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11:23am M3RT0M: The virus is for control via fear
10:22am Abrother: Thats what i would like the world to consider
10:22am Abrother: is that statement impossible?
10:21am Abrother: This virus is fake
9:31am M3RT0M: Christanity is Pagan Maddness.
9:27am M3RT0M: Heaven or Hell does not exists.
9:25am M3RT0M: @Bumpy Toad - There is no such thing as AfterLife, It's Christian Propaganda.
9:19am M3RT0M: @Bumpy Toad watch This, Heart Sutra -
9:15am M3RT0M: @Bumpy Toad - Consciousness does end when you die, it's pure VOID. No eyes, ears, no mind or you can call it pure consciousness.
10:32pm Bumpy Toad: And by person, I'm actually referring to members of any species. I want my toads who have passed on to be resurrected as their true selves.
10:31pm Bumpy Toad: I believe in extraterrestrials. I believe in saving the Earth from threats such as global warming. I want to save all species on Earth from extinction. I am a transhumanist and I am hopeful that we will all have nanotechnology available to us in our lifetimes, so that we can cure diseases and end aging. I really hope that one day, all of the dead will be resurrected through quantum resurrection methods or any methods where the original person's consciousness can come back and be just the way it was.
10:23pm Bumpy Toad: I just want everyone to be free to be themselves, happily, as long as they're not hurting anyone. I love diversity and I advocate for all kinds of diversity. Though I can't tolerate bigotry from those who oppose differences. The Bible frightens me, with all of the animal sacrifices and homophobia, for instance. I am a vegetarian for ethical purposes. And I'm tired of hearing about a war between "good" and "evil." I just think we should be happy to be whoever we are and aspire to be. I also believe in an afterlife. I want to believe that our consciousness doesn't just shut off. I want to live, and it just doesn't seem likely that consciousness can end, just like that. Oblivion is terrifying
2:39am iamjaymares: has anybody heard about the oprah raid
6:58pm Thetruthshallsetyoufree: Know the natural vibration of humanity is love we were created in his image and his image is love the negative vibrations are perpetuated by entities that seek to destroy God's love and hold power over us to create shadowpuppets out of our bodies by hollowing us out and taking residence inside our 3 dimensional physical vessels
6:29pm Maplewood: A happy person is a healthy person.
6:29pm Maplewood: 7 years ago the last entries from Dr John Coleman... please pray that I can find the means of finding out the virus-frequency. God bless you all - probably not the best result to my search but worth a trial.
3:08pm Maplewood: A sowjet virologist found a way to measure the frequency in which viruses swing. If you would only apply the double frequency in Hz (Herz) it would kill the certain virus within 24 hours if I remember well.
3:05pm Maplewood: ? Because in his five years of research in the British Museum he got a clue how the Olympians survived various virus diseases.
3:03pm Maplewood: Hello, I am Max and I am new to this Forum. I wonder where I can get in touch with Dr. Coleman concerning information of one talk.
4:48am Ecbra de Oaoj: hello... edisonik,,, Anu77, Tarheel, babyblues, ei... oww... there are many work to do, they begun... as you surely have been seeing...
4:35am Ecbra de Oaoj: hello there... what... news?
2:40pm Tarheel: Spring is a time for rebirth. It's a gorgeous 80 and sunny and green here. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.The nectars are flowing and my bees are buzzing, going crazy. It's beautiful.
2:11pm Tarheel: We have NOTHING to fear but fear itself.-President Roosevelt
2:54am Tarheel: Think it's any coincidence that we can't make forum posts? They fear the people.
2:53am Tarheel: We see it very similarly, my friend ! Are they selling it just as hard there, HD?
2:18pm JohnCena: Do you have any argument or reference to say homosexuals are demonic?
2:17pm JohnCena: Whats up gais.
11:30pm HebrianDaniel: the truth is they want to make up a poisonous vaccines of corona that will keep you on low vibrational states. they want to keep people on low vibration and frequency in order to control them. they know mass awakening happens right now that why they do spread fear through this fear they try control the masses. their agenda is to keep depopulate and control the people so i dont bealive this corona crap.
11:28pm HebrianDaniel: i doubt people are that stupid to fear the conspiracy of the corona.
3:26pm Tarheel: It's good to see there are people awake and tuned in. You will know who is awake and who isn't by their reaction to it. You will also know the players in the matrix by whether they are supporting the fear programming or not. People are awakening, which is why this comes at this time. The establishment is trying to gauge just how much ground they've lost by how the masses react. The establishment fears the awakening of the masses. The people have the power and the establishment is on the run. The tide has turned! It's a grand thing to observe.
1:04pm cogmick: HI ALL
9:03am M3RT0M: Tarheel is right corona virus is for control via fear.
9:00am M3RT0M: I'm glad tarheel and bb5050 are still here in this website, annunaki77 and edisonik and most of the old members left it's sad.
3:58am TrippieP24: I’m with you on that, Tarheel.
12:04am Tarheel: There's odds on who the hero will be. It's between Big Pharma/Big Med, Trump and CDC right now. This fear-mongering crap is so transparent. See through it, people. I love you all. Don't be duped into their dark agenda. Love y'all, Tarheel.
11:59pm Tarheel: Watch out for the "Problem/Reaction/Solution" game now. The website says it's a pro-vaxxer agenda
11:52pm Tarheel: Corona virus=fear-mongering on steroids. What a crock.
9:05pm HebrianDaniel: i cant fidn it bb5050 :( show me the link
4:39pm bluesbaby5050: Please read this in our forum section as well. Look in the section of catergories, under Movements in the lists on the public page also.
4:34pm bluesbaby5050: Our Annunaki77 starts out at the beginning of this topic under "Movements."
3:36pm Travis4Truth: Hi! Just found this site! Love it so far!
4:42am Kah-Len: Hi everyone! :-)
6:09pm HebrianDaniel: why they come here to spam?
6:09pm HebrianDaniel: another one spamming they never stop :(
6:04pm Kah-Len: Hello :-)
1:40pm Momskitchen: Hello all - just joined
4:24pm HebrianDaniel: hey albeit
4:44am Albeit29: Hey guys
4:47pm HebrianDaniel: glad to see that!
4:47pm HebrianDaniel: finally he stop spam ;D
6:06pm dnafish: thanx
6:00pm HebrianDaniel: welcome guys
5:57pm dnafish: Still looking over the site
5:56pm dnafish: Hey, just joined
7:22am Majesty: Yes.
6:25am Kartik Patyal: anybody here?
6:25am Kartik Patyal: Hey im new
12:23am HebrianDaniel: i want to see my post in activity but the bot spam post each minute you need to stop him
12:23am HebrianDaniel: and someone please kick the stupid bot he still spamming posts.
12:22am HebrianDaniel: stay tuned k?
12:22am HebrianDaniel: and overcome my negativity
12:22am HebrianDaniel: im trying to raise my frequency and vibration
12:22am HebrianDaniel: i will keep update my progress
12:22am HebrianDaniel: the vibration there are very high you feel one with god
12:22am HebrianDaniel: and its made by Pure light
12:21am HebrianDaniel: i bealive its very high dimension
12:21am HebrianDaniel: but i know the higher realms do exist
12:21am HebrianDaniel: im not sure about dimensions existance
12:21am HebrianDaniel: so i can progress to enlightenment and connection to Higher realms of angels and god
12:21am HebrianDaniel: but now im limited on purpose i bealive
12:21am HebrianDaniel: you know i had awakening once
12:19pm HebrianDaniel: what you talking about? srsly?
