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There had always been very conflicting interpretations of the end of time or the end of the world. The end of the world is simply an end to an evil world. The Jews at the time of Jesus asked for a sign, for all had been very apprehensive. And Jesus told them the end will not come until signs like wars, lawlessness, increased moral decadence; earthquakes and general discomfort of the human race precede.

On Saturday, October 11th 1975, all the 4 living creatures (Physical plane: Earth, Heavenly bodies, Space and everything in it) and the 24 Elders (Time) were very happy because the fellow to do the final onslaught on the evil one had finally set foot on earth. Since then the evil one has been very furious because his time was around the clock. The fellow to reveal and thwart his modus operandi has been born. The Lion from the tribe of Judah has finally resurfaced to devour him this time for time without end. The Man to put the evil one into prison has landed on planet Earth. All the Angels in Heaven were thus very joyful because once the evil one is imprisoned it means they are relieved off their seemingly timeless struggle protecting mankind and themselves from attack by the Evil One and his comrades – the Fallen Angels. The birth and arrival of this Prophet on planet Earth was welcomed with thunderous cheers and applause by all Angels, all the 4 living creatures and the 24 Elders were over joyous just like man was filled with ecstasy when “Pathfinder” landed on Planet Mass on 4th July 1997.

The 4 living creatures and the 24 elders had really suffered ever since Adam broke the greatest command. Adam had relinquished absolute power to the evil one and all of them had been exposed to an unfair ruler. Humans have not been the only ones who have been at the receiving end of the evil one but the physical plane and time itself have all unjustifiably being ruled by the evil one.

Going back to earlier chapters, we found out that the primary motive of the Father putting man on earth here is to Partner Man in confining the Energy Evil, for man to have dominion over creation. In effect, Man on Earth is a very straight equation to ward evil off. Confining Evil is the Father’s last creative act. Everything in the physical plane and time has been on the side of man. Man was to rule creation but the Evil one having his hands on authority distorts everything in such a way that the earth could submerge (quake) to kill humans.

In effect Evil-aided creation had been ruling man. Power in the hands of the Evil one, he could induce anything in the physical plane be it man, air, animal, wind, storm, river, raindrops, clouds, dew, sunlight and an endless tall order to cause mayhem on humanity and the environment. He directs the power to anything anywhere to make sure his mission to destroy is accomplished. Over the years he has been able to cause man to accept as true that his sting (death) cannot be beaten. He has put this innate fear in all of us and this has become a psyche of the human race. As you read, let us get the cue, Jesus death answered the threat.
After close to 2000 years of Jesus birth, death and resurrection we are finally going to know something about the evil one which is really going to send us jubilating forever. There is no fear any longer; death can be beaten when we know the rule of the game of life- an orphan does not eat food that does not belong to him.

Armed with this knowledge and clue, man is once again poised to rule over creation to enter the Messianic age which brings an end to evil rule on earth. The Messianic age is the Orphan age or better still Back to Eden. This is the real Home coming of the Human race.
Anti-corruption, anti-racism, crime prevention campaigns, disease prevention campaigns have all been very good and formidable ways of solving man’s endless problems. However from the on-going process, it could be deduced that we cannot solve these problems unless we get the blueprint of the world from the Creator of the Universe Himself – The Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 11 holds this blueprint and he has been very quiet to fulfill prophecy- His voice shall not be heard in the street. Isaiah 42:3. It is in this regard that he is writing this book “READING THE MIND OF THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL” so that you would read the Father’s mind on your own.
The Holy One of Israel is bringing His Law (instrument for Judging) to rule over mankind as He did in Eden (Theocracy). He is not abolishing our systems outright but will remove the evils in all of them forcibly and tactfully. He is putting an abrupt end to all evils done beneath the sun and setting up His much awaited Kingdom.

In effect the Law is the little rock that came to hit the statue in Daniel 2 and broke it into pieces, in such a way that the gold, the silver, the bronze, the clay and the iron all are going to the threshing floor. Effects of the Law is the strong wind that is going to carry them away in such a way that no trace of it will ever be found.

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kwamerica: Oh Man

Men see so much in the physical realms forgetting the spiritual and higher realms.

Men forget that the spiritual realms is higher and controls the physical.

Oh Man.

inanna17: Empowered by silence - not by fear

Our mutual losses or experience deserve to be acknowledged or remembered with dignity, honor, and respect even as we regroup to move forward. I am willing to work on forgiveness and letting go of the past in order to find peace. It's time to give it a try. I am empowered by stillness and my virtue is silence."

5313_34: 6 days = 144 hours

6 days = 144 hours
6000 days = 144,000 hours

144,000 is a time stamp, and the new song can be found in Romans 5:18.

A pearl hidden in the field surrounded by thorns, thistles, scorpions, and snakes.

"Few will be saved" = 100% opposite of faith

"Rise and measure...." = Wake up and do the math - Revelation 11

obentenyson: hmmm


Kah-Len: The time is here!

Yes, the time is here for the rulers of this word to fall on their knees and tremble. Their time is up... tic toc...
This is a good post! Jhe'shua (Yeshua) said recently... "When they see me walk through the halls of the Vatacan, they all better get the hell out of my way!"

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