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The anomaly is explained when we understand the common Atonist (Egyptian) origins of Judaism and Freemasonry. The most illustrious rabbi in Frankfurt, Zvi Hirsch was, along with Rothschild agent Sigismund Geisenheimer, the chief founder of the lodge that had members from almost every powerful Jewish banking family in Frankfurt. Author Eustace Mullins reveals that the lodge, that was closely connected with the Paris Sanhedrin, was made up of members from the Rothschild, Adler, Speyer, Hanuer, and Goldschmidt families. A little more research reveals that Duke Carl von Hessen of the aristocratic "Black Nobility" family of Schleswig was the head of all German masonry at the time. Gentiles might want, then, to question why such a nobleman would be doing heading masonic lodges made up of powerful Jews. Again, the anomaly is explained once we know the Atonist connections between European royals and oriental occultists. Powerful Atonist Jews enjoyed close occult affiliation not only with members of European royalty but also with the Vatican. The Jewish families of repute undertook those deeds that the Vatican was loath to execute for the sake of its image and reputation. For service rendered the Jewish families were well rewarded. Their Jewishness is little more than a cunning and necessary camouflage.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

Also of the black nobility were the Dukes of Normandy, the Angevins and Plantagenets, who became the Tudor and Stuart kings of England, the Saxe-Coburgs and the Wittelsbachs

Eustace Mullins / <cite>Curse of Canaan (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

The hybrid progeny of the original fully alien masters could also eventually reproduce both sexually and genetically. Many dynasties and their tyrannical “royal” lines and leaders owe their existence to this, as a close study of their symbolism, deeds, and history reveals. This is the origin of the royal or “holy bloodlines,” like the Merovingians, Hapsburgs, Hanoverians, and Guelphs (Windsors).

Michael Tsarion / <cite>Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation</cite>

‘Privatisation’ is Brotherhood-speak for the transfer of power from Black Nobility via government agency to Black Nobility via direct ownership.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

William of Orange, William III, died in 1702. He and his wife, Mary, left no heirs and so Mary’s sister, Anne, became queen. Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs because although she had 17 children by her husband, George of Denmark, she survived them all. In 1714 the scene was set for the takeover of the British Crown by the German Black Nobility family, the Hanovers. They were closely connected with the House of Hesse which would become the launch pad for the House of Rothschild. The first Hanoverian king was George I. He couldn’t even speak English and refused to learn. He began life as minor German nobility, a great grandson of the infamous James I, and ended it as King of Great Britain.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

Other central banks had already been created by the reptile-Aryan Black Nobility branches. They were the Bank of Amsterdam (1609), Bank of Hamburg (1619) and the Bank of Sweden (1661), but the Bank of England was the jewel. They were designed to lend those governments money that did not exist and charge them (the people through taxation) interest on the debt. The greater the debt the greater the interest and therefore the greater the taxation.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

The reptile-Aryans of Venice married into the nobility, bought themselves titles, and simply invented others. As a result, from around 1171, they became known throughout Europe as the ‘Black Nobility’. Once again the Phoenicians (or rather the reptile-Phoenicians) became the aristocracy...

...The surviving royal families in Europe are the reptile bloodline of this Black Nobility, including Britain’s House of Windsor. This is why these royal houses, including the Windsors, are rife with Satanism and fundamentally connected with Freemasonry and other Elite secret societies...

