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"Nothing in your life happens by accident,
and what comes around, goes around."

- Jordan Maxwell

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Posted: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Updated: Friday, September 28th, 2012
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Con / Con-artist
To persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.

To take away from (a person) by fraud; cheat; swindle.

I am writing this article in response to a series of false claims and attacks by Russell Joseph Pine, A.K.A. Jordan Maxwell, and to help listeners understand the real and criminal side of this apparent victim-humanitarian.

My only objective with this article is to defend myself by bringing forward the truth behind the slanderous and false claims made by Russell Joseph Pine 'Jordan Maxwell' on:

1. The Jeff Rense Radio Program on August 20th, 2012.

2. KPFK Radio Program Hosted by Eben Rey on September 6th, 2012.

3. A YouTube video excerpt of Maxwell's slander posted by '666Rothschilds' on September 21st, 2012; found here: | OR | DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE IF VIDEO DOES NOT DISPLAY

4. And, the re-posting on Facebook by Santos Bonacci on September 22nd, 2012, publicizing '666Rothschilds''s slanderous interview found here:

| & |

5.And, to those that have otherwise heard those false and malicious claims.

In this article, I will elucidate and prove 3 things.

1. Russell J. Pine [HIS LEGAL BIRTH NAME] A.K.A. (Jordan Maxwell) has criminally undermined former associates on numerous occasions; past and present.

2. Russell J. Pine has incessantly lied about his past work life, and the relationships he has had with the very people that made and helped "Jordan Maxwell".

3. I will shed light on Russell's false claims that someone 'stole' his website and work, and the truth behind the tale you didn't hear.

Buckle up, it's about to get bumpy!

In The Beginning . . .

Born Russell J. Pine, 'Jordan Maxwell' admits to criminally defrauding Stewart Rubenstein - The Man who Made 'Jordan Maxwell' Famous & The Producer of The Naked Truth Series.

Contrary to what most believe to be a 'life long crusade for seeking truth', Russell Joseph Pine, better known as Jordan Maxwell, DID NOT start 'researching' anything until the early 1990's; and in most cases his "research" has been discovered to be direct plagiarisms of the late and great Manly Palmer Hall.

It was in the mid 1980's when Russell J. Pine, a then devoted and notable member of the Jehovah's Witnesses, decided to leave the sect upon decades of loyalty and membership, after being inspired by the lectures of Manly Palmer Hall (M.P.H.). It was around that time that Russell decided to leave The Witnesses to pursue a life of fame as an "Occult Master".

While Russell may have shaken hands with M.P.H. once or twice in his life, never did Russell and Manly have more than a guest-speaker relationship. No "dowry" or "books" of any kind did M.P.H. leave Russell as Russell has claimed so many times. In one meeting we had with Russell, he stated that by making this claim, it established him (Russell) to have a 'predecessor relationship' to the great M.P.H., thereby giving him the appearance of an Authority on Occult Wisdom.

Visit Philosophical Research Society and ask Obadiah Harris, current president of PRS & former owner of M.P.H.'s work, what they know about Russell Pine or "Jordan Maxwell" . . . you'll be shocked!

While homeless and unemployed after quitting his job as a drywall construction man in the late 1980's, Russell attended many New Age / Conscious conferences where he would meet like-minded people. Among them was Lennart Martinson, and Stewart Rubenstein, who Russell regularly dubbed, "The Dancing Jew".



Though it could never be fully verified, there was suspicion that Lennart Martinson was the Diamond Fraudster mentioned in this L.A. Times article, due to chronological synchronicities among other things.

Sadly, Russell rarely credits the hands that made 'Jordan Maxwell', as Stewart Rubenstein was one of the main reasons anyone today knows the name 'Jordan Maxwell'. Rubenstein was one of the initial investors, creators and producers of "The Naked Truth Series", a 1991 video production that catapulted Russell Pine into the spotlight as the "Occult-Conspiracy Authority", and thereby making 'Jordan Maxwell'.

Russell J. Pine becoming Jordan Maxwell.
Screenshot from The Naked Truth. Circa 1991.

