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12:45am M3RT0M: ok xD
12:45am BenjaminFalkenrath: 545pm
12:45am BenjaminFalkenrath: Damn haha
12:43am M3RT0M: yours?
12:42am M3RT0M: 6:12 AM
12:42am BenjaminFalkenrath: What time is it where you are ?
12:41am BenjaminFalkenrath: hahaha
12:41am M3RT0M: ah i see lol
12:41am BenjaminFalkenrath: I was abbreviating because I felt lazy
12:41am BenjaminFalkenrath: Oh when I said PC = Prime Creator.
12:40am M3RT0M: what you mean by calling me pc i dont understand
12:40am BenjaminFalkenrath: I was just changing the subject :)
12:40am BenjaminFalkenrath: People are still stuck on it, it makes me laugh :D
12:40am BenjaminFalkenrath: Either way the candidates suck but c'mon the election is over.
12:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: An now people want it to happen with Trump
12:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: It happened with Bush
12:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: People demand a recount haha
12:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: To talking about how it is funny when a Republican gets voted into office
12:39am M3RT0M: what?
12:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: I switched from talking about PC
12:39am M3RT0M: i dont understand?
12:39am M3RT0M: huh dont understand
12:38am BenjaminFalkenrath: No I am switching gears buddy lol
12:38am BenjaminFalkenrath: I think voting is ridiculous because in reality. It goes thru the electoral college so... Yeah its a bad system all around.
12:38am M3RT0M: what do you mean my calling me PC?
12:38am BenjaminFalkenrath: In several states REP votes were getting changed to DEM votes an she still lost lmao.
12:37am BenjaminFalkenrath: @least since Bill Clinton that has been the case lol haha I mean both parties have voter fraud
12:36am BenjaminFalkenrath: I know both sides are shit but I think it is funny that anytime a REP is voted in people want a recount hahaha
12:31am BenjaminFalkenrath: 1 hour*
12:31am BenjaminFalkenrath: I am off work in 2 hr
12:31am M3RT0M: ok
12:30am BenjaminFalkenrath: an watch it later the link u sent
12:30am BenjaminFalkenrath: I will need to emai lthis to my self
12:26am BenjaminFalkenrath: Falcons, The Phoenix, an the Thunder Birds. An all the beings in between.
12:26am M3RT0M: i called elites fools cos of they control ppl thats all no offence.
12:25am BenjaminFalkenrath: I read a good read the other day about Thunderbirds. Do either of you remember them, like on a soul level?
12:24am BenjaminFalkenrath: I know :) It was fun.
12:24am M3RT0M: Benjamin listen to this for the rest of my chats i was just trolling with you xD
12:23am BenjaminFalkenrath: Oh nice :)
12:23am Quinton: I'm in LA now
12:23am Quinton: I used to live in Scottsdale
12:22am Quinton: Ah
12:22am BenjaminFalkenrath: I am in Tucson
12:22am BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes indeed :)
12:22am BenjaminFalkenrath: So your in Phx?
12:22am Quinton: Did you have a good Thanksgiving?
12:22am Quinton: I'm good, just doing some work here and there
12:21am BenjaminFalkenrath: How ru today Q?
12:21am BenjaminFalkenrath: :)
12:20am Quinton: That's good :)
12:19am BenjaminFalkenrath: It has been fun talking to him all day. Just different stuff on chat or in the comments. lol :o) Made my day at work go by faster 4 sure Q. lol :oD
12:18am BenjaminFalkenrath: My opinion
12:18am BenjaminFalkenrath: I like that guy. He's different. Someone to talk to, someone intelligent. Still I don't think he is PC. lol
12:18am BenjaminFalkenrath: Interesting yes indeed haha
12:18am BenjaminFalkenrath: Nah M3RT0M IM me the other day with a lot of Questions about me an I didn't hold back as I have nothing to hide. Until he said ok goodnight when he was done askin me questions lol. I thought ok this dude is cool. But I'm sorry this all in chat is funny lol
12:16am Quinton: Pretty interesting
12:16am Quinton: Yeah I've been following a bit of what you're talking about
12:15am Quinton: ;)
12:15am BenjaminFalkenrath: I liked your joke tho, will the real PC please stand up haha that was good :D
12:15am BenjaminFalkenrath: Nothing Q. It's all good. This guy says he is Prime but won't answer my Questions so its all good lol
12:14am M3RT0M: i said i can take human consciousness just for communication purposes.
12:13am Quinton: what's up guys?
12:13am BenjaminFalkenrath: hahaha Have fun with your Creator complex.
12:13am Quinton: Will the real Prime Creator please stand up?
12:13am BenjaminFalkenrath: I gotcha now.
12:13am BenjaminFalkenrath: Alright cool.
12:13am BenjaminFalkenrath: Well. Now you just made your self look silly.
12:13am BenjaminFalkenrath: Ok lol :)
12:13am BenjaminFalkenrath: You just said you are prime creator. An your communicating to me. You said this earlier. You can come into form blah blah now Prime Creator doesn't communicate.
12:12am BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm sorry but your inconsistencies do not add up. I don't feel you are who you say. No book you say I should read changes the fact that, you are a man, living in india, who claims to be the all knowing creator of this universe. I find this amusing.
12:09am M3RT0M: Study Realities, Dimentions etc it help you.
12:09am BenjaminFalkenrath: Or In any other world.
12:09am M3RT0M: Prime creator dosnt communicate lol
12:09am BenjaminFalkenrath: With ultimate understanding & love Prime would actually love speaking to the child who says why every 5 seconds just as much as he does an adult, in this world. Or one in another one of his worlds.
12:08am M3RT0M: Study Bringers of Dawn - Pleadians it will definitly help you to reach prime creator
12:08am BenjaminFalkenrath: You want me to stop the conversation, because this way you don't have to answer. Prime wouldn't call conversation to his own lame.
12:07am BenjaminFalkenrath: haha
12:07am BenjaminFalkenrath: Ah, so my conversation is to human it hurts your non human brain?
12:07am BenjaminFalkenrath: ;) lol
12:07am BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm in this life to work on letting that go, This is part of my purpose. But you know this already right?
