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10:28am thaoma: I'm just tryna find out what starseed race i come from
10:27am thaoma: LOL
2:20pm Tarheel: If anybody wants to join an occult, do it, but NOT THRU HERE.
3:21am BenjaminFalkenrath: But I'm ok
3:21am BenjaminFalkenrath: Just trying to balance work life home an stay afloat with the bills while keeping the kids from going nuts and stuff from going lopsided I'm just a tad stressed lol
3:20am BenjaminFalkenrath: Welcome new comers. No my wife is Ill. Just dealing with a lot. Book is on hold until her surgery an recovery.
2:22pm Tarheel: Where is everyone? BF must be writing that book. BBs about but just me and her. Wake up,peeps! time to party.Dont wanna miss all the incoming LIGHT!!!
2:14pm Tarheel: Im at work and limited on time..I will answer your questions asap! Great to see you On Site!
2:11pm Tarheel: Happy to have you on board,TwinStars!
2:45pm Twinstars: Thanks for the welcome. Wonderful to be here. Interesting forum.
1:55pm Tarheel: Youre here for soul development. Heres a hint: D'oh!!!!
5:17pm Suddenly Waking: Hi. Can someone please help me with why I'm here? I suddenly had the idea which I assumed was unique that our planet is a prison for souls sent via meteor like a USB, then out of interest I googled it and have wound up here. My body is going crazy with weird goosebumps and I feel like I'm on the cusp of a huge discovery or something. What is this?
6:56pm Fromdahbush: I need to convince my brother to join this forum!!!
6:08pm Fromdahbush: Pretty sure I figured it out!
6:06pm Fromdahbush: Yeah that was alot of help haha thank you so much!!! Is there a way to "tag" you in my other post so you can find it?
6:05pm bluesbaby5050: @Fromdarbush, it looks much better now. I'm glad I could help you with your posting and pictured uploading. Your Old post was completely deleted as you asked me.
6:03pm bluesbaby5050: Well now Fromdarbish I see you got the hang of it! Good job!
4:34pm Fromdahbush: Is there an edit button for after you posted a forum? Lol
4:32pm Fromdahbush: We call Greenbush "dah bush"
4:32pm Fromdahbush: Hahahahahaha naw I'm american from Greenbush Maine haha it let's me upload the image to a comment but when I save the comment the image isn't there...
4:15pm bluesbaby5050: Fromdabush, I think I fixed it so now you can Give it another try and see. Are you French? I asked, because your screen name in French means, "shut your mouth". ☺
2:51pm Fromdahbush: Can't edit the post either to try to up load the photos
2:50pm Fromdahbush: How do I delete a forum I made? It won't let me add the photos I made the post for
2:45pm Tarheel: Thx bb, Was Kaleo the one professing alien DNA recently?
5:12pm bluesbaby5050: Tarheel, I think it might be in reference to kale,s blood type. Not sure.
3:47pm Tarheel: Not sure what post you are talking about kaleo. Nobody is neglecting you my friend.
6:50pm kaleohrile: is any one going to look at my post i wanted to any answer to my post if any one can get back to me on them , have a good rest of the day
2:48pm Tarheel: Good to see Aishwaryisabella,Ckrishek and BB. Stay close...there is a lot going on.
2:49pm Tarheel: It is important to me that you all KNOW that Tarheel loves all of you. Have a great day,,,darkside is losing miserably and will go away. It is written.
2:53pm Tarheel: Michael was on this morning if you want to GO find him.
7:07pm MarzBubbles: Hey guys!
1:53pm MarzBubbles: I'm bi-vocal
1:53pm MarzBubbles: Most of the time I sound like a transgender. That's why I dont come out and talk. Because people would get weirded out. But I like to be quiet.
1:39pm MarzBubbles: Ima hop off cuz I'm annoying the shit out of ya'll probably and talking to myself and I sound crazy right now. So yea bye.
1:38pm MarzBubbles: That's why people lived longer back then. Now we are in a hurry to reach heaven I guess lol. I thought time was running out, when time is mine. Infinitessimal.
1:36pm MarzBubbles: Time can wait while we enjoy what we have and live in the moment. We start to notice more things. Oh, I have 1 extra hair on this finger. Lol. Stuff like that.
1:34pm MarzBubbles: People cannot handle all the truth at once. The knowledge is too great. That's why we need to slow it And take it easy. Why do we Angels have long lives? We take things slow. Because we have an eternity. =)
1:32pm MarzBubbles: Thank you!
1:32pm MarzBubbles: My last name is Gomes = short for Go Messiah
1:30pm MarzBubbles: Ariana Grande- Sweetener August 17th ♡ Wish me a happy birthday on that day. =D
1:26pm MarzBubbles: "You will not know the devil inside him. He will show love, but hide the hatred. Drag you down and step on you. Say you are beneath my feet. Work you like a servant because he is lazy. Compare you to other girls because he says you are not good enough. Even though he wants to hide that he himself is ugly inside and out. Make you feel lonely, lost, and insecure. He will say sweet nothings. Because it doesn't mean anything." I need something to sweeten me. A sweetener for my birthday. :)
9:40am MarzBubbles: Who the fuck is she talking about when she says Ray Ray Ray? Cuz I'm thinking about my Ray.
9:38am MarzBubbles: Sorry I'm blabbering again
9:36am MarzBubbles: Illuminatti I tell you
9:36am MarzBubbles: Now let me hear you say Ray Ray Ray - Starships
9:36am MarzBubbles: Yess Ariana Grande's cd is coming out on my birthday!! God is a woman. That's my song lol. All of them are personal to me. How does she know so much about my life? It's because of Nicki Minaj.
9:34am MarzBubbles: Btw I dont listen to church music like that. I listen to pop music mostly and hip-hop.
9:13am MarzBubbles: Anyways, I'm talking too much. I'll come back later. Thanks! Bye.
9:12am MarzBubbles: But I do have the best of both worlds. And Miley Cyrus thought she had the best of both worlds! Lol.
9:10am MarzBubbles: I have multi personalities sorry. Kind of bi-polar like the weather. But I'm not. It's just my personality. I'm half tomboyish half girly.
9:09am MarzBubbles: OMG he's so handsome!! And looks like me....which is a little weird at the point.
9:07am MarzBubbles: I'm pretty funny if you get to know me and mostly tomboyish.
9:06am MarzBubbles: My birthday's coming up next month in August! =D
9:06am MarzBubbles: A Lion and a Ram. Oh he's a Ram btw.
9:01am MarzBubbles: I would really love some snow in the summer tho. ♡
9:01am MarzBubbles: It's ok. I am dealing with it. By myself.
