You Can Predict The Future If You Understand The Plan

I find it extremely hard to believe that after seeing all the complete BS that has been happening the past 10 years (and a lot longer if you know how to read) that people still don't think there is manipulation going on. As David Icke would say, "It's the elephant in the living room".

by Quinton on December 14th, 2008

Is There Any Correlation?

9/11 set the stage to bring the American people into fear. It was shortly switched over to Iraq with bad intelligence of WMDs by the most intelligent government on the world. We then felt the effects of all the leveraged loans and low interest rates with the real estate collapse. And everything led up to the government take over plan for the banks. And we're just getting started.

But I know what you guys are thinking. There is no way 9/11 was connected to the economic collapse. It just couldn't happen. There is no way it could have been planned for the Federal Reserve to pick off all these banks and corporations. Nope, just mere chance.

If that were the case why then were people like David Icke, Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones predicting these very things decades ago? Why do the people that do their homework know what's going to happen 10 - 20 years in advance with extreme precision? Simple, these are not accidents. Everything here is planned and running its course to great accuracy.

The Future

So what's next? Well they are going to bring America down and collapse the dollar. After this they will get us merged with Canada and Mexico via the American Union. They will then make it super convenient and easy for the Amero to take over as the new currency and solve all our problems. The overall goal is to consolidate the whole world into a world government and control the lives of the "cattle". This stuff is written about in their documents and it's no secret, especially these days. While nothing is set in stone and things could change, sadly the people are too confused to know any better and gladly go along to get along as they have done for so long now.

The Source

And yet after seeing all this, majority of people still don't think there is anybody pulling the strings. They think the perfection of this has all come about through chance. The problem is, most people are looking through eyes of the wrong people. If you want to know what a business is going to do you need to talk to the CEO, not the janitor or receptionist.

Confused why nothing ever makes sense? Perhaps it's not supposed to.

And Fox News isn't the CEO, CNN doesn't even come close and the mass media in general is at about as low of a level as it gets. And this is purposefully done to keep you confused to what's really going on in our world. They have all these "experts" who think they know what's going on, and while they may grasp the lower level, they are never going to hit the nail on the head until they grasp the higher level. They're missing the key pieces that only the CEO and his close group of executives know.

These people at the top understand this greatly and that is why you never know what's going on. That is why you think nothing makes sense because it's all just a great distraction put in place to keep you guessing. If you're always confused and on the edge of your seat you will never look for the "real" news. Instead you are fed all this "complex" stuff that only the college students understand. But in reality the big picture is very simple and not confusing at all. But if you want to know what's truly going on you have to look deeper and dig harder.

If you can understand how banks and money works you are getting closer to the truth and more accurate to the future, but you still haven't reached the CEO. The closer you can get to the true management team running the world company then you will finally begin to understand what's really going on as a few researchers who do their homework do.

While 99.99% of this is carried out by people who don't know what is going on and are just doing their job, you have to understand that their job is accomplishing the very tasks that the .01% of people who do know what's going on want. It works just like a large corporation. The few at the top steer the general direction of the boat. Sure all the details will have a life of their own and not be the complete product of the executives at the top, but as long as the main objectives are being completed it makes no difference and actually helps as it creates a great, dynamic deception. While everyone is looking at the lower level trying to figure out what's going on the captains at the higher level are hidden from plain sight.

The Irony

We have more information than ever at our fingertips with the advent of the Internet and yet people still are living in ignorance. People are willingly choosing to allow the government to dictate their lives rather than dictating the government with their lives. This whole thing comes down to hard vs easy. People time and time again choose the easy road. A few will fight the good fight for freedom and prosperity and over time it will all be perverted back to the easy road that many travel. None of this is new, Jesus stated it perfectly:

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.
Matthew 7:13-14

But what good is a verse if people don't know how to read? Oh well, just another day in the United States of Fascism - land of the slave and home of the coward.

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M: You Can Predict The Future If You Understand The Plan

Thank you Quinton
This all reminds me of Noaha's time. Here he was giving out the information, yet so many people laughed and refused to believe it would flood. "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34)

We must keep in mind that the master plan of the advesary is to Keep everyone ingorant to what is going on and not wake the sleeping Giant! Because if they do they know it's all over for them..

Sarah: Understand the plan??

Interesting post, yes we're all screwed in more ways than we even know. I'm trying to find comfort in knowing I'm screwed. It's difficult to determine, Ignorance may be bliss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sarah

sifa0187: My very words to all

ALOHA everyone,

I have spoken similar words such as your post Mr. Quinton to friends and family, before they where not listening and did not care one bit, but some are suddenly asking me allot of question because of the events that has been happening in the past 3-5 years, my wife, my uncles and a few friends. Some are even putting in their ideas of what they think is going on, which to me is great. Every day that passes, I can tell they are some what opening their eyes.

Mahalo (Thank You)

P.S Great post by the way.

kwamerica: They always laugh for they know not the plan

Yes Bro Q, you can really predict the future if you know the plan. Started telling my friends how Evil of all forms is suddenly coming to a complete halt.

And just like Noah, they laugh at you for they know not the plan.

The plan is the creator of the Universe is using Man to solve His problem. His problem is how He confines the energy evil after using it in creating. Like a Carpenter confines his saw after using it to cut and destroy a piece of finest wood for the finest table.

The creator of the Universe did not mince words when He sent Prophets to warn the people to repent. In the end which is now, He is going to rig the game of Life (His own game) so that Good overrides Evil in all spheres.

Think He has been charitable and democratic. So that in the end when He forces all men to think and play to His gallery, no man could complain. Why have you made me like a robot?


inanna17: Medication or Meditation?

I have to remind my self every minute that I am worthy of giving and receiving love. I have always seen and felt things not many people get to experience. I hope as we all come together to find like souls, we can be a catalyst to help others see the infinite magic that awaits them. Adjusting the focus - healing hearts - loving the earth - and removing fear.

PrettyThickDyme_1987: So true

I'm actually just realizing these things since December of last year. My bf and I were going to a Christmas party at a Masonic Temple. I told a friend of mine where I was going and that's when the info came out. And I'm still so curious as to find out more.

keeplooking: This is all very interesting, sorta...

Quinton, I believe you're right about the 99 percent and the 1 percent. And, there is absolutely a plan set forth to control the world by less than 1 percent of its total population. There is so much that people don't know. I believe this little obvious fact is partially because people really don't want to know; being more satisfied in ignorance so long as they and their families are safe, which is understandable. Also, partially, because the truth is not sitting on every street corner like a news stand containing the New York Times.
Since what most of us have known as the beginning of time, man has sought to control his neighbor in one way or another, be it through manipulation or negotiation. If possibly within his means and if necessary, he'll use force. Once enough power is gained through finances and alliances not much will stop this man from attaining his goals.
Yet and still, seldom has the lessor opposed the greater. Yet the possibility remains. Fear and courage divides them all.
No matter corrupt, religious, rich or poor, meek, gay or straight, how many will speak the the truth and stand in the gap against whats wrong for the rights of others?
This small fact will determine whether or not these truths matter at all. Talk is measured by its authenticity, or, lack there of.
I'm excited just to know that this site is even available.
How many will speak out and stand up?

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