12:07am BenjaminFalkenrath: Oh then what form are you, which body to punch the keys? It is not a human body? Well, I won't claim to see into the future. So for that portion at least. I won't claim to know.
But I remember my past. An that does sometimes bother me.
12:06am M3RT0M: its enough about me stop this lame argument lol
12:05am M3RT0M: I can take human consciousness just for communication purposes.
12:03am M3RT0M: I am no human.
12:02am BenjaminFalkenrath: In fact this is the 1st time in this life I've had an issue. So, what your real name is to much for my human brain too let me guess? lol
12:02am M3RT0M: You forgot this life due to the Elites control.
12:01am BenjaminFalkenrath: I had no issues before this life. This is the first life I've ever had issues. Or dealt with anyone in a human form who claimed to be PC.
11:59pm M3RT0M: You were given only limited access to the prime creator. To get full access it takes MASTRY.
11:57pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Well, there was no problem before.
11:56pm M3RT0M: Prime Creators ways are mysterious the entire knowledge of prime creator would crush the human vehicle.
11:55pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The last time I talked to Prime creator, each of my questions were answered as Prime had nothing to hide... Why would Prime creator without from me now?
11:53pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Then you have a ton to explain...
11:53pm M3RT0M: I am prime Creator.
11:53pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Why the hell did Creator let the 4th generation branch out to the dark universe?
11:53pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Why couldn't they hold me after the second generation of creation out of the plasma?
11:52pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Then you are being the judge again saying I am not ready. Why have the elders closest to PRIME creator of this Universe never fallen?
11:51pm M3RT0M: But i'm not going to say cos u ain't ready.
11:50pm M3RT0M: Yes i do know.
11:50pm BenjaminFalkenrath: If you know all this. Then you should know all my past too... You should know me from the moment when the consciousness awoken an I looked around the vast empty space of this universe. All the way to the many lives I have experienced from then until now.
11:49pm M3RT0M: And I'm not judging just Facts.
11:48pm M3RT0M: Elites are fools remember?
11:48pm M3RT0M: Elites are fool remember?
11:47pm M3RT0M: You are the one who started this conversation lol.
11:47pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Who are you to judge. Why can't you simply answer?
11:47pm BenjaminFalkenrath: So you are right up with Prime creator of THIS Universe? So, who are you to be there? An if you see all, why can't you see or explain me... Bullshit! Don't give me that...
11:45pm M3RT0M: you arn't ready for it.
11:44pm M3RT0M: Prime Creator every thing that exists universes ALL
11:43pm M3RT0M: I can see everything.
11:43pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I asked what you see, you can't tell me what you see of me on a global scale or any level or individual or OTHERWISE at al. you cant see ne huh
11:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Now you're contradicting yourself lol
11:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: How can you, when moments ago you said you can not see individuality so how can you see everything I am?
11:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Then you're not working on any higher level. Because it would matter to you if you did.
11:42pm M3RT0M: I can see everything you are.
11:41pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You can't see what level I am on?
But I'm part of the Global network I am within it....
11:41pm M3RT0M: I am working on global level consciousness an individual doesn't matter to me.
11:39pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You see all levels. You see all paths I can take. Wait, then you can't see all levels....
11:38pm M3RT0M: Im working on Global level not of an individual.
11:36pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I give you permission to look down an read into me go for it.
11:36pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Where do I reside?
11:36pm BenjaminFalkenrath: What is my end game?
11:35pm M3RT0M: Ofcourse
11:35pm BenjaminFalkenrath: So you're all knowing then hmmm?
11:35pm BenjaminFalkenrath: How did I judge you? Because I explained my self?
11:34pm BenjaminFalkenrath: What level am I on?
11:34pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Alright.
11:34pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You see all then.
11:34pm BenjaminFalkenrath: *Shakes head*
11:33pm M3RT0M: i can see all dimenions and all levels of reality.
11:32pm M3RT0M: See you said not to judge and you judge me lol
11:29pm M3RT0M: I guess you dont understand, I can see it all. Thats why im not Ignorant :)
11:27pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Does that make sense? It's almost like. When you're in a position to see above it all. You are bound that you can not interject unless on an individual level someone comes to you, or if as the collective each allow one to do so.
11:25pm M3RT0M: No need to take the reptillians, I'm just calling once who control people fools thats all.
11:23pm M3RT0M: thats why im teaching to people all this and calling elites fools, can you disagree now?
11:22pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But you can only DO so much when you are on the other side. Because of how Free will works here. Yet at the same time, you can only do SO MUCH in human form. So, it's kinda a real bitch ya know... No they can free themselves. There is no one savior of all humanity. Because of free will & because each is in their own development.
11:19pm M3RT0M: So can u free all of humanity?
11:19pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I never said I didn't care. If I didn't give a damn why would I be here at all?
11:18pm BenjaminFalkenrath: They "Elite" These reptilians despite what one may think. They are getting weaker. They will fall sooner or later.
11:18pm M3RT0M: ok then if you can raise above the reptillians what about the others the once who are enslaved? you dont care?
11:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm not done here.
11:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I'd have to be out of my body to be there...
11:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: That is correct.
11:15pm M3RT0M: then if u rise above the reptillians you wont be here would you?
11:15pm BenjaminFalkenrath: It is much harder in this capacity because I am now human. In a human form but...
11:15pm BenjaminFalkenrath: So to answer the Q: Yes. An there was a time when I was not on this earth and in that position so I did look down and see. I did hold love for all.
11:14pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But again. Love can't be conditional or it is not true.
11:14pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I still wouldn't approve of what they do.
11:14pm BenjaminFalkenrath: If I allow myself to RISE ABOVE their dimension, an the level in which they are. From a higher perspective yes I could.
11:13pm M3RT0M: now you said yourself that to show unconditional love can u show that to the reptillians?
11:13pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Those who WE SEE as ELITE down here are STILL themselves being controlled you know what I mean
11:13pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The Reptilians are the fools, yet the masters.
11:12pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Same thing!
11:12pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But the cows are to blind to revolt.
