Near Death Experiences

A near death experience, or NDE for short, is a personal experience where a person dies for a short period of time, has an experience which they remember details of on the other side and then come back to full consciousness in their physical body.

by Quinton on March 12th, 2008


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Most people who experience NDEs are pronounced clinically dead, hence the name near death experience. Many scientific people regard NDEs as nothing more than a hallucination caused by the brain, however many paranormal, religious and spiritual people claim that these near death experiences are a suggestion towards an afterlife.

NDEs can happen on anyone of any sex, race or age. They can happen at anytime although they are most commonly invoked during some type of traumatic event. NDEs have been occurring for many thousands of years although recently the number of reports has grown increasingly large.


In most cases, near death experiences are very specialized towards the individual experiencing the NDE. For instance, if the person believes in Jesus they will most likely see Jesus. If they believe in Mohammad, they will most likely see Mohammad. If they believe in neither, they will most likely not see either of the two. The conditions that occur in an NDE are very closely related to the current level of consciousness of the individual.

NDEs give strong credence towards the idea that we basically create our own reality, the idea that you are what your mind creates. If we choose to lead a religious lifestyle we will comprehend religious figures on the other side. If we life an atheistic lifestyle we will not experience religious figures on the other side.

Common Themes

Despite being very personal and targeted towards people's own consciousness and development, near death experiences also share a number of similar themes. The following table of statistics has been compiled from 50 near death experiences.

Experience Percentage
Overwhelming love 69%
Mental telepathy 65%
Life review 62%
God 56%
Tremendous ecstasy 56%
Unlimited knowledge 46%
Afterlife levels 46%
Told not ready 46%
Shown the future 44%
Tunnel 42%
Jesus 37%
Forgotten knowledge 31%
Fear 27%
Homecoming 21%
Told of past lives 21%
Hell 19%
City of light 17%
Temple of Knowledge 13%
Spirits among the living 10%
Suicide 6%
Devil 0%


Overwhelming Love

Near Death Experience Picture

The table is quite interesting as it shows that the most common theme people experience in their NDE is overwhelming love. This shows that the other side is not something to be feared, but rather a place of peace and harmony. Love is the perhaps the one element that ties us all together through this universe. The light at the end of tunnels is usually described as pure, complete love. The love is so overwhelming and comforting and like nothing here on earth.

Mental Telepathy

Mental telepathy is something that is very common in NDEs. Since there is no longer a physical body which requires sound vibrations for communication it is very common for people to communicate via telepathy in NDEs. Knowledge is generally referred to as being comprehended instantly, as if you are remembering something that you already knew.

Life Review

The table above also suggests that life review is another common element found in NDEs. This can be thought of to many religious people as "judgment day." NDEs show support that it is not Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha or any other religious figure that judges you. Rather, it is yourself that is the judge of your life and cares the most about what you accomplished. In NDEs many of the selfish things they do in their life are realized and they feel deep despair as they did not live a more loving and caring life for others. People generally always find that we are here to love others and be the best we can towards helping each other.

Hell / Devil

Although a satanic figure or "devil" is never found in NDEs, there are sometimes some frightening figures found in NDEs - they are not all peaceful and happy. Going back to the concept of your current level of comprehension realizing your afterlife experience shows that some people who are negative and living in darkness continue on this path in the afterlife. For instance, some people that believe in no God and no afterlife have been known to experience nothingness for a long time. They have also talked about beings that trick them and taunt them. To some, this could be considered a "hell" or lower level of consciousness.

Different Views

Near Death Experience Brain Diagram
This diagram suggests neurological explanations for NDEs

Since NDEs are something that is personal and generally fairly hard to test objectively and scientifically there are different views that are created around them. The two main views are spiritual views and scientific views.

Religious / Spiritual

Spiritual people generally interpret NDEs as in fact being on the "other side". They see these experiences as being part of the greater consciousness of the universe and being in the realm of God. They believe that you leave the physical realm and enter the spiritual realm.

Atheist / Scientific

Many atheists and scientific people think that NDEs are hallucinations that occur while the brain is shutting down. They find no evidence for treating an NDE as anything other than a personal experience created by the brain - similar to that of drugs. Since there is really no way for another person to see what an NDEer is experiencing there is low proof in regard to just what is really going on.

After the NDE

After near death experiences people are generally much more revitalized and hold a much higher respect and understanding for our life here on earth. They also usually lean much closer to God and doing "good". They have a greater love for humanity as well as the earth itself. They want to help as many people as they can and have a much greater understanding of why they are here and what they should do with their lives.

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