Russell (now Jordan) went on to describe how he plotted and executed a conspiracy with 'street hustler' Charles Mayberry, and Lennart Martinson, where they criminally defrauded Rubenstein out of the Proprietary Rights and Intellectual Properties that Rubenstein held as a result of the investment he made into 'Jordan Maxwell'. Don't believe it? Let Russell himself describe it to you in an interview where he arrogantly boasts the entire plot.


The Truth about The Truth Seeker Company

If you've known Jordan for some time, you have undoubtedly heard one of Jordan's trademark lies; being that he brought David Icke from England and gave him money to become who he is today while "working" at The Truth Seeker Company.

Not only is that a complete falsity, but to add insult to injury, between 1996 and 1998, while living on the floor inside the building of The Truth Seeker Company, Russell teamed up with his old partner Lennart Martinson to juice The Truth Seeker Company for a cool $150,000, according to Bonnie Lange, President of The Truth Seeker Company, in a radio interview.

(Fast-forward to the 29 minute marker and listen to about 44 minutes in).



Let Bonnie Lange, TSC president, tell you how it REALLY WAS
while Jordan Maxwell was at The Truth Seeker Company.

Third Time's a Charm

Years after Russell's biggest scam to date in 2004, which resulted in him getting a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Judgment, ( FTC JUDGEMENT - CLICK HERE ), I met him without any prior knowledge about him as a individual or a 'researcher' in late 2009. Upon some of our first meetings, and well into our first year of knowing each other, I got the same sob story ol' Russ divulges to everyone, and I quote only a few of the sermons Russ regularly preached to me:

"I always get fucked over"

"Everyone takes advantage of me"

"I have sacrificed my whole life for my work"

"I have been attacked my whole life because of my work"

"Everbody always makes money off of me" (when records show the exact opposite).

"I have been lied to"

"I have been cheated"


If you know Jordan, then you've surely heard him say these phrases.

Well, because I didn't know the real Jordan Maxwell at the time, I invested somewhere in the nature of $20,000 to $30,000 into him over a 4-6 month period, from late 2009 to early 2010. Some of the expenses included giving ol' Russ a place to live, food, gas for his car, phone, internet, etc., until I offered him to come live with me, which he ultimately did. In retrospect, this seems to be a reoccurring pattern for Russell.
Happier Days - Jordan and Me at The Pickwick Gardens Event hosted by George Noory
where Jordan personally thanks me & my family for rescuing his work and life in front
of an audience of hundreds - February 7th, 2010.

On March 30th, 2010, Russell Pine (Jordan Maxwell) sold all past, present and future Intellectual Properties and products of "Jordan Maxwell", including, but not limited to, .org, .net, .info to me, in front of a notarizing witness in Calabasas, California. If you wish to see that Agreement, ask Russell. He has a copy of the Agreement, and to my understanding, so do a few of his co-conspirators, which we'll get into in a minute.

From Good To Not So Good . . .

Almost one year after signing the Agreement in early 2011, Russell proposed a great idea to me where he excitedly started off by saying, "Joe, we can make a lot of money!". He began to tell me about a long-time associate he knew that could take "Jordan Maxwell", and therefore sales, to the next level. Jordan kept repeating how everyone can make a lot of money through this guy. Can you guess who ol' Russ introduced me to? That's right! - The one... the only... Lennart Martinson.

After a few weeks of Russell buttering me up about how great Martinson was and how many products he had sold in the past, I finally met up with Martinson in person at Jerry's Deli in early February of 2011. After some personal meetings and email correspondences (which I still have), Martinson eventually sent me a "Proposed Agreement" that would have to be signed before we could move forward with the new Jordan Maxwell campaign that would "take Jordan Maxwell to the next level".

After reading it, I was awed, confused and taken aback.

In one instance, the Proposed Agreement sent by Martinson actually required me to nullify, or rather terminate, any and all existing contracts with 'Jordan Maxwell'.

Having Deja Vu? You should, because this is exactly the same con Jordan, Mayberry and Martinson pulled on poor Stewart Rubenstein back in the early 1990's (mentioned above). If you haven't watched that video, you need to now. - CLICK HERE

Because of the ludicrous suggestion mentioned in the Proposed Agreement, I couldn't help become suspicious - highly suspicious. I gracefully declined the entire offer, and began to question Jordan on where he knew Martinson from, and how long they knew each other.

