Silhouettes of energy

by RickyJG on April 15th, 2014

As we sail along this place called earth we are silhouettes of energy created only by our thoughts.
We see life as a struggle and wonder why things happen to us. Many of us are always playing the victim to what life is offering and many think we are being punished or paying some karmic debt. If we only realized our truth we would realize how powerful we are as creators. Stop playing the victim in the movie and become the main actor. Realize that your power resides deep within. Darkness can only occur when the lights have been dimmed in your heart. We are creators and we create everything in our lives with our thoughts whether we know it consciously or unconsciously. Feel your power deep within, your truth only myriads your thoughts the universe doesn't distinguish between good and bad because it is only giving you what it picks up from the energy your emanating..Today change your role and your world and become a star, feel the love in your heart, recognize your truth. You did not come to this lifetime to struggle and be unhappy you came to create and be a creator of your own dreams. Simply change your thoughts and the world around you will change instantly..PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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silverstarseed15: Thank you for sharing , i

Thank you for sharing , i loved This Post :) Brightened my day !

Tarheel: Breath of fresh air, RJG

Good words from another Godsend.

cryssmo: positive energy : )

That is why I try to feel as happy as I can be and why too many people tell me I smile too much. I just feel that so much happiness is being surpressed by people because of the environment this Earth has been made into...I try to see the brightside in some matters and I feel like I have done some good in helping people realize what it truly means to be happy; which has nothing to do with having wealth or power..should also have nothing to do with being able to live in a material world as well, but. It's not that way now...hopefully it will be different in the years to come.

sending positive energy to the well-deserved people out there! good luck to everyone.

iarul: Amazing. Thank you for info”

Amazing. Thank you for info”

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