Is This World Really A Prison Planet and Soul Trap?

I've heard about this for a while and looked into it greatly and it just doesn't make sense to me for a number of reasons.

First off, we are already in the astral. There isn't a division between this physical reality and the non-physical reality. We are capable of connecting our consciousness with the non-physical at any time. We don't have to be divided or separated from source. So what happens when we die is already happening now. It's just a matter of whether we want to wait until we die to find alignment with it again or whether we want to find alignment right now. So we are already both dead and alive.

This world isn't a trap or prison planet. Yes, I'm familiar with all the material and all the stuff out there about how people say we are trapped on this planet. That's just an easy excuse people use who want to play the victim and avoid taking self responsibility in this life. These are the same people who continue to point the finger at everything that's wrong with the world rather than point their finger at what's right. These are the same people who point out what The Vatican is doing wrong or what the Queen of England is doing wrong or what the Rothschilds are doing wrong. Yet, the whole time all these entities are doing is focusing their energy into this reality. They are creating their reality and we are furthering their reality by giving it energy.

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction then you will know that what you put energy on will grow. And if people continue to put energy on everything that is wrong and all the stuff they don't like then they will continue to get more of it. So if your scenario or planet is a prison then it's something you're bringing to yourself. If somebody is a prisoner or trapped then it is because they have allowed themselves to become that way. With any circumstance we always have the choice of how we react or deal with it. We never ever have to be a prisoner to any circumstance. If we really are connected no scenario can ever have any bearing on whether or not we remain balanced and at peace, ever.

When we lose connectivity with source is when we develop fear and start to bring in all these fear-based beliefs. Believing "avoiding the white light" and things like this is just another religion that people believe because they don't know. We already have access to being dead. We already have access to the white light. Put down the YouTube videos and connect to the "white light" that exists right now this very instant and see what it really is. Don't wait to be dead. Don't put your entire life on hold and feed this belief. Get to the bottom of it right now and discover the reality. If you are unable to then become able to. Stop talking about spirituality and start being it. Because basing your entire life around these religions and beliefs that allow you to play the victim will only keep you where you are. Pointing the finger at somebody else instead of creating your own reality will make you less happy and bring you less joy.

This life here isn't meant to be shitty. This life is an extension of the spiritual world. We created this density to experience contrast and to expand consciousness. So the physical world isn't any worse or better than the non-physical. It is just another extension of it. This experience here is a place for us to explore contrast at a greater level. Things are denser here but that doesn't change any of the laws of the non-physical. We are still living in the non-physical. We are still connected to source energy. We are still beings of infinite creation. We are beings who are eternally expanding, growing and loving all that is.

This current world with all the shit going on still has complete beauty and brilliance. All the shitty things that are happening aren't shitty, they are energy. And energy doesn't take sides. All the stuff that happens that you don't like are things you don't have to participate in. You can't control other people, but you can control yourself. You always have your choice and nobody can take that away. Joy is just a thought away. Creating the most brilliant experience awaits at your fingertips. We control our energy and we are gods with the power to do anything and be anything. The Vatican doesn't have a monopoly on this world. The Reptilians don't have any bearing on me. Alpha Draconis doesn't create my reality. I'm bigger than that. I'm still here creating no matter what anybody else does. You can't stop me. Nobody can.

The people we don't like right now are the people who are being what they want to be. They at least have the balls to live their life the way they want. They at least have the gall to create their own reality. They at least aren't blaming everyone for their life being the way it is, they are creating it the way they want. If you don't agree with rape, murder, black magic, violence and war then stop feeding it. Do what they do and create your own reality. Create, create, create! Stop sitting back and feeding them. Stop being a child blaming everyone and start being an adult who is responsible and able to control their own energy. Create in your own direction. Put your spiritual principles into practice and create what you want. Shape your reality. Because nobody else is going to do it for you.

Sorry but I had to get that off my chest. I just don't buy any of the stuff people write about this world being a prison planet or us being trapped souls or us somehow living in the one planet that happens to be shit. And it has nothing to do with me not wanting to believe it or me being in denial. This belief is based out of fear and being stuck in negative energy. Yes, I understand it and I get what they are saying. But I'm taking it a step further and telling them to move on. Get over it. Grow up. People should focus more on what they want as opposed to what they don't want. We are creators who can bring anything to ourselves. But if people want to create their own prison for themselves then have at it. But you always have the choice of where you want to take your experience. And you never have to be lacking or unhappy. The universe will bring you anything you want. So if you're unhappy then that's what you're asking the universe for. So I ask you, what do you really want? Because anything we want is answered immediately and just a thought away. How spiritual are you really?

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Chris: heres an account of astral projection about the prison planet

and soul trap by a person on youtube who i asked about his experience with breaking out of the matrix.