9:00am MarzBubbles: The police already know who I am. And a lot of people are scared of me when I go out since I have a striking resemblance to Hail Mary. Especially since my hair decided to turn curly all of a sudden and won't change back.
8:57am MarzBubbles: I needed somebody to protect me from everything. And then there he was. He's like my twin but not in an incest way. And that's good I think.
8:55am MarzBubbles: I can tell you there really is nothing stronger than the force of a man. Even I can't compare to that, although I put up a hell of a fight. But like a woman I let my guard down because I'm shy and I can get taken advantage of by him only really.
8:50am MarzBubbles: *hot tempered* omg I need to fix my phone lol
8:49am MarzBubbles: But we have the same mentality, he's just a lot more passive than I am. Man barely knows what the word getting pissed is.
8:49am MarzBubbles: But you know when Michael takes control I go into a deep slumber most of the time. If I am day he is night. I am not tempered usually and he is cool. So it's an opposite attraction.
8:47am MarzBubbles: ♡♡
8:45am MarzBubbles: I can feel him here around me next to me. And I think that's special for now. I still wake up next to him even if he's not physically here. He's like an imaginary friend. Lol.
8:44am MarzBubbles: Sorry for the typos. I just woke up and its early morning.
8:43am MarzBubbles: Also my planet is the sun Michael's planet is the moon. We are like opposite complements. I'm Mother Nature he's Father Nature of you can call it that.
8:41am MarzBubbles: Btw your are brave and mature. Thank you for responding back.
8:40am MarzBubbles: Through telepathy* OMG I hate autocorrect
8:39am MarzBubbles: Thanks!! And absolutely love it that you responded back. I talk to him everyday bu telepathy. But I think I'm gonna take some time because I have things to do at home before I meet him. I've got a plan and a goal for my near future and life so I guess I'll wait for the right time. It will just happen. I'd like to do the meeting in person thing. That's more special. Not like call your soulmate hey what's up? Lol.
5:01am D13M0S: Connect to the sun. Ask to be connected to your ruling planet, ask your ruling planet to connect you to your soulmate. This is best done in the morning time, while in the sun. Best of luck!!
1:44am MarzBubbles: Like Bubbles from the Powerpuff girls. If you wanna know.
1:44am MarzBubbles: I'm a happy sign. Let me be.
1:39am MarzBubbles: Less karma gets you. Karma in my language means who's your mom?
1:38am MarzBubbles: Y'all deserve to give me some respect and let me breathe.
1:38am MarzBubbles: My family didn't know that. They thought it wasn't worse than cancer. Taking everyone's sickness and illness into my body, yes that's worse than cancer.
1:36am MarzBubbles: It took hell out of me to reverse the death curse remember that. I did it years ago. An unspoken secret. Now I'm recovering and healing from that.v
1:35am MarzBubbles: The only way to reverse the death curse is by means of the resurrection. Through life by The Living GOD aka Mother Nature.
7:46pm MarzBubbles: Michael who is like GOD. :)
6:44pm MarzBubbles: Pray = Please Ray
5:13pm MarzBubbles: I have been really pissed off so there's been global warming. Now it's time for global cooling! Hence the rain.
4:55pm MarzBubbles: And I don't know why but I named a planet after me. =/
4:55pm MarzBubbles: Sometimes I'm like Michael your kids are stupid. I crack up laughing at you guys. Kids say the darndest things.
4:14pm MarzBubbles: My family beyond scared but we're dealing
4:13pm MarzBubbles: Anyways I'm just as scared as you guys probably are.
4:13pm MarzBubbles: Sunray lol
4:13pm MarzBubbles: He's my Ray of sun. :)
2:54pm MarzBubbles: Because I am already freaking out here.
2:54pm MarzBubbles: Let me know if you know any details of him.
2:54pm MarzBubbles: Anyways, will talk more later. Gotta run some errands.
2:54pm MarzBubbles: Mostly it's terrible being kids and teens lol. Never would have thought.
2:53pm MarzBubbles: Oh btw if you're wanting to know I guess we did this because we wanted to know what it'd be like to be born as babies then teenagers then turn into adults. Because Adam and Eve were born adults and that's the adolescence stage.
2:52pm MarzBubbles: Do you have his contact by any chance?
2:51pm MarzBubbles: If you have any questions, just post them.
2:51pm MarzBubbles: Well. . I see I'm actually GOD and well...I don't know. Explains why I hate purple, I love rabbits, I love green and red the most, and a lot of other shit. Anyways, I've got a lot to do. But do keep me informed. We shall get along.
2:49pm MarzBubbles: Get it?
2:49pm MarzBubbles: Michael = My Call
2:49pm MarzBubbles: Because everyone says that.
2:48pm MarzBubbles: How were we attracted to each other? And great! I guess he wants to do the love at first sight walk into my dream guy dream thing. Well, I've changed lol. And btw don't say it's cuz I look like Hail Mary.
2:26pm Tarheel: Im a moderator and that and 3 bucks will get you a cup of coffee.Havent seen Michal here in a while but I do see how you 2 were attracted to each other.Moderators are here to assist when they can and help others. Good luck finding Michael.
11:28am MarzBubbles: It's nice to meet all of you!
11:27am MarzBubbles: And he made me think I was GOD. And then I read this and I'm like bitch what? Lol. I always do have a sense of humor. I'm a Leo.
11:25am MarzBubbles: But I'd love to meet my husband, talk to him, and see him! My dream guy of 25 years. A quarter of my life is gone. And a quarter is an important coin isn't it? Anyways I've got lots to tell you but more importantly him.
11:24am MarzBubbles: We communicate spiritually. As in they're like my conscience. It's finally great to know I'm not crazy or delusional.
11:22am MarzBubbles: I am also connected to my wonderful Angels but my kids won't tell me anything tonight. And I've been talking to Michael but he's sleeping I think.
10:24am MarzBubbles: And if you have questions, I have answers.
10:23am MarzBubbles: This is just cray cray. But I really need to talk to him. No wonder I felt so old school all my life.
10:22am MarzBubbles: This is just terrific! I thought I was the crazy one. And now that my powers are getting out if control because I have nobody human to talk to about this, HE led me here.
10:19am MarzBubbles: And what the fuck is a moderator? Because apparently I'm the moderator. Sorry I curse a lot sometimes.
10:18am MarzBubbles: Hello guys I'm Michael's wife. Can you tell me how to contact him? I spent all night reading this shit by husband posted and crying and feeling even crazier. So does he still come here? Because I need to talk to babe.
