by kwamerica on March 16th, 2011

The Law or Divine Legal instrument is the Holy One of Israel’s weapon He is going to place on planet earth to gather His people all over the world. It is also the Father’s trump card as this instrument is going to ward all forms of evils off the surface of the earth.

The Law is going to serve as censorship at the Highest Order. It is the sacred secret of life and adherence to it will send the whole human race to the once beautiful garden where there were no diseases and death. The Law brings time to an end. The Law brings the truth of earth to all mankind.

The Law let us see the righteousness of God. The Law is the end of the promise - As the Law establishes the kingdom of God on earth. This divine legal instrument is going to serve as the Universal Law for Perfect Peace on Planet Earth. Peace is not the absence of war but the absence of death. The Law is going to bring an end to all evils done beneath the sun.

The Law is not for a specific group of people but humanity as a whole. The Law settles all disputes between nations, religions, races, tribes, sexes and above all humanity. Isaiah 2:4 concludes with… nations will never again go to war and never prepare for battle again. The Law is so powerful an instrument that it could be felt even in the place of death.

What has come over on earth? No body is coming to the place of death again (This is death asking a rhetorical question). As you read this message, do not have a doubt in your heart. The Law is true and it has come to stay on Earth. It is our only hope considering the depth of crises the world is going through. But then it is exceedingly joyous to go under the wrath and judgment of God than to stay on the fringes and corridors of the Evil One to be played as a socks ball.

The Law solves every problem beneath the sun. Starting from Climate change, Diseases, Wars, Pride, Arrogance, Hunger, Crime, Moral Decadence, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Ozone Layer Depletion, Ignorance, Poverty, Greed and Death. There is no where man is going to stay. This is our only Home. Now we can save our Home. The Law is coming at a time evil had engulfed the world to such an extent that there seems to be no way out. This divine Law has been talked about in Isaiah 42:4, Isaiah 2:3-4, Isaiah 51:4, Rev 6:5. This is all we will need to stay on earth peacefully. The Law brings the Church Age to a close whiles opening the Home or Messianic Age to all Humanity.

The science world of the 21st century will find the Law very intriguing. For the Law is like a vaccine prepared to cure a disease. And in preparation of a vaccine, extracts from the pathogen that causes the disease is mixed with an already made formula and the resultant solution (Vaccine) reused on the living victim to cure that disease.

In this wise Adam eating from the forbidden fruit caused sin and death is, which is the disease that needs to be cured. The Law was DO NOT EAT which he broke and ATE. The known formula here is the blood of the Son shared on Calvary (Faith and Believe). In effect the Law that brought Sin and Death is the same Law that sends Sin and Death away. DO NOT EAT which he eventually ATE brought Sin and Death. Now when he is mandated by Law to EAT, Sin and Death is gone forever.

The Law is like a filter. It is going to sieve or censor all thoughts which will invariably be 100% bias towards good. The Law is the Father’s trump card which He has jealously guarded and protected till this time the Evil One is really winning the game. He is playing this card out of extreme anger and hatred for all Souls who have aligned themselves to the Evil one so religiously. He is using this Law card to hack the days of the Evil One and let all men taste what He had prepared for all Humanity before He made Time. This is why Yeshua prophesied in Matthew 24:22 “If the days are not shortened there shall be no one to enter the Kingdom, but for the sake of the elect”

The Law is like a Security guard. Like we hire Security to guard our houses when we are away from the House, or when we build firewalls in our Computer Systems so is the Creator of the Universe using His Law to ward off all unwanted materials in thoughts and deeds to enter His much advertized and much awaited kingdom.
The Law is going to judge every scientific opinion like “there exist a Vaccum”.

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