5:53am Truth707: "Marshall explains that Vril lizards are essentially parasites, and like all parasites, have a biological drive to invade, dominate and take over. Marshall refers to this biological takeover as “bodysnatching” and explains that the human victim dies once the Vril lizard takes over."
5:53am Truth707: "Much like the 1956 scifi classic The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in which the inhabitants of a small California town are replaced, one by one, with identical copies of themselves, Marshall warns us that we’ve already been invaded, we just don’t know it."
5:52am Truth707: "Once a Nazi-Tibetan alliance was formed, the lamas agreed to share with them that for centuries, they had been helping to hide an indigenous race of lizard living deep within the planet since prehistoric times, known as Vril lizards."
5:52am Truth707: This is why there are cave drawings and paintings in caves, they come up from deep underground- NWO/Illuminati- they come up beneath D.U.M.Bs Worldwide . THere are many deep underground military bases ~ Learn the Truth ( ) Do NOT trust Gaia- they KNow the Truth and LIE TO YOU
5:51am Truth707: "Once a Nazi-Tibetan alliance was formed, the lamas agreed to share with them that for centuries, they had been helping to hide an indigenous race of lizard living deep within the planet since prehistoric times, known as Vril lizards."
5:50am Truth707: "In order to fully understand this secret, it will be necessary to return to the events of Postwar Germany, following the end of World War I, where, in 1923, Hitler was named the leader of the new Nazi party."
5:49am Truth707: "The droning process is what people in the old days used to call demonic possession , Vrill were known in old days as demons in some cultures back then. Theyve been around longer than humans."
5:49am Truth707: #Vatican #TheyLive #Parasited Hosts
5:48am Truth707: (Picture of someone about to be droned by a Vril Type 1 Lizard.)
5:47am Truth707: "This transition from Vril lizard to human is what’s called Droning. Also, this transition is what is referred to as demonic possession and shape-shifting. Once a Vril lizard becomes a human, they are then known as a Drone, Host of Vril or a Parasited Host."
5:47am Truth707: " The victim that is about to be bodysnatched parasitically is unconscious or restrained"
5:47am Truth707: "Their lizard body is dead once the proboscis leaves its body. They can only do this once in their lifetime and if they fail (turning a human into a host), they die."
5:47am Truth707: "They have a proboscis (called the Quill) located on top of their head. The proboscis (which looks-like a chocolate chip) contains everything that the lizard is (it's consciousness)"
5:46am Truth707: "They’re dumb but smarter when they turn a human into a host (drone)."
5:46am Truth707: "The Vril type 1 lizards (terrestrial aliens) are parasitic, carnivorous and malevolent. They dwell underground"
5:46am Truth707: Copy paste, READ asap
5:41am Truth707: (Go Read the Truth)
1:44am HebrianDaniel: i wish you whould fel the same
1:44am HebrianDaniel: that is my enlightenment
1:44am HebrianDaniel: we all are light beings connected to god
1:43am HebrianDaniel: we all are wired to him by strand
1:43am HebrianDaniel: he always listen to our prayers
1:43am HebrianDaniel: god never forgotten us
1:43am HebrianDaniel: God is a Pure light of love
1:42am HebrianDaniel: where the god reside
1:42am HebrianDaniel: not only 5th dimension but the Light Dimension
1:42am HebrianDaniel: high frequancy increase our conscious and connect us to the Higher realms of the cosmos
1:42am HebrianDaniel: start with frequancy and vibrations
1:42am HebrianDaniel: if you want to trully open yourself
1:41am HebrianDaniel: open your mind and your heart
1:41am HebrianDaniel: the truth is inside us
1:41am HebrianDaniel: now i finally realize the truth
1:41am HebrianDaniel: and got crucified for it
1:41am HebrianDaniel: jesus knew the truth
1:40am HebrianDaniel: the god only want to show us the right way to him
1:40am HebrianDaniel: god does not judge us for who we are
1:40am HebrianDaniel: everyone is equal by god
1:40am HebrianDaniel: god loves everyone
1:40am HebrianDaniel: my message to you guys
1:40am HebrianDaniel: the real truth is in our crown chakra
1:39am HebrianDaniel: the truth is in the heart and mind
1:39am HebrianDaniel: religions are lies
1:39am HebrianDaniel: there higher realms
1:39am HebrianDaniel: i have once opened my chakra and realized that angels and god do exist
12:34pm natasha495: good morning guys
12:22pm HebrianDaniel: he spamming over 5days and he filled 124 pages in general section im sure he is bot
12:18pm HebrianDaniel: imagine having sex with female alien ;D
8:41am KintoYama1215: Does anyone know how to make contact with extraterrestrial beings
8:40am KintoYama1215: Hello
6:09pm bluesbaby5050: @ HD, Ignore the paid physop agent to try to disrupe sites like this one that speak the truth. The light shines on the darkness to reveal all before you.
6:05pm bluesbaby5050: @ HD, Ignore r
6:04pm bluesbaby5050: @HD, please ignore the paid phs
10:54pm HebrianDaniel: you should check out there is korean spammer who write korean stuff and spam lots of comments take care of him please :(
10:52pm HebrianDaniel: she also said ive came from very high dimension above the 5th. that very suprising to hear
10:51pm HebrianDaniel: someone told me that im 1 of the 144000 chosen people. i dunno what to say about it
7:07pm Tarheel: Word has it Bernie Saunders won Iowa and TPTB are suppressing it. Thoughts?
7:41pm Tarheel: Yo! Great to see BB& HD about! Hope things are well with all the beautiful people here on truthcontrol. I also see the spammers are on full force-light wins out over dark so they shall be gone. Love is all you need.
12:23am Ryan H: The truth the only truth is that God is us is you. We are created in the image off the ol mighty, the only way to thwart the NWO and the coming off the antichrist, is to stop feeding it financially. The power depends on us way more then us them. All it would take is like a day strike where no one in America works for a day. Show um who's boss remember its we the people.
12:19am Ryan H: To all, know that revelations is a written lie. "No fate but what we make" (john conner)
12:17am Ryan H: Truth is not controlled
11:12pm HebrianDaniel: somehow i do bealive the story of son of the light and son of the darkness is actually real and happening thousands of years if not millions
7:57pm HebrianDaniel: that sad really. its pains me to see there crazy people who have only hatred against humanity. ihope this madness will end soon
9:55pm bluesbaby5050: Error above.... Used to Poison people. Those vaccines are nothing but poison cocktails to kill people with. Ask yourself why wear face masks when the virus enters the eyes of it's victims? All you see lately are people wearing useless face masks. They do nothing for your protection at all! Ask why and the why? Does Bill and Linda Gates ring a Bell? Who funds those agendas with loads of money the average person does not have anyways? Bill and Hillary Clinton's many financial projects that leave a long trail to follow behind, and Mark Zuckerberg, as well as many others too many to name, but have been added to the long lists of names that are being revealed into the light. Who is finding those institutions of mass murder? More crooks/ criminals against humanity are being exposed as the true monsters that they really are. Follow the money trails, and there are many, and you will find those guilty.
9:43pm bluesbaby5050: @ HD, I know your very aware of deadly diseases that are bioengineered and then used for weaponization against the world's populations, and the agendas for depopulation. This is used to instill fear into people to then take the vaccinations that are loaded with potions that purposely attack the immune systems of already weakened, young, and old alike that do NOT protect anyone, but to murder people.
9:37pm bluesbaby5050: @ HD, you well know of the Amanda of depopulation through bioengeering deadly diseases,
9:17pm bluesbaby5050: Wes Penre is the correct spelling of his name.