The whole thing felt so unsettling that we conducted a background search on Lennart Martinson, where we discovered many things about Martinson, and more importantly, about ol' Russ himself.

Suspicion Confirmed

Though I had no proof of any wrong doing at the time, my intuition started and kept buzzing to be cautious - and so I was. I began to think of hypothetical 'what if' scenarios where maybe Russell wasn't being completely honest with me about himself, his associates or his past. After all, if 'Jordan Maxwell' was so famous and so 'in-demand' as he often preached to me, why am I, a then 26 year old Joe from Woodland Hills, supporting this guy, giving him a place to live, feeding him, giving him money, helping him with his car, etc.?

The inevitable conclusion that I came to was; let's not make any hasty judgments, but be cautious . . . very cautious.

About a week later, and seemingly by complete accident, I was on the phone with the tech-support of my web-hosting company, and the technician had informed me that someone has gone into my control panel and changed all of the 'WhoIs' contact information on all of my website domains. Confused, I stayed on the phone with the technician and verified what he told me to be true, which it was, so I immediately changed the 'WhoIs' info back to its legal owner, me.

I began to think, "who has my login information that could have done this?" I distinctly remembered that at NO TIME was Jordan's contact info along with his Tarzana Address EVER on my web hosting account, as it had been changed to; because the account was established long before I had ever met Jordan.

Knowing that Jordan was the only other person that had the login info, I knew the changes had to have come from him somehow; and as the technician stated, the change happened about one week prior - exactly around the time I declined the Proposed Agreement by Martinson.

Now, I knew there was a problem, because my suspicions had been confirmed. Jordan saw that the 'Proposed Agreement' designed to con me out of our Agreement wasn't going to fly, so Jordan simply planned to steal my property by claiming that his contact info was on the 'WhoIs' contact page on my web hosting account, and therefore his property.

The Falling Out - What Happened?


In early 2010, Jordan and I agreed that we would allow Joe Dombrovski (Jordan's long time astrologer friend and 'web-expert' ( to recreate, because according to Jordan, Dombrovski was always hurting for money and never had rent, so I figured we would help him by giving him a job, even though I was intuitively adverse to the idea.

By June 2010, I asked Dombrovski how the website was coming along, and he told me via email that, "it's almost done", and that, "it will be completed for sure in 3 weeks", i.e. early July 2010 (all emails which I kept and still have).

To this day, October 2012, no website has ever been presented to me by Dombrovski.


After changing the password to my web hosting account in February of 2011, I immediately (next day) started receiving calls and emails from Dombrovski.

Dombrovski was confused why he no longer had access to the control panel and kept telling me that he needed access to complete the website he's been 'working' on for over a year. Assuming it wasn't Jordan himself that changed the 'WhoIs' contact info on my web hosting account, the only other person it could have been was Dombrovski under Jordan's guidance.

Here is an email correspondence I had with Dombrovski concerning the password change on my web-hosting control panel:

I wrote to Dombrovski:


I’m not sure what you (Dombrovski) and Jordan discussed, but just so we are all clear no one should have ever had access to this account. If I gave it to you, then it was my mistake. You don’t need to tutor me on ssh, linux or unix or any other system.

But what you SHOULD have done is finished (at least 6 months ago) what Jordan and myself paid you for. There is absolutely no excuse for not doing what you got paid to do to take as long as it did; assuming that you actually even have anything done.

Like you said; you had a ‘one year window’ to do a (1-2 month job… that was your window). If you haven’t done it by then, then I think it’s reasonable to assume you aren’t going to do it, which is o.k. because really you shouldn’t have been doing it to begin with.

There is no need for a three-way phone conference as you ARE NOT part of the business. I’ll handle that with Jordan myself.

We don't need to correspond anymore.

- Joe

After an obsessive series of belligerent and offensive emails I received and stored from Dombrovski, I wrote the following message to Jordan,

"Jordan, Please ask him (Dombrovski) to stop texting, emailing and calling me. I don't want this thing to get out of hand. I'm not going to warn him anymore".

