not help but find the correlation to meditation being more connected with a loving god kind of concept. Thought = Evil...Meditation (Clear mind) = Godlike...seems flawed though. And you have no idea what kind of can of worms you have just opened for me...I will admit, I am slightly insane...lucky for me and all those affected by me, insane in a goofy, nutty, and extremely anal retentive. I will be researching this day and night till all information is collected for the purpose of FULL comprehension.
12:41am Quinton: Countries with more freedom have higher IQs
12:40am Quinton: It's a really interesting topic
12:40am Quinton: Where if you don't take IQ into effect different races act differently.
12:40am Quinton: For example, people with around the same IQ act similar, regardless of race
12:40am Quinton: IQ also normalizes for racial differences
12:39am Quinton: For example, an IQ of around 85 is the most violent
12:39am Quinton: Violence, wealth, civilizations, etc
12:38am Truth And Knowledge: But what does it tie into...i missed this
12:38am Truth And Knowledge: I very rarely mention it because of this
12:38am Quinton: And people try to avoid it
12:38am Quinton: Because almost everything in this world ties into it
12:38am Truth And Knowledge: Why do you say it is interesting. I know it is not fool proof but it would seem a reasonable reference point of sorts.
12:37am Quinton: Right
12:37am Truth And Knowledge: I remember thinking to myself around the age of 8, "I want to know EVERYTHING"
12:36am Truth And Knowledge: That was in no means an attempt to boast since I am now starting to see that we all hold the same power, all of us who are part of their respective entities anyway. Because of this it would easily stand to say that the only reason I hold above average IQ is because I wired my brain in this manner from an early age.
12:36am Quinton: IQ is a really interesting topic
12:36am Quinton: That's called the Dunning Kruger effect:
12:34am Truth And Knowledge: Yea, I actually know someone who was trying to claim one step better than me the damn near everytime he was around me. I understand the implications this has being that it is based in one's own insecuities but just as a reference, I have an IQ of 138. This guys can't be over 100 and yet he insists that he is ALWAYS one step ahead no matter the subject at hand. He is the best in the world and so sayeth most
12:31am Truth And Knowledge: Ooo, interesting, I will have to have a read with it and have another round on my own ego...or what's left of it anyway. I am beginning to see the bigger picture and quite honestly I am getting a bit excited cause I am very curious as to the next step in evolution cause if there is one thing that I can say for sure is that evolution has been occuring and it is not done yet...46 & 2 just ahead of us?
12:29am Quinton: But yeah, you're right about the ego
12:28am Quinton: It's a book that goes into great depth on the ego
12:27am Truth And Knowledge: No, what is that?
12:27am Quinton: Have you heard of A Course in Miracles?
12:27am Quinton: Yep
12:27am Truth And Knowledge: Don't forget the ego...that thing is a MOTHERFUCKER
12:27am Quinton: What's that?
12:27am Truth And Knowledge: missed a major factor there though
12:27am Quinton: And that's a big part behind lots of spiritual things
12:26am Quinton: So they give their power away
12:26am Quinton: Because that requires change/effort/work/action/etc
12:26am Quinton: Few people want to take responsibility for themselves
12:26am Truth And Knowledge: Yessir
12:26am Quinton: Victim mentality
12:25am Truth And Knowledge: very seldom does someone blame a cigarette addiction, a drug habit, local, state, or global affairs on ourselves, it is always, "What the fuck is wrong with people" but I think maybe we should be saying, "What the fuck is wrong with me/us?"
12:25am Quinton: Totally agree
12:24am Truth And Knowledge: All government programs tell you to give up power one way or another if you look for it. I have a buddy in "AA" meeting and if you think about their creed..."I do not have the power to control my addiction" way or another, it is always there. What is the first thing we do whenever something doesn't go or we say, "why the hell did I do that?"...ehhh not from what I see, more like, "why the fuck did she do that?!" or "Why is he in my way"...etc, etc
12:21am Quinton: I could see that
12:20am Truth And Knowledge: I am starting to believe that this whole Illuminati business is in reference to this "thing" and it is what created religion with the intent to pit mankind up against itself but more importantly to get each one of us to denounce our own power.
12:19am Truth And Knowledge: Seems to me he is saying that God doesn't exist and further more, the concept is of a more nefarious nature as indicated by his enthusiasm in regard to the "and my god don't pray for me statement".
