Reproducing Billy Meier's film & Photographic evidence.

by morlam on July 16th, 2010

The Billy Meier case is founded on the concept of contact between human type aliens from a star system beyond the Pleiades and just Billy Meier. Out of all the people on Earth Billy is advertised as the chosen ONE in the vein of many a hollywood movie as an archetypal dramatic motif. However, If the alien contact turns out to be false then not only is the whole case nonsense but it also puts the bearer in a very dubious light since there is deliberate deception.

As proof of contact in 1978 Billy Meier put forward photographs and films of the supposed alien space craft in action and had them published in various formats, such as a coffee table photo booklet as well as all the usual videos covering the wealth of information coming from this humble Swiss farmer. Since then, though, many doubts have surfaced concerning the veracity of his claims and the films themslves show little more then what could be construed as models.

I had a look at those videos in 1995 for the first time and was very dissapointed to see what looked for all the world like...wobbling models. No matter how many times people have debated this case, though, it goes nowhere until someone can actually reproduce exactly what we see in the originals to finally settle the debate once and for all. It's the only way and this case deserves to be looked at thoroughly because so many people all over the world have taken it as genuine. It is after all the biggest UFO case in history.

So in the early summer of 2009 I noticed the Meier case was being pushed and published like never before and I stepped in to challenge Michael Horn at over the truth in the case to which he responded by challenging me to reproduce some of the material. Attempts have been made to do so over the years but they have all been met with the same contempt from the Meier camp. "Lazy skeptics" is the cry from Michael Horn, Billy Meier's PR man, whenever he discusses debunking attempts in public.

I realised that if I wanted to reproduce anything it would have to be exactly the same or I would be wasting my time. I knew the photographs and films pretty well so I set about building the various models, as I thought they should be done, as well as going to a couple of local locations that gave me the right sort of environment. To cut a long story short it turned out to be all a simple matter of false perspective and with the right sized models I found it easy to get the same pictures as Meier. Particularly because I ended up buying the same camera that he used, a 1972 Olympus 35 ECR rangefinder, which makes things look smaller and further away than they really are..

I managed to redo all his films without exception to a standard that can be considered as much as anyone can get out of the suburbs of London. I say that because to reproduce exactly what we see in the films would mean going to switzerland and redoing them in the same locations. That's way beyond my ability, and I'm sure many of you reading this will recognise the difficulty in finding the same type of locations anywhere near where you live. I ended up using a local heath for most of it which was just around the corner. I hope what I have to show will be recognised for what it is - a direct replication of the most important features recorded by Billy meier in the 1970's.

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Tim Lovell: he wasn't a hoaxer uni...

he wasn't a hoaxer uni...

UN.i1-PHI: then why

all those vids on so called pleadian 'spaceships' / flying saucers / discs look like someone be fishing in the air with a miniature 'ufo' bait, playing in front of the camera... xD

Tim Lovell: he did have genuine contact

he did have genuine contact and he was a test of the earth human ego later after they stopped he did fabricate some of his stuff , semjase etc were a faction within the pleiadians most preferred peacefull non interaction, as you know not all are the same there is different factions in all cultures he did tho have actual contacts but asi said it was to test the reaction of the human ego mainly.. for example the photo of the pterosaur etc and others were not real but many of the photos of semjase beamship were real and he was given correct information regarding a lot the details of life on erra like the huge orbiting `mothership` made of 3 connected ovals where they build all their other ships , the disc shaped ships and mile long tubular bigger ships , I know I had past lives there I know what im talking about ...

UN.i1-PHI: so he did fabricate some stuff,but why lol

if he was real why would he slander his credibility by creating fake footages, he was too obsessed or something? i dont know i dont really have seen anything from him that seemed genuine to me but i didnt even take the effort to check it all up myself, as i never felt it would be worth it...
maybe you could post some 'real ones' here(and fake if you know) if you want
but i've seen some of them where they suddenly fly away 'high speed', disappearing or just swinging around like someone's playing with a fishing rod or something lol
i also saw some 'photos' of pleadians that look like drawings and from computers etc...
if you have any 'compelling evidence' pls show cuz i'm not really buying into billy just cuz his footages suck and stink - my opinion...
so that makes me quite suspiscious about the stories on pleadians he would be telling aswell, however i'm not denouncing the existance of pleadians and et's with their spacecraft, but if this is a hoax as it pretty much seems like it would mean a lot to all these stories of pleadians if they would be pushing an agenda(with disinfo etc)... if you know what i'm sayin....
i dont intend to show disrespect but i must be honest about this and open minded, how much i would love if it would be simply true what he's saying and showing, but not with these footages i've seen so far sorry:P

bluesbaby5050: I know that Billy Meier.............

Had contact with the Pleiadians, and that they had contacted Billy Meier, and it was not because of Billy Meier's wishful thinking. The Pleiadians had gone to him, and they had confided with him about their existence, and they shared their knowledge with him as well. This is My Whole Point Here, that this forum has True, and Different Alien Races Incarnate Right Now On Earth, and they are approaching me in private. They are asking me questions, and they want to share with us many ideas about them, and I think that's a good thing, after all it's about learning from others. Now they want to speak with us, and some will be coming to this planet also, because they have family here, and we should remember this. And as Tim has stated people should not become paranoid, because this could prevent us from a great learning opportunity to advance in connectedness with our Star families that will soon be coming forward to this planet, and to this forum. It's now time to grow up, and be a part of the greater whole as it should be, and will become. We should be expecting this to happen often. Just look what this site is really about, and why it's attracting them to us. We are now in the 4th dimension, and there are very many levels in the 4thD. This happens when a race of beings raises up in their vibrations, higher beings will make them selves known to us. I Just wanted to give this forum a head's up before hand. You should see this happening within the next week. I hope you can understand what this means. Do not live in fear because this will become a blockage for many. Try and remember to feel from your heart, and you will surely know :)