Hey! I was able to astral project easily as a child, except because I was a child I had no clue what astral projection was! Alot of the time I'd end up staring at the ceiling while trying to fall asleep. I would literally just stare daydream like just above me and within minutes-30 mins depending on how clear my focus was I'd end up seeing a spiraling tunnel with a light at the end of the trail. Now you really don't have to believe me, its really all on you, but I believe I'd always end up traveling through this tunnel and I'd end up the moon. the moon. I believe the Moon is not a planet but a Death Star type of spacecraft. I believe there was a time humans were living on earth with no moon in the sky, and its my soul belief that the moon is actually a reincarnation center where you are tricked to go to the light at death which brings you there, all your emotions and memories from your current life are sucked/siphoned out of you, you are given a life evaluation that focuses on all the bad you've done in your life, then you are given another chance, given a memory swipe, then sent back to earth in a new body to repeat all the shitty earth emotions and life again. When I'd AP to the moon as a child I would always meet and talk to beings who told me I had a mission to complete and this and that and other informative crap. My projection was always controlled* not by me but by a Force. It's only till one night when I saw the spiraling appear infront of me with the tunnel of light did I decide to actually move backwards from the spiral just by thought, and it happened, I merged with my multi-dimensional true self and I was in absolute full control of my experience, I also was always in outer space just beyond the earth. Thats how I started remembering past lives. Every night when the spiralling came I'd 'Will' myself to move backwards from the light, or I'd imagine falling and this would usually always* merge me with my true self. I was able to see my many past lives I've had. Was able to learn telekinesis, was able to space travel and on many occasions left this solar system and traveled different parts of this galaxy. This all came to an abrupt end when I started highschool and lost focus on all my other wordly pleasures. Last time I AP'd was february 22nd 2014, I went to a Victorian era part of Europe, I was a white guy with a sherlock holmes top hat and I was walking with a blonde female. One of the biggest ways I learned AP was by either staring in the dark at the ceiling or conentrating on a body part whilst trying to fall asleep. When I AP'd in Feb 2014 I spent around 40 minutes concentrating on my two legs and how they felt on my bed as I lay trying to fall asleep, this concentration brought me to the Vibrational Stage instantly (the stage where your soul is trying to de-synchronize with your physical body) the entire bed felt like it was shaking from a massive earthquake! I reassured myself everything was going to be alright, and as creepy as this may sound, it felt like 2 hands were placed around my ankles and I was literally pulled off my bed, my soul that is. Everything went dark for a micro second and then I remember being fully concious in a Victorian European type country-village. Horse carrridges and shit, people wearing mostly dark colours, females had dresses they were dragging in the mud, definitely corset type dresses, I asked myself what year it was and I either got 1863 or 1886, I forget which one but one of those numbers came up in white Old English Text when I had initially asked. I ended up ignoring the female who was talking to me and ended up in a hotel opening doors and seeing weird shit in each room, the last door I opened ended my AP and I woke up, but I stayed still and about 20 seconds later the vibrations came again and this time I ended up in a Fully Lucid lifelike dream. To wrap this up! I think for anybody out there, learn to concentrate on a body part while you are falling asleep and if done correctly you should get body vibrations after however long and then AP. Wherever you go in your AP just command yourself to merge with your True Self and I promise you will end up in space, connected to the universe and realizing what infinity feels like! Brother, do not fall for any religion. God, Devil, Buddha, Allah, they are all illusions made by the ones who live in the moon (Heaven above earth=Moon) if you see any light at death it means you believed in some type of religious saviour or religion, if you go to the light you will reincarnate. This is my only life i have remembered what I am* (Infinite), have re merged with my multi dimensional self (on many occasions) and have come to realization we do not need any saviours or bogus gods/external help saving us from this world, we came to this planet on our own free will and we can leave this planet on our own free will! Death is the escape! Welcome it when it comes and do not go with any spirit that tells you to go with them, even if its a lover, our enemies use people who meant much to us in our lives to trap us into reincarnating! Focus on the light within your soul or command yourself to merge with your higher self, leave earth or come back with an armada of spirits to dissemble this matrix prison, free our spirit brothers and sisters and punish the Karmic Lords for the slavery and entrapment of human kind and souls alike!

obsrvantlouie: Scattered message

Like so Q and I have said before; so many 'truths' depend upon your point of view. I like to think of physical existence here as a game or a to learn and and grow.

I can see how another would choose to think of physical existence as a matrix or prison. However, as Quinton already elaborated take the position that life on earth is a prison is saying that you are victim to your circumstances.

To say, life on earth is a school and you will learn and grow and as you please and nothing will stop you from achieving your path.....this attitude takes responsibility for ones self and ones circumstances.

Astral projection isn't as simple as focusing on a vibrating body part and 'wall-la'....come on brah, if that was the case almost everyone would be doing it.

Astral projection requires very little physically and a whole lot mentally.l and emotionally. For the group that subscribes to prison planet mentality - you will rarely if ever reach the astral before physical death.

For the group that says 'impossible is nothing' and declares I am prison to no one ....the astral may be made possible if your higherself deems it necessary in your path.

Another don't just MERGE with your higherself (HS). The HS is not at your beck and call.
You are merely an extension of your HS....along with many many other extensions experiencing life simultaneously. You and I are like toddlers and the HS is the parent......parents are busy and full of responsibility toddlers cannot fathom. So is your HS compared to you.

As I have said before....who are you to bring souls back to free anyone from their experience? Do you think that you know what is best for a toddler versus their own parent? The HS is looking after it's own incarnations and certainly is taking care of them....taking care of them just fine without your or my help.

