Sexual Liberation Is About Slavery

In the Preface to "Brave New World," (1932) Aldous Huxley wrote:

"As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends correspondingly to increase. And the dictator will do well to encourage that will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate."

There is an inverse relation between sexual "freedom" and personal and political freedom. The sexual "liberation" of the past 50 years is part of the Illuminati bankers' long-term plan to enslave humanity and make us love our slavery. Whether Sabbatean, Frankist or Communist, these Satan-loving Illuminati bankers always have promoted the sexual promiscuity which is now widely accepted.


For the survival of the species nature has hard-wired us to have sex. This powerful, primitive instinct is more of a curse than a blessing for men and women alike. Men are sexually attracted to practically all pretty fertile females. Females are probably sexually attracted to most powerful handsome men. Given license, this primitive imperative is a recipe for social chaos. It leads to the destruction of marriage and family, another feature of the satanic banker Communist program.

Human beings are really shaped by their "culture." We desire what we are taught to desire.We experience what we are taught to experience. Sex is largely in the collective mind.

Through their control of culture and media, the bankers have invested sex with meaning it just doesn't have. They teach it is an ecstatic experience with mystical & religious significance. It is "unhealthy" to repress sexual desire.

For example, those commercials for Viagra and Cialis are not so much about erectile dysfunction as about convincing older people who don't need sex that they are sick and missing out on the de facto religion practised in our society.

Sex is a physical need like eating. It has to be satisfied but it has no spiritual value unless part of a larger more profound relationship, like marriage.

Yet we have been conditioned to believe that personal worth is mostly a function of sexual attraction. People (especially women) are judged on the basis of whether they are "HOT" i.e. worthy of anonymous sex. Sex has been divorced from love and propagation and is considered an end in itself. We have been transformed from a family- oriented society, sisters and brothers, parents and children, into one of lone predators and prey.

Our societal obsession with sex is an aberration. It is the result of a kabalistic spell, and is neither normal nor healthy. The emphasis on sex cannibalizes the energy we would devote to other things that define us as human. Mankind is in the grip of a satanic cult.


Most of us seek much more than sexual release. We have a basic need to love and nurture other human beings. We want companionship with someone of the opposite sex who complements us. We seek intimacy, security and peace of mind. These all require monogamy. We must resist the temptation to have random drive-by sex.

Resisting this temptation is pretty easy when you are happily married. Men and women balance each other emotionally and spiritually. Thus, married couples need sex a lot less.

There is nothing more empowering than to be immune to sexual siren calls. I feel like bullets would go right through me, or like I am walking through a force-field. But what if you are a young single male, and have no sexual outlet?

There are three courses of action:

1) Take advantage of the modern degradation of women and have casual sex and "hook ups."

2) Manage your sex drive through tasteful porn and masturbation.

3) Transcend sex by avoiding sexual cues and practising celibacy.

The pros and cons of #1 are pretty self evident. The challenge of #2 is to not let your fantasy life become a permanent substitute. A lot of men become addicted to porn. Men have got to get satiated and lose interest. It is better to outgrow the need, rather than suppress it. But if you don't get sick of sex after masturbating, you must stop altogether and try #3.


Millions of practically identical images of young naked women are posted on the Internet. There is something retarded about this. They are all the same. Males search in vain for one who will move their needle. The naked bodies begin to resemble those images of concentration camp corpses piled high.

Men have been brainwashed. Naked women are not that attractive. Breasts? Imagine bulls ogling cow utters. C'mon boys. Grow up. They are for babies.

And the vacant faces of girls who have been flattered and tricked into giving away their innocence... Pathetic. There is no dignity in posing nude. Dignity is all we have. How easily they throw it away.

Promiscuity is psychic suicide. A woman's sexuality is her destiny. Her womb is the nest in which her children will be born. Letting strange men plant their seed there is like letting predator birds eat her eggs. That's what it does to her psyche.

Porn is so plentiful and free that some people have speculated the bankers are financing it. Their agenda: Millions of women (and men) are made less fit for marriage. Nancy Levant calls it "weaponized porn."

Another thought: We get sick of anything we have too much of. Could porn be designed to turn us off the opposite sex permanently? I couldn't be the only one disgusted.

In conclusion, when I was younger, and in a torrid affair, I pitied older people. They were "missing out." Now that I am 58, I pity my younger self. I was chasing a chimera. Preoccupation with sex is a curse that consumes our energy. It is elite mind control.

The solution I recommend is marriage. Marriage neutralizes the sex drive for men. There are too many more urgent and enjoyable things to do in life.


See my "Managing the Male Sex Drive"

History of Sexual Revolution- always a mechanism of social control.

This is the topic of my show "Male Mentoring" Sunday Feb 17 at 10 pm CT on Republic Broadcasting. My guest is Julian Lee, of


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