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Close to 6000 years ago the earth was one mass of land and being surrounded by water. Adam the first man was formed at the exact middle of the earth close to 6000 years ago. Where Adam was formed is under lock and key as the writer writes. The Book of Genesis gives an account of how this world and all in it came into existence. Now the prophet like Moses (Deut. 18:18) will bring the missing link of the world into the open.

At the exact Middle of the Earth was where God Marked Time (GMT -The Longitude 0 degrees). At exactly 6 am on the 6th day of creation, the Holy One of Israel made a circle of radius 6 feet at the exact Middle of the Earth. The Earth’s surface area of a circle of 6 feet radius and a depth of 2 inches was the dust that was used to make the first man and all of us in him. Adam was suspended 4 feet 5 inches above the Middle in the entire 6 hour man making. At exactly 12 noon on the 6th day of creation, Adam’s left and right foot were in the 1st and 4th quadrant of the world respectively. He moved 10 meters facing east and finally settled in the 1st quadrant of the earth.

After 2 hours of naming animals and birds, Adam was so exhausted he had to rest. It was whiles he was deeply asleep that the Holy One of Israel took a rib from him to make him a helper. The Holy One used 3 hours 45 minutes in the making of Eve. In all on the 6th day the Holy One of Israel worked for 17 hours 45 minutes. The short fall of 6 hours 15 minutes is going to answer a lot of questions as why we have 365 ¼ days and 366 days in some years.

The location of the Garden of Eden has always been a subject of search for all Humanity after it was made known to the Prophet Moses over 2300 years after been created and destroyed. The Garden was created with Humanity in mind and not a specific group of people or tribe. The Garden was a Square with dimension of sides 55 miles by 55 miles East of the greatest circle the longitude 0 degrees. The location of this beautiful Square Garden could be likened to the placement of the Human Heart, just off the left of the body’s line of symmetry.

To physically locate the Garden, the North and South American continents will have to be attached to the African continent. Now with the Middle known the location of the Garden could be seen. The river passing through Eden stretched from the South American continent (South West) passing through the Middle (Eden) to the East of the Middle. 50 miles away from the North East boundary of Eden the first river head was formed. It flowed to the left covering 270 miles excluding tributaries. The next river was 13 miles from the first and it flowed to the right covering an area of 130 miles. 40 miles from the second was a rare spectacular confluence of the last 2 rivers. The third moving to the left covered 80 miles and the fourth moving to the right covered a distance of 125 miles.

The rivers were the Father’s signature imprinted on the Earth. It was a delight to watch from above. From its source in the South American continent to the Southern boundary of the garden was 532 miles. It was just like a design on a leaf. There was nothing mystical about the garden as a lot of people might have perceived. The Garden and all in it was as real and physical as any garden we see today. Today, the Garden ground is divided among the continents. Part of the garden grounds including the Middle (Holy Land) is on the African continent whiles the other part is in South America.

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