Jordan replied:

"Yes, I know . . . I guess his usefulness to the site has come to an end.... too bad!! I guess this is what the universe wants. I'm sorry that it had to end this way, but it's over for sure. I will tell him to give me what he has and we'll finish the thing ourselves. I am going to tell him if he can not finish the job without the code, than the job has ended as far as I'm concerned. Nothing else needs to be said. Again...too bad it had to end this way. He won't bother you anymore, that's for sure. We'll talk later."

I replied to Jordan:

I would say his usefulness was obsolete a long time ago; that is if there was any truly redeemable value in him to begin with. All I have seen and heard is A LOT of talk. I have still yet to see anything actually produced by him in the 1 year + that he has been ‘working’ on things.

Don’t let Dombrovski fool you with his rhetoric and antics. It DOES NOT, repeat DOES NOT, take anything close to a year to do the job he was supposed to have completed. Get a couple neutral 3rd party opinions if you need to become a believer, and maybe for your own peace-of-mind, that would be the best thing to do regardless, so you truly understand what is going on.

Jordan, for your sake, from one friend to another, do not be so gullible. Dombrovski isn’t a programmer and if he is, then a very bad one at that. Resumes can be easily forged and the ‘proof is in the pudding’ as they say. Joe Dombrovski’s personal website is created with the most basic HTML coding that anyone could learn in 2 weeks. If you can’t tell the difference, again, show his website to a few neutral 3rd parties to get their opinion. If he is such an amazing programmer, where does it show? I mean actual proof, not in ‘resumes’ or tall talk.

Incidentally, between you and I, and this is not completely off the table as of yet, I am considering filing a small claims summons against him to take him to court for ‘work’ that has yet to be produced for the website. He has taken money, and admitted in writing in doing so ($800 / month * 10-12 month) = ($8,000 – $9,600) for a job which is yet to be completed, and I suspect it never will be completed.

Either way, I have also notified Dombrovski that he is not welcome here anymore so it's official and we are all on the same page. Hopefully this will put this misunderstanding behind us.



I had emailed Jordan the following question:

I'm at my accountants right now and can't call. We need a few more write-offs for 2011. When dombrovski was getting $800/month from the company, about how long for was that happening for?

Jordan responds:

A Year...

On Jun 12th, 2012 at 8:15 pm, Joe Dombrovski was served to appear in a small claims hearing to explain to a judge why he received over $4,800 (even though the actual amount was a lot higher, but California Small Claims Courts limits corporate claims at $5,000.00), and never delivered what he was paid to do.

Because it was probably Jordan himself that set Dombrovski up to the task of stealing my property, and allowing Dombrovski to milk my company for $800 / month, for 6 + months to "recreate" with no intention to deliver, Jordan felt responsible to defend Dombrovski, and he did.

Here are the email correspondences Jordan and I had after Dombrovski called Jordan 10 minutes after being served the small claims summons on June 12th, 2012.

Jordan writes:

Joe, I assume you know that your dad is suing Joe Dombrovski. And your dad says he's doing that to teach him that he can't talk to you like he did. So the case is based on vengeance and pay back which is stupid . Whatever happened is in the pass and is history. Suing him now to teach him that he can not talk to you that way. He say's Joe took 8,000 from the company for work he did not do. Joe took not one dime "from the company." The "company" paid him not one nickel. So I told your dad that I did not want this, but he is going on with it anyway. Can you talk to your father and tell him to drop this stupid case. Joe took nothing from "the company", it was my personal money, not the company. The company lost nothing. I don't want this and I told your dad that I did not want this. But he said he doesn't care what I want or don't want. So in doing this he is showing no respect for me or my wishes. It was my money and it is for me to decide not him. I don't want this, so will you talk some sense to him and tell him to drop "vindictive / revenge" stuff. What really bothers me most, is your dad shows no respect for me or my wish at all.


I responded to Jordan:

Jordan , I know about the case. My dad is not suing Dombrovski, the Company is, and it was a Company decision. This case is not about 'payback', read the Small Claims Summons. Dombrovski took over $8,000.00 + from the company, through you, over one year plus, and never delivered anything.

