Ways to Educate and Wake People Up

It is always important to help educate our fellow human beings as the school system doesn't seem to be doing a very good job at it. Here is a list of some ways you can help to move humanity forward one small step at a time.

by Quinton on September 22nd, 2009

Wear clothing with a message on it

Don't Tread On Me T-Shirt
It's hard to go wrong sporting this at your local supermarket.

This is a good way to at least let people see a new way to look at things. You never know when a certain message might finally make things click and push somebody to a new way of life. This can also act as a bonus at finding new people who are interested in similar areas as well.

Start a blog

You can create a free blog on Wordpress or Blogspot. The more unique information out there the better. Everyone has a perspective that is a bit different than others and these perspectives can shed light on topics in new ways for people. Also, people will search on search engines for the words that you use in your post and you can reach people who have been looking for what you wrote.

Be an example

Being a good example is always an excellent way to persuade somebody to your way of thinking. People usually follow leaders because leaders possess qualities that they themselves admire. Be the change that you want to see and others will follow suit. If your example is one of peace, prosperity, integrity and ethics and they can see directly how this affects your life for the positive perhaps others will slowly follow your ways as well.

Practice patience

Patience - Things Take Time
You can't expect to wake people up overnight. Things take time.

Things take time and people grow slowly. You can't expect somebody to turn to your way of thinking overnight. After all, how long has it taken you to reach the level that you are currently at? And how much longer will it take you to reach the level that you strive to achieve?

Timing is important

Make sure that you are not intruding on their time. Don't force them to listen and when they are ready to leave allow them to do so freely. There is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of being trapped in a conversation you want nothing to do with.

Frame your content around their personality

If you're talking to somebody who likes facts give them facts. If you're talking to somebody who is more emotional be soft with them and show them love. If you're talking to a Christian use their lingo, if you're talking to a Mormon, use theirs. Most Christians I know do not like the terms "consciousness" or "New Age" so why use it around them? Why not use terms like "spirit" and "2nd coming"? Each person has their own filter for how they take in and process information. Try your best to frame the context of your content in a package that resonates with them.

Listen to them

Don't think that you are completely right and have the whole truth. You can learn just as much, if not more, by listening to their side as well. A good discussion will have both parties exchanging their views while considering the other party's views. How can you expect somebody to listen to what you have to say if you won't listen to what they have to say? Furthermore, don't be afraid to admit that you are wrong. A lot of these subjects are very hard to find documentation and concise information on and can leave you wide open to be wrong. That's okay, we all make mistakes, acknowledge it and move on.

Be creative

Everyone has their own unique abilities and resources for contributing towards education. For instance, I know how to build websites so I built this website. You may be involved in a media field, you may have access to printing, you may know an athlete or celebrity, you may be an insider who has unique information to share. We all have strengths that make us useful in our own little way. Find a way you can contribute and do it.

Educate yourself

Be sure to always sharpen your saw and continue your own personal journey towards truth and love. There is always so much more to learn ourselves and so many areas of growth we can all educate ourselves on.

Build up a network around you

We all know that there is strength in numbers. The more people you can build up around you with a similar viewpoint the stronger your cause may be.

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Rishi: These can be very

These can be very helpfull....thx

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information very help full.

woeraso: Ways to educate

This is a tough subject.
I have found that the materials of Charlotte Eserbyt and her articles on miseducation and the deliberate dumbing down of America are very enlightening. They show how the mess education is in, came about. It helps to know what to avoid.

The tips you give above are good, my own approach is to have a discussion to ensure that the student has a purpose and that what he is looking at has value. I once asked a student to ask his Maths teacher what the purpose of learning Maths is. The teachers answer was he didn't know. An incredible answer.