2:16pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone on Truth Control. Welcome to all the new members here. We are glad to have you here. I hope this site will help all of you on your quest for knowledge. If anyone has a question, or would like some advice, feel free to ask, and someone will assist you here.
2:36pm Tarheel: Hope everyone"s having a great Summer.
6:53am BenjaminFalkenrath: Good to be about TH. Catching some 4th Dim vibes as of late. I've been writing again but book type not postings lol
1:58pm Tarheel: Previous was to MG. Good to see you about BF.
1:57pm Tarheel: Welcome NG.Im not the admin but Im a mediator. If I can help you please let me know.
8:17am mg: Thankyou very much for your warm welcome, and felt very encouraged by your messages :)
3:04am BenjaminFalkenrath: Tha'ts just my 2 cents. But again thank you for being here. I hope you get to read my Love force article. I hope you eventually are comfortable enough to post on here. Even if it is not to share the info of what you hold dear an protect, Then if nothing else give your opinion on what is already on here would be of a benefit. This is one way we would love to have such a great open mind on here :)
3:02am BenjaminFalkenrath: There are 2 rules all Lords must remember. #1. Love is the answer, Love is all. Love is the key. #2. Always be kind to Animals because you never know. You could be entertaining angels. An the next time you could be the dog/cat/bird.
3:00am BenjaminFalkenrath: An above all. Love is the answer. That is the meaning of life.
3:00am BenjaminFalkenrath: I enjoyed what you had to say.
2:59am BenjaminFalkenrath: Welcome MG
1:47am teslaavians: mg, i am very interested in hearing more from you as I think we are both on the same page
12:33pm mg: hi, been trying to contact the website admin but can't get a response through the form provided,. Is there someone who can point me in the right direction? thanks very much.
2:46am illuminatiam: hello
6:40pm mg: I am amazed by your passion & very humbled to hear you talk about this white powder gold and what it does because by the time in 1981 I decided to finally dedicate myself to my own research project doing what you discuss with the white gold powder but without using white gold powder, but in a different way which at the moment I am unable to discuss right now. I wrote my research down and years later after realizing that I cannot be afraid to share my research, as it can also very dangerous as well as a blessing, that after reading your article you have changed my mind. Years later in 2000 I had my research verified by a JP as I thought it should at least be verified which were my notes and video recording. But in 2007 my house burnt down. Thankfully, my notes survived and felt so upset that I nearly lost all of my research. I decided to get a bit more active to do something about it, so I applied for a government patent in late 2010 and had a sponsor. The problem with this was that as soon as the patent officer told me that the Queensland government & company offering sponsorship would have the full control over it & that I should seek legal advice before making my final decision, (and have this letter & correspondence), because I was applying for a "government" patent funding, I decided to pull out because I did not want them to control it as they could possibly misuse it. So once again I kept it to myself. For years I have not known what to do with this as it is either a cure or dangerous if done the wrong way as it can be used for warfare, or to destroy the planet or it can do wonderful things and cure the human mind, body and soul and the earth but also time travel and many, many other things which I cannot discuss here. It is both a blessing and a curse, so it is not easy to deal with every time and you must make sure when you do it you do it the right way. I have searched to find people who would be candidates for my projects so that I could pass on my knowledge. I also spoke to some major figures including from America, Andy Navarre, but due to unfortunate circumstances my eldest daughter and her child needed my help and support, who had a horrific experience. Now at the age of 53, after reading your article, you have inspired me to continue it, and not give up and not be so put off by those who could easily misuse it. It is very hard to trust people when there are those who tried to steal it even going to extra lengths to find it. The fact that I am even opening my heart here is a first for me, but it is because of your courage and passion and after reading your article but also how you write to each other with this same faith and love that, you inspired and humbled me to not give up and to continue. I would like to Thank you very deeply because you do care and you are genuine. Because of this, you will be one of the few first to know when I complete my final chapter of the first book but until then, I prefer to remain anonymous. One thing I will say to encourage you is you wrote in your article that some things are only a “theory” and it is only from writings from Assyrian texts and Ancient Egypt that testify to certain things, but I can tell you from my own witness of accounts in my research project, that it is very true. I can also support through my project that the Biblical texts which says that through God, NOTHING is impossible and that I can witness to you that this is actually true, and that the life we live here is but a speck and shadow of a far greater and phenomenal reality which exists. And Forgiveness is the Key, and also the proof of Love and that without this, we cannot see, hear, think understand or even enter into the truth or sincerely seek it. Yours Most Gratefully, from a very humbled person by your passion and courage and not being afraid to talk about it. Thank you, and God bless you.
1:45pm UN.i1-PHI: ?
1:44pm UN.i1-PHI: no really time to chat but the space is faked and the earth is flat, how about that
3:30pm Tarheel: It was a great day to celebrate America's independence from UK/England/great Britain. Hope yours was good.
5:38pm bluesbaby5050: I hope you had a great 4th of July!
5:38pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Tarheel
1:22pm Tarheel: BB in the house!
2:02pm bluesbaby5050: How's it going?
2:02pm bluesbaby5050: Hi there Tarheel!
1:37pm Tarheel: Retorter69...WELCOME aboard. happy to have you.
12:33am Retorter69: Newbie...Glad to be here
11:53am Tarheel: Wheres Uniphi?
11:52am Tarheel: Come and get your love!
10:19pm bluesbaby5050: I hope all is well with you UN. li.
10:16pm bluesbaby5050: Tarheel will be so happy to see you here agsin after a long absents. We welcome you back on TC. ☺.
10:14pm bluesbaby5050: Hello old friend UN. If. I'm so very glad to Welcome you back! We missed you greatly!
2:34pm Tarheel: To all those who stuck it out while waiting for the positive changes, it has begun! And it will continue to get better for a very,very long time to come. Our time has come and darkness is fleeting at an ever-increasing rate.Hhang on and enjoy the rid as it will be a little bumpy but well worth our sacrifices.e
2:29pm Tarheel: Wasssup BB !
2:28pm Tarheel: Rock and Roll with the positive changes and incoming permanent LIGHT !
6:35pm bluesbaby5050: Hi there Tarheel!
5:13pm Tarheel: Hey Evelyn1969...a Woodstock baby ?
3:18am SoleilRising: Hi tarheel
3:17am SoleilRising: Hi evelyn how are you ?
10:30pm Evelyn1969: I'm Evelyn.
7:27pm Evelyn1969: Hello soleilrisen
7:24pm Evelyn1969: :-)
1:50pm Tarheel: Welcome SoleilRisin!
1:45am SoleilRising: Hello
2:46pm Tarheel: Purification of the body is part of the purification of the mind. Good thing letting sugar go,BF!That processed sugar is poison.We work together killing off darkness.