This is not a prison.....unless you want to be a victim and pretend you have nothing less to learn or nothing less to improve upon. If this is're living in a self imposed prison of your choosing.

LEARN, FORGIVE, BE HUMBLE, HAVE true to you and you will discover a path to freedom and individuality no bars can hold.

western_yogi: I believe everyone can astral project if they practice

For some it may take 20 years or longer from what i have read, for myself i have had a few after 5-6 years of trying. And some may be able to do it right away.

Mine is benign experiences, possibly because i am starting out in it. Just in my home looking at stuff. Seeing a note, pick it up, and the words go all fuzzy. See a 10 dollar bill, pick it up, and it all goes fuzzy and fades away.

As for the higher self experience, I believe that is rarer. Very few experience this, and if they do, they may not realize it till years later. For myself I recalled years later that what I may have had was a higher self experience but I cannot be sure entirely. It was just an experience I had while awake. Late friday night I had to write a paper for a creative writing class. I enjoyed writing so it wasnt work but in a sense a creative experience where in a sense you achieve a bliss of sorts. If you read emily dickenson I believe she describes her writing experience as feeling like the top of her head opened up. For me it was similar but realizing what those words meant, her and my crown chakra opened during the experience of writing.
Long story short, one moment I was writing, feeling the creative juices flowing as I wrote my paper, and relaxed and content and feeling safe, and awake. Next moment it was like I was pulled up into outer space way up high to a place in space who knows where. But there I felt a knowing, joy and peace and oneness all at once. Knowing in that moment everything, and how they all connected and worked. There were no words exchanged, just a feeling and knowing and joy.

Some people say they have chatty experiences with their high self every day, but for me it was not the case. It was once and there were no words or conversations, just a feeling and knowing and peace and joy and wholeness, or oneness. I never felt more at peace than that moment. And I forgot about the experience after a few days after it wore off. And didnt realize it for what it was till years later.

I could be mistaken for what it was, perhaps just an obe while I was conscious. I wasnt even into spirituality at the time., infact if ya asked me i would have been a skeptic at that time if anything. It just kind of happened, awake one moment writing, and whoosh a sensation of being pulled out into outer space to a place of complete oneness, way up in who knows where.

for those trying to out of body, its just practice. you have to focused and relaxed, where you are aware of when you are falling into the sleep state, but being conscious enough to observe it.

for me i try to not focus on anything just letting myself fall asleep. this take patience and discipline to just relax to that point.

also you cant have fears. have to spend time letting go fears and pains and any trauma you may have experienced in life i believe before you can do this. at least this was the case for me.

bsradarison: Paragraphs

Can you PLEASE consider using paragraphs? This is so hard to read, one very very long piece with no breaks. I couldn't wade through it. Paragraphs really help to break up a long text.

Tarheel: Struck a nerve with Quinton, but I agree with him.

I agree with Q-dog whole-heartedly, but I also see how Chris could say what he is saying. The negative frequency generators seek to trap you there and keep you there.
Unfortunately, we are all at different stages in our development. If you subscribe to the prison planet scenario, I promise you there is a cabal that wants you to stay there. You have to make a concerted effort to break away and say "no effin' way will they trap me in that matrix".
Make your own reality, and make it the way you want. We are creators and we don't serve ourselves well by dwelling in negative control matrixes.
By the way, it's cosmic.

bsradarison: Refreshing

AT last, someone who keeps it short and simple. Thank you! All these long texts are screwing with my head and tiring me out. I have believed in this soul trap fear now for a few years and it has made me so depressed and Im now struggling with anxiety and feeling hopeless. Im trying to shake out of it now, I do NOT want to hold on to this belief any longer!! David Icke books started it all for me, and created a whole load of spiritual blackness. I now honestly believe tha he (and others) are unwittingly being used to spread these lies, to keep those of us who are waking up in another trap. The 'guys' as David calls them are nothing more than the same evil ones with the agenda to keep us in spiritual darkness.... I cannot believe I fell for it.

Tarheel: Dont feel alone...

...a lot of us fell for it.
I quickly saw he(DI) was fear-mongering and fled his camp.

obsrvantlouie: Off the chest

Quinton, I'm sure this article felt good to post. It felt good to read. The reason that so many identify with the prison planet scenario is because they "be lie ve" like you say versus discovering and living their own truth. There is also the body identification vs spirit but enough has been said on that elsewhere.

Like the old saying 'YOU ARE'....well, you are what you eat, you are what you read, you are what you watch and you are what you think. If you spend all your time watching youtube videos saying your in a prison planet.....then you will foment a prison planet attitude. Nothing wrong with checking but living here will train your psyche to align to prison planet or war like mentality.

I have said this before.....a good check for the news or reading materials you are absorbing is to observe how the material makes you feel after completion. How do you feel a week later after frequenting a new website or book? If you notice negativity - kick the book or website for something more positive or fun.

If all you read is beforeitsnews or infowars or godlike or whatever then all your points of view will align to the information you are consuming.

Thought is energy and thought creates.....thanks for encouraging people to take control of their thoughts and focus on their life versus what others are doing.

Allowance for others......not judgement, allowance for others choices doesn't mean we have to agree with them; it just means we respect their decision to live as they choose.

Well done Q!

435: Great post Quinton. I agree

Great post Quinton. I agree 100%.

