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bonbonchek: I seem to have no aura

I have met my girlfriend maybe 8 months ago. Once she told me, than in her dreams she can see people as colors. She has this dreams that she can control them, and is in half sleep state all the time.

Today I have asked her about some of people we both now, I wanted to see if she sees auras, and she told me about our friend who is Yellow and one friend who is Blue. I can say the auras match their characters.
Than I asked her about my color, and she told me some people doesn't have color, and that I am one of them.

I am wondering if there are people who can see aura for example through skype, and would like to see me? I have read about no aura case, and I have came to the conclusion I can have Chameleon aura or she is just not skilled enough to see my aura.

Best regards!

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