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UN.i1-PHI: but that does not mean it should be flipped the other way

so that the feminines would become the 'dominant' ones surpressing the male
i agree the surpressed feminine aspects should rise back again, but not take over again
its about balancing them both properly to harmony
humanity have been strategically&tactically conditioned by malevolant forces manipulating them in such ways to divide them and fight/conflict eachother, blaming man or woman does not solve the problem, making them understanding it properly to unite and change their ways is the solution, an offensive approach/re-action may spoil their concurrance towards you and the subject/topic

BenjaminFalkenrath: The Fall

I personally believe based on my own experiences and remembrances of the even. That the fall it self, an the fall of Lucifer an his angels; were an occurrence that happened in order to balance the light & the dark. One must go back way back prior in time which there had previously been a balance. What had occurred is that during the development on earth a shift happened.
This shift happened because a particular individual (Jehovah) had the grand idea to introduce a higher percentage of discomfort by means of a level of darkness not to exceed 2%. This experiment got out of hand. An Jehovah refused to see that it was spiraling out of control an refused to accept help!
This caused an imbalance an the dark/light was like a switch going on an off. As the light was on, everything in the non-physical realms was subjected to this force. Light on would cause an up-force light off would cause falling.
Connect the dots, an you see the darkness caused the fall. Lucifer was a high profile being in which was affected by it. He had to fall along with those who fell with him. An he has to be where he is, because if not there would not be a balance. An he has to be perceived as being EVIL in order to maintain this balance.

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