Things To Ask Yourself If You're An American

by Quinton on August 19th, 2010

Why don't congressmen read the bills before voting on them?

Why don't we know who writes our bills?

Why does education decline while education spending increases?

Why do we say terror is high while we have open borders?

Why don't we know EXACTLY where every tax dollar goes?

Why do we pay interest on our money?

Why don't we create our own money?

Why did we stop using gold and silver as money?

Why do we call ourselves a democracy?

Why are we in debt?

Why do we want the President to run the country?

Why do we have laws that clearly contradict the Constitution? / Why do we have to follow these laws?

Why do we call ourselves free?

Why did we go from 3rd world to 1st world WITHOUT an income tax?

Why is the Federal government above the State governments?

Why do we know more about the financials of public companies than we do our own government?

Why don't we know how much gold is in Fort Knox?

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hopeless: .


Ecbra de Oaoj: why are pages here with...

Access denied?


Crigitine: because they are getting

because they are getting deleted or are sometimes too freshly written. Such as the hand bags and clothing adds and I think even one of them an for Warcraft Gold...all either bots or trolls. I would hope they were trolls, bots are generally another disaster.

Ecbra de Oaoj: thanks for aswering, Crigitine


and etc maybe have a different response but; ok. While they dont show who are; and what have to show to us ... is possible to think as you say.

what is bots? I dont get translation but I supose robots... is it? and troll? some devil spirit?


Crigitine: A troll is an actual person

A troll is an actual person much like you or me, who want to shake things up on an Internet site mainly to see people get angry or feel bad. Not much harm there because you can simply ignore them and continue on your day.

A bot however, is usually a program designed to spew out information. Now I don't know much about them, but you do have to know how to use them and while I havnt checked on YouTube or a search engine, using a bot isn't something that's everyday knowledge. The only uses of Internet bots I've seen so far are malicious only. Either to spam a site to death or to just lock it up. Bots usually keep making accounts at a faster rate.

Why someone would make a bot to spam fashion items is beyond me, but this has been going for a few weeks. So either this troll has a lot of free time to effortlessly do this, or some onion site was put up to start botting the site, I don't know I'm not a doctor.

So, again, a troll is simply a person like you or me wanting to joke around, a bot is usually a program with less than friendly means.

Tarheel: George Ure's/Cliff High's "webbot project' is NOT malicious.

They scour the internet for the collective consciousness of ALL who are on/have been on it-THEN they try to formulate or fioretell future events based on what they find.

They accurately predicted 911 AND Hurricane katrina BOTH months in advance. Look on and they will show you what they do.

Edisonik and Anu77 both referenced The Web Bot project a while back. Ure and Cliff High were THE FIRST. Other are riding their coattails.

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