11:12pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Its like farmers that forget cows trample an kill more people than shark attacks lol
11:12pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Because they underestimate us.
11:12pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes, yes they are.
11:12pm BenjaminFalkenrath: So, I am saying the ones people think on this EARTH are Elite are actually slaves.
11:12pm M3RT0M: then reptillians are the fools
11:11pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You see, that is what I was getting at.
11:11pm BenjaminFalkenrath: They are the ones controlling the Puppets who WE as people on this EARTH. THINK are the ELITE.
11:11pm M3RT0M: ok lets take the reptillians
11:11pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Because maybe this a simple miscommunication. I see the Elites as the entities that are NOT on this EARTH.
11:11pm M3RT0M: who do you think are the elites?
11:10pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You're still missing the big picture. Lets do this. Who in your eyes are the elite?
11:10pm M3RT0M: Teach the unconditional love to the elites. According to me your definition of love is inverse 'Evol' ;)
11:08pm M3RT0M: A master cannot be a slave and since u talked about the elites as puppet then the one who controls the puppet is the fool.
11:04pm M3RT0M: how can the enslaver become the enslaved
11:03pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You're seeing the puppets on the earth not the ones beyond that your calling the people who control on earth the elite when they are just puppets themselves. Seriously think about it...
11:03pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You obviously don't see high enough up the whole length of chain here...
11:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Ok well I won't argue but when you have it figured all out let me know.
11:02pm M3RT0M: no they are not
11:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But the Elite on this earth are just as enslaved as the people they control.
11:01pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I think your a good guy, but c'mon man... Be cool. An remember we're all here to learn & develop.
11:01pm M3RT0M: I'm saying the elites are the fool who enslave people.
11:01pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You need to look more inward before you look outward at others first. I'm not perfect, no one is, but you can't keep judging everyone as if you don't have things to work on...
11:01pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You talk all kinds of things, but at the end of the day. Do you really understand love? unconditional. Do you practice being understanding, or do you just judge?
11:00pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Your question makes me question just what side you are on.
10:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Why would I put toxin within myself?
10:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: If they really wanted us dead they'd of done it. If they do so, I will still love because hate only brings hate inside me.
10:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Even the elite here the ones in these bodies are controlled beings...
10:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Do I dislike the Elite. I do dislike them. But when I see the Elite here. I see the same slaves who are controlled...
10:58pm BenjaminFalkenrath: So, if the Fools killed my family you are saying then would I still love them. Yes, because my love is not conditional.
10:58pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You Said the fools are those still stuck and enslaved by the Elite.
10:57pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Not the Elite.
10:57pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I am talking of the people who are "fools" as you put them, the people who are still enslaved!
10:09pm M3RT0M: say if the elites killed your sons and next is to kill your wife would you still love them
9:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We have to love even "the fool"
9:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: If we act not with compassion & understanding then we become the controllers. Is all I am saying.
9:01pm M3RT0M: we are not forcing ppl to be free the elites are forcing ppl into their control.
8:57pm M3RT0M: You said it yourself fools are the once who think they own the show ;)
8:56pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We can't force anyone into developing or becoming free faster than they can take the reality of what is going on.
8:56pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We're stronger in number but only if we realize it. We can try our best to help others realize but at the end of the day.
8:55pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But its like the Ant and the Grasshopper.
8:55pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The fools are the ones who think they own the show.
8:55pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We shouldn't call them fools when we once were in their shoes.
8:55pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The elite are ignorant in that they underestimate those who have real knowledge but those under their spell are just as ignorant however. It is up to them.
8:53pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Ah, Well good to clarify haha
8:51pm M3RT0M: im not calling everyone fools only the elites who control ppl
8:50pm M3RT0M: No i'm not a fool the elites are and yes i was ignorant but not anymore.
8:48pm BenjaminFalkenrath: all*
8:48pm BenjaminFalkenrath: :) Just remember before you call someone a fool or ignorant you too were once both. An know one knows it al so..
8:47pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But calling names and assuming and what not isn't the answer. We're all on different places in our development so...
8:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We can only work on our own development. An if some come to us for help, an help as we can.
8:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: others want to be outside of this.
8:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Some want to stay in their own world and are happy with this.
8:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Lets say hypothetically everyone is under their control @ Birth hmm? Or even if not. Either way one must choose to be free.
8:05pm AdamSay: yeah man?
8:01pm M3RT0M: yea what if they controlled you from birth?
8:01pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Do what you need to not get caught in it. An then you will be a beacon for others. They will learn by example not by calling them fools
8:00pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Your mission is to rise above it an to work for our selves to not be related to this crap.
8:00pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Rise above it. We know who plays the games & who controls.
7:55pm BenjaminFalkenrath: You can't play their games tho.
When you entertain their crap as you say, you are playing the game. In by simply reacting you play the game.
7:32pm M3RT0M: people who try to control ppl with lies are fools just like the elites. Dont stick up to them.
7:27pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I've had many I didn't agree with on TC that sometimes said negative things on my posts. But I've learned that even if people are mean to me. I should just not let it bother me :)
7:26pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I may not agree that some feel the need to bow before others which in a sense is inequality. But I don't think it is right to call one a fool if they believe this. We all should be allowed the right to speak our mind.
7:26pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Adamsay Nice to meet you :)
7:25pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We have no right to call people fools. We should respect others opinion too.
7:14pm AdamSay: ok
7:09pm M3RT0M: fools who make people kneel down and worship a false god fools
7:07pm M3RT0M: all angles same give protection and crap, they are completly bull.
7:05pm M3RT0M: similar instance like angles?
7:03pm AdamSay: yeah well, it got a lot of people having a very poignant discussion. So i thought I'd create a profile in case I came across another similar instance
6:57pm M3RT0M: Christianity is bullcrap
6:56pm AdamSay: from two years ago
6:56pm AdamSay: a post called I am Michael the Archangel, also known as Adam, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Solomon, and King James
6:56pm AdamSay: There is one post in particular that got me interested in participating. Perhaps it is of some infamy or recognition
6:55pm M3RT0M: hi welcome
6:54pm AdamSay: Thank you Quinton
6:54pm Quinton: Welcome to TC AdamSay :)
6:53pm Quinton: Hello
6:53pm AdamSay: just joined. greetings to all. I love the vibe. Truth.
