Osu Children’s Home holds the secret to the living of humanity. This Home is the Power House, Situation and Control Room of the World. He who captures this Home takes it all. At the exact centre of the Home is where all humanity is coming from.

This is the newest and greatest revelation all men from this 21st century will come to know. The Holy One has constantly kept this as a secret and is going to give it to us as a souvenir in our quest in getting to understanding Him.

Knowledge of this and other truths is going to make the Human race once again take the mantle onto himself to ascertain the facts of where we are all coming from. It is knowledge of this that we will know where we are going. To answer where we are going, the answer is we are all staying under the direct supervision of the Holy One of Israel. The Middle as it is going to be known is a Holy Place. This is where the hand of the Creator of the universe has ever touched.

This has replicated itself to all orphanages of the world. Every orphanage in the world has got the Middle. The hand of the Holy One of Israel is directly in every orphanage. The country Ghana is once again chosen to lead humanity to fight evil this time not through the conventional methods of fighting with machine guns and missiles but a much more tactful, scientific and principled approach.
The other orphanage in the garden city is man’s first home. It is situated on a portion of land where our first parents finally settled. By the time you finish reading this book, you will come to understand why the Holy One of Israel had never left His eyes off orphans. Orphans are our hope. The world was built for the orphan.

It is until we get to have this knowledge that we will weep no more. If there is any problem on earth, look no further but ask the orphan because the orphan was there before death even came. It might seem like a tale but that is the only truth on earth. All problems we are facing can all be solved if we are armed with this knowledge. All human philosophies, ideologies, and religions have failed us all. If none can show us death, why do we worry ourselves?

The Holy One has got a plan and that is sending us all to the Garden of Eden where we all came from. We are going back to the days of Adam when the orphan ruled. These are the days of innocence.
Whatever is happening in Osu Children’s Home is a microcosm of what is happening in the real world. When Osu Children’s Home is calm, the whole world will know peace. It is regrettable to note that Osu Children’s Home and Christianborg Castle - Osu situated on adjacent portions of land are running on divergent lines. Whiles one controls the whole Earth and beyond but neglected, one which seeks to control only a smaller sector of land is recognized and lavishly adored.

Osu Children’s Home discovery is better, superior, affable and precious than all the Gold and Oil mines of Earth put together. When Ghana discovered Oil, all were very euphoric. Now a much bigger discovery awaits not only Ghanaians but all Humanity, for he who captures Osu Children’s Home is in control of Creation. Every human being that ever dies comes to Osu to rest. Home Call means The Middle (OSU) has called.

In the eyes of the Holy One, no Earthly Stool or Kingship comes close to the Stool of Osu. For the Middle is in the direct custody of Osu Stool. However the very day this piece of information comes into the minds of mortal men, the Father Himself will be ruling Humanity - The Kingdom of God.

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kwamerica: Changing the Existing Human Code.

This is where the Existing Human Code can be changed.

When the Code is changed the whole inhabited world would go blind to Evil

And then Death will be out of Earth for Eternity

For then the Eyes of All Men would be opened to THE TRUTH

kwamerica: What Happens when the Code is Changed

When the Existing Human code is changed,

Death - Man's relentless enemy will cease to exist
Corruption will be dead
Sexual Immoralities of all forms will die for eternity
Perfect understanding will be gotten by all Men
Belief systems will be gone with the wind
Diseases of all forms vanishes
All teaching Hospitals will turn into Midwifery Schools
All Wars will cease forever
Earthquakes will be thing of the past
Pride and Arrogance will be vanquished
All the Dead will be awaiting Resurrection
The value of all precious minerals will be down

... and then the War will be Over for Evil.


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