9:16pm bluesbaby5050: More information on Wes Pence. He also has a YouTube channel and you can follow him there as well. Please use the link above in this chat box.
9:10pm bluesbaby5050: Correction....
9:08pm bluesbaby5050: @Whysosirius, yes you can try reading the Wes Pence Papers.
6:42pm HebrianDaniel: i hope i can survive the madness of NWO population agenda. i hope everything will be fine i really want to experience fifth dimension soon :)
2:20pm Whysosirius: Any book suggestions for a noob who is just starting out research into theology and metaphors in the bible?
1:01am bluesbaby5050: The Walking Dead, or the Walking Zombies are the same, with the same results. What better method to kill many with all the global ways of traveling that people and transporting of goods to other countries are there. Think about this.
12:53am bluesbaby5050: Oh yes! That famous television series is the Walking Zombies. Maybe someone, or some people are trying to tell you/us something. There are many agendas, and there are many players in many factions with their fingers in the pie.
12:41am bluesbaby5050: There are many ways to attack people from all corners of this planet. Not all accidents are actual accidents. It spreads out over many parts of the globe so countries will point fingers to cause con fusion amongst countries. Just look at the politics on this planet and in the regions. Much is happening behind the scenes.
12:34am bluesbaby5050: Famous TV series showed this same event that took place with the Center of Disease Control, known as the CDC located in the southeastern Atlantic states in the US. This is only 1 location. Many others also exists in other countries as well. These out breaks cause mass panic which creates fear, and distraction inany people across the planet. Ask yourself why and who would benefit from this. This had happened in past histories and they were better known as the Black Plague among many others. Depopulation control is only one purpose.
12:25am bluesbaby5050: HD this virus has been weaponized as was the SARS virus, and they were supposed to be under containment. Being safely controlled in stored labs, by scientists away from the populace best underground. The CDC is well aware of the chances that some may by used in this way. One famous tell a vision show shown in both the UK and in the USA ran the TV Seri
9:36pm HebrianDaniel: what do you thikn of corona virus? is it made secretly by goverments?
9:35am HebrianDaniel: its kinda sad this forum arent active as it was i remember 5years ago its was really active now people barely talk
9:58pm bluesbaby5050: Your auras are always subject to changes everyday. They change to and from many colors and mixtures according to ones own emotions.
8:22pm TantricFriend01: Hi Greyguy. I'm really sorry to hear you've been feeling this over time. I think it's a fact of life that our aura's change over the course of our lives, and perhaps that's all in Gaia's plan - what you have to remember is that we're all in symbiosis and there's a constant shift and transfer of energy between people and things, but it can never be destroyed. So your aura might be fading now, and maybe it has been for a while, but it's all part of the natural flow of the universe. I too have had my aura shift from a sky blue to a deep purple over the last few years - this was part of the effect of my meridians de-energising and realigning - perhaps a similar thing could be happening to you? It's just good to remember thhat your aura may shift and change, but your connection with the geophysiology of this world is always strong. I hope this helps a bit hearing my experience, and please keep us posted on your journey towards your perfect alignment in life!
1:39am Greyguy17: Anyone else experience their own aura fading eventually leading to disappearing completely? My whole life I’ve been told I’ve had a consistent pink/lavender aura but recently I’ve been told (and I’ve noticed myself) that my aura had faded to a grey almost transparent shade. But I feel my aura has completely evaporated. Anyone else experience this or can share any information on what that means.
3:50pm bluesbaby5050: So choose wisely. Show love, and kindness to each other for when you do this you are doing this to yourselves. We are all related for we are all connected,and we are all one!
3:47pm bluesbaby5050: Love is the key! Please hold this vibration in your hearts during your daily prayers for all living life on this planet during these times of great changes on planet earth, and in the cosmos. Love from your open hearts will be the deciding factor, and not power, or money that will save your souls. Each one of you has a clear choice to what kind of reality that you want to live in.
3:27pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone! Happy New Year for us all!
10:34am HebrianDaniel: how you know its will happen?
3:22am Tarheel: Happy New Yr, HD ! We are all getting significant upgrades very soon, so be prepared for a quantum leap in consciousness.
9:28pm HebrianDaniel: Happy New Year everyone!
9:39pm Ixchel: Putins a clone I can inform
9:38pm Ixchel: Br3nt I follow the universal laws I was in law of one
9:35pm Ixchel: Br3nt I follow the universal laws I was in law of one
5:23am KatyBear: Wow, I just wanted to find out about FDR being a reptilian.
5:01pm Tanium: New User, just wanted to say Hello!
3:36pm HebrianDaniel: you too
2:54pm Tarheel: Happy Thanksgiving ! I hope everyone believes they have something to be thankful for.
2:43pm Tarheel: Many new truth seeker here ! Happy to see them about our friendly forum. Most of us here are philalethes-lovers of light/truth. Anyone can find out about The Tablets of EnKi by doing a search. Oh, love that commentary from WPL-Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Tarheel oves all you truthseekers !
3:36pm HebrianDaniel: hey
9:06am Ditmer: ∴...
9:06am Ditmer: My life is insane. N getting worse.More.idk. more than dreams n vibes. Physical hands...people or idk.Physical are doing things. I have q family.n every things says light, plans...but I don't feel good about it. Tresspassed.insecure. cross my threshold feels like transgression. But their above my anything...attention, smarts, even when I stay awake. Idk
9:03am Ditmer: Pueblo ,Co ∴.
12:12am ClintTorez69: Guys: I was researching and I have reason to believe that Vladimir Putin is a reincarnated lizard
6:15pm ClintTorez69: Yes brother, I too have studied the tablets of Enki
10:51am Br3nt: I have been studying The Universal Laws. I am looking to dwelve more into the Truth and Light. Are there any fellow brothers of LIGHT here?
10:14am Br3nt: In the three fold LIGHT Hello brothers. I am seeking a school of LIGHT, am happy and full of love to pursue WISDOM and Knowledge
10:10am Br3nt: Hello i am new here, and seeking a good school of LIGHT. I am seeking ever more knowledge and WISDOM. How are you brothers
7:21am T M: Please email me at [email protected] im being attacked by the emf voices and torture please help!!
9:02pm BahamutThubin: Phanagoria, I too am arguably an expert on Uncle Enki's Tablets, let's share what we know with each other to increase both of our knowledge...
9:00pm BahamutThubin: Anu Na Ki, what specifically would you like to know about them?
7:40pm Nashoba Eloym: I need assistance I'm a starseed in NJ I met my twin flame the day after my birthday this year I need to talk to someone about the shadow races
7:37pm Nashoba Eloym: Blessings and peace
6:35am Phanagoria: I am. What would you like to know?
8:12pm Anu Na Ki: Anyone well versed on the tablets of Enki?
8:08am Aurorafrequency: Thx
9:13pm Worldpeacelight: I love this site & everyone here. Don't worry about the anonymous trolls with nothing good to say. Lions dont lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. The sun, the moon, and the truth will never be hidden.
7:57pm Tarheel: Great to see you out and about. Heard from Qdog this decade?
7:56pm Tarheel: No,BB. That was the suto-complete feature on this phone. Ive never even known anyone named Rachel.
2:38pm St. Michael's Assistant: What is a legit site? Share?
2:38pm St. Michael's Assistant: No filters of any kind so loaded with disinfo
2:37pm St. Michael's Assistant: This site appears to be total BS
8:27pm bluesbaby5050: I'm referring to your friend .....Rachael???
8:25pm bluesbaby5050: You know how we are Tarheel. Inquiring minds want to know.
8:23pm bluesbaby5050: Would this be one of your newer, younger dogs in your canine family??