4:49pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Happy Thanksgiving (US) lol
10:09pm BenjaminFalkenrath: LOL @ LoliApolys
7:35pm Quinton: Hi cissey28, welcome to TC :)
8:56am cissey28: hi here watsup?
7:25am LoliApolys: wow this place has been quiet @[email protected] ....sure is lonely with out TR and tarheel on to make noise XD
10:38pm M3RT0M: never mind
9:39pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Lol
5:51pm Tarheel: LtC sure is a sore loser. Dont smoke weed nor do I indulge myself in sugar. Im safe. You should really go to your bathroom and take a long look at what you see above the basin in that reflective pane. You're arguing with yourself and you have absolutely no effect on me.
7:10am LettersToCleo: so get off the cool aid and weed tarheel and wake up.
7:10am LettersToCleo: reality is you can only save yourself by doing the inner work.
7:10am LettersToCleo: your problem tarheel is you are so heavily programmed in vicitimization, you want someone to come and save you.
7:07am LettersToCleo: so get off the cool aid tarheel and the weed, you sound rediculous.
7:06am LettersToCleo: same thing will happen to donald or his family if he does not do the wishes of the controllers.
7:06am LettersToCleo: after the bullet he was their puppet.
7:06am LettersToCleo: donald trump will tow the wishes of the elite because if he doesnt he will get the same fate as ronald regan when he stopped doing what they wanted for a bit
7:05am LettersToCleo: wake up and get your eyes out of the beer goggles tarheel
7:05am LettersToCleo: donald trump says he will do a massive build up of the military
7:05am LettersToCleo: donald trump dislikes china
7:04am LettersToCleo: hillary disliked russia
7:04am LettersToCleo: Tarheel you are more naive then i thought you were, you actually think donald trump is gonna bring change, only difference between hillary and donald is the wars they will start.
5:01pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Now we just wait & see what he does..
10:19pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm happy personally the Election is over!
7:01pm Tarheel: LettersToCleo looks really bad now.All he had to do was open his eyes. He was ,mislead by his Establishment into thinking Hillaryt actually had a chance. Now he wants to do what mainstream media does and convince others that their problems lie outside themselves. Message to LtC and The Establishment-Consciousness is in control. There's NOTHING you can do to stop it, as evidenced in your failed attempts to control the election outcome. Laughable.
4:40pm Quinton: Howdy
4:23pm HebrianDaniel: sup
3:14pm Quinton: Hello everyone, have a great day :)
6:07am BenjaminFalkenrath: Just curious since the time is always off from mine.
6:06am BenjaminFalkenrath: Where is the central location of this site?
2:47am Quinton: :D
12:17am BenjaminFalkenrath: This is the funniest thing I've seen all Day, def made me day a bit brighter... Thankx for the laugh.
12:17am BenjaminFalkenrath: hahahahahaha!
11:13pm Quinton: I want to join Edwin. I was unaware the Illuminati headquarters were in Nigeria these days but I guess times are changing. Do you have their Paypal address so I can send my Illuminati donation? What lodge will I be starting off in?
11:03pm EdwinFred: Don't failed to see the light. Money, powers, fame, and wealth become your title in just three days. If interested to join the Illuminati brotherhood headquarters at (U. S. A) Head Branch (West African, Nigeria ) Email: ( [email protected] )
call or whats-app agent through this contact... +(234) 9051208634
For your online initiation.
No matter where you are. No distance can affect the work of our baphomet. Whats-app +(234) 9051208634 now and say yes to your dreams.
Mr Fred.
10:37pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Tarheel there is no point to argue bud. This person, along with Oberservantlouie, and others who even run the site are ALL SO GREAT AND ALL KNOWNING. That they can discredit or talk shit about anyone but themselves. Don't listen to it. We don't need them.
6:49pm LettersToCleo: it is what it is tarheel, you gotta deprogram yourself. the problem is you dont know you are even programmed
6:49pm LettersToCleo: its why tarheel tries to insult me thinking people wont see what i have written, thinking it discredits me in some way
6:48pm LettersToCleo: being programmed doesnt mean you are awake
6:47pm LettersToCleo: tarheels problem is he desperately wants someone to come down and save him, cuz he take no personal responsibility for himself to do the work himself
6:30pm LettersToCleo: Also the math says it highly doubtful Trump gets elected. His path to 270 is an uphill and improbable path. He gotta win all the battleground states, hang onto utah and arizona and turn two blue states by tuesday
6:29pm LettersToCleo: Kasich and other republicans said officially they will vote with democrats in congress and the senate to defeat anything trump brings up that they do not want
6:28pm LettersToCleo: Chump even hinted this at one o his speeches, saying if he is nice to him, maybe they even help him out by voiting with him on issues if he is elected
6:28pm LettersToCleo: Rubio and others will vote against anything trump proposes against immigration and reforming washington as well as reforming the banking system and corporate influence
6:27pm LettersToCleo: Donald Trump cant change anything by himself, and you can bet his fellow elected republicans wont be supporting him to pass anything their NWO masters dont want.
6:26pm LettersToCleo: donald chump isnt gonna change anything, he is elitist, and part of the NWO
6:25pm LettersToCleo: dunno why you supporting or want an alleged pedophile who associated with convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein as his lolita parties socially to win anyways
6:24pm LettersToCleo: and then after all that donald chump has to still turn two blue states.
6:24pm LettersToCleo: and utah which looks like mcmullen might pull an upset as an independent
6:24pm LettersToCleo: he still gotta hang onto arizona
6:23pm LettersToCleo: if
6:23pm LettersToCleo: even i he takes all the battleground states and that is a big i
6:23pm LettersToCleo: tarheel, I dont vote, but the math simply isnt there for donald chump to win
5:50pm BenjaminFalkenrath: One would be better off writing in Mickey Mouse lol
5:50pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The fact is we have two ill fit candidates running for a seat that means nothing anymore...