If the company was doing this strictly out of spite, the Company would take Dombrovski to a California Supreme Court under Limited Jurisdiction for Fraud for accepting over $10,000 and never delivering, which can be considered a Felony in the State of California . We are requesting less than half of what he took, and we're benevolent enough to give him an option to settle out of court if he cares to preserve any sense of honor.

Jordan , please do not make untruthful claims about where the money came from. There is no way you could have paid him. You were receiving no more than $700 / month from social security, which in itself could not have paid for Dombrovski, not to mention your general bills, grocery, gas, dinner expenses, computer parts & accessories, rent, car repairs, etc. (Do the math).

I read the email my dad sent to you last night, and fully agree. You empathically told me that you cut all ties off with Dombrovski, as "he serves no purpose anymore" (read email to me dated 02/26/2011). Now you are vehemently defending him!?!? What's really going on here Jordan ? Other than the fact you are now openly defending Dombrovski, you have nothing to do with the case, unless you want to make it so.

Jordan , if you are choosing to defend Dombrovski after what he did, over the business and our relationship, then YOU are choosing so, and choosing the consequences of that choice.

We need not debate this further. Dombrovkski can (1) Settle out of court, or in the event he does not, then (2) explain to the judge why the website is not completed or anywhere to be found nearly 2 years after the fact.


Jordan responded:

Joe, the company was making money every month off of the my sales and events. I was getting my bit of all of it, each month. I and my work has always paid it's own way and always made money. What I was given each month was part of the sales and whatever the company made. So, what was given to me each month was mine, that was earned by my books, videos and events. So the company was not giving me "charity" nor was I an "employee".

I was not on the company "payroll" as a "employee". I always made money for the company and the "company" never one time had to give me anything. Whatever I got from time to time was taken out of what my work made each week. Nobody gave me anything, or paid me as an "employee", it was always my share of what was earned by my work each week.

And that's how I was able to pay my personal bills , gas & food ect. And so my SS check had zero nothing to do with the company at all. And the fact that I paid Joe Dombrovski out of my SS check had nothing to do with the business at all. I lived on the money every week that my work generated ( which was my share ) that my work made for the company.

So if anyone has a right to do anything, it would be me and not the company. What I did or did not do with my personal SS check each month was and is my personal business. I lived each month on was made off of my books & videos and events which was my share. So nobody ever "employed" me or "gave" me anything ever. This whole thing is personal between Joe Dombrovski and me only. What he did or did not do is my personal business. So, I am asking you and your dad to drop this because it has nothing to do with the company. If this thing continues, than I will consider it an "invasion" of my private affairs, and I will react accordingly. We have always be reasonable with each other, so I'm suggesting that you tell your dad to drop this now. Joe was already working for me doing other things when I was living with Jeff Polachek. He never worked on my website ever. He could not have ever worked on my website..... he did not have any pass-words or any info to access the site ever !! I ask him to build me a new site that I could use later, but that was just between him and I. So I don't see any connection between him and the ompany at all. What he did or did not do was between Joe and me personally. I paid him out of my personal money.... the company had no contract or cancelled checks with his name on anything.

I'm not "defending" Joe Dombrovski, I'm defending the factual truth of the matter. This case will not benefit or help anyone. From my perspective, this thing appears to be motivated by two things only. One....the family NEEDS MONEY !!!! , and thats why your dad everyday keeps e-mailing and calling me to say "We need the new products for the Alex Jones Show" and second, as I said, it's just vindictive and a quick way to bring in a few bucks.


I responded to Jordan:


You could not have gotten paid, or 'received a bit every month' pursuant of the judgment filed against you by the FTC in 2004. Dombroski received company cash funds through you. You are not allowed to have money that isn't claimed or reported to the FTC. We talked about this already. The company had to take care of every aspect of your life, i.e. rent, gas, food, car repairs, etc... at that point. That was the point I made in the prior email.

I know you would like to believe that you are some how supporting 'the family', but let me make something very clear to you that perhaps should have been previously noted.