8:18pm bluesbaby5050: Hey there Tarheel! A so glad to see you back with your old friends here!
12:04am Tarheel: I'm not sure what's up but Tarheel loves all of you.
12:02am Tarheel: Should have known that all I had to do was check out and all our pals re-elected...Anu77,OL,HD,'s great to see everyone out & about. Rachael loves all of you
7:01pm camilabina12: hello everyone
8:26am Taushie: Joy, contentment ?!
8:20am Taushie: Hello
9:25pm ita44: so SO PLEASED to find this site when I duckduckgo-searched "how to wake people up"?
10:57pm obsrvantlouie: This site is full of misc info.....but beware the many trolls. Check out 'Edge of Wonder' and Truthstream Media on youtube for current content
10:55pm obsrvantlouie: Annunaki77 is full of shit
6:31pm HebrianDaniel: good to hear
7:05pm bluesbaby5050: Annunaki77 was on our forum September 6th, 2019. Check it out.
7:02pm bluesbaby5050: How have you been? Our Annunaki77 was back here this week and, and commented in our forum a few times. Check out our forum to view what he had to say.i
7:00pm bluesbaby5050: Going good HD
4:02pm HebrianDaniel: hows going friends?
1:27am BrownDove: Hi. New person here. Got to this site by looking for tall blond humanoid info. Had a freaky experience. Researching it. Got to this site.
4:04pm bluesbaby5050: I have an announcement to make to this forum. Our beloved Annunaki77 is back at the request of certain people that know him personally. We are very honored by his presence, and by his divine wisdom, and contribution to this site. We Welcome you back Annunaki77.
10:32pm MimiKnows: Is there a test for this?
10:32pm MimiKnows: How does one know if they have a brain transmitter without having an xray?
3:47pm Lyubomir Krasimirov Achev: you are die
3:47pm Lyubomir Krasimirov Achev: i am not with you more !
3:46pm Lyubomir Krasimirov Achev: how a out of there ?
8:40am Sharktooth: CREEPY -
8:39am Sharktooth: DARPA REQUEST - Added: Aug 20, 2019 4:19 pm
This Request for Information from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Tactical Technology Office seeks information on university-owned or commercially managed underground urban tunnels and facilities that may be available to support research and experimentation associated with ongoing and future research initiatives.
5:09pm Fozzy: Could I be a centairian
7:05pm Worldpeacelight: Thank you BB. Yes Aztlan or Aztlantis. The crater in the Yucatan must have been an ancient alien nuke as shown in the Sumerian tablets. Although the manufacturer of the ancient alien nuke was made in Egypt. The evidence of the nuclear green glass is still in the desert as well as jewelry for king tut. It caused a polar shift. The deserts used to be the bottom of an ocean. The south pole is really the north pole. The antarctica peace treaty is there to preserve the history under the water that turned into ice. antarctica will melt eventually and the truth will be revealed. Antarctica will be green again.
7:16am Jon gold: Hello anyone there??¿?
7:12am Jon gold: I've been gang stalked by the reptiallians for many yrs. I started getting voices when I lived about 120 miles no of Vegas on the opposite side side of groom lake. I even worked at the alien center truck stop. There there to and alot of negativity. I now hold a gas can and a sign. Anyone know what's going on on Earth is alot of people in hiding. Only clones running around??
7:08am Jon gold: Good evening everyone!
11:17pm bluesbaby5050: It's also believed that the reptilians brought the Black Goo with them to planet Earth by mistake , because as it travels in outta space it stya he's itself to other organisums. This Black Goo was also used in the military Black Operations on it's humsm victims for control. Many have died because they fought it's power to control them. It's also widely used in the MKULTRA Programs in the sectet underground military bases. The victims also have human controllers that are referred as Handlers that control many human victims that are used world wide. Many are in the music and movie industries world wide. Alistair Crowely often used this Black Goo in many of his rituals on his human victims. Some have survived and told their stories, while many others have been murdered for speaking out the truth on this subject.
9:35pm bluesbaby5050: And it's believed that the reptilians brought the AI with them to planet Earth by mistake when they had asked Enki's premission to stay here with their food source that was also the prehistoric dinosaurs, but only on one condition that they do not interfer with his experiments that his group of Annunaki were involved in at that time. We also know that those reptilians did not abide by the agreement that Enki made clear to them.
9:27pm bluesbaby5050: And your correct it was/ is still inhabited in the deep caves underground. It's also known as a Mystical land. Many legends have involved reptilians of ancient lore to this day.
9:24pm bluesbaby5050: To WPL, the ancient land of Aztlan is the areas located in Western Mexico where the Aztec Indians once inhabited long ago.
6:17am Worldpeacelight: Area 51 is a hellhole a gateway to hell, one of the 7 gateways. It's an alien cave where Ufos were coming from. Then the government found it & covered it, reverse engineering technology. Now when you see an American UFO, its most likely the government. The UFO that crashed in Roswell was a Trojan horse. AI is reptilian technology. America is turtle island, Aztlan, which is reptilian territory b4 they got nuked by an ancient alien war. The so called dinosaurs are lizard people & dragons. Area 51 is dark. People say they still see the reptilians around. They look just "Predator" & they do everything just like him including invisibility technology.
1:40am KushMula: I would appreciate it
1:39am KushMula: Hey guys I am from PA and new to the group. I joined because I am a conspiracy theorist and am seeking help for an incident that occurred to me and my theory behind it, involving the government. this scam was similar to Fyre Festival and occurred in Philadelphia, PA. If anyone can help expose this
10:12pm Ascentant: AI is a bad idea no matter how you do it. Either with humans attatched to it, or just building one from scrape. It honestly just needs to stop.
5:14pm HebrianDaniel: people dont learn from mistakes..
5:14pm HebrianDaniel: because humanity is stupid
5:14pm HebrianDaniel: i bealive history will repeat itself
2:53am 2pacsha: Do y’all really believe history repeats itself???
2:52pm Tarheel: Silence in the language of The Gods.
12:26am acorn: Seems like anything goes...that is..nothing is but thinking makes it so.
4:48pm LAnder: are there not many on this site anymore
1:00am kaleohrile: i been working a lot i not had time for post tho i will be make some post some of the things are stuff that most of you can help me , it mainly deal with trauma and some other things too , have a good day or night when you read this
12:58am kaleohrile: any one know what is going on with ,US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51
9:04pm bluesbaby5050: Hello there Tarheel!! I'm sohappy to see you here again. I was thinking just last week about our great friend Tim Lovely, wondering how he was doing, and if he was still with us knowing the health issues he was dealing with, and how seriously it was for him at that stage in his life. I know how talented he is. I've seen his great works on his web site. I'm so happy your happened to catch his name in one of his documentaries. I wish I could have seen it too. But I don't get PBS up here. I sure hope your fairing well with the heat wave your going through in your area.
9:57pm Tarheel: Yo! I was watching a PBS special last month and I never look at credits but happened to catch one of our members Tim Lovell! It was a special on nocturnal animals and it went by too fast for me to see what title he had....I'm guessing photography o.e. hope all is well with y'all. Peace
3:59pm Michaelmarroquin1: Hello new here
11:27pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone. To the newest members, and to all the dear older members as well.
9:52pm Samsara: G'day Truthseekers :)
2:17am Ccontortions: Hey everyone! New to the site and I'm just curious if anyone here has heard of the anomaly known as, "The Lunar Wave", and what thoughts/information any of you may have on it?
1:56pm Saypien: New king? No what is it?
