by kwamerica on January 22nd, 2011


There are many Religions in the World today but no One True Religion. True Religion is not Personality based but Humanity Centered. True Religion had ever been on Planet Earth. True Religion was in the Garden of Eden. True Religion brings Understanding, Perfect Peace and overcomes Death – Man’s relentless Enemy.

No one 21st century Religion has got Absolute Truth. All what these Religions have are pockets of Truth like there is an Absolute Supreme Being. True Religion is not based on Faith or Wishful Thinking but understanding of all the “Behind the Scenes” processes of Life.
Absolute Truth is the Answer. Absolute Truth brings the one True Religion. Absolute Truth has got everything to do with Death. True Religion is perfect knowledge of God based and not dogmas and belief systems.

True Religion is not about Prayer, Fasting and Sermons but my neighbor’s food. True Religion answers all the Whys of Life. True Religion is Universal and One. True Religion brings Heaven on Planet Earth. True Religion has the Holy One of Israel as the Originator. True Religion needs no building and set time to call worship. True Religion is 24 hour constant consciousness of God. For True Religion is based on the working Principles of the Holy One of Israel. True Religion is about the Divine Law (Isaiah 51:4). True Religion is Purely Science based. For True Religion brings unquestionable Truth and Light to Humanity.


True Religion is about Induced Righteousness and not change your lifestyle or attitude. True Religion brings Judgment and Censorship on Evil. When True Religion prevails, Hospitals, Brothels, Prisons, Barracks, Mortuaries turn into Museums. True Religion is the Kingdom of God.

True Religion brings The Peaceful Kingdom, The Millennium Kingdom and The Messianic Age. True Religion is the little Stone that came to hit the statue in Daniel 2:34. True Religion brings an Evil World ruled by the Evil One to a complete end. True Religion brings Paradise on Planet Earth.

True Religion is about the Stomach of the Human who has no Mother and no Father irrespective of age, colour, tribe, creed, religion and political affiliation, gender, income level, hair style, writings on ones body. True Religion is about living and surviving on Planet Earth. True Religion is about the New World Order. True Religion brings Everlasting Life. True Religion prevails to rule an Evil World.

Now you see what we had called Truth all along is no Truth at all.

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