12:17am Truth And Knowledge: Corey also says something about battling this...person...thing...entity? and immediately says after that "And my god don't pray for me" yet the chorus to the song says, "I'm not the devil but I won't be your hero"
12:15am Truth And Knowledge: Anyway. These songs speak on soooo many different aspects of religion and I have recently found out that there are multiple Cabals that reside in Hollywood and the area but there is some "main" guy. Corey Taylor seems to make this clear especially with "Do me a Favor" by Stone Sour
12:12am Truth And Knowledge: one that was similar
12:12am Truth And Knowledge: Fuckin' A...You kinda remind me of Maynard James Keenan...maybe it's the hat, I one similar think I seen him wearing
12:11am Quinton: Okay yes
12:11am Truth And Knowledge: Much of these songs speak of us as being 'many' whom are part of a 'whole'...You pointed out to me..."Did I not say, Ye are Gods" - Jesus
12:11am Quinton: Nice, I love metal :)
12:10am Truth And Knowledge: ...or separate the skin from bone, leave me all the pieces then you can leave me alone, tell me reality is better than the dream, but I found out the hard way, NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS
12:08am Truth And Knowledge: I have been trying to decipher a bunch of songs from, mostly, bands that I grew up listening to. I was a bit of a Metal kind of guy so I have mostly been looking into that genre but it extends to all genres from what I can tell and there are central themes being talked, or rather sang, about. Most of which are many of the more popular conspiracy theories that are being discussed in present time. I have noticed a few theories that have emerged with no mention in music which leads me to believe that they are more recent theories designed with an expected reaction from the general public. Anyway, I just was listening to "Duality" by Slipknot and the one verse goes : "Put me back together
12:07am Quinton: Sure
12:01am Truth And Knowledge: Hey, there he is! I have a quick topic that could use some external perspective if you would?
12:00am Quinton: Maybe
11:39pm Truth And Knowledge: Are we from the same dimension, you and I, Quinton?
11:36pm Truth And Knowledge: He did too say, "Luke I am your father". It WAS "Interview with 'A' Vampire (Brad Pitt was NOT 'The' was Armond) and Ellis Island didn't have a bridge, I've been.
11:31pm Truth And Knowledge: It WAS Berenstein Bears, fuckers switched it up on us.
9:28pm Quinton: Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears?
5:06pm Quinton: In his book he talks about how LSD didn't phase his teacher Maharaj Ji at all.
5:06pm Quinton: When I think of LSD I always think of Ram Dass and his stories about it. This one in particular is interesting:
2:29pm Terran resistance: LSD was created by the CIA for mind control so good luck! you're gonna need it.
4:54am Truth And Knowledge: Sorry, got sidetracked. Still around?
4:53am Truth And Knowledge: Hey Quinton
4:22am Quinton: Howdy
4:14am Truth And Knowledge: BTW, I have used a smokable form of DMT. I am also an avid psychonaut, or used to be anyway. DMT is interesting but it seemed to me that LSD and Mushrooms have more potential to give one a spiritual lesson. Then again, maybe I just need to experiment more :)
3:54am Truth And Knowledge: anyone around?
2:34pm Tarheel: "No one here gets out alive"~Jim Morrison.
3:30pm Terran resistance: "better out than i always say" - shrek
3:30pm Terran resistance: @wolfe a lot better
7:22pm Bdogb75: What is your perspective Wolfe?
4:31pm wolfe: morning everyone. TR, how are things looking from your perspective with the "leaves" winning?
3:52pm Tarheel: So Britain's out/Cameron,too. What now?
3:46pm Tarheel: That's why they suggest you do it witha shaman. You get a guided trip vs throwing caution to the wind.
6:06am wolfe: I have done DMT, it can be great, or the most horrific hell trip you have ever been on. My experiences have been good. But I know people who haven't had such a great time.
8:11pm Bdogb75: I tried tarot reading before
8:10pm Bdogb75: I wanted to get some salvia and try that
7:47pm Terran resistance: what do you guys get?