1:55pm Saypien: Good day
9:32am amosh83: hello everyone
10:19pm ChaosComputer: anyone have heard about someone called "the new king?" ou something like that
10:19pm ChaosComputer: Hello everyone
7:56pm BlimStartideWizard: hello humans and ETs
11:58pm AishwaryaIsabella: Hi :)
1:32am 4343.33: Quite quiet..
6:09am 4343.33: Anyone want to give me run down about what this is.. new to truth control
6:07am 4343.33: Im new here at truthcontrol. Does anyone wanna give me the run down?
6:06am 4343.33: This is interesting..
3:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Doing awesome! Got a new job which I'm so happy for! Wife is doing great an kids are growing up so fast. 5 and 8 now... How have you been TH?
7:27pm Tarheel: Its our old pal, BF ! Im glad to see you out and about. I trust BFsLove and Fam are happy and healthy?
6:51pm BenjaminFalkenrath: What's been happening? What have I missed lol hello strangers and old friends
8:03pm mamun sk: Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets Live Streams | #basketball #nba2019 >>>
#nba #basketball #nbahistory #nbaplayoffs #nbasemifinals #76ers #raptors #toronto #game #torontoraptors
2:47am Greater666: Hello I would like to join
9:43pm Tarheel: HD in the house... HOLLER !!! BB back in drivers seat, settin false EnKi straight. Wassup, peeps! waitin for disclosure? I thought I was alone in this reality. Happy to see yall. Treat for you people... Cut from percussionist supreme Mickey Hart, paying homage to the Kaluli tribe.
12:32pm bluesbaby5050: Hello HD Old friend! We're so glad to see your well, and here with us again.
12:29pm bluesbaby5050: And you wouldn't announce yourself as such either by saying you go by what is written on this site. He's way too intelligent for that. Your a game player, so we aren't going for your game no matter how informed you are.
12:26pm bluesbaby5050: Anyone can appear on this site as Enki, but your not him.
12:24pm bluesbaby5050: We've spent years in his company, and some of us have has visitations with him, and we know his essense. Your an imposter.
12:22pm bluesbaby5050: Enki be would not appear on this site as Enki 777. And we are very familiar with his other alieas/ names. Some of us older members know him quite oersonally. Your not the real deal.
3:36am AGMartinez: Derrel Sims (05-20-14) Alien Implants Topics: Abduction, mind control, sexual rape of women and adolescents, device implantation, botched surgical procedures, surveillance, dog murder by aliens
3:36am AGMartinez: Dr. Karla Turner books
6:51pm HebrianDaniel: hey guys
4:57am Enki777: I'm sure you all are familiar with who I am, given what I've been reading on this site. I've gone by so many names(enki's not even my preferred name) that it's hard to keep track.
4:53am Enki777: Hello
11:07pm Tarheel: So, tell us Luci666....light-bearer or bad guy?
12:40pm [email protected]: Hello
1:32pm bluesbaby5050: Error.... Simon Parkes did do a update this past April 3- 2019. Sorry for my error. Time seems to be dpeeding up for me lately. So it wasn't on the 9th of April.Today is only the 5th of April.
2:52pm bluesbaby5050: I personally think it's one of the best full length documentaries out there about 5G.
2:48pm bluesbaby5050: Please check out this YouTube channel called New Earth Project on YouTube. It has many videos of points of interests that you may find interesting, plus Saha Stones full length documentary is included. It's release was March 23- 2019.
2:35pm bluesbaby5050: Simon Parkes provides a link on his video interview with Sasha Stone.
2:33pm bluesbaby5050: 5G APOCALAPSE EXTINCTION EVENT! A full length documentary by Sasha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity we never thought possible! Please watch! Please Share!
2:21pm bluesbaby5050: So now just plug his name into the YouTube search engine to view all Simon's updates/ videos. Google is trying so very hard to divert people away from the knowledge that your entitled to! Once again please go to YouTube and it's search engine to get access to Simon Parkes as well. I've had to resort to this method as well. Don't give up!
2:18pm bluesbaby5050: Wow! That link above is a misdirection away from Simon Parkes web site!!!
2:14pm bluesbaby5050: Or just subscribe to his web site at
2:13pm bluesbaby5050: Also, Mr. Sasha Stone shares information on 5G as well. Some of you may be familiar with his work. Simon Parkes just did a recent interview with him on April 9th, so please watch it on Simon Parkes/YouTube as well.
2:06pm bluesbaby5050: I've also had to re- type this information to this chatroom, because Google is blocking it on here too!!!! As we can now see Google is all over this site too, making it hard to sign into TruthControl now.
2:04pm bluesbaby5050: The links say site is being worked on. This is a lie! So just go straight to YouTube and plug into the seach engine Truthstream media and this action will get you there. That's how I've had to do it. The PTB are trying very hard to block you from getting access to this very important site of Forbidden Knowledge! Never give up, and never give into them!
1:58pm bluesbaby5050: I tried all the links, and they say site is being worked on. This is NOT true! So go straight to YouTube, and plug in Truthstream media and this action will get you access to all their videos. I've done this for myself already, and so I know it works. Never give in, and never give up! That's just what TPTB want you to do.
1:50pm bluesbaby5050: Truthstream media is NOT your main stream news.
1:46pm bluesbaby5050: These links are full of videos of how 5G effects all mammals in the worst ways. It also covers many other topics of importance that you'll want to enlighten others with this forbidden knowledge that will help people understand how humanity is being wiped out generation after generation. So Please share!
1:40pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone! I'm sharing this important link full of very important information with you all, so please share this link, and it's information with everyone.
7:53pm AGMartinez: All nearly two-dozen of the alien species are on earth now, disguised as humans and entrenched. It aint prime directive, its control humans and keep humans paying for the effects of that control
7:50pm AGMartinez: The aliens consider implants and telepathic control of humans to be right as long as its undetectable
7:49pm AGMartinez: the arcturians, anshar/anunaki, mantis, and other aliens give themselves the authority for dream psychic attack pain
11:28pm Tarheel: I love you all !
11:27pm Tarheel: ...anyone else ! Yes, its almost Spring and time for renewing LIFE
11:26pm Tarheel: Wow...there IS someone else here other than me! Always great to see any of our pals,,BB or
1:48pm bluesbaby5050: A special hello to Tarheel! Keep up the good work!
1:44pm bluesbaby5050: Shine your Loving Light deep into the Darkness to Transform the negative energies into LOVE!
1:40pm bluesbaby5050: Anywhere, anytime is a great time on planet Earth to Increase our Love Vibrations!
1:39pm bluesbaby5050: Love is in the air waves! Let's Unite to Increase this event from 12pm to 8pm EST a this Wednesday on the 20th where ever your your locations!
1:36pm bluesbaby5050: March 20th is the Spring Equinox, and that means very high frequencies are abound to manifest each person's future of Peace, and Harmony !! So let's use our mind's eye to visualize Love, and Sharing, and helping others when the opportunities come your way!
1:32pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone on TruthControl! It's almost spring time in the northern hemisphere! The sap is flowing and the birds are chirping, and the squirrels are out and about too!
12:18am Tarheel: Well, its our old pal, Hermes...The Messenger ! Wassup ?
5:22pm Hermes: hello
7:19pm obsrvantlouie: Q, i must be doing something wrong....can't upload a simple jpeg to my post.
10:51pm Tarheel: Great to see WPL and HarrisonO about the place. Maybe we'll do a reunion tour.
9:17pm bluesbaby5050: Oh My! It's been a very long time since you were last on TruthControl! We are so happy to have you back it with us! We hope all is well with you harrison Orono. We wish you a very happy New year too!
