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Reproducing Billy Meier's film & Photographic evidence.

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Billy Meier May Be Right

The One Man Conspiracy of Billy Meier

Billy Meier Is A Good Guy, But It Doesn't Quite Add Up

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charliesteinslager: After seeing the wedding cake

After seeing the wedding cake photo, I'm having an extremely hard time taking Billy Meier seriously. However, although I think ppl like him and Steven Collier are frauds, they are doing some good sicne they're getting the word out that aliens and UFOs exist, even if their "knowledge" might not be that legitimate. It's a nice thought that the gov will eventually pull their head out of their ass and disclose UFOs, but I don't see them doing it any time soon. Considering that knowledge is power, it's no shocking at all that an over bloated ego conglomerate such as the US government would do everything in its power to keep that knowledge from spreading. All they would get for it is prob three things: less power from the knowledge they just gave up, less power from an already distrustful gov now taking them even less seriously because they've been lied to for over half a century, and less power due to the destabilization of the country from the discreditably of religious ideologies, scientific theories, etc. It could be that I'm just being cynical, but my friend was claiming that he was being repeatedly abducted by a group of greys from his home in Colorado. He eventually got actual evidence of it from his home security system (I saved copies of them ;) here and here, adt alarm system pics ). Not more than a week after he started uploading this pic on the internet, his ISP just stopped giving him service. Gov trying to cover this up maybe? I don't doubt it at all.

UN.i1-PHI: what?! who's hat is that?

i agree, hop along get on board people, that sure looks like one of dem authentic advanced aerodynamic flying... tinfoil-hats!
oh wait it's billy's chrome sombrero...
siriusly... who can still take this seriously...

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