3:48am BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes and yes! Been sleeping more eating less... But definitely drinking more water. I've cut out a lot of soda an sugary crap. I feel a lot better. Tug of war none the less on the battlefront. But killing the negatives with love :)
1:34pm bluesbaby5050: Hello again kwamerica! I see you haven't forgot about us at Truthcontrol. It's been a long time since you've been on our site. 7 years is a long time, and you must of been very busy. We are happy to see your fine. Welcome back!
5:09pm kwamerica: Glad to be back
3:29pm bluesbaby5050: I'm wishing you all good health, and a better future too.
2:38pm bluesbaby5050: As the energies increase.
2:36pm bluesbaby5050: Yes we are all feeling the highs, and the lows. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. Water helps our bodies to adjust to these strong incoming energies. Keep grounded, and eat healthy. Some people will feel the need to increase their food intake, while others will feel like eating less. The same will happen with sleep habits. Remember, what you think is what you will experience. The power to manifestations is stronger as emperors increase.
2:07pm Tarheel: BF,I dunno where you live but Dead and Co. are doin venues across the lower 48 and I think kids get in free if the music/musicianship interests you and Bfs Love.
2:05pm Tarheel: Sounds like you are feeling the LIGHT > dark tug of war, too BF.
6:30am BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm gettin more light than dark now I'd been getting more the other earlier in the last few cycles but things are lookin better recently
6:28am BenjaminFalkenrath: I doubt I will get to go see any bands with the kids in tow but until they are older TH lol an Hello BB5050 An all how was everyone's Fathers day sorry for the in and outs I've been swamped @ work doing a million things @ home an im zapped lol
1:27pm Tarheel: Stop spamming or it will be ?go bye-bye? time,Adam.
1:11am AdamFromParadise: There
1:11am AdamFromParadise: Theew
1:10am AdamFromParadise: Any the r
1:10am AdamFromParadise: Hi
1:10am AdamFromParadise: Ho
2:40pm Tarheel: Dude?
2:40pm Tarheel: Good to see BB and Hd out and about. From the recent forum posts, it appears the incoming LIGHT isnt reaching everyone.
5:50pm bluesbaby5050: Happy early Father's Day to all you Dads out there!
5:49pm bluesbaby5050: Hey there to you as well HD :-)
10:35am HebrianDaniel: hey there
3:07pm bluesbaby5050: Hahahaha! Seems like cartoons lately anyways. Hello to everyone in the chatroom recently!
3:05pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone in the cartoon recently!
1:27pm Tarheel: If you get a chance, GO! It exceeded my expectations and that is a rarity. He is a master of the strings.
9:13pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Awesome TH I've not seen him Live :)
6:31pm Cortnie: Neflheim,Hell / Nephilim, hell
11:28am Tarheel: Ecstatic to say the least,I am.
11:27am Tarheel: Got tickets to ?Dead and Co. with John Mayer on lead guitar! Whoever would have though JM would one day be playin lead for The Dead? Ive seen him play with them and he is a master of the 6-strings.
11:21am Tarheel: Beware of the assclowns (plural) FALSELY promoting occult "wealth" people.It's yet another SCAM.Ignore it until we get the blocks.I have Interpol on the case! Sorry for the brief interruptions.
11:36am Tarheel: Deleted! Im working on blocking their chats too.
1:58am BenjaminFalkenrath: Trying to beat the system. LMAO BLOCK em' DANNO lol
1:58am BenjaminFalkenrath: An he has even taken a portion of my 1st name. What a Jackhole lol Attention seeker.
1:57am BenjaminFalkenrath: Good lord we in a blocker on these slimeballs TH lol
2:52pm Tarheel: Mahi=mahi AND BF came when I left? Maybe I should stay away. Great to see yall.Mahi gets off the boat and heads straight to The Truth! BF pulls a dbl and he's back too. Lets call it a reunion or a comeback tour or something catchy.
5:11am BenjaminFalkenrath: Just doing my once every week or 2 check in lol
5:11am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hi want to join jk lol i'm here TH :)
9:31pm 1treuqnlmy: howdy
6:46pm mahi-mahi91: Hows is everyone doing? Havent been on in a while but its good to see that this site is still going strong.
2:33pm Tarheel: Is there anybody OUT THERE?
2:30pm Tarheel: Is there anybody OUT THERE?
2:28pm Tarheel: BluGhost, Im not sure so check the search feature .
7:55pm Blueghostdev: i was wonder if there was anymore info on this kurs alien race
7:49pm Blueghostdev: hi
2:50pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Tarheel!
2:24pm Tarheel: Ea rolling ! Get your LIGHT, people!
3:57pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone in chat room on this fine Thursday, May 30th, 2018.
3:02pm bluesbaby5050: Hey HD how you been? Fine I hope. Good to see your still with us.
2:46pm bluesbaby5050: Glad to see you back M3RTOM !
2:45pm bluesbaby5050: Hi there Tarheel!
8:35am M3RT0M: Hi all :)
3:50pm bluesbaby5050: Hey thereTarheel, and Chris and to HD! Nice to see you all here today!
3:13pm HebrianDaniel: sup
3:11pm Tarheel: BB up! Looks like Chrishek's been busy,too,
3:06pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to you all. Welcome to all the new members on Truthcontrol, nice to have you here.
1:33pm Tarheel: Happy Memorial Day to all !
2:37pm Tarheel: Good to have our pal HD in the house.
9:36am HebrianDaniel: hello
2:36pm Tarheel: Welcome to "The Never-ending Light Show" ! Open your mind,relax and float downstream.
2:40pm Tarheel: Yo!
1:51pm Tarheel: Quinton has been noticably absent for a while. I'm pretty sure he's at The Royal Wedding. He may have been a groomsman.
10:35pm Tarheel: MAJOR light infusion happening now and started last week. Darkness subsiding.
3:32pm Tarheel: What up?
1:57am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hey
1:40am LoliApolys: Hiya everyone.
11:19am bluesbaby5050: Welcome blackstormy1804. Glad to have you with us. ☺
4:20pm Tarheel: Good to see the other activity.
4:20pm Tarheel: Their forum posts, anyway.Ignore their chats please until I figure out how to delete them.
4:19pm Tarheel: Got rid of those Ill-USION-ati assclowns.