3:36pm harrison orono: Hi everyone happy new year
1:29am Worldpeacelight: :) I love everyone in here. There are still good people in this world. 2019 is going to be exciting. I'm thrilled that the veil is being lifted and the synagogue of Satan getting indicted. Tax scams will be exposed when the Fed gets audited. Angels, fairies, genies, gods & goddesses are real. We are starseeds and lightworkers united. Marijuana getting legalized. Cannabis saves life and always having a reason to smile and laugh everyday. Peace and love. We can toke together, that would be great.
12:15am Tarheel: OL, back in the saddle. Expect it! Im busy but gotsa piece coming.
9:48pm obsrvantlouie: lol illuminaughty asshats......fuckin clowns getting paid to dis-inform and mis-inform. They know they can't hide from us. New postings coming fo sho. Let's get this site kickin again!
12:23am Tarheel: Qdog.....funky stuff goin on in private messaging plus the illuminaughty asshats are back.
12:16am Tarheel: Starpersonand Co. were last known to be in The Abzu, possible near "the great rift". We love them dearly and wish they would let us know they're good.
10:55pm Tarheel: OL can write too. And I agree with him-I miss Starperson who was an excellent writer. Star fell off the map. Hope things are going well for everyone. Im negotiating the waves as they roll in.
10:53pm Tarheel: Great to see OL about. Ive always said-ObservantLouie doesn't dance. BB active and Ol-looks like a reunion may be forming. Sorry Ive been absent but it's been a crazy start to NY and then our pc got a virus but I bounced it
5:28pm bluesbaby5050: I hope you have a great New Year too.
5:27pm bluesbaby5050: This year already looks to be quite interesting.
5:27pm bluesbaby5050: I hope all is well with you.
5:25pm bluesbaby5050: Yes, please try, because you always have great input!
5:24pm bluesbaby5050: It's always great to see/ have our old members back here again!
5:23pm bluesbaby5050: It sure has been a while since we have seen you on site!
5:22pm bluesbaby5050: Hello once again obsrvantlouie!
4:11am obsrvantlouie: I was just reading some old posts of mine, ours....found a couple from Starperson. I miss this site. I will try to post and engage more often. Happy New Year to the old and new members!
11:09pm bluesbaby5050: I'm glad to see your still here! I hope your new year is positive so far.
11:29pm Tarheel: Okay, BBs way busy so WPl and Bf gotta step up and help with keeping this gig going. Q-dogs busy so Im gonna post something to chap his butt or elicit a response of some sort. I can only tell you at this juncture that is poised for a unparalleled run. Im working on a piece but nowhere near as good a writer as WPL or BF so you guys ...PLEASE chime in and stoke the truthcontrol fire! Love you people ALWAYS
4:03pm bluesbaby5050: Hi there Chris!!! I'm glad to see you here again! I hope all is well with you.
11:44pm bluesbaby5050: Happy New Year to you all!
11:44pm bluesbaby5050: Hi Tarheel!!!! My chat and my messages to you are still up. Go read them all .....All New as well.
11:02pm Tarheel: That mag is for bb.
11:01pm Tarheel: I got a message your chat is disabled???
10:54pm Tarheel: Happy New Year BB ! Great to hear about the new horizon.....hope it gets here soon. Happy New YRS to all.
11:15pm bluesbaby5050: We are all blessed more then we trurly are aware of! S new Dawn is on our Horizon!
11:13pm bluesbaby5050: A BIG Hello to you all,! I'm wishing you all a very happy,and a very enlightening New Year too! :)
9:48pm Debbie4127: I just finished paper 18.
2:35pm HebrianDaniel: good
11:18pm Tarheel: Zup?
8:22pm Worldpeacelight: Columbia River (oregon) Thunderbird, tribe at warm springs
8:15pm Worldpeacelight: I saw a native American bead necklace that had the thunderbird design and they called it "thunderbird" the design was similar to the Germany coat of arms eagle just different colors.
2:35pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The Thunderbirds I remember from my decent from the base of the gate once I left my home. The Falcon I remember being just above the earth an the M falcon helped me pass through the war zone an the blue sheild forcefield
2:32pm BenjaminFalkenrath: WPL I remember the Millennium Falcon.... An the Thunderbirds. Both were instrumental in bringing me from the higher realms to earth when I came down from this life.
10:25pm Tarheel: Season's Greetings to all the good boys and girls.
10:23pm Tarheel: It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year !
1:03am kaleohrile: how is ever one doing
3:54pm HebrianDaniel: good long time no see
11:53pm Tarheel: There's been a HD sighting, more rare than alien abductions! HD in the house ...stop the presses....this just in...Hows our pal HD going? Love g time-no talk to
2:15pm HebrianDaniel: hey there
10:45pm Tarheel: And we love having you around,WPL. Peace to you and yours.
4:01am Worldpeacelight: I love and appreciate everyone here awake in the matrix.
3:05am Worldpeacelight: Have you noticed whenever a volcano erupts there's lightning, Thunderbirds love volcanoes. Their nest is on a wild dangerous island.
2:48am Worldpeacelight: Not all aliens are bad just like not all humans are bad, there are still good people in this world.
2:46am Worldpeacelight: Now you know their language, if you want them to appear. Prophets speak Arabic. Its kind of funny, jinns/djinns hate the Quran. If you want to see a jinn/djinn play the Quran at a haunted place. The only way to control them is to speak Arabic & have a diamond. The Crystal pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle is the Atlantean Crystal. No wonder it's guarded by aliens Flora and Fauna. Aliens are proud of their aggressive reputation.
10:24pm Tarheel: Cant even comment on T-birds or inner Earth. Interesting concepts they are.
10:22pm Tarheel: And that's why you both are special. I've looked for the falcon ufo and believe I may have seen the outline as the underneath mirrors the sky above. It has a "perch" but I wouldnt talk about where as they are cloaked for a reason.
8:29pm Worldpeacelight: You will find Thunderbirds on a volcanic island.
8:23pm Worldpeacelight: Also I've seen a UFO that looked like the millennium falcon but it has a shield that makes it almost invisible they are usually disguised as the sky. I saw the invisible shield removed when I learned Arabic (a language of light) then I saw the Millennium Falcon UFO. They are above watching God's war.
8:08pm Worldpeacelight: The advanced alien technology is in Hollow Earth. Another gateway has opened.
8:03pm Worldpeacelight: I remember the thunderbirds. They are rare but I bealive they are still here. There are heavenly sky cities disguised as stars. The rainbow bridge will take you to Asgard which is the golden hour during sunset you can find it. Of course the gateways below are closer filled with Interdimensional Tribes, the electro black sun, and lots of green trees in Hollow Earth. That's where UFOs are coming from, below.
12:35pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I do. I bear the name of my keepers. But only few understands the burden of 100000's of memories but being in this limited human capacity that I can't explain or express it all. #Frustrating
12:33pm BenjaminFalkenrath: At the base of the mountain the Thunderbirds bat their eyes as lightening strikes from them lighting up the darkness their massive wings the thunders sound from. Who remembers them though?
12:31pm BenjaminFalkenrath: The keepers to fly Dow their talons sharp Horus strikes fiercely an deliver from the bondage of negative equity they are then freed an put atop the Phoenix to break through.
12:30pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I remember the gateways below an people are fearful of them. Be more afraid of the false gateways above they seek to portray the real gateways above. Sure you would naturally have false guides below but nothing compared to above. I do agree about the gateways. It is harder though to get from below than fall from above. But the Phoenix always rises..... A song by Augustana sweet and low. It reminds me of working with the Phoenix.
