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32 5 22 15 73 57 60 63 42

Reuben 34 55 61 59 31 37 58 Joseph

Judah 62 36 76 49 30 54 26 Benjamin

Levi 78 64 38 43 66 10 8 Dan

81 17 53 35 41 47 29 65 1

Gad 74 72 16 39 44 18 4 Simeon

Asher 56 28 52 33 6 46 20 Issachar

Naphtali 24 27 51 23 21 45 48 Zebulun

40 19 12 25 9 67 70 77 50

The figure above was a revelation that was revealed to the writer in the year 2001. The writer had to use the 531 format to arrange the grid. The format 531 in sum 5+3+1=9. The writer had to do a 9 by 9 grid that is using natural numbers from 1 to 81. When truth is attained or revealed on earth, all numbers of men (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) left, right and center (that is Square cube) would all agree to form a truth set which is represented in the grid above.

The writer had to arrange these numbers in the grid in such a way that summation of any 9 straight numbers on the grid be it Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal should give a sum of 369. The figure 369 is the code number for the New Jerusalem as 144,000 people is code number for the Total number of People who entered the Kingdom and the City.

The first figure on the grid is 32 and the last figure is 50. This goes to reiterate the Messenger and the Middle been bundled together as we read from an earlier chapter. The country was first to be 50 on the 10th day of October 2007 (Jubilee Year), the next day the Messenger (Isaiah 11) turned 32. Subsequently these 2 figures are featuring prominently on the grid at very strategic positions “The First and the Last”. The Messenger had been hard-wired into the Middle.

There were 12 special numbers that were exempted from the main grid and that formed a very important aspect on the whole grid. It formed the 12 gates. The numbers exempted were 2 3 7 11 13 14 68 69 71 75 79 80. These form the gates of the 12 tribes of Israel.
THE 3 NORTH GATES – Reuben, Judah and Levi
THE 3 WEST GATES – Gad, Asher and Naphtali
THE 3 EAST GATES – Joseph, Benjamin and Dan
THE 3 SOUTH GATES – Simeon, Issachar and Zebulun
At the entrance of each gate is an Angel
At the entrance of each gate is a Pearl
The 9 number summation of 369 are 12 in all. These 12 stands for the 12 foundation stones of the New Jerusalem.

The design of the New Jerusalem, though it is not physical, this is the physical outlay that the Holy One has revealed to all the Tribes. Spiritually each member of a tribe will enter the City through their own gate. For example bloodline from the family of Reuben will enter the City through the 3 North gates situated at the North and precisely go through into the city passing through the Reuben gate. All tribesmen will pass through their appropriate and designated gates into the City.

The Messenger will be the Last to enter the City through the gate assigned to Judah on the North. When he enters, he will announce and proclaim the Law to the hearing of all the inhabitants of the Earth and Judgment will begin. However Non – Israelites will enter the city through any of the 12 gates. The design of the Human Heart is a microcosm of the design of The New Jerusalem where The Right Auricle represents the 3 North Gates, The Right Ventricle represents the 3 West Gates, and The Left Auricle represents the 3 East Gates whereas the Left Ventricle represents the 3 South Gates.

The Book of Revelation has it that the New Jerusalem was coming out from Heaven. Yes it is truly coming from Heaven not in the literal sense of the word, but the Legal instrument (Law) we are going to use to build the City is coming from the Father Himself. It is a Virtual City like Cyberspace in the eyes of man but a Real City in the eyes of the Father. This is how come we see the City coming from Heaven. A time is coming when man will be rarer than pure Gold. All men as one are going to use Gold in building our Streets right here on earth. Up until now a lot of people had gotten the impression that the City will come from the skies made of Gold and all men will rush into it. That is far from right.

We are going to build the City ourselves under the watchful eyes of the creator of the universe using His Law. Spiritually the City has been built. All what is left is for it to manifest physically when we use the Law. Nevertheless the design of the New Jerusalem seen above is going to be the physical design of the Temple we are all going to build in our respective countries and place of residence. One distinguishing and finest feature in the design of the New Jerusalem is the hardly visible 144 Cubits Matrix Measurement as described in Rev 21.

Just as Revelation had it, there shall be no more death, crying or pain. There shall be no armed robbery, no corruption, no accidents, no misunderstanding, no diseases and man will walk with God once again as we walked with Him in the Garden of Eden. So far the writer has been able to provide everything needed for the Kingdom of God to formally commence. It should be noted that the Book of Revelation has not been sealed because of this Messenger. He is the Last to enter the City and will seal the Book of Revelation forever after him.

The Perfect Design of the New Jerusalem is the messenger’s symbol of Authority as well as his Power of Attorney. He will provide this to show to all mankind that he has been given authority by the creator of the Universe to change the existing Human code. … ADAM CAN AND MUST NOW EAT THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT.

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kwamerica: Map of the New World

The Perfect design of the New Jerusalem is also the map of the New World. It is really awesome readers. In it is no sea but 12 gates. Amazing design.

kwamerica: The Design - The Bridal Dress for the New Jerusalem (New World)

32 5 22 15 73 57 60 63 42

Reuben 34 55 61 59 31 37 58 Joseph

Judah 62 36 76 49 30 54 26 Benjamin

Levi 78 64 38 43 66 10 8 Dan

81 17 53 35 41 47 29 65 1

Gad 74 72 16 39 44 18 4 Simeon

Asher 56 28 52 33 6 46 20 Issachar

Naphtali 24 27 51 23 21 45 48 Zebulun

40 19 12 25 9 67 70 77 50

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Hi Kwa -

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kwamerica: Sorry

Hi Inanna17

I know the figures scrambled there is a bit of a mishap. I believe strongly Mr. Q is working on the HTML stuff of this site. Sorry Inanna17

Please inbox me your email address so I can send the real picture to you.

If you wouldn't mind, you can construct a square of 9 by 9 and input the figures as they appear on the page like 32 5 22 15 73 57 60 63 42. The next line is Reuben 34 55 61 59 31 37 58 Joseph. with Reuben coming directly under figure 32 and Joseph coming directly under figure 42. Do the same to the next line. When you finish then begin to do the summation. Its awesome all the numbers are talking about THE TRUTH

You will be amazed to arrange the BIGGEST MAGIC SQUARE - The City of Truth.


kwamerica: Eternity stepping into Time

This is Heaven on Earth. The conventional Mental attitudes of all in the Universe changes when Eternity steps into definite Time for eternity.

As you read this you are closer to this experience than ever before

SirReigns: 12 gates?

It would have to be the largest temple in the world... and it is.

kwamerica: Yes 12 Gates

The design of the New Jerusalem as described in Rev 21 is a spiritual design of the New World which replaces the common global map where in it we are seen bounded by Oceans.

In the New Jerusalem the Global Map is a Square with 12 gates. These Gates are named after the 12 tribes of Israel. Sure it is the Biggest City. As the whole Earth is seen by the Creator as one City.

kwamerica: The Perfect Design of the New

The Perfect Design of the New Jerusalem as in Revelation 21

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So, are you aligning with the New Jeru-Salem? (hyphen intentional)

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