Keeping Your Sanity As You Gain Dark Knowledge

by Quinton on September 25th, 2009

With the increase in exposure of the many dark plots going on I find it imperative to keep a positive attitude along with an understanding of the overall big picture close by. I think we all sometimes fall under a bit of fear and discomfort when we realize some of the plans going on. We may read about how our banks are controlled and how secret groups of people plan wars for profit and gain. We may find stuff saying that 1/2 the population is planned to be killed. We may even come across material saying that we are completely controlled by negative entities and that we are just an experiment here on earth. While I think it is good to at least consider all these things, I also think it is just as important to stay positive and remember that there are greater forces at work here and that there is a reason we are here.

All too often we may learn about something and find it completely strange that nobody else is getting upset about it. This is because they don't know what you know. There are different levels to where people are at with all this. For instance if you have two people who are just going along to get along and then one day person A (Andy) tells person B (Bob) that our banking system is set to crash to further control the people, Bob will not hold the concern that Andy has. That is because Bob does not know what Andy knows. Being in a position of knowing more about something automatically puts you in a position requiring more of yourself. We've all heard the quote, "with great power comes great responsibility" and I think it is kinda like this with knowledge we discover about the various things going on in this world. When we pick up negative knowledge that somebody else doesn't have it may frighten or concern us, but at the same time it will make us stronger once we overcome this knowledge and file it away. The reason the other person isn't concerned is because they don't know this. And likewise, once you overcome this knowledge and have regained balance, by the time Bob comes across this knowledge, if ever, he will be in a similar position to where you used to be. He will now be the terrified one and you will be past it no longer terrified as you have overcome it. You will both have the same info but process it differently.

I find it important for us to all remember these types of things and to try our best to keep our sanity as we encounter some of these deep, dark truths. It is okay to be shaken up. We should experience a steady dose of wonder as we delve into these topics. A little discomfort helps us grow. We just need to be careful not to go past what we can handle too quickly as this may create some longer negative effects that we may have a hard time overcoming.

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