If someone isn't managing your affairs, you can barely even support yourself. If you remember properly, I bailed YOU out of a financial mess when you were sleeping on the ground in your old office with nothing to your name, gave you a place to live, fed you, fronted you cash, got the website from your former business associate, helped you move all of your stuff back from Nevada, bailed you out of Van Nuys jail last year, spent money on your 'health issues', helped you with your legal issues, bought you a car when you didn't have money after your 'sovereign vehicle' was impounded by police; these are only a few things I did for YOU. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

As a matter of fact, I quit my former job where I was making $6,000 / month to work with you, because you kept telling me "how much money could be made with radio shows and events" upon some of our first meetings.

Besides, over the past six months the company has made very, very little, which I'm sure you're aware of (probably because you have been evasive and indifferent to releasing anything new, despite the fact that you keep claiming the 'new product is almost done' for months and months now).


RE: "He (Dombrovski) never worked on my website ever. He could not
have ever worked on my website..... he did not have any pass-words or any info to access the site ever !! "

I hope for your sake, this isn't one of your of your arguments, because I have several emails where Dombrovski emphatically asks me for the new password, as he cannot "log-in anymore", and even states that, "he has had access to the website via Netfirms controlpanel for over a year, and can no longer log-in to work on the website he has been doing for over a year". Good luck defending that argument Jordan.

No one "invaded" your private affairs. Dombrovski arrogantly boasted about everything himself to me. Don't worry, I kept ALL the emails.

The evidence against Dombrovski is substantial, and as a word of advice, I would highly recommend you tell Dombrovski to settle. It is unlikely that he has any grounds to stand on. If you need to wait until the hearing to find out, then so be it, but we have told you what we are going to do in the event that he does not settle.

Jordan , please stop spinning and twisting things out of context, OR as in the case above, belligerently lying. You do not know what evidence we have against Dombrovski , OR you do, and are fishing for what we do have, so that you can spin the facts in Dombrovski's favor. Case in point, Dombrovski 'never having access to the site'.

Wow Jordan , I really CAN NOT comprehend why you would defend Dombrovski when he has been ripping off the company and you for so long. Not to mention compromising our relationship, and above all, the business.

Unless Dombrovski is prepared to settle, let's keep future emails and correspondence about business only, and not Dombrovski's case. I am not interested in having a verbal cock fight with you, or Dombrovski. You and him know what is going on, and since you have clearly taken his side, then figure out what he wants to do. Otherwise, Dombrovski can rant and rave in court why he took company funds and never delivered the recreation.

- Joe

That was that, and Jordan never responded back . . .

The Day of The Court Hearing

Schedule for hearing 08-07-2012 at 1:30 pm, we all convened on the 3rd floor of the Van Nuys Superior Court House. After only a few minutes of being within each others vicinity, Dombrovski starts yelling across the court room hall at me, "You're going to Jail for Perjury, You're going to Jail for Perjury". (FOOTAGE TO BE RELEASED). As uncivil and comically entertaining it was, I noticed Dombrovski nor Jordan ever once addressed the actual cause of why we were there, i.e. him taking money from my company and not delivering what he said he would. I suppose this is a tactic con-artists use to avoid addressing the ACTUAL problem at hand.

We had our hearing the next day because there wasn't enough time for us on the first day. We were required to exchange evidence as part of the legal procedure in the event that we would decide to settle before the hearing. So, we all went outside and exchanged evidence.

I had shown Dombrovski all the emails where he stated, "the website will be completed in 3 weeks", and on numerous occasions boasting to me as part of his belligerent and offensive email rants that he was, "getting $800 / month" from my company.

When it was time for Dombrovski to present his defense against my claim, he had nothing.

The only thing he bared in his hand was a copy of the Agreement Jordan and I signed and the Small Claims Summons with 'Perjury' written in red marker all over it. Again, I realized this was a tactic con-artists use to avoid addressing the ACTUAL problem at hand.

Nevertheless, I couldn't help laugh under my breath, so I asked Dombrovski, "How did you get perjury?".

He responded by saying, "according to the Agreement you and Jordan signed, Jordan is not an employee of yours", to which I casually informed him that the Agreement he is holding is between Russell J. Pine (Jordan Maxwell) and Josef Dolezal.