12:50am mr carlos frank: JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES,FAME AND POWERS. Are you a business,Man or woman, politician, musician,pastor,lawyer,actor,actress,banker, and you. want to be rich, powerful and be famous in life. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Great ILLUMINATI brother hood. With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish, if you really want to be a member of the great ILLUMINATI brother hood, Note: newly recruited members are entitled with 600,000 US Dollars , A Golden Ring, that will protect and guild you from enemies, and a free visa to United State Of America . Please will do not share blood. Kindly what app us on +2348169193901 or email us on [email protected]
2:30am BenjaminFalkenrath: Haha
2:30am BenjaminFalkenrath: and here I'm trying to get a promotion
2:29am BenjaminFalkenrath: Anywho how is everyone lol
2:29am BenjaminFalkenrath: it's kind of interesting because this morning she had to do a run but at the same time they wanted her to do another thing so I mean she can't be at two places at the same time and since the other driver they have for this area wasn't able to do what he called off so I helped her out and picked up this other thing so I had to pick up a brain at a mortuary in that was kind of crazy because technically I'm not a driver that works 4 that company I don't have the clearance but... yeah we made it work so I basically got it got to the airport and better at the airport after she did the one job she had to do and then she took care of the paperwork kind of thing it was like so weird I mean I didn't see it or anything but just to know that there was a box in the back of my car and it had a freaking brain in it that was kind of weird as hell LOL she does that kind of crap all the time like 80% of her job is medical Courier type crap
2:26am BenjaminFalkenrath: So yeah my wife has the school driving job and she basically does it 7 days a week it's really hard on her though I mean I mean it is but it isn't it's a lot of work but it's pretty chillax. On the weekends I helped her out by doing a lot of the driving so she's a little more rested I guess you could say.
2:26am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hehe
2:26am BenjaminFalkenrath: and at some point don't have to get me an interview
2:25am BenjaminFalkenrath: An Yup agreed TH I'm just gonna keep being persistent and each time they post another position I'm going to keep applying. Until they get sick of me LOL
2:24am BenjaminFalkenrath: My wife loves her job the newish1 well since last yr she doesn't work the lab anymore she's home more often. Paid twice as much. It's nice.
2:23am BenjaminFalkenrath: Good. An yes BB5050 we are well
2:49pm Tarheel: Once you log in,scroll to the bottom of the page to add a Comment or if you want to reply to someone else's comment, scroll to the bottom of their comment box and when you mouse over Reply, click on it and add your Comment.Happy to have you,WiseAlexia.
9:30pm WiseAlexia3560: How do you add comments
1:59pm bluesbaby5050: Hey there Tarheel! God Job!
1:52pm Tarheel: I unrooted the BS CULT advertisements. I got rid of that crap.
1:51pm Tarheel: You should get or got a hufe extended reply.
3:56pm bluesbaby5050: @ Tarheel, please check your inbox.
3:55pm bluesbaby5050: Hi there Tarheel
3:24pm Tarheel: Wassup BB? Welcome to Catnip and Traider!
11:45pm TRaider: Sorry, hit the wrong keys; KS and KH.
11:43pm TRaider: Hello all; I am new to this site and was expecting an education forum on learning RS and RH, especially Keylontic Science. Where are those texts, books, etc?
2:10pm bluesbaby5050: Hello catnip50, and welcome to our site. I Of course you can join in and chat with anyone on this forum.
12:44pm bluesbaby5050: Let's hope to see Annunaki 77 and Eddie join us soon.
12:43pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to you Tarheel, and to everyone in this forum. Glad to see all of you here.
12:41pm bluesbaby5050: Hello again Ben F. I am I hope you and you and your beautiful family are doing well.
8:56pm catnip50: Hi, can I join the chat?
3:33pm Tarheel: Dont stop until you get it BF.Resolve is a strong point amongst falcons.
2:40am BenjaminFalkenrath: i'll hit my 3 yrs with the co in Aug so I got a raise coming in my future but still how is everyone? TH BB An all :)
2:40am BenjaminFalkenrath: some folks have tried 5 or 6 times until they get one I guess I will keep trying :|
2:40am BenjaminFalkenrath: Sadly of the 300+ Emp an 30 applications an only 3 spots I did not get an interview again...
2:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: I was prepping trying to get a promotion @ work
2:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: Good Lord I have a lot to catch up on haha
4:52pm Tarheel: I think everyone's on vacation, Moonlite.
10:04pm moonlightdragon: Anyone here ?!?
10:04pm moonlightdragon: How about the sign the Soul....?
10:03pm moonlightdragon: Infinity as an 8 on its side
10:03pm moonlightdragon: Fire was used as purity
10:02pm moonlightdragon: Phoenix was used as a symbol of rebirth
9:59pm moonlightdragon: The Dragon was used to symbolize Knowledge and the Phenix
9:57pm moonlightdragon: Has anyone come up with a symbol for Freedom ?
3:32pm Tarheel: more activity over the weekend and I'm gonna have Coach Knight talk to ya'll on Monday. Get busy. Love ya'l l! Tarheel.......OUT
2:37pm Tarheel: Back at ya,Starseed!
7:22pm Starseed52484: LOVE and LIGHT
3:52pm Tarheel: What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000.
10:57pm AudreyReed3: We must Pray for the Seed in Our Minds to grow as We Pray for the Holy Spirit to grow. Only then will our GIFT*S manifest
3:23pm bluesbaby5050: Just good timing Tarheel ☺
3:21pm bluesbaby5050: Who knew you would show up ?
3:02pm Tarheel: I leave and yall decide to throw a party? BF too.
2:56pm Tarheel: HD n BB in the house! Seems like old times. Great to see yall out n about.
2:47pm bluesbaby5050: Im glad to see your still here after all these years.
2:43pm bluesbaby5050: Hello there HD!
8:37am HebrianDaniel: hey everyone hows going?
8:47pm Maffiemaffman: Somewhere i have pictures of monks wearing purple cloaks
8:46pm Maffiemaffman: I added some pics... see if any of you can see whats there... i know what they are... they wernt visable whilst i took the pics but noticed them after... i have alot more on my computer
2:34pm Tarheel: Come out, come out-wherever you are!
10:16am Maffiemaffman: Thanks for accepting me... im going to have a read to catch up
3:36pm Tarheel: 33-.-When I said "he" I meant MichaelAdam
3:01pm Tarheel: 33-I always thought he was a fruitcake and asked him questions he couldnt answer. Beware the false messiahS (plural). My advice is to NOT outsource your salvation.
2:59pm Tarheel: ScorpioVenom`there are many here who would help you and I am all ears if you want to talkin forum,chat or thru private messaging. All humanoids here have an element of reptilian DNA
2:28am 33: Ive been following chat on this site for some time now, and I'm a little concerned about what Michael Adam is claiming to be. I would like Michael Adam to prove that he really does have some deeper insight into things others wouldn't know. Some actual proof which lays beyond his expectation of readers here simply having faith. So I pose this question to him, if you truly are who you are claiming to be, then calculate the number of the Wild Beast for us. Display your answer. If you're unable to do this, then you are not what you're claiming to be. And instead, are fraudulently misleading an entire community who are actually seeking the truth and not some mindless ego driven rabble.