I understand and respect the person who see's differently than I do, but I agree with Quinton's post. Life really is what YOU make it.

If one chooses to "feed" the reverse-polarity, negative energy, or whatever one wishes to call things, than that is their choice. For me- I prefer to walk in Love, truth, integrity, etc.

The world is what you make it, so if you make it a prison, then it's a prison for you. On the other hand, if you make it a loving, joy-filled experience- then that's what you'll get.

pasqualie: It really depends on what you view as reality

In part you are here for experience but this world is one of polarity.

so if your existence or belief is one of body consciousness, then it means you have bought into the external.

if it is experience we are here for its to learn, but also remember who and what we are, and it isnt a meat suit that you live in for 80-100 years.

as for 3d being astral, its more dense so it is not the astral realm. astral realm is less dense.
we all go unconsciously to the astral when we sleep, but many are hindered from getting there and its not easy to do consciously.

my thoughts is focus on yourself, cuz you can only raise your consciousness. or dont if thats what you desire also and be immersed in the external.

you stay in the polarity matrix if you desire of separation and fear, or you can release and get out of that by going inwards to raise your consciousness.

as for what this world is, well it depends on your perspective, but you just gotta look around and see that what is happening isnt for the benefit of all or a heaven on earth.

98 percent are controlled and want to be controlled by 1 percent. they are programmed, they want the goverment to do stuff for them, they want to be told what to do.

they plug into and live in the system that was implemented on earth politically, religiously and socially, all directing everyones emotions from the left brain ego.

its why most dont even know what the ego is or become aware of it in their lifetime cuz they become too programmed by focusing on the external messages that are given to them from media, school, and other people.

so the ego goes around and people experience pain trauma and suffering on this planet. it is a reality, no one gets off without this. and as long as the ego exists and controls the person, well these people will internalize this pain, and put it inside them as frozen pain, fear and negative emotions which they identify themselves with. and as most are programmed they will go through life projecting their pain on others.

its why you gotta cleanse the ego, and release negativity, because its stuck inside you. cuz you will remain in polarity as long as hold those frozen negative emotions inside you, and you identify with it repeating over and over again in your mind unconsciously. every time this happens, it takes more power from you, and you give it more power over you. because you expend alot of energy maintaining your beliefs of these constructs the ego has created of your life, that you are this because this happened, because you identify your life with some past trauma or pain. it keeps you from knowing and finding out your true self. cuz you never go inwards and you are stuck in this external program running about events that happened which revolve around negative emotions, or distracted by negativity in the external world, fearing and picking sides, getting more charged and polarized.

its why i say dont read fear porn, dont pick sides in world politics or local politics, dont focus on the negativity around you. it keeps you in polarity and body consciousness, this includes reading new age stuff about chem trails and other stuff the invokes victimization programming. but some like that also, so they stay stuck in that until the evolve out of it, when they realize that only makes you unhappy and lowers your energy.

pick your own side, release be happy with yourself and what is. go inwards and raise your consciousness.

the game on this planet and universe is about consciousness, so raise it above the mass consciousness of this world and move beyond the polarity.

cuz like i said 98 percent is stuck in mass consciousness. they like it or want it. for some if they got a 12 pack of beer and a big screen tv watching the football game, they dont care what their governments are doing as long as they get that.

so just work on yourself, raise your consciousness and energy and pick your side, not a side someone else is telling you to pick.

ya its not easy and its the road less travelled, its why 98 percent are stuck in mass consciousness, cuz they like polarity or their ego controls em and tells em its gonna take too long or its too much effort.

pasqualie: as well i think your perspective in part

on whether you see alot of beauty and peace and joy depends on where you are born and live on this planet.

for example if you are born in the gaza strip your perspective would be alot different than if you born in north america or europe.

its easy for someone to say stuff about this wonderful world if you born in north america in general, but if you are born in other parts that are being used as proxy or exploited for political or economic gain, then it will be a vastly different perspective.

its just in north america and europe and other western countries, we can look and see past the window dressing portrayed about this world, from relative comfort. in other parts of the world you dont get those options.

M3RT0M: Even though

Even though i learnt to create our own reality, i coudn't escape the Matrix, i feel victimized by it,
the Dualism and negative karma is squeezing me, i feel like a prisoner and got myself stuck in a single room for 2 years coudn't move outside lol. Any advice is appericated, Thank you much.

M3RT0M: By the way

By the way im from India.

M3RT0M: i'll try my best

i'll try my best to keep the positive energy going and not feeling victimized by the matrix ,
Thanks very much for the post.

M3RT0M: why anyone coudn't escape the system/matrix

why anyone coudn't escape the system/matrix because when you go out of your home its full of police, security, the government, guns, roads, cars etc, no matter how hard you try its impossible to escape this reality of enslavement, perhaps hope that someday this will all change or maybe it won't we all have been enslaved by this system/matrix.

Quinton: Your job isn't to change the

Your job isn't to change the world, your job is to change yourself. Focus on what you do have control over, yourself. This is why all the spiritual teachers tell us to look within.

M3RT0M: Even though

Even though in this prison planet we've have to stay positive and wait for things to change.