Dombrovski nodded and said, "right".

I added, "but we never did business as Josef Dolezal, but rather Momentum Developments. Momentum Developments is sueing you, not Josef Dolezal". I further asked Dombrovski, "do you have the contract that transferred only certain terms and conditions from that contract you're holding, to Momentum Developments, and which we have always done business under?"

Dombrovski looked confused and didn't respond, so I responded for him by saying, "no, you couldn't have, because no one was privy to that contract because it was exclusively between me and Momentum Developments".

Now even a little more confused and seemingly flustered, he didn't say anything more, and we all went back into the court room.

I guess Dombrovski never considered that Momentum Developments was suing him, not Josef Dolezal, which completely nullifies any 'perjury' claim he thinks he might have had. But then again, con-artists never argue the facts, so I suppose Dombrovski believed that by pointing out a 'perjury claim', he would walk scott-free from a otherwise sure Judgment.
Dombrovski (Left) & ol' Russ (Right) in Court

While explaining to the Judge my side of the story, the Judge finally ended by saying, "Ok, I understand what's going on here, why don't you serve Mr. Maxwell and come back and we'll move forward with this case". So the case was postponed and rescheduled till October 8th, 2012, to have Jordan as a co-defendant with Dombrovski.

After leaving the court room, I started thinking what could have been the possible reason the Judge requested Jordan to be co-defendants with Dombrovksi, when the evidence against Dombrovski was borderline self-criminating, due to the email rants Dombrovksi himself sent me back in February 2011.

After consulting a few people that knew both Jordan and myself, I began to think, "even with the sure Judgment that would be placed against them due to the amount of evidence I had, what would I actually gain?". With Jordan's near half million dollar unpaid FTC Judgment, and Dombrovski's incessant difficulties to pay his monthly rent on time at full adulthood (which is what got us into this problem in the first place), I would surely never see a penny from either of them.

Upon that thought, I decided to drop the case against Dombrovski, as enough has already been lost in having this mistake a part my life.

I guess ol' Russ gets away once again!
After Court

On August 20th, 2012, nearly 2 weeks after our court hearing, Jordan sends me an email entitled "JM OFFER".

Jordan to me:

Joe, to save both of us trouble. Give me back my website and and the contract, and give me a price to buy back all of the equipment and we go our separate ways. JM

I responded:

Jordan ,

Thank you very much for expressing concern for me, but I don't have any troubles, I'm doing just fine. I hope that by "to save both of us trouble" there is no implied, or otherwise threat inferred; as I am aware this is the reason your former associate filed a restraining order against you.

First, I think we need to clarify that you do not have a website if you are referring to, .net, .info or .org. You sold the above and with additional assets to me in March 2010, (Please refer to "Assignment of Intellectual Property"). These are properties of Momentum Developments. Perhaps it was simply an honest mistake in wording on your end, but I feel it necessary to be stated.

Second, "give me a price to buy back all of the equipment". I'm not clear what "equipment" you are referring to, but if you are referring to the computers, printers, duplicator machine, etc; then those items are property of Momentum Developments, purchased by Momentum Developments. If you are interested in purchasing those items, it might be possible to arrange, but I'm not entirely sure why you would want to purchase those items.

Third, if by "give me a price to buy back all of the equipment" you are requesting a quote to purchase the items listed in "Assignment of Intellectual Property", dated March 30th, 2010, along with DVD's produced under Momentum Developments, and the agreement "Assignment of Intellectual Property", then please clarify that to be your specific intention.

I hope that we can resolve this issue amicably, unlike Dombrovski's uncivil outburst in court 2 weeks ago.



If you notice, this email was sent by Jordan to me on August 20th 2012, only hours before beginning his first slander campaign on The Jeff Rense Radio Show on August 20th 2012, mentioned at the top of this page.

If I really stole "Jordan's website", why wouldn't he simply take me to court for theft? He knows where I live. And it would be a relatively easy case to prove... If it were true.

Jordan won't, because he knows very well he can't; so he uses slander and defamation to brew sympathy from naive and clueless fans, and uses the "always-beaten-down-old-man-victim-humanitarian" CARD, as there are no other options. Hence, Jordan's incessant claim that someone 'stole' his website.