8:01pm ScorpioVenom17: I believe I am a reptilian hybrid from our reptilian ancestors I want to find find someone that I can talk about this with and go over if what I'm feeling and thinking is true I'm not afraid of it I want to embrace my reptilian DNA what my Angelic DNA but is there anybody else out there who believes they are of reptilian DNA
3:11pm Tarheel: Jolly good top~of~the~day to you all.
3:15pm Tarheel: Okay BF...Im gonna have to open a can if you dont show soon.
3:12pm Tarheel: Not as bad as what you've been getting. Actually warmed but supposed to be gsmall amount of snowsky tonight. Ya'll been getting slammed by winter weather. Now that Spring is here,maybe you will get a break.
3:12pm bluesbaby5050: Spring is here this Thursday according to the calendar.
3:10pm bluesbaby5050: Another Nor Easter for my county again!!!!!!# They are weekly now. Hoping for some green grass real soon.
3:08pm bluesbaby5050: I hope those nasty tornadoes missed you.
3:07pm bluesbaby5050: How is the weather in your neck of the woods?
3:00pm Tarheel: Hey Ca, Va here. Great to see you. Could Curacao expand on this claim please?
10:11pm Rwederfoort: A LIGHT WORRIER. :)
10:11pm Rwederfoort: I AM FROM CURACAO, and I am an EARTH ANGEL
10:10pm Rwederfoort: HOW ARE ALL OF YOU TODAY?
7:51am Perfect_lyrian: From Serbia
7:50am Perfect_lyrian: Hello to everyone
12:46pm mrhardwick2018: Good morning from CA
10:29pm Tarheel: Where is everyone?
10:28pm Tarheel: Welcome to Avalon and Anute ! TC exerts it's global stance.
8:35am Avalon: Hi guys Avalon here from Cape Town. Awesome to be able to chat to you all.
4:34am ANUTE: I'm just seeking the truth and becoming a better man
11:44pm Tarheel: Yo! Happy to Aishwary/Lolli/BB?BF and Co about! I wouldnt worry about pics.I assure you there was no venom in the equation.Maybe its a "time warp" or as Anu77 puts it, "quantum time flux". Really great to see all of you active and I am working diligently on trying to be here regularly. I love you all dearly and certainly miss the banter~Tar
11:15pm LOGrGrMa: Hello
8:21pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Good Loli finally got that 2nd car so the Mrs can have hers 4 work I can have mine not that I minded getting up being dropped off like 2 hrs early to work daily JK OK year I did. I'm loving getting to sleep in haha
9:51pm I Akila 84 akilla skills alike a like lililililikilililikiki: Where is the button to unsuscribe
1:52pm bluesbaby5050: It's great to see you here with us. Don't be a stranger. ;)
1:50pm bluesbaby5050: I hope all is well with you in your beautiful country of Russia. :)
1:49pm bluesbaby5050: HELLO Crackdown!!! :)
1:56am Chris: hi blue
3:58am bluesbaby5050: I hope your well. It's good to see you here once again.
3:56am bluesbaby5050: Hello again Chris! :)
12:13am LoliApolys: My falkenrath friend hows it going..i hope all is well
8:14pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Loli I wouldn't worry about it. There are plenty of stuff that goes missing or disappears. Hell. There are stuff that pops up that says I have denied access. I come in from time to time an see whats kicking but I don't post much anymore. lol
5:08pm bluesbaby5050: @LoliApolis, To answer your question why our pictures disappear. Ever since Truthcontrol site was refashioned a couple years ago, many changes took on this site by the owner Quinton. He removed very many of our pictures that went along with our topics. Mine included. If you have a look at my postings I've made many references to my pictures of family trees and pictures of aliens and graphs but now none are there. This has been mentioned by many new and old members because the added information was helpful in explaining the topics. We have never been giving an explanation of WHY this was done. We noticed that Quintons pictures were all still with his. You will have to ask Quinton personally for his decision this is done now. Thanks for asking.
2:02pm AishwaryaIsabella: Hey LoliApolys, I noticed you messaged me on here but I'm unable to open the chat. Sorry :(
4:05am LoliApolys: So curious as to why every pic that I have posted in my threads has disappeared
8:37pm Tarheel: Live and enjoy your own reality but always try to allow for other realities.
10:29am MAZE: I would like to have serious discussions and read serious articles relating to alien life and technology on earth but most of the posts I have seen are just people living out fantasies. can anybody steer me in the right direction please? Thanks.
9:57am MAZE: Hello truth control.
12:00am Tarheel: I'm an amateur skywatcher and every night I watch, I always see something strange.
11:59pm Tarheel: Prop for BB's comment on the sky blocking that;'s going on. I agree.
11:05pm Tarheel: I dislike being away for so long. Great to see some new faces and Im gonna kick BFs butt for skippin out for so long. .
11:02pm Tarheel: Wassup? New peeps about and BB gettin' slammed by the snowsky.
12:01am Sharif sharry ssebadduka: yes that is so right
8:03pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Huggybear11 Welcome to Truthcontrol. Im Glad to know your seeing what many people are also seeing. Your not alone because we are all connected to each other for we are one. ❤
3:44am Huggybear_11: I watch the same thing. Chemtrail spraying causing super synthethic skies, and massize sized planets (dark round objects) hidden behind manmade clouds. Glad to see I'm not alone. At times it feels as much.
6:57pm bluesbaby5050: Yes....I sure will! We often get Chemtrailed alot before it rains and tht same before every snowstorm without fail. It's all done on purpose to hide the many moving outer space objects we can clearly see on many a clear night. And also for depopulation the all around this planet. These chemtrailings are being reported with proof and shown by many people in many countries besides the US.
7:30pm Quinton: Wow, that's quite a bit. Stay warm over there!
4:41pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Quinton! :) I'm expecting 12 inches of snow where I live today
according to our weather experts.
11:53pm Ledetta: hi..sorry I was at work... and thank u
3:57pm Quinton: Welcome to TC :)
3:57pm Quinton: Hello Ledetta
5:08am Ledetta: hello???
