Merging Love & Knowledge

It is my current opinion that there are basically two main forces at work here that we need to practice merging together and balancing out.

by Quinton on October 3rd, 2009

All the time we are hearing about how Satanists are evil and how the Illuminati is bad and all these things about the elite. While there are many things they do that may be termed evil, I am of the opinion that they are not all bad and have many admirable traits. While their greed and selfishness is not something that is admirable, their hard work and dedication towards understanding is something I admire. I think people have a tendency of making things too simple as our education and church systems have taught us to do. We are taught that things are either good or bad, black or white and that there is no middle ground or no mixing of both.

It is my current opinion that there are basically two main forces at work here that we need to practice merging together and balancing out. I don't know the exact words to use to explain this concept, however, I think the words love and knowledge will suffice. What we have here are two energies that are both pulling at each other and creating a polarity for us to grow from. It seems as though a goal here is to work on understanding the nature of both of these polarities and improve our lives based off this.

Both sides have their positives and negatives. Love has positives such as selflessness, kindness and patience. But it also has negatives such as apathy, laziness and stupidity. Knowledge on the other hand has positives such as leadership, understanding and discipline. The negatives of knowledge would be along the lines of greed, selfishness and control.

It seems as though one is not necessarily better than the other. They are both principles that we are given to deal with and learn from in our experience here on Earth. We can skin these principles however we choose to and we can make of them what we will. I think that some people get stuck in being either one or the other when perhaps it may be better to be the best of both.

I have created a graph to illustrate what I am talking about:

Merging Love & Knowledge Graph
This graph illustrates the merging and balancing of both love and knowledge. You will notice Jesus represents both of these forces in harmony and balance with each other, representing spiritual enlightenment and unconditional love. Please note that the people and organizations listed herein are simply my opinion and you may place them in different areas.

On one axis you have knowledge while on the other you have love. I find that a possible goal on this Earth is to work on applying and balancing both of these forces together to create a being like Jesus. You will see that I have Jesus at the peak of both knowledge and love as he represents a fully Christed being, one of both knowledge and love. It doesn't necessarily matter whether you take Jesus as the son of God or a metaphor for a spiritually enlightened and loving being. Either way, he is the example representing both of these qualities.

Many Christians are quick to point out examples of how loving and caring Jesus was for others in the Bible. But what they are not so quick to point out is how we was also extremely smart and well-educated. Jesus was not a fool. Most Christians associate with Jesus more so on the love side of things because they themselves are more on the love side of the spectrum. It would be my guess as to say the Freemasonic and Illuminati circles associate much more with the logos side of Jesus as they are on the knowledge end of things.

What I am getting at here is that all parties on Earth are most likely working their way towards a Christ-like being by gaining both love and knowledge. Some parties will naturally be more inclined to follow a love approach while others will be more apt to follow a knowledge approach. But at the end of the day, we are going to have to learn both.

For people like the Illuminati, they are heavily depleted of the love side of things and consequently they are cut off from these levels of maturity. This results in the negative use of their knowledge as they don't have the love to balance this out and use their valuable knowledge in a loving way.

The same can be said for most religions. They are the opposite of the Illuminati. They have the love side of things down but they aren't so sharp on the knowledge. This results in the negative use of their love - they are apathetic and taken advantage of.

Both sides need to work on gathering experiences and data from the other side. As this happens it will create a much more developed and mature being, as illustrated in the graph by people I find respectable like Manly P Hall, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It is my opinion that all of these guys pretty much figured out how to merge both of these principles together and as a result they became quite capable beings that were both loved and respected by many.

The problem most people have is stepping onto the other side. This is because it is hard and different. It requires work and change on your part - it requires growth. The elite don't really want to give up a part of their greed and themselves for the betterment of others. This is a hard, hard step for them. Most Christians don't want to put down the music book and pick up the Bible and start studying history. That is a hard, hard step for them. But as I've said before, most often the things you don't want to do are the things you need to do most. Any motivational teacher will instruct their students on the importance of broadening yourself and trying new things.

Another aspect worth noting is that as you gain more in one side of the equation, the other side may go down a bit. As you gain more knowledge your love may slide down a bit. That is because it is hard to merge the two to work in harmony. It really requires a lot of practice and dedication. This is why the Illuminati are not so loving. As they grew in knowledge they forgot to keep their love in check and as a result lost most of it. As Christians grew in love they forgot to keep their knowledge levels in check. The challenge is to work our best at keeping our love levels up as we gain knowledge, and our knowledge levels up as we gain love. It is not so much about choosing one side or the other, but rather recognizing each side for what it is. If we can accomplish such an undertaking, I think we may lead ourselves into the next stage of advancement for the human race here on Earth.

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Knockoutrat: cabalah/love

I have a rudimentary knowledge of the tree of life, and whilst it is a deep fund of human existence, where does love fit into it?

Genio: i consider myself to be up in

i consider myself to be up in the blue section =) hopefully one day i can be in the green . I never thought of it this way but thanks for pointing it out, and the graph is great.

Quinton: Thanks, please keep in mind

Thanks, please keep in mind this is just my perspective. I don't want to be wrong and force it on people, this is just the way I see it personally right now.

Lisa: I think this is true and interesting point of view

I also believe that these two qualities are the main that human can perceive and synthesize. These energies are projected into our three-dimensional space from the higher 4th dimension. On their way from the Source (let’s say, for example, from 36th dimensional level into our 3rd ) these qualities change a lot and what we perceive are only their projections into our space-time.

There are even more qualities projected, but humans are only capable to perceive them as background energies. Animals and other Collective Consciousness surrounding us synthesize other qualities. This makes them different from us. We can understand each other only if we have a common quality. For some animals it can be Love, but they don’t synthesize knowledge, so some people may think that they are on a lower evolution level.

A new quality is added as we pass into more dimensional space-time-continuous. When human finish synthesize Love and Knowledge they enter 4th dimensional space with third Quality to merge – in the direction I’m going it’s “All-unity”, but actually it can be other quality.

highplainssister: I need some sandals

I am sorry but don't have any money to any Tory Burch shoes, but when I get some money saved up , I'll give ya call.

highplainssister: Good Riddance

I have not patience or time for the illuminatii. No sympathy, no apathy, no nothing but distain. And if Leonardo Da Vininci don't like me , that is his problem, I'm glad he is gone.

three: An intriguing perspective, Quinton

I wonder, do you still hold this same point of view?

King Christ of Earth: Moving the Civilization!

I am working with friends! I don't care about what is happening on Earth, it is being eradicated and I don't have time for gossip or speculation! YOU are being judged by the Creator and everyone living is a WIP. I witness the judgment and make choices accordingly! Your world hold the secrets that led to my arrival and you are confused!
Let me explain!

Tarheel: Really? Well, WE CARE about OUR Earth.

You're either part of the problem or you're part of the solution. Careless attitudes are what got it this way.

It was molded and given to us and it's been taken over by darkness but we are getting it back with some help from our FRIENDS.

Dark forces are not wanted here.

bluesbaby5050: NO NEED-king-1


Tarheel: You amuse yourself.

Now, go AMAZE yourself somewhere else.

This is Truth Control. Not deceipt control.

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