"PLandemic" Movie a must-see

Plandemic Movie Reveal

by Tarheel on June 11th, 2020

This is for those who may not have seen the 26-minute documentary "Plandemic" due to the fact it is being heavily censored.
The movie is about a molecular biologist whose career was decimated because her team discovered and came forward with the information's that many vaccines are not safe because they contain retroviruses that can actually trigger diseases and symptoms such as those associated with CV-19. These retroviruses can go dormant and also resurface when conditions are favorable.
Among other things, they talk about how if you got a flu vaccine in 2017 or 2018, you have a much higher probability of contracting CV-19.
The biggest takeaways i got was that she reveals that any vaccine can be made safely but they deliberately are not being made safe.
Also she reveals that doctors are being incentives by Medicare $12,000 to diagnose CV-19 and they are being paid $39,000 to list Cv-19 as cause of death.


A film by Mikki Willis
This movie came to me compliments of Dr.Mercola (mercola.com) who offers ways to ward off chances of contracting viruses as well as ways to improve one's health through duet, exercise and supplements. Dr. Mercola has a robust website with lots of good information and he is a highly respected and trusted source for all things healthy.

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