The Black Nobility established close relationships with the bloodline families of Britain and they were behind the invasion in 1066 by another branch of their ‘family’, the Normans of William the Conqueror and the St Clairs, a family of Viking descent. Once again the Black Nobility married into the British aristocratic families, awarded themselves titles, or invented them out of nothing. Two families were especially important in the Black Nobility takeover of Britain, the Savoys and the Estes. The Savoys (after which the famous London hotel is named) ruled Italy from 1146 to 1945 and the Estes ruled the region called Ferrara from the ilOOs until 1860 when Italy became one country. There are countless examples of how the Black Nobility infiltrated and took over Britain. Eleanor, the daughter of Peter, the ninth Count of Savoy, married the English king, Henry III. Peter ‘Savoy’, the Black Nobility count, was given large estates in England by Henry after he married his daughter and this included the title of the Earl of Richmond. From this foothold the Black Nobility count, now the Earl of Richmond, arranged a series of other marriages between the Black Nobility and the English aristocracy. His younger brother, Boniface, was even made Archbishop of Canterbury! The Black Nobility have been controlling the Church of England for centuries, indeed from the start, and today one of their most active representatives, Queen Elizabeth II, is still the official head of the Church. The Black Nobility bloodlines are reptilian full-bloods and crossbreeds and pure Babylonian Brotherhood. They seized the reins of power in Europe to take their Agenda into another stage. The founders of the European royal houses, many of which continue to this day, were Rupert, the Count of Nassau, and Christian, Count of Oldenbourg. Both lived in the 11th and 12th centuries, the very period when the Black Nobility-Babylonian Brotherhood launched its plan to control the whole of Europe. From Rupert came the Hesse-Darmstadt and Hesse-Cassal lines, the Dukes of Luxembourg, the Battenborgs/ Battenbergs (later Mountbattens), the Prince of Orange and Nassau, and the Kings of the Netherlands. From Christian came the Kings of Denmark and Norway, the Schleswig-Holstein line and the Hanovers, who became Kings of England. It was from the Hanovers that the present House of Windsor is derived. Other Black Nobility-reptile bloodlines included the Dukes of Normandy (like William the Conqueror, hence their support for him and the St Clairs), the Saxe-Coburgs (another Windsor bloodline), and the Plantagenets who produced the Tudor and Stuart monarchs of England. Here you see how the English aristocracy and the monarchs on the English throne have in fact been the Black Nobility. The Scottish nobility, the clans and the ruling aristocratic families like the St Clairs, the Bruces and others I have mentioned, are also the Black Nobility in disguise, the reptile-Aryans from the ancient world. Of course they fight among themselves for power and many of them will not be aware of who they are and what is controlling them, but they are the same Anunnaki-reptilian bloodlines and invariably find themselves in the positions of royal, religious and political power.

Many of today’s most famous financial and business families are members of the Black Nobility lines of the Babylonian Brotherhood. The Warburg banking dynasty is in fact of the Abraham del Banco family, the biggest banking family in Venice when the city was at the height of its powers and influence. The Agnelli family, famous for the car giant, Fiat (remember fiat money?), is another of these Black Nobility bloodlines. This is why the Agnellis control Italy and dictate to its governments. Another of the most powerful Black Nobility families of Venice were the de Medicis and it was they who sponsored the journey of Christopher Columbus to ‘discover’ the Americas. The reason for that will become clear soon. The de Medicis also sponsored the artist, Leonardo da Vinci, a leading initiate of the secret society network. Da Vinci was able to predict some of the future development of technology because he knew what most of the public were not allowed to know. His famous depiction of the man within the circle was symbolic of the golden mean geometry on which the major sacred sites of the world are designed and located.

The influence of the Black Nobility expanded northwards into Germany and it is from this stream that the British royal family, the House of Windsor, originates. Until they changed their name in 1917, they were called the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, a German royal line going back to the Black Nobility of Venice-Lombardy and beyond that to Babylon. The Windsors are reptilian full-bloods and they know it. When the Black Nobility expanded into Germany, the del Banco family of Venice became known as the Warburgs. Although they claim to be Jewish, the Warburgs are in fact a reptile-Aryan bloodline. This explains why they became bankers to Adolph Hitler and why other reptile-Aryan families like the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish while funding and supporting people like Hitler. (See .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free for the detailed background to this.) In 1998 while on a speaking tour of South Africa, I was invited to have a private meeting with P. W. Botha, the President of South Africa during the 1980s, who wished to give me information about who controls that country. He told me that during his presidency he was asked to host a delegation of the English Rothschilds in Cape Town. At that meeting they told him that money which once belonged to German Jews was sitting in Swiss bank accounts and it was available for investment in South Africa if they could agree an interest rate. Botha said he was outraged and refused to play. But this was the money that has been recently located in Swiss banks and was stolen from the Jews who suffered under Hitler. The Rothschilds have been lending it and making money from it since the war. That, my friends, is what the Rothschilds think of Jewish people and yet to expose the Rothschilds is to be branded ‘anti-Semitic’ by both Jewish people who have no idea how they are being manipulated, and by the self-righteous, self-indulgent ‘Robot Radicals’, better known as the political left. For a definition of how the ‘left’ think and behave, see any definition of how the political ‘right’ think and behave. The Rothschilds were formerly known as the Bauers, one of the most famous occult families of Middle Ages Germany, and they originate not from Israel, but the Caucasus Mountains. They are shape-shifting reptilians hiding behind human form. The Elite Brotherhood families change their names from time to time to ensure that people won’t realize that the same bloodlines holding the positions of power weave their way through history.

The Black Nobility made its centre for a time in Amsterdam. Again many of them claimed to be Jews, but they were not, they were Aryan bloodlines which had journeyed there by various routes. Some originated from the Phoenician-Venetians and some were the Khazar Aryans from the Caucasus Mountains where their ancestors had mass converted to Judaism in the 8th century. What we call Judaism is just another offshoot of the Sun religion of the Aryans, as is Christianity. The leadership in Amsterdam was the successors to the black magicians of Babylon.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

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