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Terran resistance: @Tarheel

Hope you are not having logging in problems anymore Tarheel especially another 'apparent' person logging into your account, we wouldnt want to confuse you with someone else now would we?

You and bluesbaby5050 seem to have lots of logging in problems, you seem to have so much in COMMON with BLUESBABY5050, coincidence most PROBABLY:


nivine: question

Guys! I really can't get enough from reading, I'm using every available minute in my life trying to get into all this knowledge, I'm not even interested in any sort of other medias. But I got a question, I know that I'm here bz since a long time I've been struggling in dealing with this life, bz I simply dont accept all what is given to us and I know we are so controlled by them. But what is confusing me is that: all the information we have about history and outer planets and others, they are given to us, I mean no matter how far we go, we are still in that box that they are Fucking controling us in. How do we know that these info are true, and especially history, dont u think they rearranged things as they want?.. And I'm sorry if that's a stupid question. __.

nivine: Well your right as usual, But

Well your right as usual, But I just thought no matter how we are correcting information, we are doing this on false original ones! But ofcourse I do believe every single word discussed in this site or by David icky and some others. I dont even believe the way our solar system is organized as these morons told us. I wish we can Start to take actions and do something, years from now we will wish we started today. Such reality is hard to be accepted or analyzed by these stupid brain washed societies.. So we are the only hope!

nivine: Well your right as usual, But

Well your right as usual, But I just thought no matter how we are correcting information, we are doing this on false original ones! But ofcourse I do believe every single word discussed in this site or by David icke and some others. I dont even believe the way our solar system is organized as these morons told us. I wish we can Start to take actions and do something, years from now we will wish we started today. Such reality is hard to be accepted or analyzed by these stupid brain washed societies.. So we are the only hope!

nivine: I couldn't agree more! I'm

I couldn't agree more! I'm glad ive got the chance to part of this group and thank you on helping in making things more clear.. I really wish we can start to Do some actions about this

nivine: thank u

I'm glad that I met all of you.. I consider myself blessed! We have a long road to go on . And yeah I need your support more than you can ever imagine, trust me the societies are so so ignorant and they resist to change,but I will never give up on trying

nivine: reality tastes great

Thank you for confirming, I will be sure to read the previous discussions about this..

nivine: Ofcourse, I'm sure it never

Ofcourse, I'm sure it never even crosses our mind to be involved in bloodshed wars.. our main concern at the very beginning, to use our feelings and love for peace, to search for truth . This what lead us here, We came here to this site, we are not here by mistake, we felt it despite all what is surrounding us.. And according to the way we started, we will use it as a weapon to fight and let the " truth control"

nivine: :d


nivine: Guys thank u for ignoring me :p

I'M really looking forward for ur comments, I just wana be sure if its a non-logic interpretation..
I doubt everything I say, But u guys made me even doubt more .__.

Peace :d

nivine: hello from lebanon :p

I think this needs a totally new forum topic, which I prefer all to participate..
To me, this will get us a lil bit closer, if we know that what a huge diversity we are from the whole wor
ld. What is noteworthy!! Is to show that our differences is not the main issue at all if we let ourselves free from what is controlling us! And if we manage to discuss things among these huge diversity on our 12000 small scale, that's the ultimate proof that we can manage it on a larger scale, which is worldwide.
Bz this is simply is pointing, it's not us.. It's them!

nivine: okay, first secret is gone.. next :p

Come on! Bare with me, I was trying to look like a hero, since the first step needs the bravest :p
Thank u for ruining that :p
Ok, all of the above was a joke :d.. I thought of doing it, bz first I don't think it was an excepted answer. And second of all the first comment did already half the way.. Two or more from totally different countries and absolute different culture and mentality, actually managed to go through the hardest discussions peacefully

nivine: I can't get any luckier:d

I know that you know it's a good idea to suggest . __.
I was getting ur back and create supportive environment full of energy :p
Great job my friend, keep on going :p

nivine: thank you!

I would like to add 1 thing, if they don't have human consciousness, that doesnt mean that they don't have their own one
The exact concept goes between us as humans, and those coming or present on other planets
Yes we have a unlimited consciousness, But they have their own in a different level

nivine: that's us and not life:p

"if u didnt make any mistake, u never tried anything:p " ( forgot who wrote it, my bad .__.)
Don't worry I got ur back again:p
I know they dont have reason or other things that we do have.. That's why we call ourselves "thinking animals" as a differention from others.
But my point wasnt that. Even if we have rational thinking and other things that they lack, that doesn't mean that they don't have their own "world of consciousness" that doesn't need to be based on reason for example, they also have things we don't have, like their way in feeling and sensing things. Scientists now are even trying to get in contact with to get answers from their senses, like what happens after death for example, animals try to express the answer by. Acting in a way that gives hints.
Each creature in this universe got their own level, and each got certain thing that make them distinctive from the other. Some are based on reason, others spiritual, and ect...

nivine: Im so glad that u decided to share that

Well..This is something so touching, i think anyone who will read this will actually feel every word u said
I got no further comment on this, which is something weird,coz its the first time i reply by such a short answer:p
Im really speechless.. Thank u again for sharing, we much appreciate it
Peace :d

nivine: sorry for what?

u know how much i like listening to u, i don't mind even reading them all over again.
Its so hard to put into words what i actually feel about this, its like yes,i feel sorry for what u went through, but at the same time I'm glad how u managed to turn all those struggles into something better which is worth talking about. But again all this made ur moment while sharing it tastes much better.
This made me re-think of how we always consider ourselves knowing life and its difficulties, when we are not even close to what we are supposed to see. And How we always complain about our struggles, instead of actually turn them into something that is worth talking about.

