SYNOPSIS OF "Reading The Mind Of The Holy One Of Israel"

by kwamerica on March 18th, 2011

The year is AD 2010… and the Family which has been waiting anxiously for over 2600 years is now churning out loudly - WE WANT MOSHIACH, WE WANT MOSHIACH NOW, The Church is waiting impatiently to be Raptured, Planet Earth is writhing in pain, Jerusalem is weeping bitterly in an already Confused and Lost World, all ample evidence that the Evil One is having a fields’ day. Corruption, Moral Decadence, Robberies, Murders, Sexual Immoralities, Earthquakes,Global Warming, Abject Poverty, Diseases, Hypocrisy, Pride, Arrogance and In-depth Ignorance of the ways of The Holy One has engulfed the World. Unknowingly to Mankind, The World is a Courtroom where the Evil One is on trial. The Creator of The Universe has set a time period for the Evil One to disappear and his Eviction Clock is ticking which he is truly aware.

Meanwhile a little over Three Decades earlier, a Male Child has been born in an Orphanage at the Centre of the Earth. His mission is to Dissipate Evils of all forms from the surface of Planet Earth, Gather all his Family Members from the 4 corners of the Earth and Cause Death to cease to the extremity of Earth to establish his Father’s Kingdom - The Peaceful Kingdom where all men go blind to Sin. By Corporeal standards he is poor but by Heavenly standards he will forever be the Richest of all Men. He has no University Degree but a Scholar who uses and sees the Open Space of Planet Earth as his Classroom and the Creator of the Universe – The Holy One Of Israel as his Tutor - (Isaiah 50:4). His Project Work - he is tasked to build a Peaceful Kingdom on Planet Earth where Perfect Justice prevails and Death has no place. Amidst Nuclear Threats amongst Great Nations both far and near, this Orphanage Boy will "Strike the Earth with the rod of his mouth" to disarm them and settle disputes all over the World. How is he able to accomplish this feat?.. he reads his Father’s Mind to Humanity, Reveals and Changes the Existing Human Code which triggers a Rapture (sudden disappearance of Evils of all forms from the surface of Planet Earth). The Resultant effect is a New World (New Jerusalem) in which Men live in a State of Real Utopia where the Wolf dwells with the Lamb.

This Home Boy is not a Saint but a Prophet. He is the Prophet in Isaiah Chapter 11. Hiding behind the scenes for that long and seeing how the Evil One manipulates Humanity and all Creation, he will finally show himself and his Face to read his Father’s Law (The Divine Instruction –Isaiah 51:4) to Mankind to overthrow The Evil One and receive his allotted inheritance - (Isaiah 53:11-12) but who will believe his message ? - (Isaiah 53:1).

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