Chris: the matrix

is currently being destroyed by the sphere alliance alien galaxies group many of the soul traps and forcefileds are being destroyed and the malevolent et forces under ashtar and galactic command have lost soon the matrix within a few years will be gone many souls of people who died recently has left earth freed by the sphere alliance that arrived last year. check these videos.

Different E.T.s

Just perk those ears up and listen. This shit will make your damn day/night.

I forgot to add how Ashtar and Teal had this ritual where they'd blow their loads, while at the exact same time they blew up a planet.
It was part of why they were "in love." They had a genuine interest, and mutual goal, of killing countless others.
Adventures of Teal Swan and Ashtar on their Spaceship
Ashtar Part 2 Space Opera

I get into my first time meeting Ashtar, and cover a lot about him. Including when I was an Ashtar Loyalist.

Chris: derek I understand their dilemma.

Everything and anything they have ever been taught or told is a lie, even to the roots of their own being and what that is.
Every religion, and New Age Belief System is now utilized as a form of control over billions of people.
People's politicians and leaders aren't even from Earth, and know this.
Money and the need for a currency-based economy is a lie.
Educations is a lie.
modern medicine is a lie, and real medicine is held back to make the public suffer with diseases created by the government and E.T.s to make people suffer.
The whole planet is used as a prison for almost 20,000,000,000 souls, with no legitimate way out up until a few years ago.
The WHOLE Universe off of Earth functions in almost the polar opposite way than Earth in almost every single respect.
No one chose to come here, and just about everyone here was brought, against their will, in large interstellar freight ships with boxes of billions of sous stacked on top of each other.
And so on, and so forth.

People aren't going to be comfortable with the completely constructed and delusional concepts they've been taught when about 99% of human information on spirituality and science is entirely inaccurate.
How could they??? IF the whole world saw what I saw at this very moment, I PROMISE 95% of the human population would commit suicide on the spot. I promise this number to be at least 75%, 3/4.
There's nothing "Positive" about humanity or Earth at this time, nothing. This place is literally the worst place to live in the Universe, even in first world countries.

bsradarison: Do you realise what you said?

Quote: "IF the whole world saw what I saw at this very moment, I PROMISE 95% of the human population would commit suicide on the spot". Well that is very important... I thought that too when I woke up.
However, think about this: If what you have realised could do that to people, it seems clear to me that this is precisely what they want! Give us this 'knowledge', this 'awakening' and we will self destruct without further need for them to do anything!! Believing in this matrix, or the fact we are controlled and in a soul trap etc is DESTRUCTIVE to our happiness and spirituality. It is merely another way to keep us in fear and victimhood. Can you see what I mean?
I feel far worse now than I ever did before I 'woke up to truth'. It has made me very ill. How disempowering to believe it is all a trap. I thought the opposite at the time however; I felt it was giving me the chance to be free... to escape it after death. And to escape much of the prison while we still live too. But I was very wrong. All it did was eat away at me, ultimately sending me into deep depression. I wanted to die just so I could escape... DO YOU NOT SEE? THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. IT IS ANOTHER ILLUSION. Lies within lies... tricks and deception. I binned all those books and decided to connect with source each day instead; no beliefs, no questioning or searching. No more driving myself crazy and into ill health with exhaustion trying to 'educate' myself.
My advice: get rid of the books, the webpages, all the new age or metaphysics stuff from your life. Have a purge and live in the moment, enjoy inner peace and create your own bliss. please

Chris: yeah your right

about all the teachings from new age and other stuff that sentence i posted was info i got from a contactee on his prospective but i don,t feel what he said was correct i believe there be a good change in the world one day and people wont just lie down and die after the truth hits them of whatever are reality is.

435: it really is all in how YOU

it really is all in how YOU decide to see it. If you see beauty and are thankful for even the really small things, then life becomes great.

Love and forgiveness is the way to be free- yes even here where people are saying is a "prison planet" and that is what it is for them- a prison. Why? Because thats how they want it.

bsradarison: Not necessarily

I believed until recently that it is all a trap too. But I guess it was due to having a very hard life; very bad health issues and lots of hardship and pain caused me to wonder why. I felt ten times worse after learning the theory that we are all trapped in a soul harvesting trap, how depressing and disempowering it felt!
I did feel that life was just too unfair and it kind of made sense at the time, it explained why the world is the way it is. In the years I believed this, I was more depressed and unwell than ever before; it was slowly destroying my mind and body. I was even suicidally depressed for a couple of years. I kept alive for those who love and need me; I cannot be that cruel to others.
Now Ive snapped out of it and suddenly realised it was all another hoax to keep us depressed and kill our spiritual connection with Source. Boy had I been duped!! However, I did not 'want' to live in a prison, I honestly thought it was true. So I have to disagree on that bit

Quinton: Don't wait for things to

Don't wait for things to change. Be and create what you want right now. The universe is on your side. Anything you desire you can bring to yourself. You need to start your own vortex of creation now. Start with small achievements and continue to grow. Before you know it you will have a tidal wave of energy behind you following your every whim.

M3RT0M: Thanks for your advice

Thanks for your advice i'll try to change myself.

Tarheel: WOW !

"Words Of Wisdom".
It's nice to get a reminder every now & again.
Standing "O" for Q-dog.

pasqualie: My thoughts on new age in general

Any material that spreads fear, or teaches an external saviour coming to you or humanity.

