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freedmftr88: I think any sort of channeling / telepathy is possible

I may not know as of know much on the subject of channeling Aliens in general. However since my Kundalini / Spiritual Awakening since my meet my Twin Flame , I have been given such an increase in my telepathic ability. Before it was just my Twin 9 years before we meet face to face but now I can channel my spirit guides but even non-born spirits and ex-spirits , some surprisingly well known.

I had this psychic friend of mine tell me that how he went about his psychic ability was using his spirit guides for guidance to start with.

So if Aliens can translate to human language, and if the individual has the spiritual ability to channel / telepathy , I say anything is possible. But it depends like spirits themselves , if the certain type of extraterrestrials are of good human friendly energy or not so friendly energy. I heard the same thing when it comes to Black Magick. There's human friendy demons and those who would turn their lives into a living breathing horror movie.

I think it's very interesting.

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