by kwamerica on January 22nd, 2011

For close to 2000 years now all men have been living under what is called The Grace Period. The Grace Period ends with the coming of The Law that brings Judgment or Censorship. As Judgment Day ushers in the Messianic Age or Home Age, the Grace Period ends with the Church Age. Another more confusing phrase in the vocabulary of man had also been Judgment Day.

Many minds had always envisaged Judgment Day with a Hollywood Movie –Ending- Style, where the skies will get opened with trumpets sounded by Angels and the Father will be seen and heard pronouncing Judgment by segregating the good from the bad, with the bad guys thrown into the Lake of fire where there is gnashing of teeth.
Judgment Day is a set of eternal days when the creator of the Universe puts His Divine Law on planet Earth to govern humankind. To set the record straight the Holy One of Israel does not need to set apart a special day to gather all men both dead and alive and pronounce judgment on humankind.

As Job rightly said in Job 34:21-24 He watches every step we take. There is no darkness dark enough to hide a sinner from God. God does not need to set a time for us to go and be judged by him. He does not need an investigation to remove leaders and replace them with others.
Judgment shall surely come, and when it comes no man will ever escape it. In the nutshell as soon as the Holy One brings on earth His divine Law (Torah) that is when judgment begins. His judgment comes with righteousness. Judgment day is a day on earth when all men come under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy One of Israel.

Effects of His judgment are instantaneous. He takes away man’s ability to think and act evil. This is a day a lot of people will call the Rapture. This is because all of a sudden our newspapers are not publishing evil occurrences but concentrating on the prophecies of old.
This is a sudden period in the life of any man alive then who for once feels God’s consciousness all over himself. Thinking about nothing but becoming fully active and aware of the Supreme Being the Holy One of Israel. Judgment day is when all men in the world begin thinking once again collectively about the Holy One of Israel.

This is made possible through the awakening of the Jewish people all over the world. It is a day of mourning and not a day of feasting. It is a day all men come to know the hidden truth of humanity. It is a day all the colours, races, tribes, languages will stand in total awe to seek the face of the creator of the universe. It is a day of hope for all Humanity, for it was just a matter of time and space and every man would have tasted the ugliness and bitterness of death but suddenly realized we have all been pardoned and have therefore escaped eminent death and jumped into eternal life.

It is a day of truth. It is a day of total liberation from the evil one. For it is a day a mere mortal being would stand up on his feet and show all his fellow humans what the evil one is all about. It is a day of sorrowful mourning considering the depths of evil all of us have committed but suddenly becoming aware that we have been forgiven and truly have passed on from eminent death and jumped into living forever.

It is a day man gets true meaning to all processes in the universe. It is a day all will seek the way to Zion. It is a day of total solidarity of the human race. It is a day when envy and jealousy vanishes from the surface of earth eternally. It is a day of friendliness and true reconciliation. It is a day all men realize how poor and lost we were.

It is a day of self awareness and self consciousness. It is a day of extreme happiness and complete faith in the Holy One of Israel. It is a day of total co-operation amongst humanity. It is a day of forgiveness. It is a day of formal decision by the Holy One of Israel to bestow immortality status on mankind. It is a day of sorrowful happiness.

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kwamerica: May 21 2011= Judgment day ?

Judgment day is not only one day but a set of eternal days where the whole universe is ruled by ONE LAW.

Nevertheless, there can never be judgment anywhere in the universe without a LAW.

It is good that the whole world accepts the Truth that Judgment awaits all.

But the Question is that, what LAW is the Creator of the Universe going to use to Judge the Universe?

It is going to be the already known Mosaic Laws or the Ununderstandable Edenic Adamic Law or His Law in Isaiah 51:4-5 ?

Most people will be surprise when May 21 2011 passes like any other day.

Judgment day is when the Eternal ruler of the Universe steps into Time. When He does this time turns into Eternity.

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