They themselves have an agenda and are spreading polarity as well as victimization programming, and disinformation.

By accepting an external saviour you are allowing yourself to become disempowered and giving your power away.

435: very well said. I agree 100%

very well said. I agree 100%

sdk: Excellent topic ….. I enjoyed

Excellent topic ….. I enjoyed reading everyone's views. I like to think our world is like a school as well. When I was younger I thought I would never want to come back to this world. I thought it cruel and unfair. But now that I'm older I'm realizing it's what you make of it. It's all in your mind. This world can be many different things. It can be a prison, a hell hole, or a paradise. You can create the world you want to live in. All you have to do is believe and strive towards a goal and it somehow materializes. And like obsrvantouie says… have to take responsibility. It's really hard to understand totally, I believe you have to experience it. For example….a simple way to describe it. I always wished I could live in a world where I was helping animals and be part of nature. I live in a subdivision and can't afford to move to the country where I thought I'd be more in tune with nature. So I decided to make the little back garden I have into a smaller version of what I wanted. I have a little pond that has attracted a few frogs, 3 raised veggie gardens, 10 years of planting perennial flowers, a beautiful covered patio and every day I sit and watch with awe at the little squirrel that hangs out with me for peanuts….2 blue jays that squawk to tell me they are in the yard and would like their peanuts as well….a Rabbit gave birth to 3 little bunnies in my garden this spring and I felt very protective. I rescued a mouse from dehydration, and a little robin that was kicked out of it's nest. I watch the endless amount of birds fly back and forth to my feeder always learning something new about their lives. I never noticed the amount of wildlife in my little back yard till lately. I have come to realize that I don't need to move to the country. I can have the kind of life I love right here in the city….I created it and I never realized before that all it took was a thought and a little bit of work and I have what I want. Instead of whining about my misfortune, I decided to appreciate what I had and I am so surprised at how my dream has materialized. Now I don't want to leave. I do understand now that life can be hell or it can be paradise. It all what you believe it to be.

435: awesome to see. Life REALLY

awesome to see. Life REALLY is what you make it. The power of "I-AM" cannot be described accurately.

When you start with the "small" things and see it happen, then work your way up to bigger things, its amazing what we can do when we want to.

Life is beautiful. Life is awesome. Why? Because I-AM wanting it that way. Love is the "key" to the main door of the "building" that has lots of other doors, but LOVE is the main key...

obsrvantlouie: Very cool

A very cool story and thanks for sharing.

pasqualie: From what I have noticed in my own inner work is

There is a big difference in where you focus you awareness even on your body during the day.

Most people i believe go around with their awareness on their stomach, root, or solar plex chakra, if they are not there then they are in their heads.

So most people go around life with their awareness focused on their emotional or mental body which is 3rd dimension corresponding to their 3rd energy fields and chakras.

As you release and move your awareness upwards to the heart chakra or heart, or even your thyroid area, you notice a shift. you are less and less in fear and anger and negativity, the more you focus your awareness in your chest area.

Its really why you feel the negativity and fear in your stomach or solar plex chakra because those are your emotional and mental bodies. If you focus your awareness there all the time, then you will feel alot of ups and downs, because you are living in the past or the future in your thoughts, and not the present moment. And you are not grounded or centered in the present moment.

Its just something i have noticed as i have practiced moving my awareness around during the day and observing where my awareness use to be.

And also if its a habit of having your awareness somewhere for a long time, it will take conscious effort and awareness to keep it somewhere else during the day as well. So it takes practice and work every day. Just like releasing. And it may take some time before you notice a difference, in part because you have not released the negativity and baggage and programming you are carrying around, and also.

435: very informative, and well

very informative, and well said.

It takes conscious effort repeatedly to change where our focus is.


435: I know I've already said this, but..

this article is excellent. It really is awesome.

It should be read more than once in my opinion. I agree 100% with all of it, and I get more out of it everytime I read it.

I think it may have some parts that go "over one's head" and thats why I think it should be read more than once. There is some pretty "high-tech" stuff that Quinton wrote. Good stuff.

Carl-V: Spiritual

I agree with much that you have to say. I don't know how to avoid some things though. I'm in Ohio and it gets cold here. If I sent a copy of your article to the gas company in lieu of a check, what would happen? It's the soul thing that brought me here. I know you don't like youtube, but this is a pretty good vid relating to what you're talking about. It was up for a while and I downloaded it, then yt removed it, so I uploaded it again, I think under the ruse of education.

kingsofpeace: PRISON

All beings who do not know what they are, which is of Whom they are from, remain in various states of prison. They have identified with only the aspects of them that can be imprisoned, and slavery is and always will be a goal of those who wish to enslave. The systematic slavery here is rampant and targets individuals during and especially after their death. But the title is erroneous as there can be no prison for the Awoken, and we have infiltrated even places such as this and will continue to do so.

lucky_charm: I like this article. I agree,

I like this article. I agree, what you put out there is going to come back, so no point in dwelling or being a victim. I'm a firm believer in mind over matter, laws of attraction theory and that I'm more than just a body.
However I can't help and wonder as to how exactly this human form of mine and the planet itself are really something I would choose... if I could choose from anything possible, why in the world would I prefer this form? I mean it's definitely better than anything else on Earth, but iI'm not buying the free will on this one... something is fishy about Earth and human experience.

