Overcoming Your Body Through Your Spirit

Most people in this world are controlled by their body more than their spirit, and because of this we have a public of low morality and understanding. As soon as you throw in a spiritual concept such as reincarnation all these "problems" transform themselves into "teachers".

by Quinton on August 30th, 2009

Birth "Defects"

Take people who are born missing limbs, blind, retarded or any other type of "tragedy". People are usually so quick to take the short-sighted side of saying that these things are bad and unfair because it makes the person less capable as a more "normal" person. However, when you become more spiritual and discover concepts such as reincarnation these "tragedies" that used to be confusing and unjust start to become clear and purposeful. We are all multidimensional beings that are bringing in experiences and data from many different physical bodies. The bodies are simply our vehicles in this reality we live in. Different bodies allow for different experiences and thus provide us with a broader understanding of reality and ourselves. Therefore, being born blind is not a bad thing, it's simply an experience. In another life you may be born as a top athlete, and that's not necessarily a good thing. Different bodies take in different information. You are only your body for a temporary period and falling into the trap of associating with your body and not your spirit is a trap many fall into and will continue to fall into until they reach a certain level of spiritual development.


Struggling Picture
Our struggles are for our growth.

Suffering is another topic people who favor their body over their spirit just can't seem to grasp. Many people always pose the question, "Why does a good God allow suffering?" As in the previous example, this is another very narrow line of thinking as it is forgetting about our entire spiritual purpose here: we are here to gain experiences and develop our spirit. How would you grow without having friction to create that polarity for development? We grow because of these conditions created due to the polarities of our reality. What is good without bad and what is right without wrong? What is good to one person may be bad for another. At the end of the day they are all experiences and they are all for our spiritual growth. The physical density creates certain events that we will not have access to in a more "good" realm, therefore these sufferings and trials of our spirit only make us stronger and smarter. Our struggles and sufferings should be looked upon with eager praise as they are the key to our growth. Usually those things we consider the worst for us are usually those things we need the most.

For instance, have you ever met a child that comes from a rich family with low moral and standards which result in very little hardships and suffering for the child. In these cases the child faces very little hardships and growth may be limited.

And conversely, have you ever met a child that came from a poor family with rich moral and standards which result in constant struggle and strife for the child. In these cases the child faces many hardships that present many opportunities for growth.


Here's probably one of the biggest things people who are associated with their body fear: death. Just the idea of dieing for most people is a sad and terrible event. Nobody wants to disconnect from their body because they have become so attached to their body and the ways of materialism. Since most people don't understand that you have been here before and you will be here again (for the most part), they fear having to leave this body, thinking that's it. Even most religions say you only have 1 shot here so it creates a feeling of loss when people leave their body as they fear that this was and is their only life here. Once again, when reincarnation comes into the picture it brings in a whole new perspective with wider understanding.


These are just a few of many examples that discuss how people are constantly held back by their body - and it's not a bad thing, that's just where they're at. At one time or another we will all eventually come to the understanding that there is much, much more than this 1 life and this 1 body. Your body is only a vehicle for you at this moment, many other vehicles await you at other times. It should always be remembered that you are only facing things which you can handle, nothing more or nothing less. If you are not ready for a certain struggle, you will not yet be faced by it. Also note that the more developed your spirit becomes the greater the tests it will face.

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Ron Nicolson: Death

At age 7 my life came too an abrut end, due to a bout with Plurisy. I had suffered Lung and heart failue. I had my only "NDE" (Near Death Experince) Sorry for the spelling. As I left the body I only felt joy and love. Joy from the pain, and love for life. As I was brought back to life, i felt as if i was slammed back into my body feeling, all the pain. I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering. Since have had over 15 "Out of Body" adventures. Bless, the Guru's for thier kindness. Love Ron

solarwindspirit: Just another form of brainwashing...

Un necessary struggles are not for growth. . .take for instance thalamid. . .taken by pregnant women whose womb gave forth children with no limbs or arms. . .

that was meant for growth. .

Take for instance the women that were in Iraq and the children that they brought
forth. ..nonviable fetuses. . .

that was meant for growth?

And take for instance other situations. . .were growth is probably the ground zero
and it's really meant for selfishness take take take . .sort like the robots of the day
for 'living things'. ..like cars motorcyles, jets, and other craft. ..

No I dissagree. . .not all suffering is meant for growth. . .
knowledge that is dissected, discredited and made into religions. . .
is not for growth. . .
it's only meant for demise

The body is more than a 'vehical' and I take offense.. .in such an ugly
comparison. . .

A good god would of never called the body or the earth a sacrifice, a experiment
or any other substitute for the truth. . .allowed. . .

especially medicine... a very very poor substitute for the truth. . .

is now called mayhem. . .I reject reincarnation. . .you got life boys. .

another religion discredited. . .to teach and get you on the right path for truth . .

just like the annunaki dogon sirius yahweh all came from one tree of memory. . .
and yet again. . .upsurped for false beliefs, idioms and rockets. . .for a 'moon'
god with no heart. . .

the face of man who has detached his soul from innate intelligence and life. . .is
like a fly to shit. . .. .that is the 'logical rationalizing mind side tracking. . .from
true spirituality. . .logic is not a co creator. . .with life. .it's a program a taker
and a lie.
from hell. . .' along with football fields. . .

I like to say it's not how much you collect or knowlege that is dissected . . . it's how keep it. . .keep what
keep LIFE. . .god saw the whole before the dissected parts. . .and innate intelligence
is what gives life. . .to the whole. . .

what part of the whole are you?

this world needs to stop serving false gods. . .and you can include all craft into that. .
religion, medicine, and all other non organic idioms in the mix. .

You ask why does god allow suffering. . . .I ask you why do you cause the suffering?

Annunaki77: Solarwindspirit

Perfect I couldn't have said better myself, you are extremely correct, SELF RESPONSIBILITY is the key and to allow suffering is an Act of Irresponsibility.

phil: i agree with your point of

i agree with your point of growth quinton everybody has various experiences in life, the idea being to learn from every experience, now you can choose to react positively or negatively to any situation and i believe that growth can happen with either decision once the experience has been fully played out, which could take 2 minutes, a week or a whole lifetime. we are spiritual beings having a human existance (sorry cant fit it all

phil: continued

what we dont learn in this life awaits us in the next. growth is usually faster when we take more positive decisions and suffering is inherent in all our lives all we can do is try to minimise it. there are many ways we learn from our sufferings. a suffering can make a person stronger and find a spiritual strength they never new they had which awakens the spirit and finally unfold their wings.

Annunaki77: Awsome Phil

Awsome you Graduated Phil!, you are truly an Awsome Being.
Spirit , Awsome Spirit this they try to Control , never will they Win.
The Awsome Power of you Phil , Awsome Phil , Awsome Phil , Awsome Phil Bingo!.

Loving-Self-Truth: Lessons Of The Spirit

i agree Annunaki77 & Phil. Though there is a major problem in all of it. Without the memories of our past lives, most to all lessons are forgotten/inaccessible at re-incarnation, unless there is sufficient DNA strands to allow these past times from birth. Yes, we have the emotions that are attached during a lifespan on Earth that assist our journey. Furthermore, we as a Spirit, must, continuously focus among our emotions to re-gather what the DNA cells preserve for our own path. "Overcoming Your Body Through Your Spirit" as you said.

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