Is The World Completely Controlled By A Small Group of People?

by Quinton on September 24th, 2009

The question is always brought up about whether or not the world really is under complete control and if so by who? I am of the current opinion that the world is pretty much under complete control. From what I've researched America was one of the first "experiments" to break out and establish its own sovereignty, but over the past 200 years that has been slowly recaptured to where the deal was pretty much sealed in 1933 with the phrase "Annuit Coeptis" being introduced on our inflatable offshore FIAT Federal Reserve notes. People always bring up nations like China and Russian and say that they are not part of this grand conspiracy and while I can understand that reasoning I find there are other ways to look at this.

If the year was 1790 and I was Britain and I had just had my ass handed to me by those Americans who would be the biggest problem to me? Would it be China, would it be Russia or would it be America? Which one of these nations would go on to excel in morality, ethics and discipline for the next 200 years? Which nation led the world in establishing freedom and liberty for all? Which nation explicitly created a Constitution designed to keep out tyranny? And which nation held the biggest threat to King George III? I don't think it was China or Russia. If Britain wanted to take down China or Russia at any time they could have and maybe they already have. America, being the strongest nation with a unique Constitution and a quality group of people was the nation that had to be conquered.

If you were Britain how would you set your priorities? Would you go for China or Russia and leave America to further itself as a world superpower or would you do something about America before it did something about you? If I was Britain I would work on bringing down America as soon as possible. If you are able to conquer your biggest problem first the others will be a walk in the park. And so that is what they did. Bit by bit Britain strategically regained their "Virginia Company" and showed Americans that they didn't quite have what it took to be a free people.

And because America has been recaptured it leads me to believe that some group really does have complete control. If you can infiltrate the best nation in the world then you can most likely infiltrate a lesser nation with much greater ease.

These days people in other nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Australia look down on "United States citizens" as being stupid, greedy and gullible. And they are exactly right. Over the past few hundred years we have been the main target for manipulation. We have had an all out silent war on our people and for the most part we have lost the fight. We are left with a population of people who are 180 degrees the opposite of the George Washingtons and the Thomas Jeffersons of our nation's roots.

Now don't forget, on top of all this you still have all the history of what has really happened such as America and Russia sharing technology during the space program. And then you have America sending its industries off to China. Why would America sell itself out to China if it didn't have a plan behind it?

I just wonder how things will look once the focus is taken off of America and onto another group of people. The superpower has been taken down and now everything else should fall right into place. We'll see what happens as this is simply my opinion. Maybe China and Russia have a trick up their sleeves. I just can't see it because if I was Britain I would have set my priorities straight and it appears they have done so.

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