5:49pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Tarheel. Killary maybe done. But the government is still letting her crap slide.
5:48pm BenjaminFalkenrath: What do you remember Tim?
5:14pm Tarheel: Hillary's done....over. Too many people know the Clinton game. That whole gig was a bad trip.
8:48pm Terran resistance: lucky for some...
2:48pm Tim Lovell: I do
5:13pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Who all here remembers their past lives or form before earth's existence?
10:32pm Terran resistance: ascension symptoms/
10:32pm Terran resistance: my eyes have started shapeshfiting.....
10:08pm Tarheel: It's always darkest before the dawn. It must suck to dwell where deaths shades weave in darkness underground.
9:53pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The Dark beings their rein draws nearer to a close.
9:40pm Tarheel: Previous chat...they come up with a new disease every quarter. Big Pharma's outta control and feelin the end of their campaign comin SOON !
5:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hmmm Where ru abouts in the world?
2:40am JWillBKing2017: I have a clean record. I lost my mom dad grandma and grandpa in one year now I have 3 kids and have a good work ethic status in my resume. I am not working right now but just recently moved. So in other words I am an confident persistent individual that needs financial assistance. I know anyone does but the difference is that I will do what ever duty to get paid
2:37am JWillBKing2017: I am 25 yrs old.
2:19am BenjaminFalkenrath: You want to change in what way?
2:18am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hmmm, Slightly confused. You have three kids?
2:09am JWillBKing2017: I am in search of becoming a huge outlook upon our society's environment. I'm not in the best of living situation I do have 3 babies but if I could change all that for something that benefits me well as well then I'm willing to give my all
2:07am BenjaminFalkenrath: I am @ work for another hour an between calls I like to read TC topics :)
2:07am JWillBKing2017: Good even to you as well
2:06am BenjaminFalkenrath: Good Evening
2:04am JWillBKing2017: Anyone their? I'd like to talk
10:55pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm happy to be alive.
5:50pm Hermes: Well said :)
4:56pm Silenci030310: Another beautiful day and still breathing I can't complain
4:49pm Silenci030310: Hey. The world is yours... take care of business .
3:17am Bumpy Toad: :)
1:24am Quinton: Yes, I agree completely
1:15am Bumpy Toad: Autistic brains do exist, which have unique traits. But just because certain specialized traits exist and can be categorized, doesn't give anyone the right to pathologize them just because they're different. In a way, Autism is made up, and in a way, it's real, just like can be said about anything else. But it's a difference, and most often a superior one at that. Definitely not a disease, disorder, pathology, and whatnot. I find it amusing that "normality" is used as a value judgment when all it means is average. And it's also funny that Neurotypical is automatically considered the default state of being "human," and that these Neurotypicals arrogantly consider themselves to be a finished product when, as a species, we're still evolving and likely always will be!
12:42am Quinton: I agree that Autism is a made up "disease" just like the rest of them.
9:25pm Bumpy Toad: Are any of you Autistic and proud of it? Are you happy to be Autistic and love being who you are? Autism is NOT a disorder; Autism is natural and also special. We have to assert ourselves and live our truth. We don't have to fit in to Neurotypical society, rather, we can go our own way. In the mean time, we must save and enlighten as many as possible. We must rise up and "be the change we want to see in the world." I will be founding my own activist group. Anyone with a vision may join. Anyone who still has even a little spark of hope left, in spite of being trampled on over and over again, is eligible to join. Autistics are strong and have always been strong. We can succeed in accomplishing our dreams without compromising who we are. We as Autistics have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. Just contact me and we can organize for actual change!
4:42pm Tarheel: Establishment-Boy has no idea what I'm for or against, he just learned a new word and wants to impress whoever will read his HHS. Ignore him and he'll go away.
11:16am wolfe: You assume I am blissfully unaware of what it is, or maybe I must be ignorant. Not everyone see's things like you do. But your welcome to keep making assumptions.
7:20am LettersToCleo: wolfe i would look up transhumanism and research it before you say who cares if someone is pro-transhumanist. transhumanism is not a good thing.
5:22am wolfe: Who cares, so someone has different ideas then you. Good for them. If we all shared the same beliefs we would never truely learn a thing because we would all be sure we were right.
5:14am LettersToCleo: careful ziggy, some here are pro-transhumanism
3:48pm Tarheel: Welcome Ziggy ! Treat for's mainly a conscious party here.
6:51am Quinton: Hi
8:44pm Ziggy: Hello
10:30pm LettersToCleo: we see right through you tarheel and your pro-transhumanist agenda. you are so programmed you dont even realize it and are in denail, even though the evidence is clear.
10:17pm Siddha: Ok I guess I'll just assume they are referring to the perverted version of the Brotherhood and not the original 'pure' Enkian form. Judging by their use of timelines and such. By Aton times in Egypt, that would have been LONG after the first original establishment of the group.
9:30pm Siddha: I have a simple question for you regarding the page I'm reading about the Brotherhood Of The Snake by David Icke and another author. Are they referring to the far ancient original Brotherhood created by Enki, or the later perverted one by the powers over Enki who created dissent within? It's important to know which one they are referencing
9:27pm Siddha: Woohoo!
9:27pm Siddha: Ok am I finally able to chat?
9:15pm LettersToCleo: you have been exposed as a shill and a pro transhumanist tarheel. your comments reveal this clearly. You support the PTB transhumanist movement by your support of russia. as well as china building a new collider 7 times more powerful than cern. you have no response to this but insults, its clear you are the shill.
8:34pm Tarheel: Nobody EVER doubted your allegiance to The Establishment,LtC. That has been obvious since you opened your piehole.
8:33pm Tarheel: Lord Chrishek is outta his shell! Good to see you about, Chris.
6:31am LoliApolys: *quinton sorry
6:31am LoliApolys: hey quinton you still on?
7:20am LettersToCleo: as well donald trump has to have a lower IQ then GW bush. the idiot thinks a ratings scale on women for looks for sexual assaultability is a good arguement. i dunno what trumps handlers are telling him, but it just makes him look like a bigger buffoon when he applies a ratings scale on looks for sexual assault of women.
