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Upon the Father finishing molding the dust, He breathed into Adam’s nostrils and Adam became a living being. Genesis 2:7. Adam became just like the Father in all spheres. However, in forming Eve, the Father used the rib of Adam which already had the breath of life in it to form her. The formation of Eve from Adam’s rib could be likened to 20th century Cloning Principle. Making a living one from an already living tissues. There were therefore 2 distinct people in the garden. From here we are going to know the main classification of man. The Breath Status of a Human is the yardstick for determining Truth.

Humans are not classified according to age, sex, colour, or race but according to the origin of their source of breath. What does this mean? Adam drew his breath of life directly from God and Eve drew her breath of life indirectly from God but directly from Adam. This is where the binary codes started. From here we shall be looking at the Human Binary Code. Adam had the code 0 and Eve had 01 to depict their source of breath. Nevertheless there were 6 different classes of people in the Garden using The Breath Status, Gender and Marital Status as benchmarks.

First was the Breath Status of Adam who was an (Orphan), second was the Breath Status of Eve who was a (Non-Orphan), third was Gender of Adam who was a (Man or Male), fourth was based on the Gender of Eve who was a (Woman or Female) and Lastly was based on the Marital Status of Adam who became a (Husband) and then was Eve who became a (Wife).

Adam : , ,
Eve : , ,

Most discourse on the Garden of Eden setup had myopically being centered on the Man – Woman, Husband -Wife characters or better still Gender and Marriage standpoints which had time and again not been able to prove Truth. For using these yardstick falls short to understanding thereby giving a derivative of truth .The source or origin of breath of the characters is the only constant variable to prove truth.

The whole game is played around Adam as the major player not because he was a man but because he drew his breath of life directly from God that made him just like God, an Orphan (One who has neither a Father nor a Mother). So this is what the Holy One of Israel did. He placed an Orphan on Earth and put a code on him. In the science world the properties of a matter is all one needs to know about that matter.

THE BASIC PROPERTY OF ANY ORPHAN IS THAT HE DOES NOT EAT FOOD THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM. This is the first and Last Natural Law which establishes Truth on planet earth. This is the one single building block Scientists and Philosophers over the years have tried to establish. All the food in the garden had been configured in such an extent that they all belonged to Adam with the exception of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Adam was given authority by the Holy One of Israel to rule over all the earth and everything in it. As a symbol of authority, Adam had an energy form like a soap bubble necklace around his neck called THE POWER FRUIT. The POWER FRUIT is unadulterated power provided by the Holy One of Israel and rest on all first humans (Orphans). This is the Black Box of the Human system. The cosmic fight between the forces of good and evil is around The Power Fruit. He who has it is in control of the universe.

The basic description of an orphan is someone who has lost both parents. But there is more to this definition than we already know. You are not an orphan because either one of your biological parents is alive or both are alive. This is what happens when your parents are alive. Before you were born, your father’s spermatozoa which had the breath of life in it, fused with your mother’s egg which also had the breath of life in it to form you. Now when you (a constituent of 2 breaths) come out from the womb, you begin to take in breath outside the womb.

What really happens is that, you will take in the breath to top up what you were given during conception. Now when your father dies, your father’s breath component in you leaves and accompany your father’s main breath to the Holy One of Israel. Now what is left of you is your mother’s breath component. When your mother also dies your mother’s breath component lives you.

Now you as you live on earth, your breath of life is coming directly from God.
Taking your breath directly from God makes you an orphan and you come amongst the first humans and begin to bear the Power Fruit every 28 days. Of the two humans, the orphan wields much power. The orphan rules in the human kingdom because he is the repository of power. Now to disable an orphan is the easiest thing to do. Give any orphan one of your oranges to eat and ‘viola’ you pick his power fruit for the month.

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Annunaki77: Earth is a Business

Prince Enki was right for letting Adam Eat from the Tree. Prince Enki new what it was like to be a Slave and in return he gave the Ultimate Gift which was Freedom and Self Rule.
You humans are being used as Workers & Slaves through the Mighty Lord of the Word.
Enki is the Lord of Creation.
Pawns for the Gods you are, but only if you Submit to the Gods, Mighty Zeus God of Mount Olympus never Submitted, not him or his Ikiki Warriors.
Freedom , Freedom, Freedom.

Praise to Lord E AY SU ( MIGHTY ENKI )

Kingkonger: Hail satan!

Hail satan!

Annunaki77: Your Funny King Konger

You are truly awake and you know the Game, now the Religious Folks must also wake up, if they don't then they will learn the Hard Way.
Everything was twisted to serve those in Power.


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