8:20pm Tarheel: Thanks, WPL ! Positive words are always welcome. The masses should start seeing things the same as events transpire. The timeline is the BIG question and I would suggest to all that they get on with it and live their lives. Work on soul development and SHINE YOUR LIGHT . Light does indeed always extinguish darkness. Our time now so live in the moment.
4:54pm Worldpeacelight: For now while we live on the surface on earth, I will expose the truth to the sheeple, as part of their awakening healing process.
4:34pm Worldpeacelight: Is money really the root of all evil? There's more to it like the synagogue of satan, banksters, corrupted religions, corrupted families hiding behind a good name, corrupted government systems.etc. We need to escape the matrix, they want us All to die on earth when there are gateways above and below to leave this holographic trap called earth. Bealive and keep your faith like a Jedi.
4:22pm Worldpeacelight: We create our reality like Heaven on Earth, peace, love, and light. The truth is written in stone and that's why the truth can hurt people that are not strong enough to handle the truth.
4:18pm Worldpeacelight: The next act is world peace, the divine order of the universe. We may see a lot of destruction as part of the transformation process of the new earth, so don't worry and be happy. No matter what, truth overcomes lies, good overcomes evil, Karma is the Highest Law. Always follow your heart.
4:12pm Worldpeacelight: Awww puppy love! Congratulations!
2:50am Tarheel: On a lighter note, I rescued another dog that turned out to be pregnant SO now "Tarheel, party of 5" is "Tarheel, party of 11". Imagine me and 10 pups! No imagination necessary-its here,now. I have someone taking all 6 newborñs. It's my first female pup and surprise,surprise...she was packin'. That's the latest in my world..
2:40am Tarheel: There will NOT be an end to the current order until the people know what the next act is. It may have been an experiment for some but its a way of life for the much greater majority.
3:05am Tarheel: Rock kin in the free world.
5:03am M3RT0M: Unreal
5:02am M3RT0M: Subho MAYA means illusion.
2:36pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Nice :)
4:20pm Tarheel: Beautiful Fall weather here Stateside.
3:49pm Tarheel: Looks like Q-dog did asome house cleaning.Nice and refreshing! Thanks !!!
11:19pm Tarheel: Cool bf! Hey Quinton, can we go to captcha code here to stop the attacks?
9:30pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Doing much better now
7:03am subho: What is MAYA in Hinduism ?
7:03am subho: What is MAYA in Hinduism ?
2:43am Tarheel: Me too.ive asked Quinton about that but he's really busy now. That's yet another attack and attempt to discredit our site. How's ma bf? Hopes she's back to where she wants to be. Great to see you about.
9:57pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Damn wish we could get rid of the spam bots tho
9:56pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Reminds me of the song by Seal
6:03pm Tarheel: I love all of yall
6:02pm Tarheel: Things are changing at a very rapid pace. We had better be paying strgict attention.anybody else feeling it?
6:00pm Tarheel: We are never gonna survive unless we are a little crazy. Nice rant my friend benfalcon.
5:59pm Tarheel: I just chatted and it appeared but now it's
5:56pm Tarheel: We are never going to survive unless we are all a little razy. Nice rant my friend befalcon.
4:37am Worldpeacelight: :-) <3 we know that we are not the crazy ones when the truth is stranger than fiction. I have witnessed angels flying in the sky day & night. His wings sounded a flag waving in the wind. I'm not the only one who has witnessed angels on this earth. Its not like it was a dream. This is reality. Prayer is powerful and the angels appear. Miracles have been happening. The synagogue of Satan hates us for exposing and ruining their plans.
3:32am BenjaminFalkenrath: unlock each day
3:32am BenjaminFalkenrath: Love is key
3:31am BenjaminFalkenrath: Instead of keep moving forward lets say
3:31am BenjaminFalkenrath: None of us know it all, we all try to figure out our place. This crap is getting nuts. I don't come here a lot because frankly my kids are getting older. I'm involved in volunteerism and work/life happens but if I can make someone smile each day an make brightness in this world I will try.
3:30am BenjaminFalkenrath: Or because people say we're stupid or crazy. I came here a few years ago. Posted because I saw people on here I thought I could relate to. I got shot down out of the gate. I've made friends an lost them too. I got hated on by people who are still highly respected before people got to know me, an then there are others who got to know me an have always had my back that I at one time wasn't sure I could trust but he always trusted me so. shit. We fall we get back up again but we HAVE to preserve the TRUTH always. Or who will!
3:28am BenjaminFalkenrath: An way too much we've been misinformed. We can't quit just because its hard.
3:27am BenjaminFalkenrath: Still.. The phrase it always stuck out. Until one day in the dream world it hit me. An the memories came flooding in, an I woke up covered in sweat an tears. Yeah if I'm crazy then you all just don't remember an I have a lot of therapy to undergo. But never the less. There's too much we're not told.
3:26am BenjaminFalkenrath: now this MF-er is calling the shots. These bastards come from no where seemingly to the dwellers of this once peaceful land, they enslave them, an well take over. The rest is ancient history. That would be a damn cool fiction movie no? I mean so cool that'd put it on the back of real currencies as a joke huh?
3:25am BenjaminFalkenrath: Keep Moving Forward. We've heard it before right? But it is always spun positively right? No I'm not sippin on the sauce but picture 3 pyramids. Picture them as living sentient beings. With one eye on the top of their heads 2 one to the left one to the right like the right an the left hand man an the main dude is the bigger one in the middle.
3:16am BenjaminFalkenrath: Even if it doesn't set you free we never stop because we never give up. I've been wanting to to say this for a long time but I wasn't sure how I'm on my phone might be easier on the computer but our past the all seeing eye the memories we forget. The pyramids. A single phrase that should resonate with each an everyone of you.
3:11am Worldpeacelight: Ok BB thanks for assuring me that TR is ok however his websites being gone is a sign that something is up... I have been attacked for sharing the truth. So the truth doesn't set you free if it contradicts with their ignorance is bliss agenda.
12:36am kaleohrile: my post are in general , i just like some second options
9:04pm Worldpeacelight: Thank you bluesbaby5050 for your truth and wisdom. Yes I noticed that there are agents of operation spam but I don't like pork anyways. Peace and love.
2:09am Tarheel: Glad to see the ass clowns got banished.
11:46pm kaleohrile: i made some post comment on them when you have free time
3:42am MarzBubbles: ♡♡
3:42am MarzBubbles: Anyways goodnight
3:42am MarzBubbles: Desiree
3:41am MarzBubbles: Yesiree
3:41am MarzBubbles: Babe
3:41am MarzBubbles: It's awesome to hear someone e call me
3:28am MarzBubbles: I luv this world tho it's mine....and it's full of possibilities
3:27am MarzBubbles: Sometimes I feel like it was a GODDAMN mistake to create humans. I REGRET it. But I'm okay and much better now. Kind of want like every body to leave me alone too. I luv having fun and being happy! So if any of you guys and girls aren't gonna change so be it! It's your party. Mine's still going
3:10am MarzBubbles: Thanks! Night!
3:10am MarzBubbles: And have a Holly Jolly Christmas!
3:08am MarzBubbles: Call me Holly btw
3:08am MarzBubbles: Lol Bubbles I can't believe I said I'm Bubless ugh
3:08am MarzBubbles: Marz is here no fear
3:07am MarzBubbles: Hope I'll follow up with you guys here. Maybe if I can and have time. Google helps tremendously lol! It's the best resource
3:07am MarzBubbles: Sometimes you have to smile & let go and start planning more adventures & fun stuff to do! I luv a gentle man with a kind heart. That's me tho. I don't know about everybody else. I am taking my time to learn and do things I used to love before. That important to Me. At least. Take care y'all Hope you all enjoy your night.