7:18am LettersToCleo: plausible deniability after 8 women and growing coming forward saying he sexually assaulted them is highly unlikely. kind of like bill cosby saying all the 40 plus women saying he drugged and raped them are liars.
7:17am LettersToCleo: donald trump is pro-putin and russia= pro-transhumanism, so donald trump is not by any means any better than the elite or central bankers, in short they are all corrupt so dont pick sides. they all working for the guys behind the curtains, so donald trump is not anti-establishment, he just lies about it. also you gotta be pretty dumb with the number of women coming forward saying he sexually assaulted them after his admission in the video, that he didnt do it.
7:14am LettersToCleo: i dont vote, but given the choice of shady hillary and donald rapist trump, i would probably choose shady hillary in this case if a gun was put to my head.
4:10pm Tarheel: Could you please put a mustache and her devil horns on the picture we see on the website main page, Q-dog, or tell me how and I will? Dude!
4:08pm Tarheel: Then Trump exposed MainStreamMedia for what it is-HHS. Fireworks galore! The establishment is scared to death of Trump and knows America KNOWS about "Corrupt Hillary".
4:04pm Tarheel: Wikileaks blew Corrupt Hillary out of the water yesterday. There's no more disputing just how corrupt the Clintons are. They couldnt even LIE their way out of this story so they started attacking Don's character.
4:26pm Tim Lovell: oh thank you Tar I give all my love to you tour situation also! remember brother we are all in this together... I love you
3:45am Quinton: Hello, welcome to TC. Do you have more info to share on this?
9:10pm IMetFemale_SobekRa: Hello Everyone... In 1989 I met A Female Sobek Ra along with about 6-7 others and a basket ball coach story in my bio... I know the truth I met her and spoke with her... on more than one occasion.
4:53pm Tarheel: Sorry to hear about your loss. Been battlin somethg kinda similar in that my Mom & step-father passed in the last 10 months , both in poor health. Everythg is gonna be alright.
4:40pm Tarheel: Nice to see Tim Lovell back !
4:31pm bluesbaby5050: We're glad to have you back with us on TC Tim.
4:29pm bluesbaby5050: How are you doing with your health now? I'm very sorry to hear of your twin's demise. So sad.
4:27pm bluesbaby5050: Hi Tim!!! I'm sure glad your still with is! I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I was going to email you on your site. Now I won't have to cause you finally showed up :))
4:14am Quinton: Glad to have you hear Scorpio :). I'm a big fan of Abraham Hicks as well!
4:06am Scorpio44: I am new to this site. Searching for truth. Have been following Abraham Hicks for a couple of years now. Lots of doctrine, interesting subjects, am mostly resonating with Alchemy and esoteric thought. Basically, if it tweaks my ego - am highly suspicious. Not wanting a feel good - want the truth.
8:51pm Tim Lovell: thx Quinton!
8:50pm Quinton: Agreed! Have a great day everyone. Great to see you back Tim!
7:52pm Tim Lovell: yep enjoy the time you have and remember friends,family and loved ones are the most prescious things you have ....
7:15pm Silenci030310: Hey everyone I hope everyone is having a great day. The more I see understand and live an experience the real world it's a crazy world out there but has its goods and bads to it just gotta be strong to confront everything in front of you. It's a beautiful day I'm still breathing another life is good and bad no doubt.
6:15pm Tim Lovell: ahh hi guys sorry ive been gone so long I had a family tradgedy my twin brother killed himself so its been hard but ill be back now more ...
6:13pm Tim Lovell: is chat working?
1:25pm Tarheel: It's a party now.
1:24pm Tarheel: OL and Hebrian return back-to-back !!! It
10:40am HebrianDaniel: wassup
1:05am Quinton: Hey OL, whats new?
12:44am obsrvantlouie: hi
9:43pm Quinton: Hello
8:35pm alsala7i00: Hi
1:59am LettersToCleo: if you got diarrhea Tarheel, just take pepto bismol or imodium will clear it up fast.
5:31pm Tarheel: Neither does diarrhea of the mouth.
5:30pm Tarheel: Fear tactics don't work here, LTC.
9:09pm LettersToCleo: heads up financial crash might be happening with deutschbank. get out of the markets and withdraw all your money
4:08pm Tarheel: I wonder if Quinton can delete that pic of "Fraudulent Hillary" so we don't scare any newcomers away?
2:38pm bluesbaby5050: You/ we are all creators. We all can create with intentions our own realities. You all are talented beings. What you think you manifest your own thought forms. This is hidden knowledge we are NOT supposed to know.
2:32pm bluesbaby5050: Why not just Think it with intent? What you think you can/ will create.
4:07pm Terran resistance: does anyone know how to a make a thoughtform that says "i am being of blue fire. I am the purity that god desires" and sets my aura on blue fire?
2:06am LettersToCleo: as well as afghanistan. russians would put kids under the tank tracks and run them over to make the family talk and reveal any information. and then run them over
2:04am LettersToCleo: just look at the tactics russians used in chechnya
2:03am LettersToCleo: if you think the western mind control is bad, you havent seen what the russians do to their people and the states in their federation
2:02am LettersToCleo: but in reality the russians are the masters of mind control, the americans caught up in a technological exchange partially in this mind control from the russians, when the ussr callapsed.
2:01am LettersToCleo: if you do the research on mind control, new age talks about the german, uk and american mind control programs
2:00am LettersToCleo: and now the chinese building a particle collider 7 times bigger and 7 time more powerful than cern
2:00am LettersToCleo: to get humans at a technological level where they could build the cern particle collider
1:59am LettersToCleo: and really unnatural from 1940 onwards after technology was seeded for various countries in power with ufo crashes
1:59am LettersToCleo: Human technological advancement had to be at a certain level for 2012, and it was behind so the fallen seeded technology., its why the progression of technology is exponential and not natural from the sumarian age onwards
1:58am LettersToCleo: The fallen who control the planet need humans to willingly do the work for them, kind of like free will, except humans have to voluntarily do their own demise
1:57am LettersToCleo: Hebrian the exponential technology progress is unnatural, not because of human intelligence and education
4:40pm HebrianDaniel: if you compere 1900-2000 to 1500-1900 you can see a lot difference between the technology progression
4:39pm HebrianDaniel: there is hueg advance intechnology
4:39pm HebrianDaniel: not all ofc
4:39pm HebrianDaniel: people get more and more intelegent and smart
4:39pm HebrianDaniel: i can really see the aquarius coming very near
4:54am Quinton: I 2nd Abraham Hicks (not familiar with Paul Santisi). Some of the best stuff out there!
