Technology VS Spirituality

by Quinton on September 13th, 2009

I am a fan of technology, but at some point one must realize that technology is something people of the material world chase after. Spiritual beings do not need technology. Technology can work for you, or technology can work against you.

Is is not possible for 3rd density technology to ever mimic those aspects of 4th density and higher. So why then do we all chase after technology as if it is some type of God to us? Because we are materialistic and lacking of direction and understanding.

I was thinking the other day about where technology is heading, and how it parallels with the spiritual world. I was thinking about how information is stored. And if it would be possible to store information from many different perspectives of events. For instance, we started out storing information as writing. Then we stored information with pictures. Then we added time and stored information as videos. What will be the next way we store information? Will we start storing information from multiple perspectives to where you could go back and view the same event from different views (like a video shot from thousands of different cameras)? Or maybe we will start to store information where you can go backward and forward in the time and view it from any perspective, kind of like a 3D hologram with data of all the material surroundings and positions.

This kind of stuff gets you thinking about just how the universe stores information. If you're like me, you probably would agree that the universe holds all data and that nothing is ever lost. If we want to go back and view an event there is a way to do it through our universe. It may not be in 3rd density, but there is a way. This brings me to my main point. All information already exists. We don't need to try to invent a computer or create a network that holds all data from all perspectives - that has already been done, and then some. It's called the universe. Why do we need to find a way to "3D videotape" our entire life when the universe has, is and always will do that? It is not so much that we need to rely on technology to store information as much as it is that we need to rely on spirituality to access information. Everybody loves the memories and pictures/videos they have with their family and close ones. But why do we necessarily have to rely on technology to access these memories? Are there not more fulfilling and spiritual means?

Things like astral projection and lucid dreaming are great ways for us to access information that just can't be gained by normal 3rd density measures. I am not somebody who knows how to astral project, however, I have had a few lucid dreams and gained tremendous insight from them. These types of things 3rd density technology will most likely never be able to reach. These things are outside of matter. This information is something that the technology chasers will never be able to find as they have already defined their domain through 3rd density science and technology. For those of us who know there is more than just this thin band of reality, I would suggest we develop our spiritual side as this is far more important than technology will ever be. Technology is for the material world. Spirituality is of the universe.

I have so many accounts of people throughout history who have reached spiritual levels where they can access pretty much anything they need to know at the time. Why then are we so caught up on technology?

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