8:57pm Ledetta: new join.. I had left a new comment in the " Grails Snakes, and Test Tubes. please read and answer back. thank you..and hello to all
6:12pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Welcome
11:45am Edith Maud: New join
2:26am BenjaminFalkenrath: I may not agree with all he says an does 100% but many on the other side believe I have to 100% agree with the man always that is not the case but I do agree with him more often than not. An enough that I'd rather him than the other choices despite that I hated the choices either way. I do feel we are oding much better than we have in the last 10 years.
2:22am BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree. People only hate Trump because he doesn't hold back. Yeah he is not a politician, He is all Biz. But he doesnt take chit.
2:21am BenjaminFalkenrath: Doing well. Still trying to get a promotion @ work but they keep raising the bar an shifting the mngmt around lol
3:26pm Quinton: Hey BB, I haven't looked into the government shut down but what you are saying wouldn't surprise me in the least.
3:54am bang10: I just found this site I was wondering if anyone knew where I can look to find out about capturing things in my pictures
3:52am bang10: Hello everyone
4:44pm Tarheel: Wassup? the HOUSE ! Hope everyone's '18 is off to a great start.
3:58pm bluesbaby5050: Please feel free to join in.
3:58pm bluesbaby5050: Or anyone else in this forum?
3:56pm bluesbaby5050: What are your thoughts on this Quinton?
3:55pm bluesbaby5050: The demorats are not choosing any of Trumps choices according to news reports. So now we have a government shutdown indefinitely. This is all being blamed on Trump. Actually congress has a March 5th deadline set up last fall. This is just used as an excuse to cause chaos in the US because Trump won the office of President of America and the crooks and criminals in government is scared of justice through Trump for crimes against humanity and this planet.
10:38am In_indigo: What do I do from here on out? Praying for a miracle
9:28am Audrey123: Thanks for the add
3:27pm bluesbaby5050: @BF and your family too.
3:11pm bluesbaby5050: I hope your well.
8:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hi to TH BB Q an all Legit TC-ers by the way. Happy New Year
8:41pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I'm not on here much anymore life has gotten very busy but BB5050 is right. This is getting out of hand.
8:40pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Q are you actively weeding out these spammers lol sans the hilarity it's getting rather annoying.
8:39pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Thank you for the nonsense.
7:40pm dh123lh1: Stay Safe Everyone I added a few Comments to the Thread
When we come alive
I am out for today I am quite sure Ill return :-)
6:38pm dh123lh1: OK I guess nobody else is here for now probably all out performing your daily slavery, Enjoy being Disabled from Ignoring Back problems is no fun Especially when most of my Family are Trump Lovers, I Loathe as I call it since it is simply an object not a Person. IT + "Donnie Dumps A Lot," :-) now doesn't that fit it perfectly
6:32pm dh123lh1: Illuminutts on & off my whole life, I think I got through to them after they sent me their book to scam my way to wealth, well that is what I call it, I read about 10% of it just flipping pages, but today I am glad my very soon to be 54 year old mind is Loosing its perfect recall, its a hell of a thing to have a book make me Glad my Memory is Fading, but it seriously is simply a 5000 or more page book printed on newspaper & close to 3 inches thick that is nothing more than all the different scams you can do to become Uber Wealthy, they even assigned me a Mentor who must have blown off the scaming crap also since I never heard from them, or they simply saw they couldn't sway me from My actual path.
6:27pm dh123lh1: Sup One & All, LOL I actually wasn't going to join this site then I saw the Illuminutty link above from a spammer as someone here called them & I couldn't resist Joining, LOL I have been approached by those I
9:10am azwa: Hello I'm new here
2:38am Milagros torres: Hello to all
5:29pm bluesbaby5050: You spammers are delusional. You keep arriving to this site trying hard to get the awakened to join your club but it won't work here. Your all super materialistic with super egos. Your club is failing and falling all around you.
10:42am Randy Grand: i am so proud of myself, because i am a great man today, well know in the world, rich, famous so if you are also interested to join the illuminati, you are free to join, if you live in America it is free to join the illuminati brotherhood temple, you have to email: [email protected] call or text +15084434778 join the illuminati today and enjoy good life with you and your generation.
4:05pm Quinton: Good morning BB :) Wow, stay warm over there, that sounds really cold.
2:32pm bluesbaby5050: Good morning Quinton. Im waiting for that big blizzard my area is expecting to arrive with 40 to 50mph winds and heavy snow and wind chills down to minus 45 below zero at around 7:00am Eastern standard time Thursday. I hope your fine.
3:45pm bluesbaby5050: @matrixcontimuum sorry for error. Welcome to Truthcontrol.
3:42pm bluesbaby5050: Hello matrixcontinum and welcome.
3:38pm bluesbaby5050: HAPPY NEW YEAR today for 2018 to Everyone on Truthcontrol.
3:01pm matrixcontimuum: hello everyone
8:34am Abhorsen: Hi. I just joined. I am looking to contact a user who commented a year ago. Golythe. Is there any way of doing that?
6:15pm Tarheel: Can you DELETE the previous advertisement for "illuSionati" please?
4:37am stefanvailds: Welcome to the great temple of Illuminati worldwide.All men and women are welcome to join this Temple of Only Success, Respect and Super-Rich Model's DJ and rappers welcome Politicians come and wetness Bring your lovers name only and see the changes Business men and women Students come and clean your future GET OUT OF POVERTY Get off the poverty road and onto the path of prosperity now. If money has been tight and things haven’t been going very well financially, Our Illuminati society will empower you to change your life and live your life to the fullest.Do you want to join the illuminate and become rich and famous?? If yes whats-app me via +19293148822 or email:[email protected]
6:18pm LoliApolys: does anyone know where i can find a copy of the multiverse laws that ets use?
11:56pm Tarheel: Merry Xmas to all ! You people are way cool.
4:55pm bluesbaby5050: To everyone on Truthcontrol,
I hope you all will have a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year too.
11:56pm LongLiveHumanity: its crazy how they kept the lid on everything for so long
11:21am Brakel: helo .its nice to be back. how are all of you
5:00pm Tarheel: Where are the BFs ?
4:49pm Tarheel: Season's Greetings to all!
4:48pm Tarheel: Welcome, MMc !
9:05pm Quinton: Welcome :)
2:31pm marianmcoy: Hi I just joined TruthControl today
4:34pm Blueghostdev: hi
4:20pm HebrianDaniel: if you online
4:20pm HebrianDaniel: here
10:57pm Blueghostdev: is there anyone on to talk to
10:36pm Blueghostdev: hi
9:00pm AishwaryaIsabella: Hi :)
11:44am HebrianDaniel: frequency is not always good idea to mess with
11:24am HebrianDaniel: ^^
11:24am HebrianDaniel: i think we should take it slowly and not tooo fast
11:24am HebrianDaniel: to our society
11:23am HebrianDaniel: but its feel too early
11:23am HebrianDaniel: im still unsure about my awakening experience
11:21am HebrianDaniel: hey people
7:10pm bluesbaby5050: Welcome to all our new members from Truth Control.
