by kwamerica on March 9th, 2011

The soul is the real you. It is an interface between the Active Spirit and the Body. The Active Spirit serves as the fuel for the Soul to be present in the body. In the heart of every human being, there is a spot, one tenth 1/10 the size of the tip of a ball point pen. This spot generates electrical current to pump blood for circulation in the system. This is the physical location of the Soul.

This is where all decisions are taken. No decision can be taken by any part of the body if the Soul does not attest to it. All involuntary actions are controlled by this little spot in the heart. The Soul houses the Will of a person.

An Active Spirit makes sure the Soul is present. A Soul present means the Body is alive. The Evil one attacks the Soul and never the Active Spirit or the Body. Once the Soul is captured, the Body surrenders. The death of the body is the Soul’s absence from the Body.

The most painful experience for the Body is when the Soul is forced to vacate the body and this result in the death of the being. The pain both the Body and the Soul experience during death is the reverse of orgasm during mating. Sexual orgasm is the closest the Soul sends the Body to the Divine world. Death paroxysm or anti - orgasm is the farthest apart the Soul moves from the Body. It is an agonizing experience for both parties. For the first in time, both parties are going separate unknown places and it is a hurtful experience to behold. The real moment when man realizes really the Earth is moving is the few seconds prior to the Soul vacating the Body.

The dead is never conscious of any thing in the physical plane again. There is no life after death. The only hope after death is the great resurrection. For them a time is coming they will come back to live on Earth. However that would not happen all of a sudden, but then after we have been able to disable the evil one completely with the Law, The Holy One willfully will bring our love ones from the grave. Resurrection of the dead is the will of the Father. In the nutshell the Holy One of Israel after everything, wanted all men to have One Common Universal Mind and Understanding of Him.

It should be noted that all resurrected persons are Orphans. The whole system He built thrives on commands or Laws. The command to cease death and the Energy Evil worldwide is THE DO EAT COMMAND.

In the air (oxygen) we breathe is a very powerful entity called the Active Spirit. The Active Spirit is the main ingredient used by the Soul for sustenance. The rest of the component of the oxygen is entirely used by the body. The Active Spirit is the main breath from The Holy One of Israel and also the main ingredient of the oxygen we breathe. It is not found in the blood but in the Semen.

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kwamerica: Kingdom of God - Simply put Life on Auto Pilot

This is the last thing Truth will do to the Human Soul. The Soul had to be saved physically at Last for eternity. However the procedure to save the Soul for it to stay perpetually on the Physical plane will invariably erase all forms of Evil.

Can you stand to think and act on an Auto Pilot mode?

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