Quinton: Have you ever chosen a

Have you ever chosen a challenging thing in your life to learn from it? Have you ever faced a hurdle in your life that you are happy you overcame?

Truth And Knowledge: This was very well written and I only have one concern

This is, for the most part, how I see things as well Quinton. Very well written as well sir BUT it also does imply that there is a consciousness out the that stands in opposition to those with good intent. It seems to be something more need to become aware of.

Truth And Knowledge: OR...

Scarier yet, is it something that more are aware of and are using certain others who are unaware to further their agenda by means of deception.

Truth And Knowledge: My appologies

I didn't really consider how vague my post was until I re-read it. I guess my point was that some people must first realize that there are others who do have certain intentions that are contradictory to one's own BUT yes, you are absolutely right, if you don't allow them to bring you down in the first place then they can't stop you. Then I begin to wonder, things like brainwashing done via television, can one over ride this immediately with just this truth or does one need to recognize the threat first?

Conrado Salas Cano: You make good points in theory, Quinton; but the practice...

Your article makes a good point about each of us taking responsibility and starting to create our own realities. Very David Icke.
But I am afraid that, in practice, I am not God. I do not create most of the conditions on the planet where I live. And I don’t think you willfully can alter the trajectories of the stars of Alpha Draconis, although you might be able to effectively say no to being abducted by beings from that system, if push comes to shove.
Maybe Earth is not a prison planet. But this reality, in general, this life, does feel like a prison to me. Fear is not so easy to overcome, especially as I age and start to lose enthusiasm and temerity in life.
Which brings me to the one cardinal that makes life on this Earth a prison: namely, the fact that, except for Mahavatar Babaji and perhaps a few other great singular masters who have managed to transcend the normal human limitations of their bodies (which I suppose they did only after a life of indescribably harsh renunciation), ALL of us senesce after turning 40, and all of us are bound to die one day rather soon, with our hopes, hearts and dreams most likely broken by the cruel juggernaut of life.
The type of bodily immortality suggested by Ray Kurzweil and other “forward-looking” people is not spiritual (and will be at first very expensive). It will not be an accomplishment of one’s Consciousness, and some say it will further trap our souls in this 3-D body.
What kind of paradise planet of “complete beauty and brilliance” is it where lifeforms decay and senesce, and are mercilessly hunted down and devoured for food in an endless struggle for survival? The scary notions of the loosh farm described by Robert Monroe come to mind.
And I have only alluded to the first stumbling block that must be overcome on one’s road to complete spiritual liberation and real Co-Creation: namely, biological ageing. You then have all the other paranormal abilities to master, from bending a spoon (which I still haven’t been able to do), to traversing walls and bi-locating.
Writing this gives me some succor. So I thank you for letting me get this off my chest too here. But then a stack of letters from the bank await me, and addressing them will feel doubly soulless precisely because I have enjoyed this brief respite of soulful succor.
I live in a prison.

Priestess Naama: but look closer, our five

but look closer, our five senses are compromised by the government - all five senses; taste (GMO - we are what we eat), smell (chem trails, inhaled flu mists), sound (entrainment programming ie MK ultra and UHF, ULF, broadcast signal switch 1939), touch (we bath daily in Fluoride and we drink it b/c of our water supply 1945), and lastly sight (Luxottica - manufacturers 80+% of all eyewear such as Ray-ban - think Eisenhower/ military now think VR intel) that's all five basic bodily senses - so of Body, Mind and Soul - our Body has been compromised totally, next in that trifecta is our Minds which if you look around are being affected by the odd (REALLY ODD) manifestations ie Mandela (side) Effect, Flat-Earth conspiracies about a sphere world, or domed earthers convinced - so there goes what we believed was COMMON sense - we no longer agree on so many things - we are already divided and conquered! Our Bodies and our minds are being compromised and assaulted from every direction every waking (sheeply unawakened slumber) moment the only thing left is our Souls and if at one time . . . well if at one time you believed in God but now you don't then have you imagined it is because you have been tricked, dumbed down, medically sedated, chemically altered and genetically modified, programmed with intense military quality and style of targeted delivery - so congrats they win - they programmed you to NOT believe - you can't believe even if you wanted to. but wait oh no it's now what did you say again because I am allowing myself to feel that way? I "feel" enslaved by a dark force equal to something satan would have concocted because of what I put out there . . . hmmm. all the water I drink, and the food in the land is *altered*, so many of us are debt slave to any number of mortgages or school loans meant to keep us tied to any job where we can report our whereabouts every day and not be allowed to leave or take off without permission or advance notice, sounds like I'm not really giving MY permission to allow myself to "feel" this way - none of us are, many, like myself though are waking up, and I am just awake enough now to suspect I might indeed be living back in the days of Pharaoh only now the Pharaoh is the FED pronounced with the same "PH" sound. Read the book, The Original Lie.

Quinton: With everything being so

With everything being so shitty why would you choose to incarnate here?