What's noteworthy is that u used the hard way to manage overcoming all this, by deciding to keep your secrets, power, and even the struggles for your own. And decided after all these years the right time and place to share that not only to improve ourselves on how we are supposed to deal with things, but also to go beyond our understanding of life only.

This really took me so much time to think about what to reply :d
Its the first time i feel that despite how flexible i am and into all sorts of subjects, i actually feel that i know nothing :d

I read the comment after 4 hours of posting it, after that it took me some time to put into words what i feel towards this.. and actually its almost 6:30 am right here was hard to holdback the need to reply before sleeping :d


nivine: who cares?

I wonder why ur even care about what they say? If u wana go to that level, they will beat u up with experience. U don't belong to this
U know urself well, and we u know u.. U don't need more than that. I wonder why a person like u with such people around that care and respect u, and u turn around to to 2 people can't control jealousy?

nivine: hahaha

How didn't i see that before? This is too cute to resisttttt! its even hard to resist laughing when looking at it!

It is creating happiness out of nothing!! This really shows that we don't need to own anything to be happy, because happiness is already all around us..its just that people are so busy concentrating on other things

nivine: yes of course i do

Its just people will take the sentence ''seeing is believing'' as a matter of the perception of the eye (that we should even barely rely on)
which totally contradicts the main concept of this sentence,its not what ur eyes need to see in order to believe...It is what u believe in, that u will end up actually seeing!
hope i analyzed that in the right way, and if not, I'm looking forward to listen to u

nivine: knowledge never have an end

Damn all what u said was exactly the same as my explanation:p
Well really thank u, this was so straight forward and easy to understand
Every time i read ur posts i end up asking myself: And u still think u know things?;d
Peace :d

nivine: ouch! :p

My brain hurts after reading this, it's like using every single neural connection available :p

nivine: but!

Great, great, and great again .. Job as usual :d

nivine: hmm,umm,ok :d

Ofcourse it's worth Sharing, it's amazing
I was talking about the content and the value of the information, that take u to another level of thinking, and that's why I said it hurts
it's definitely not about how big the text is..( just thought it's worth mentioning this point)

nivine: I agree

But thats not what I'm talking about, I know that each constitutes a huge variation..
What I'm talking about is the facts and realities that is there, but we don't know about it's preScene. We are not even allowed to know about it.
I wish I can put into words what I mean

UN.i1-PHI: say BB who's really overloading the forum with THAT type of info

you recently posted a thread about from a game yourself and some other weird stuff about the most pierced woman getting married and a man eating its own finger and shit i wouldnt even want to know/see [here!] but you post it because it seems strange ANUS TERRIBLIS so maybe you're also in need of a new category if your posting all THAT stuff wich btw is mostly copied and pasted stuff wich i think should also be segregated in a(nother) way (that maints the category diversion) from people's OWN stuff in threads where people actually start it with writing something themselves, that is original material, these threads are now much harder to find since you copy and pase so much into threads everywhere and tough i now do this also now and then, i find this a pitty for Truthcontrol's threads/materials wich are written by the members themselves because they get mingled between the copied and pasted stuff from other sources, theres a reason why theres a Quote section so for this i would advice to require copy-pasted thread stuff to have an attached mark to the category if the essential material of the thread/topic is aping another website's so people could segregate them while searching/looking for the authentic (that's the word!..) material OF TruthControl('s members)

i guess BB will hate this idea even more because this is all she does so much flooding here and that's what changes truthcontrol havent y'all noticed yet?

UN.i1-PHI: so do i but i dont overload, not everybody likes that much COPYZ

sure truthcontrol should be for interresting/informative/important that is unusual, but theres a clear distinction between authentic and copied material itself that people may prefer to distinct from in their search, oh wait... im never drunk but it's not so clear here anymore and now that is the point,
and those articles about that weird stuff you posted recently i meant when i mentioned them, were rather fetish not to be confused with posting important or essential information that truthcontrol strives for... and i think not only i would like distinction betwixt COPYZ threads

why you talk about getting drunk on the forum to me while that's not me if ya looking for that just to say it you must talk to someone else that actually does that, not me

Underthestars8: Saami Alien Humanoids

I read your posting about Saami people coming from the Barnard Star about 6 light years away, can you tell me any more info about this? Where did you get that info?

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