1:55am msmitty7397: Hebrian I do agree with Letters to Cleo I do have something for you check into Paul Santisi and Abraham Hicks you tube especially about self journey. Sometimes i would find some wonderful nugget of information and wanted to share it with others and it fell flat. It was just for me in my journey and what I desired. Have fun finding out the self and being guided by your higher self. Just cometo conclusion the world system has been messed up for eons we are just in the new age Aquaris where truth revels and lies and false systems are easily exposed you just get to see it more often.
5:40pm Terran resistance: occult i did some videos for this site and mine
7:46pm HebrianDaniel: okay i will try my best
6:04pm occult: I need the meanings of hand signs and symbols
1:47am LettersToCleo: that is the law of attraction and allowance in everyones personal life at work. what you focus on you create with your thoughts, what you resist or fight or deny you get to keep.
1:46am LettersToCleo: but until you accept and are happy with what is, you experience the place where you worry and focus on what you dont want.
1:44am LettersToCleo: also when you have accepted what is, and yourself and are happy with what is, its when things begin to change. because you have learned the lessons, and you are no longer focusing on what you dont want, but what you are and happy with what is.
1:41am LettersToCleo: its quite an experience though, but also one you may not realize what it was until years later
1:40am LettersToCleo: if you master that, you will find one day, you are transported to a place where you meet your higher self. and it happens when its meant to, its the journey that is important, not the end result
1:39am LettersToCleo: go to the place in your mind or heart, or your past memory of a time when you felt calm, safe, happy and begin there, get use to that feeling of feeling safe and accepting yourself as you are and try to hold that feeling in every moment of the day for the rest of your life.
1:37am LettersToCleo: you can know all about the illuminati, new age aliens, conspiracy theories, but if you dont know your true self, it will all have been for nothing. and its starts by going inwards and understanding yourself.
1:34am LettersToCleo: your true self hebrian
1:34am LettersToCleo: so its not about them hebrian, its about knowing true self.
1:33am LettersToCleo: i like to reword it hebrian, we shill not cease from self discovery, and at the end of all our self discovery, arrive where we started, and know ourselves for the first time.
1:32am LettersToCleo: there is a quote by ts eliott hebrion, we shall not cease for exploration, and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.
1:29am LettersToCleo: so be comfortable with who you are hebrian, and you will find others will be comfortable around you, and you wil be comfortable around others.
1:28am LettersToCleo: if you dont accept yourself as you are hebrian, you cant accept others as they are, and you cannot be accepted from others as well. everything starts with you, within you. a reflection of your inner true self
1:26am LettersToCleo: i think a larger part of the problem is you accepting who you are, and wanting to fit in. so be ok with who you are also hebrian
1:25am LettersToCleo: focus on yourself hebrian and be ok with what is, or your life will be one of stress and misery, be ok with with how your family is, because it is right where they are meant to be.
1:24am LettersToCleo: wanting to make everyone the same or homogenize thoughts and actions is violation of free will, everyone has a right to free will to experience and learn what they choose and need to.
1:23am LettersToCleo: and that is ok hebrian, everyone is on a different path.
1:23am LettersToCleo: everyone is here to learn their own lessons and have their own experiences hebrian, and they may not be what you are learning or experiencing
1:22am LettersToCleo: and when you are by yourself focus on your own things. there is no law that says everyone has to be the same or like the same things or experience the same things
1:21am LettersToCleo: with your family just talk about normal stuff if they are not accepting of things that you are interested in hebrian.
1:20am LettersToCleo: if its someone outside of family, you dont dont like what they do or say, just use the law of attraction and turn your back and walk away and dont be around them. live the life you want and let them live theirs away from you hebrian
1:19am LettersToCleo: so just accept people as they are, in terms of family just be a brother or sister and be pleasant
1:18am LettersToCleo: you cant force someone to change if they dont want to. whether its losing alot of money on the stock market or an alcoholic who doesnt accept they have a problem. they are addicted to the feeling they get when they do those things so they have to want to change to change on their own hebrian
1:17am LettersToCleo: also you cant force something on others they are not ready for. its like trying to fit a square into a circle hole. doesnt go well.
1:15am LettersToCleo: at the end of the day your higher self has a plan for you, and others higher selves have plans of what they are suppose to experience. even if its something you dont like or want, it is their free will. you dont have a right to determine others experiences or destiny, each learns and experiences what they are meant to
1:14am LettersToCleo: you have to let go of wanting to control, that is ego based, just accept others have a right to live and as experience as they want to hebrian
1:13am LettersToCleo: the law of allowance says you have a right to live as you want and experience what you want, and others do also
1:13am LettersToCleo: you see they have a right to choose how they want to live and experience life
1:12am LettersToCleo: if they are happy as they are, then they will get defensive or avoid you. just accept them for who they are. makes family life less stressful
1:12am LettersToCleo: hebrian you just have to let them be and accept them for who they are instead of trying to change them. Also accept yourself as you are as well.
7:15am HebrianDaniel: who knows
10:54pm Truth And Knowledge: Or is it your ego that is a blessing or a curse? Sometimes one must learn to humble one's self.