Priestess Naama: reincarnation continued

I know right, LOL thanks for that sense of humor check - needed it - you're doing great, thanks for letting me "vent" a bit

BenjaminFalkenrath: Q I keep asking my self that

Q I keep asking my self that every time I touch down... Why do I keep coming back? Is there something I love about this place, or is there someone? lol

Priestess Naama: I love being a human being

oh my I love the simplicity of being a human being - just being, I chose to come here now, and I find this more true every day, to see how it all was before the last of the souls left the planet. I didn't understand how so many could WILLINGLY because everyone does have free will - just give up their SOULS. but I wanted to badly to know how one could be so deceived, and I see the ways in which a human is chemically altered, medically castrated, genetically modified, ultimately brainwashed - it's not any human's individual fault - we all agreed to be here at this time to be with one another. At first I thought I was crazy for sure, but you know there are just too many dang signs to doubt anymore. I might as well just confess - I would do it all again - but I would hope that I could learn what I know sooner and I wish that I could have warned more people and would have liked to help them save their souls - because there is a way, I believe Go(o)d would have liked me to have spoken louder. I wish I knew how, now more than ever - because in the battle of Go(o)d versus (d)evil - it is real and it DOES matter. I was afraid, and sad to learn this when I woke up last year (obviously too late; I overslept) - but I'm so glad I didn't realize any of this until this past year - until the last minute, you know, but that is selfish and only for my sake - then i realized how deeply I failed - because I have not been able to reach more people than I have. We are both alive during the last wave of souls born upon this planet, we chose that; once we are no longer organic and we exist digitally or just without human bodies, and have connection to this living planet - where will a soul land, ????? Do you think a soul will land in a machine? in a TRANSHUMAN? We are driving ourselves to extinction. Only pure (d)evil could do that. Transhumanism is that plan to deny new souls to be born on this planet. Well, Unless people like you and me (and so many others) start to put our heads together and . . . no, not fight back, that is not the way, we must first RESIST. I want to join the resistance, start the resistance, do something, please and thank you.

Priestess Naama: Has the earth stopped spinning?

please watch my video - "apologies, disturbing, Proof Earth Stopped Spinning" - tell me what is your educated opinion of the photographic "evidence" that I present - please if it disturbs you - then you must warn others and share this video - I will make another tomorrow - I'm so tired tonight - I wish you and your family peace and gentleness

Tarheel: I think we're okay, at least on that front.

Maybe it was just a bad hangover (joking,PN).
Have a good day !

bluesbaby5050: Has the Earth Stopped Spinning?

If the Earth stopped spinning there would not be any sun rise or sun sets. It would be either complete daytime or complete night time depending on what location your living at. Everyone would notice this for sure. Im located northeast USA and I have both here, because the earth is still rotating at this time and date.

ew0054: An anchor or grounding point for reality

I was thinking about this recently, and was in the "prison planet" mindset. Then I had the following realization in a more positive way.

In this world, if we want to create things, we need to manipulate matter directly. In the astral plane, maybe this is a dream state or not, we just think about something and experience it.

So now think about lucid dreaming taken to the next level and what problems we may have if our conscious or unconscious mind "runs away" with something. You may accidentally create a hell for yourself with no way to escape.

But because our souls are anchored to this planet for when we wake up, we have a built-in safety mechanism that pulls us back to the static reality. It is not a prison, but a safeguard against runaway scenarios.

I think too much dependence on science and technology has brought many of us away from the ability to have vivid, creative dreams and mental experiences. So we are more focused on creating things in the physical plane and forget how to access the astral plane. This is how we have become "stuck" here.

bsradarison: I was duped, suckered in...

I believed until recently that it is all a trap. The whole 'we are living in a matrix created by evil entities who want to use us and feed off us, and the white light is just a trick to dupe us into reincarnation' crap. I really believed this. But I guess it was due to having a very hard life; many serious and chronic health issues right from birth, and lots of hardship and pain. I spent my life searching as to why that may be.

I felt ten times worse after learning the theory that we are all trapped in a soul harvesting trap, how depressing and disempowering it felt! The pandoras' box opened when I started getting into David Icke a long time ago.. and from there the rabbit hole opened and down I slid. Oh boy did I go deep.
I did feel that life was just too unfair and this theory made sense at the time, it seemed to explain why the world is the way it is; why there is such cruelty and injustice.

In the years I believed this, I became really depressed and unwell ; it was slowly destroying my mind and body. All the physical suffereing Id endured hadnt broken my spirit, but this was doing! I was even suicidally depressed for a couple of years. I kept alive for those who love and need me; I could not be that cruel to others so I forced myself to live despite being desperate for an end to it all.
Thanks to something someone said on here, (yes :) lol) I had an epiphany and suddenly realised it was all another hoax to keep us depressed and kill our spiritual connection with Source. Wow... I thought I was awake but now I just REALLY woke up!

Boy had I been duped!! I did not 'want' to live in a prison, I honestly thought it was true. I was not playing victim, in fact I was relieved that I had the chance to save my soul after I die! I thought "they're not wiping my memories... I aint coming back".... But instead of feeling empowered I couldn't shake the hopelessness of living in this horrific sci-fi movie of a system. Thank goodness I found this site. Just a few short comments really hit home. Thank you...

Gabev: how many letters....

how many letters....

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