The greatest stumbling block that I have found is the lack of the precise terms and definitions for a particular subject; it's nomenclature. It is like learning a foreign language sometimes. However, without a clear and precise understanding of each term and its ramifications the student does not progress. If all the namenclature is understood the student is bright and making progress. Each word or term not understood means a huge pothole in the road to success for the student.

woeraso: Education

I like your article about "The ways to educate people and wake them up" because your approach is fresh and honest in your interest.

I intend to add bits in the comments, as I think of them.
I consider this subject to be of vital and critical interest to all freedom loving people.To my mind the bedrock and foundation of freedom lies in education.
What education?
That education that brings about "mental literacy"; being the specific point of view needed to increase and widen the breadth of inquiry and understanding of a student.
When an individual considers himself to be a brain and this brain has "chemical reactions" that sometimes are out of balance, requiring psychological,psychiatric or pharmaceutical "help", then we have an individual who is light years from being mentally literate.
The subversive education being pushed in the world orients students to be mindless, to consider themselves animals with "brains"; to react to stimuli, to become more and more involved in the brain, and feelings relating to the physicality of now. To this is added computer interactive programs, which the sales talk puts forward as speeding up and accelerating learning. It does nothing of the sort. Sitting down and diligently going through each question carefully with research to secure the exact specific correct answer, often not covered in the materials presented to the student, one can at best get between 50 to 70 per cent correct.
Yet the student is compelled to arrive at answers, that he has not understood and is simply guessing. He then goes through the material repeatedly until he arrives at a combination that gives him a high enough score to move to the next lesson.

Comprehension and understanding are clearly not required.
To this is added the fact that many of the teachers are not actually teachers, but rather facilitators, who have simply done an assessment to see if they have knowledge to match the highest possible level of that batch of students, students who are not called students but are "candidates." Most often these "facilitators are approved by someone who has a psychology background, to see if the "facilitator has the right focus, which appears to be that of paying attention to the difficulties and possible traumas that any student may have , requiring further "support" and psychological "services".

The teaching methods under those circumstances is very much a monkey see, monkey do situation with a carrot and stick approach. Nothing at all to do with understanding and enlightenment. Thus mental literacy is step by step closed off, along with the potential of a human being and all the unique qualities inherent thereto.

In my experience with a bit of English teaching, it is vital to establish where words came from, to establish the sounds, the names for the sounds and how combinations of sounds make up different words and that often these words have different meanings. The subject of phonetics, without which every student starts with a blank of non- comprehension.

Forcing a student, by trying to ram a concept into his understanding, works the opposite way, everything goes backwards.
What seems to work to best result is to take a definition of something and then have it on a whiteboard or something. Then ask different members of the audience to supply their definitions for all or each part of it ( thereby covering it all on a gradient, giving time for general assimilation of differing views). Then ask others if that is what they think it is. The idea is to have each student evaluate it , each part of it and all of it, and then re-evaluate it and then under his own power of choice to come to an assumption of its various levels of evaluation.
By this method in many and different ways one starts the student on the road to working towards enlightenment by definition.
The interaction and communication which flows on the words, their meanings and the inputs of audience evaluation all add to a gradual process which opens the mind.

Teachers who are good work with obtaining understanding, without which students are incapable of applying that which they learn.

woeraso: Education

A key piece of information about education is the text of the interview with Dr William Coulson, which is available at
A careful examination of this document shows funding from the National Institutes of Mental Health in the form of a grant; this was used to gather together about 60 facilitators to deliver a type of 'therapy' to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) around 1966/7.
We inundated that system with humanistic psychology. We called it Therapy for Normals, TFN. The IHMs had some 60 schools when we started; at the end, they had one.Unquote.
That was the result of leass than a year and a half worth of activity, most of 615 nuns spread across 60 IMHs gone.

It is a vital document. Every parent, every teacher and every citizen should read it, Close examination of the document and procedures show many similarities to OBE ( Outcomes Based Education) and its offshoots.
The foundations of freedom are built with education; on all sides freedom is being eroded, this document shows in some part how this can come about.

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