Teaching from Vasais as transcribed by Alex Collier

"The will has long been misunderstood by your races, because the soul was seen to be the essence of your physicality. But the understanding is this, the soul inspires. The will responds to this inspiration. And together they experience in your physicality. Your physicality is the manifestation of soul and intent, your will. The soul has only polarized itself in order to experience. Your intent, your will is the magnetic polarity of the soul. the splits in consciousness amoung your people that has taken place on your earth, has created an enviroment where the intent is disconnected from and not felt to be a useful part of the soul. However Intent and soul are the expanding limits of a connected whole. and all polarities need to be realized as evolving extensions of the same soul. The Isness exists because of the spiritual essence of intent. Which gives us the space to create. This is also true Alex of each being that is self-aware. The soul and intent are not meant tobe sperate from each other."


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