UN.i1-PHI: what about fake/false pleadians (pretenders)

fooling ppl for their nwo deception
if billy's part of this and he's a fraud/fake this would mean a lot to everbody who used and 'accepted' his materials, that all i'm saying, i'm not paranoid cause im not that gullible especially when billy has these fake looking vids...
and i dont live in fear for it, i rather help to expose it but i wont even PAY too much attention/energy to it
all i do here is offer a well 'deserverd'(for many reasons) suspicious suggestion that his stuff may be fake(as this topic is about) and part of a hoax for an malevolant deceptive agenda wich seems very plausable in this case

Tim Lovell: well everyone is free to

well everyone is free to belive what they wish of course I am just linking information I feel is correct , as I said I have my own memories also but that's just me , anyway I will try and dig up photos I think are genuine :)

UN.i1-PHI: even if they really look like that/similar etc

and you have your pleadian memories to verify and back it up, i'm referring bout billy's material and it still could be faked and engaging in a hoax/scam of some kind, you understand what i mean right?(and why...)

Crackdown: Re: memories

please tell us about what parts are matching between your memories and Billy's tale, maybe they could be indirect proof

Tim Lovell: try not to get too paranoid

try not to get too paranoid about it being the reptillians etc , we all know about the frequency control matrix but not every person is a dis info merchant to fool the humans but in the end that is all ending now ....

UN.i1-PHI: but i did not say that it was

but i did not say that it was being with reptilians and i'm not getting too paranoid about it but if it was an hoax, it could be independantly done by billy himslef or there would be a hidden (et/nwo) force behind it, and so yes it probably would be engaging in confusion deception rooting back to reptilian frequency control...
his stuff got propagated so much its really worth some suspicion, as it would be a good 'candidate' for disinfo...

UN.i1-PHI: there are also malevolent

there are also malevolant pleadians cooperating with malevolant reptilians who can also pretend(disguise/shape shift) to be good pleadians and fooling /enslaving people...
like paranoid 'ashtar command' u know..?

UN.i1-PHI: anyway i'm not paying too much attention to these stuff anymore

anyway i'm not paying too much attention to these stuff, what really is important is getting back to nature now so i think we need to give that some more focus and input instead of being too busy/obsessed? with the 'facts and (his)stories' that we're surrounded and enslaved by et's...

Tim Lovell: The ashtray command was enlil

The ashtray command was enlil. And his lot there are a few plieadians. Who are angry at us because some of us went there to change their culture as their evolution had stagnated they had stopped growing or changing but ashtray was just enlils last attempt to stay in control it was never the pleiadians

UN.i1-PHI: haha dust to dust, ash to ashtray and tar to tar

but they could pretend to be good pleadians and fool and command people was what i meant...:P

Tim Lovell: Hehe you have a point

Hehe you have a point

UN.i1-PHI: a shiter con man crew

How To Trick Pleadianish://Would We Want.a shitter con man crew.No!

Tim Lovell: Especially like I said the

Especially like I said the orbiting mother ship station which is the same as I remember also true way they travel through time by breaking into null time and converting into fine matter or higher virbrating matter all of this is how they do it so I know he is telling the truth he must have had real contact he has to much correct info but that's just what I feel no one has to believe anything lol

Tim Lovell: Also yes we need to get back

Also yes we need to get back to nature but the pleiadian never enslaved or controlled us back in Atlantis they helped us and helped evacuate a lot of us before the end it was the Dorians like enlil and nibiru that interfered after Atlantis fell the pleiadian left earth alone mostly to evolve on its own they did know the reps were controlling here but they did try to explain via billy that religions were bad so... The family of light had to be brought in to bust the system to sort out earth the pleiadian a alone could not do this and as you know the fight and change is still going on

UN.i1-PHI: oh i didnt imply the pleadians are enslavers

i was rather referring to the reptilian and other malevolant control as you said to not be to paranoid that the reptilians were behind it, while i didnt said that it was the reptilians but actually it could very plausibly be for a malevolant agenda of some sort of disinfo...
i 'hope' its benevolant as you think tough, i'm not trying to demean the pleadians or the et's themselves, just regarding to billys materials...
if he was forreal probz to him but if not its a shame/scam...

bluesbaby5050: Of course we all have known that...........

We need to get back in to nature, and back in to balance with our diets, but, most of us regulars on this forum have been doing this for a couple of years now, and some are catching up, and most people now a days are quite informed as to how to go about doing this. But...I also think that we need to remember that this site is also attracting Beings that want to step forward on to this forum to discuss, and share their history of their true origins with us now, because they have already been contacting me a lot lately, and your all in for a treat when they feel confident enough to speak about themselves on this web site. I replied that this would be great, and that I welcome them, and others like them. I'm sure you will make them feel welcome on TC when they do decide to expose this to you, and not scare them off by being critical of their Truth such as in this post. It's only fair to listen and share in their knowledge. I know that they have a lot of information ( I was told) that they can share with us, because they said that it's time that we know. I hope this excites you, and you look forward to this as much as I will. Your entitled to speak your truth here as well Tim. Your not alone here as you will soon see.

Tim Lovell: Thank you BB :)

Thank you BB :)

UN.i1-PHI: hey i was not being critic about tim

tim's info or the pleadians themselves just billy's material if you havent noticed,
if its fake and he's a fraud that would mean quite something to his stories about pleadians!
but take it how you want...

Tim Lovell: I meant sirians not Dorians

I meant sirians not Dorians btw iPod is hard to type on lol!

Tim Lovell: Omg my dumb iPod corrects for

Omg my dumb iPod corrects for spelling it made a S h t ar ashtray lol sry

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