6:58pm bluesbaby5050: Hello to everyone on Truth Control. Thank's Quinton. :)
12:41am Quinton: Hello :)
11:21pm Inventio Fortunata: Hi All :D
4:32am Quinton: Chat is fixed everyone :)
12:25am Beatrix: Happy thanksgiving everyone
12:24am Beatrix: I've been usually late however I feel I'm on my way to keel learning about the truth feels like I am on the right track.
12:23am Beatrix: I've joined in!
5:06pm HebrianDaniel: love everyone
11:59pm Tarheel: Sorry we missed you, Rambo. Happy to have you on board.
4:23am Rambo: Well it's nice to have found the feed I'll be checking in
4:23am Rambo: I just joined is anyone here?
11:41pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I finally got a message from him I feel encouraged :)
11:40pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes :)
4:39pm Tarheel: Anu77 is BACK !
4:39pm Tarheel: Cannot access my PMs/email???
1:04pm HebrianDaniel: i am true to myself
1:03pm HebrianDaniel: i have no doubt in it :)
1:03pm HebrianDaniel: i am hermes
1:03pm HebrianDaniel: i am the Messenger of gods
1:03pm HebrianDaniel: all i need is your faith in me
1:03pm HebrianDaniel: is it time to enlight this planet
1:03pm HebrianDaniel: Your welcome
9:23pm Manufer: Thank you
10:26am HebrianDaniel: feeling so lonely
10:26am HebrianDaniel: Atlantis where are you? :(
7:54am HebrianDaniel: Elysium
7:54am HebrianDaniel: Kithara
7:54am HebrianDaniel: Harmosa Para Encontrar
7:50am HebrianDaniel: ifyou want to ascend gaia
7:50am HebrianDaniel: keep me in the light
7:50am HebrianDaniel: that im hermes
7:50am HebrianDaniel: i always felt it
7:50am HebrianDaniel: i am Hermes
7:50am HebrianDaniel: my life has turnedb ack to me
7:50am HebrianDaniel: i was angel of death
7:50am HebrianDaniel: i reaped so many souls ;(
7:49am HebrianDaniel: i have awakened from long slumber
7:49am HebrianDaniel: dawned
7:49am HebrianDaniel: when aquarius dawne
7:48am HebrianDaniel: and my Caduseus
7:48am HebrianDaniel: winged shoes
7:48am HebrianDaniel: i have lostmy winged cap
7:48am HebrianDaniel: im feeling so lonley
7:48am HebrianDaniel: please help me bring atlantis back
7:48am HebrianDaniel: i have finally know who i am
7:47am HebrianDaniel: good day
4:26am BenjaminFalkenrath: Ok! So, I can only get on the home PC haha an my busted phone sometimes lol
4:25am BenjaminFalkenrath: fritz*
4:25am BenjaminFalkenrath: since I broke my phone an my router was on the frintz
4:25am BenjaminFalkenrath: Guys my Work has blocked TC from their work computers
1:03pm bluesbaby5050: Hello and welcome greygrey59.
3:02am greygrey59: Hello world
11:58pm Tarheel: Where's BF & BFsLove ? Remodeling the hamster cage again?
11:57pm Tarheel: And a Happy Thxgvg to bb & all our pals @ !
1:49pm bluesbaby5050: Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone everyday!
5:24am Nstjr: Who is on
5:08am Nstjr: Hi Alice
5:04am Nstjr: Hi
5:03am Nstjr: Hi
4:37pm Tarheel: Yo.
12:26pm freedomfighter: oops! temet nosce
12:23pm freedomfighter: tenet notsce
12:21pm freedomfighter: hello?
3:15am cnv23: hey
3:26pm HebrianDaniel: <3
3:26pm HebrianDaniel: Thanks for the game :)
8:04pm HebrianDaniel: IM SUPER SAYAN!!!!
7:41pm HebrianDaniel: ARRHHHGGHGHGHGH
7:40pm HebrianDaniel: what the hell going in my mind!
7:38pm HebrianDaniel: where are you atlantis!!
7:38pm HebrianDaniel: i want to find my home:(
7:38pm HebrianDaniel: im so lonely
7:37pm HebrianDaniel: ;D
7:37pm HebrianDaniel: im HERMES!!!
7:37pm HebrianDaniel: im combining ;D
3:39pm Tarheel: A hive mind, HD? Consciously I would agree. Subconsciously I do not. Peace !
2:27am HebrianDaniel: hello Enlightened :)
5:36pm HebrianDaniel: like kind of simulation
5:36pm HebrianDaniel: its called Matrioshka brain
5:36pm HebrianDaniel: let say 7 billion brains share same brain
5:36pm HebrianDaniel: the reality is in our mind
5:35pm HebrianDaniel: i bealive its linked since Atlantis
7:23am BeyondWonders: Ok then
7:21am BeyondWonders: Hi
6:12am RobertOne: Ok this lost me a bit all the religions are connected all come from Egypt and before that Samaritan empire how is the duality all connected
12:32am Queen of Swords: reality isn't real
7:49pm HebrianDaniel: hey
2:37pm Tarheel: BF...up late "remodeling a guinea pig cage"??? paint/wallpaper or furniture,or both? I had to do a dbl take on that. Good for a wtf moment. Sounds cool tho.
2:35pm Tarheel: More newbies...awesome!
11:17am M3RT0M: Hi all long time
1:39pm HebrianDaniel: ^^
1:38pm HebrianDaniel: have you wondered about reality?
7:24pm nikkiraw: I just finished watching the video " The Dark Side of Chocolate". I had to wait until I stopped crying to type. My life has changed dramatically. I was appalled that all these people that say they are trying to help, when right in front of them is a child in slavery and not one child was removed . These people in high positions are getting paid off. I don't buy diamonds or eat chocolate and many more things. Things that used to seem important just aren't. Everyone is making a buck from someone else's misery!
5:59pm HebrianDaniel: hello
2:18am BenjaminFalkenrath: Welcome
6:15pm bluesbaby5050: Hi Quinton, Would you please correct the reason I can't get into my inbox messages? It's been a while since I've had access to it.Thank your.
5:06pm bluesbaby5050: WelcomeCosmicGasball. Glad to have you here.
4:37am CosmicGasBall: Hi everybody! I just stumbled across this site. I noticed an owl on my way home, started star gazing and then had these visions, started researching what's outside the universe and got here!

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