7:07pm Quinton: I've never done it either
6:40pm Terran resistance: access all sorts of things apparently
6:40pm Terran resistance: no but its supposed to be quite the substance
6:20pm Bdogb75: Anyone try dmt
3:36pm Tarheel: Last I saw, some big newspaper had the vote close to even but today is the big day, methinks. Like most political topics, I don't know which side to be on because I don't trust whether it's framed.
11:50am Terran resistance: most people are voting out that I know, i suspect that there will be alot of postal vote fraud from the likes of the in camp, the dutch and perhaps finland and other northern european countries are likely to follow us out in a uk style referendum if we decide to leave which is what I think will happen. Theres likely to be a void in the elite which will need to be filled after the in camp are defeated and there will be calls for resignations from the likes of david cameron and other party leaders. Thats my take so far.
1:01am Quinton: We need the info TR :)
12:36am Tarheel: Quinton-I think they are having another party and we didnt get invited AGAIN.
12:25am Tarheel: Yo, TR...What's the scoop ?
12:24am Tarheel: field questions and talk to Parliament last week.
12:23am Tarheel: Where do we stand on Brexit? I have no idea but it was entertaining to watch Cameron
3:26pm Tarheel: They are like Earthlings....there are good & bad. Trust your intuition and you'll be okay.
1:45am LoliApolys: so you need to ask your self truly why do you wish to put your self at risk for this? they will never give you the meaning to life. nor why humans were created many can not handle that. those who were lucky enough to be shown anything are not all human. i am not saying you can not do this but beware of the risks you may encounter. when you open your mind with out direction of who you are contacting you let everyone hear you who may be listing.
1:40am LoliApolys: you can contact many ets threw meditation however i highly recommend you know witch ones you want and then have some way of cross referencing that you have indeed got the ones you need. its not hard to manitpulate people into thinking they have made contact with the right people and trust me when i say there are some out there that are completely a holes who wish play you like the nerd on some Asian dating video game. they give you all the right info and only if your smart will you see the clues that you have been mislead. why do they do this? because humans are toys to them. some play nice and others like to take them apart.
3:06pm Terran resistance: trust your own judgement
3:05pm Terran resistance: aliens are dickheads dont trust them
1:13pm deepaman7575: how to contact with aliens through meditation?
5:52pm Bdogb75: I sometimes think we need to take things In our hands
3:09pm Tarheel: G'day, mate. Jolly good top of the day to ya.
2:10pm Quinton: Good day everyone
5:58am mahi-mahi91: Hiya everyone
8:27pm wolfe: After noon everyone, hope your all having a great day.
8:17pm Bdogb75: Hi
8:17pm Bdogb75: H quinton
4:14am Quinton: Hiya
3:38am LoliApolys: hi ya everyone
10:17pm Quinton: Where are you from?
10:17pm Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control Iykemoney
8:08pm Iykemoney: Am new here
7:54pm Quinton: Alright
7:47pm Iykemoney: Nwo
7:44pm Quinton: Jes is good. We need to start making more videos again
5:01pm Tarheel:'s Jesse doin? Haven't seen or heard from him in a while.
4:06pm Tarheel: Back at ya, Q-dog. I had to cut out fast but I'm baaaaaack. You're certainly welcome, Bdogb75.
10:59pm Quinton: Hi Brando
10:35pm Bdogb75: Thanks tarheel I will read into that I love reading a lot on this site.
10:34pm Bdogb75: Hi
9:31pm Quinton: Howdy TAM
8:28pm Tarheel: Be back in a minute.
8:18pm Tarheel: LoliApolys- THANK YOU for suggesting taking petty arguments to the PM-email feature. You are very kind. TR is ok but he does tend to get sideways at times. Peace to you, sister.
8:11pm Tarheel: Bdog-Annunaki77 & Edisonik have some really good stuff. Quinton has some awesome exposes that are available with audio now,too.
2:58am LoliApolys: but iam done disputing such things with you on chat i think were disrupting the kiddos least if you wish to keep fighting please do it in privet chat...honestly TR you seem like you need to vent ....a lot. i relay hold nothing against you by the way. but i feel so much stress, anger, and confusion of abandonemt from you TR. :( were all entitled to our own beliefs. the best way to believe is indeed to have experiences. your not the first nor will you be the last to be doughting of what i say. such is life
2:43am LoliApolys: its no different than me saying your automatic writing was you just making things up. the only reason i know your were not bull craping is because your contacts new about my race. i was not like oh well if you said it then it must be true. its only because of what i already knew that i know you were telling the truth. however if i did not have anything to references it with i would have searched for thing that you mentioned with many resources and not just called it bull crap.
