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There appears to be much subtle conditioning that has helped prepare Earth people for certain aliens. However, it is now clear the aliens that have made technology available to the secret government are not benevolent but are our enemies, as they do the abductions, lie, deceive, are generally malevolent and are apparently implementing a very carefully planned covert invasion which includes the brutal and inhumane use of humans and animals for advanced genetic experimentation and crossbreeding.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX II</cite>

Bo Gritz, one of America’s most decorated heroes, recently wrote a book called “A Nation Betrayed”. In it he details that when he went over to Southeast Asia to investigate the POW problem, he discovered that the United States Government is the largest purchaser and distributor of heroin and cocaine in the world.

Primarily, the CIA and the Delta security forces (sponsored by the National Reconnaissance Office at Fort Carson, Colorado ) are involved. The process appears to serve two purposes:

1. To eliminate weaker elements of society
2. To provide funds for alien-related and space projects

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX II</cite>

At one of the meetings between the government and the EBAN, as they called themselves, a treaty was negotiated. The government was aware that the EBAN had a part to play in both the mutilations and the abductions, and probably hoped to find a way to eventually stem the tide of these activities. The EBAN told the government that their abductions of humans were for medical examination purposes. It wasn’t until later that the government realized that the EBAN were lying to them.

The agreement was made, and contained some of the following provisions:

  1. The United States would not reveal alien presence and would not interfere with alien operations.
  2. The United States would allow the aliens to maintain underground bases. Old AEC underground facilities were some of the initial facilities to be offered, although larger facilities were built at 26 locations around the southwest.
  3. The United States would allow the aliens to abduct its citizens on a periodic and limited basis for medical examination, providing that the people were returned unharmed and without memory of the interaction.
  4. The aliens would furnish a periodic list of abductees. This list would be reviewed by the National Security Council.
  5. The aliens would provide the United States with technology in beam weaponry, gravitational propulsion and mind control and implant technology. (Implant technology was in use as early as 1964 and legalized in Sweden by Olaf Palme)
Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX II</cite>

In 1952, the government created several special agencies to help with the problem. The National Security Agency (NSA) was created especially to deal with the aliens. Together with the NSA and the CIA, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and Delta Security forces completely took over all aspects of alien and disk interaction.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX II</cite>

It is estimated that the government has had in its possession at least 35 disks and 131 alien bodies over the last 45 years. They also have captured several live entities.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX II</cite>

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