11:35pm HebrianDaniel: or curse
11:35pm HebrianDaniel: if my intelegence is bless
11:34pm HebrianDaniel: i do wonder
11:34pm HebrianDaniel: but still they amazed at how much information i possese
11:33pm HebrianDaniel: i wonder why i think so different
11:33pm HebrianDaniel: and much more complex words
11:33pm HebrianDaniel: even tou i use higher words in hebrew
11:33pm HebrianDaniel: but many of them have hard time understanding
11:33pm HebrianDaniel: i tried to have converation
11:33pm HebrianDaniel: i can see it in their face and the way they like to speak to each other
11:33pm HebrianDaniel: even if they not say or show it
11:32pm HebrianDaniel: i find out that they find other more friendly than me
11:32pm HebrianDaniel: to whom they smiel tho whom they nice more
11:32pm HebrianDaniel: the way how they talk to each other
11:32pm HebrianDaniel: i always observe the relationship between each other
11:32pm HebrianDaniel: i feel kinda pity
11:32pm HebrianDaniel: at their mind
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: i look at their life
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: share them information
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: enlighten
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: people dont understand that im trying to help them
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: but still
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: and i always in good path
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: how come my brothers has really bad karma
11:31pm HebrianDaniel: i was wondering
11:30pm HebrianDaniel: only my sister is working in hospital helping bear babies
11:30pm HebrianDaniel: my little brother lack emotion because bad chemical in brain
11:30pm HebrianDaniel: my big brother is stupid he played on stock and lost lot of money
11:30pm HebrianDaniel: and i dont know why
11:30pm HebrianDaniel: i possese high intelegence capabilities
11:30pm HebrianDaniel: i always felt so different than other
4:01am Quinton: Agreed LTC
2:06am LettersToCleo: also hebrian consciousness is not a team sport to get out of the matrix. the only team sport is the alien mass consciousnesss to stay trapped in the 3rd and 4d matrix, because they like it and want you to stay stuck with them in the matrix so they feel safe.
2:03am LettersToCleo: and hebrian in best case scenario i think 10 percent of humans can actually make the transition in consciousnesss. realistically 2-5 percent are going to make it. so that leaves a whole lot of people that dont want to be left out or behind or for you to make a change. they just want to fit in so they will do what they can to try to pressure others to fit in also. its like a herd mentality, even though 90-98 percent of the herd is running toward a cliff, they want you to join them so they feel safe.
2:00am LettersToCleo: end of the day i believe minions are put here so they can try to put people who are awake off the path or pressure them to fit in
2:00am LettersToCleo: so hebrian you realize when people are rude, or angry or mean or unfriendly, or are not interested in what you are, its because they are minions
1:59am LettersToCleo: so as you raise your consciousness more you realize more and more people are uncomfortable around you or leave because its a frequency that they dont want or like
1:58am LettersToCleo: Hebrian what you will notice is when you wake up, in a way its a lonely path because you have chosen individuality and a path most people dont even know about
3:14pm HebrianDaniel: i really cant understand people at all
3:14pm HebrianDaniel: i share no common with them and they are really not very intelectual
3:14pm HebrianDaniel: in my work place i only see people who i dont like
3:13pm HebrianDaniel: some are really cold
3:13pm HebrianDaniel: why some people dont know how to act nice
3:13pm HebrianDaniel: know i ask myself
3:13pm HebrianDaniel: hey people?
2:15pm Tarheel: Ecbra... Good to see you, old friend!!! This one's for you
11:57pm Quinton: Hey Ecbra, long time no see. Welcome back! :)
11:16pm Ecbra de Oaoj: like this, maybe? :) ... :p ... regards, guys... Amor...
11:14pm Ecbra de Oaoj: ei Terran resistance...
1:39pm Terran resistance: Loud Singing and Vocal Chakra Balancing Singing and vocal toning is a method of vibrational release and rebalance. Singing high and low notes for a few minutes after a session, especially at high volume, can serve to push away and clear any negative energy that has attempted to imbalance our chakras. Done properly, you will notice your voice drop along with a gain in confidence.
1:36pm Terran resistance: but im trying to add stuff to it in audacity so that it works for multiple things
1:36pm Terran resistance: the vocal chakra singing also repels V2K technology in theory as well
1:35pm Terran resistance: Uk is the best for hybrid protection
1:35pm Terran resistance: im still working on a permenent solution to keep the voices out without having to play vocal chakra singing, i might make a youtube video of it at some point
1:34pm Terran resistance: they cant exist without any form of negativity and experimenting using vocal chakra noises to get rid of negativity from an area with great success, using audacity and blwoing out repeated vocal chakra singing stops voices from white noise
1:32pm Terran resistance: if you are hearing voices through white noise and have schizophenic like voices this is because of a spirit which sounds just like an AI
1:31pm Terran resistance: beware of the ipad also
1:31pm Terran resistance: also if you are a security threat they will quote you on tv and in music backwards to make it known they are spying the malevolent bitches
1:30pm Terran resistance: IF you are being protected by hybrids because you are aware of aliens then you are likely protected
1:29pm Terran resistance: is*
1:29pm Terran resistance: if they wear shades, they and hypnotize you when they take them off (dont want you to know that what they are capable of) and they dont want you to see that their eyes are a different shape or that their eyes have slits like a cat. Also if you see people with headphones they are spying on your thoughts or if you regualrly se people with phones ou they can hear your thoughts but the later one if for protection not for stalking
1:26pm Terran resistance: @Bumpy Toad: i get that sometimes
4:02am LettersToCleo: but in general you should get a feel for the stone in your hand before buying any. they may not feel right, or you may feel nothing.
4:01am LettersToCleo: also it also depends on the condition of the stone, if for example you have a tourmaline or other stone, if someone powerful sends a psychic attack , then the stone may crack or chip and then its useless. its why you should be careful when picking stones so they are not chipped or cracked.
3:59am LettersToCleo: prehenite used to multiply energy and to enhance onces protective fields
3:58am LettersToCleo: shungite is a purifier and cleanser stone
3:58am LettersToCleo: Laboradorite highly protective stone deflects unwanted energies from aura and prevent leakage, also forms barrier to negative energy
3:57am LettersToCleo: lots of protective stones out there terran resistance to list a few
3:57am LettersToCleo: terran resistance its just depends, one stone may be good for one person and not good for another, or may only work for a bit
9:54pm Bumpy Toad: Is anyone here being gang stalked or subject to organized harassment?

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