2:36am LoliApolys: ok tell me how to take a camera to the astral and i will! but even then terran cameras do not mean crap now a days with all this Hollywood know how. even then you would not believe me. you would just say its all staged anyway. why is it so hard for you to believe? and why is it outlandish? a person could be taken by ets off planet to another world and brought back with what they saw or to the hallow earth and you would believe them. so why is this any different? because he is a religious figure? they are just people you know. they are no different than you or me the only reason they hold any power is because humans make them. yes the belong to a ruler but its no different than famous person from the usa going over mars and meeting the ets there. but you can not disprove me. no bible tells exactly who or what is in hell it does not go into full detail not even the Norse who referenced hell way before the Christians or Jews did. they dont know to much of it either.
6:37pm Terran resistance: with cameras these days u would have thought u would have atleast taken a picture
6:36pm Terran resistance: "those instances is when a girl was talking to lucifer and i just happend to be there" omg your so full of horseshit.
4:26pm Terran resistance: benjamin
2:55am LoliApolys: depends on what your into i gues
2:52am Bdogb75: Hi any one recommend anything for me to read on here
2:01am LoliApolys: but please do NOT judge me by discreditably by associations its not fair and its not my doing for what they say or share.
1:40am LoliApolys: as for you calling me a shrill perhaps i jumped to conclusion to quickly after reading your privet message and seeing that on chat .....i am sorry if it was not aimed at me :(
1:37am LoliApolys: tr you cant prove me wrong. just becuse its outlandish does not mean it didnt happen and all my exsperances i have had i have found others i have interacted with in the other realms i have visited here on earth who have the same memories of what happen when i met them this to me is proof enough. one of those instnaces is when a girl was talking to lucifer and i just happend to be there. i did not meet her in person on this plane for many years after. to me this is truth just like when i was taken to hevean when i was a young girl given 2 names of family members that were dead before i was alive and i met them up there. only to freek out my parents by telling them. not once has the dead family members ever been mentioned were not that close of a family. so to me this is proof. this is only 2 of my findings. why do you people find it so hard to belive when some one says oh i have met a real et but when religion gets involved you consider it fake. you guys have no idea how complicated the multiverse relay is and when you can not understand you get scared and just shut everything out. and i feel sorry for you. also colors are vibration frequency and not all spices see in the same spectrum. so seeing the astral in other colors than what you do is not unusual. and as for trithorn he cant remember jack crap of astral travel so i do not even know why he is posting anything on here. since he does not know what he is talking about and making him self look like a fool.
9:34am TriThorntheReaper: we seen things that we cannot explain does n
9:12am Bdogb75: Cya
9:11am Bdogb75: I just finished reading all of channeling you posted I'm connecting the dots
9:11am Terran resistance: gtg
9:11am Terran resistance: the more you share the better the experience i find, in terms of topics have fun
9:10am Terran resistance: hiya
9:03am Bdogb75: Hi terran
9:00am Terran resistance: if u want someone to take you seriously consult the dictionary.
8:59am Terran resistance: you say you have had all these experiences, and u dont think i have had some of my own? I can differentiate between fact and fiction just perfectly fine thank you very much. by the way you both spell your and you're wrong and there and their.
8:57am Terran resistance: i never called you a the message where i called u a shill. I just dont believe anything you say because is outlandish such as astral projecting to hell to see lucifer and all this rubbish.
1:11am LoliApolys: and calling me a shrill is harsh :( just because you have not had the experiences i have does not mean there fake. i can not speak for anyone else on this site however for what they say is credible. though after talking to some they have infromation that matches mine that can only be obtained from sharing or experiencing but many questions can tell the difference.
11:55pm TriThorntheReaper: From when I first met him to now he a little off even with the talk I had last night something seem off
11:52pm LoliApolys: tri you has not been here long enough to know him
11:52pm TriThorntheReaper: I noticed him acting a little weird to
11:51pm TriThorntheReaper: Hi :)
11:04pm LoliApolys: not to mention your questiong and rejecting things much to easy you seem confused
11:04pm LoliApolys: terran are you ok? o.0 you have been acting kind of strange the last few weeks. o.0 iam sure iam not the only one who has noticed either. you seem tense almost paranoid more than usual. you said some things have happen to you and you have my credentials if you still have the messages from when we first met. so why now call me a lair?