3:02am MarzBubbles: Marz Bubbles
3:02am MarzBubbles: We Angels appreciate it!
3:02am MarzBubbles: Thanks guys for all the love and support
3:02am MarzBubbles: Hey it doesn't feel so special when you realize certain things. But I'm trying to keep up. I hope it rains a lot. I Miss My Michael. It's not a joke. Really. I know him I recognize him. So...but Christ really didn't have to do this to me. I can walk away any time. But i know he's a special little one of mine. Very little, close to my size lol. He's a wonderful person tho! Umm..things could get scarier or easier. I'm just trying to fix it. Fix myself! Smile and let go
4:15pm Tarheel: BB is right, We are targeted here and away from here as well but we keep pumping out truth.TPTB really dont want peeps to know whats up. Lovely day !
1:12pm bluesbaby5050: T R is not missing at all. The older members on here know exactly what TR is up to, and where he is. He is safe. We all are targeted on here. The owner and the moderators are as well. I personally have a history of it, but that does not frighten me. I'm still here supporting the truth.
1:07pm bluesbaby5050: Take notice of all the dpamming that they do on this forum. This past week is no different then the the rest.
1:06pm bluesbaby5050: This site is very often being harrassed by the world's government paid shills. They are physop agents paid to spread disinformation on web sites such as this.
1:04pm bluesbaby5050: TR is just fine in the UK. Most of us older members are very aware of the truth. He still visits this site, but not as often as he used to in the past.
12:16pm NikNik808: Good Morning. I'm a newbie and excited about reading what others think about this ever-changing at turbo speeds life we all manage to live in.
8:11pm Worldpeacelight: TR knew the truth, maybe that's why his websites are gone. He knew aliens are real & that we are gods & goddesses. I HOPE he is alright.
8:06pm Worldpeacelight: Is anyone concerned that Terran Resistance is missing? His websites are gone &
9:03am Worldpeacelight: "What you seek is seeking you" -Rumi
3:13am Amybgrad78: i seek truth
3:12am Amybgrad78: i seek knowledge
2:06pm Worldpeacelight: Hi everyone :) peace, love, & light
12:43pm bluesbaby5050: Worldpeacelight! ;)
12:42pm bluesbaby5050: Good morning Worldpeachlight ! Welcome to Truth control's forum.
12:28am bluesbaby5050: Hi there Chris! I'm glad to see your still with us, (old friend).
5:29pm koundinya: hi friends, newly joined.
2:43pm Tarheel: Lotsa CRAZY energy swings happening, people. Amubody else felling it?
2:41pm Tarheel: Wassup CUPS? Welcome aboard
2:21am C.U.P.S: hello..
2:40pm Tarheel: BB up !
1:37pm bluesbaby5050: Good morning Tarheel ;-)
12:35pm Tarheel: Good morning starshine!
12:34pm Tarheel: I don't see any post by you recently kaleo.
12:30am kaleohrile: made a post please answer it when you can take care everone
1:18pm bluesbaby5050: Check your box.
1:18pm bluesbaby5050: Good morning Tarheel.
3:42pm Danielle Gaymans: Very interesting...
2:34pm Tarheel: Deyse, YES ! I believe Greg Braden to be spot on and his intentions are pure.
10:32pm Deyse: Is there any truth to Gregg Braden's philosophy?
1:37pm Tarheel: Meditate on it debbie!
12:11am Debbie4127: This helped me get a clearer meaning. How do you guys get a better understanding ?
12:08am Debbie4127: At first I was so confused but doing research and skipping ahead then going back to read it
12:07am Debbie4127: Hi, I am Debbie and on paper 16.
3:45pm MarzBubbles: All right guys, so I'll see you around. None of you seem to have responded recently. It's ok. I'm so used to being ignored. Anyways.
6:14pm MarzBubbles: I know he's crying somewhere out there cuz I've been rejecting him for Jesus. Well too bad Christmas is around the corner.
6:12pm MarzBubbles: Just to make this the 8th comment cuz je likes to 7 craze me cuz that's his number. Ugh...get a life Michael
6:11pm MarzBubbles: ;)
6:11pm MarzBubbles: Also, call me Holly, Bubbles, or Marz they're all my names
6:09pm MarzBubbles: Hope someone says hi. I swear I'm not crazy. But Michael kind of needs to leave me alone and give me my space. Because I like being sane and talking sane. I luv my life and I luv making sense. Not sounding like a crazy drugged person. Sorry for the previous comments. When you're home alone constantly for months on end and you haven't stepped outside for like 1 year, you'd go mentally crazy. I just kind of needed some fresh air. Any questions pls feel free to ask me.
6:07pm MarzBubbles: If y'all wanna chat I'm here
6:07pm MarzBubbles: Also, make sure you guys eat lots of Pumpkin Pie this year if ya like Pumpkin. I'm excited this year cuz I'm going to have a new look for Trick-or-Treating Halloween! And I'm officially done with the Hail Mary Hair since I recently got a pixie cut. Hope I brighten someone's day this season! :)
6:04pm MarzBubbles: You can call me Holly here. I suppose Michael really is the jealous type. But anyways, hope everyone's doing okay. Because I'm starting to be terrific and fantastic! Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday because I know I will make it fun for ya! ♡ Toodles & Make a Christmas List. I feel more alive this year than ever. Yes!! ;) And say hi to Michael for me if you see him or know him. I know the guy's going crazy. Almost as much as me. But I'm better! Happy Week ! And Happy Holidayys!! :)
6:00pm MarzBubbles: Hey guys! Lol
1:29pm Tarheel: Orion 7887...Quinton has a very comprehensive guide to the new world odor. Do a search and you will see it.
4:49pm bluesbaby5050: Love, although some may find it hard to swallow. @ newbie orion7887
3:07pm Tarheel: Orion7887...I prescribe a steady diet of awareness and higher consciousness.
3:03pm Tarheel: Found it...thanks!
12:09am freedmftr88: If not , the rest of my posts can be located right here.
12:08am freedmftr88: Hi Tarheel , are you talking about this one ?
10:08pm Orion7887: what is the ideal diet to combar NWO
10:08pm Orion7887: new here
10:08pm Orion7887: hello
12:57pm Tarheel: Can't go d your Beatles post
12:34pm Tarheel: Waterlogged here, peeps!
9:09am Onoriode: Please how can I join an occultic group to be rich and wealthy
9:08am Onoriode: Hello everyone.
1:16pm Tarheel: Try the search engine. I'm not sure but I think I remember seeing something earlier on the Vanderbilt fam.
12:25pm Tarheel: Try the search engine.welcome aboard.
6:15pm freedomlion: If someone could help I would appreciate it
6:15pm freedomlion: Hey everyone....I am new here. I am looking for information on the Vanderbilt family history
12:45pm Tarheel: Please delete or overlook the preceding email address. I have no idea where it came from???
12:43pm Tarheel: Thx for deleting spam. My permissions don't give me that ability. I can block but not delete chat.
11:29pm MarzBubbles: You know Darien loves sleeping..
11:29pm MarzBubbles: Ttyl
11:29pm MarzBubbles: Into my space of sleepy headedness.....
11:28pm MarzBubbles: I'm buzzing off to doze of....
11:28pm MarzBubbles: sorry like no offense
11:28pm MarzBubbles: Got rid of the lesbian/bi/trans shit.
11:28pm MarzBubbles: Yayyyyy me!!
11:27pm MarzBubbles: But my voice still sounds so bubbly and girly! I love it. I feel happy today. I don't sound like a transgender

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