1:05pm wolfe: With as many people who pass through and never say anything TR I would hardly be surprised if some are hopping on just to take notes, a few I think are not so much shills as much as instigators.
12:15pm Terran resistance: what if all forums are just data gathering websites?
12:15pm Terran resistance: why dont have this feeling theres still shills on this site working for the us government
10:31am LoliApolys: if nothing is showing up wolfe in prive t chat i had to refresh my page
4:45am TriThorntheReaper: Hi Loli
1:41am TriThorntheReaper: Does anyone know why the Fay are so addicted to sugar?
10:29pm TriThorntheReaper: Bye
10:29pm Terran resistance: gtg bye
10:27pm TriThorntheReaper: I bring the fairy wine
10:25pm TriThorntheReaper: Mmmmm bacon
10:25pm Terran resistance: with a side rash of bacon
10:24pm Terran resistance: after the goose is cooked
10:24pm TriThorntheReaper: And bigger fish to fri
10:24pm Terran resistance: i have bigger plans
10:23pm Terran resistance: would have to join first, but i dont have the patience
10:23pm TriThorntheReaper: Good luck with that I love to see you do it
10:22pm Terran resistance: data leak...
10:22pm Terran resistance: i would destroy it from the inside and not let anyone know as a white hat
10:21pm TriThorntheReaper: Have fun
10:21pm Terran resistance: kill 'em
10:20pm TriThorntheReaper: If you work for NSA what would you do
10:19pm Terran resistance: english please
10:19pm TriThorntheReaper: In the NSA if you got I
10:18pm Terran resistance: about
10:18pm TriThorntheReaper: What would you do
10:18pm TriThorntheReaper: Maybe
10:17pm Terran resistance: do think the NSA pays well?
10:12pm TriThorntheReaper: But it is possible
10:11pm TriThorntheReaper: i know anyone who as a mark on me can read my mind
10:10pm TriThorntheReaper: it possible but it really hard
10:10pm Terran resistance: im no will smith
10:09pm Terran resistance: they say that they can read minds from far away, pretty far fetched dont u think?
10:08pm Terran resistance: NSA, hyadean acronyms
10:08pm TriThorntheReaper: Yea
10:08pm Terran resistance: and shitty
10:08pm Terran resistance: they say they are the world government but i think they are pretty weak
10:08pm TriThorntheReaper: Yes
10:07pm Terran resistance: heard of the NSA?
10:06pm TriThorntheReaper: I was correcting my self I said Allan what I meant to say was always
10:04pm TriThorntheReaper: Auto correct I miss type
10:04pm Terran resistance: alwas*?
10:03pm TriThorntheReaper: What
10:03pm TriThorntheReaper: Sorry I not the best example I still have problems transferring memories
10:03pm Terran resistance: ??
10:03pm TriThorntheReaper: alwas*
10:03pm Terran resistance: -.-
10:02pm TriThorntheReaper: i get shards of it. Like the time I shot someone try to kill my teacher
10:02pm TriThorntheReaper: i don't Allan rember every thing
10:02pm Terran resistance: its a variety of colors
10:01pm Terran resistance: its purple so i dont believe u
10:01pm TriThorntheReaper: Black
10:01pm Terran resistance: what color is it
10:01pm Terran resistance: some say its green?
10:00pm Terran resistance: its black isnt it
10:00pm Terran resistance: if u astral project what color is space really?
9:59pm TriThorntheReaper: What up
9:59pm Terran resistance: -.-
9:49pm TriThorntheReaper: Loli seen my weapons
9:48pm TriThorntheReaper: Loli my weapons
9:47pm Terran resistance: brb
9:47pm Terran resistance: based on something
9:47pm Terran resistance: i might ot share the same beliefs as you but i know truth when i see it
9:47pm Terran resistance: the devil is in the detail
9:46pm TriThorntheReaper: Yes and no
9:46pm Terran resistance: but you cant explain it?
9:46pm Terran resistance: in other words you dont know but it happned
9:46pm TriThorntheReaper: Astaly

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