So, is the man we know as Jordan Maxwell a complete fraud?

As someone who has been very close to Russell J. Pine or Jordan Maxwell since 2009, I would say that Jordan is a good divulging nexus of information. HOWEVER, this does not make him a researcher, scholar, or master of any kind. It's easy to reiterate the work of others with an earnest expression and have people believe you're something that you're not. It's called being a salesmen, and THAT I will give Jordan full credit for. He can make you believe the most obscene, ludicrous and unverified lies to be true... at least for a moment.

Jordan is also a good reference encyclopedia in some abstract respect, because he has been in the industry for roughly 20 years. Almost anything Jordan mentions regarding Astro-Theology, Occultism, Biblical metaphors ARE direct extractions from Manly Palmer Hall's research, not Jordan's 'research'. Listen to M.P.H. audio lectures for free here and find out for yourself:

Furthermore, anything Jordan claims about 'sovereignty' should be heeded with the highest caution. Jordan was lucky that the Federal Trade Commission filed a CIVIL SUIT against him, and not a CRIMINAL SUIT; otherwise, ol' Russ would have probably been in prison to this day when you account for how much time federal prosecutors could have given him for a near $500,000.00 judgment that Jordan WAS convicted for in 2004.

In September 2011, Jordan called me from the Van Nuys jail needing to be bailed out because police had arrested him and impounded his 'sovereign vehicle' which he abandoned and never got back. So please, if Jordan talks about 'sovereignty', be very, very cautious. According to his history, he is probably the worst example of a sovereign citizen.

However, because I have recently discovered that much of 'Jordan's work' put out by him as his own, is actually other people's material, there IS relevance and education to be extracted from it. If you have listened to Maxwell in the past, don't be dissatisfied or feel cheated, just know he didn't come up with it, and do your intellectual curiosity a favor and don't regard Jordan as a teacher or authority on anything... because he isn't.

Russell J. Pine a.k.a. Jordan Maxwell is NOT an authority on anything. He is a good salesman, from beginning to end; and secondly, he is a good divulging nexus of information, which he gathered from other people's work making it his own.


From my close and nearly fraternal experiences with Jordan over the past few years, I would firmly testify that Russell J. Pine a.k.a. Jordan Maxwell, is a Criminal Sociopath.

Criminal because he has invariably scammed nearly everyone that he gets close enough to. There are many others who have contacted me and came forward about their own personal experiences with Jordan Maxwell. Not surprisingly, their accounts regarding Maxwell highly parallel mine, as well as the others you have just read in this article.

Sociopath, because Jordan fits every definition of a 'Profile of the Sociopath', found at the link below, with maybe the exception of 'Promiscuous Sexual Behavior / Infidelity", that I personally never bothered to verify.


Like many before me, and sadly many after me, I full-heartedly believed all the nonsense Jordan told me about how everyone and the world 'fucked him over' when we first met. The apparent authenticity that spews out of his mouth feels real . . . I know, I was once that guy that was completely awed how someone could be treated the way Jordan described himself to be treated by others. Jordan will indeed have you completely convinced that the entire world has done him wrong, and sadly, maybe he actually believes it.

But, Jordan didn't end up the way he is because he's a saint, or even a decent person for that matter; and especially NOT because he's a 'Fighter For Truth'. He ended up with nothing to his name BECAUSE he spent his entire life lying, cheating and conning people that were kind enough to open their hearts to him and lend him a hand. And hence, what comes around, goes around.

I guess Jordan didn't count on me having enough courage to sacrifice my investment into him by publicizing him for what he really is. The fraud has to end somewhere, sometime, someday - and finally, Russ has reached the end of the road.

Please, if you find this article important and / or relevant, share it far and wide.

What's Next?

I am a firm believer that ultimately, honesty is the best policy. Since the time Jordan and I had our initial meeting up until now (September 2012), I have personally put well over $100,000 + of my own money into the "Jordan Maxwell" venture. I am grateful to say that I have recouped some of my investment, but hardly all of it.

Reason? - Jordan's complete and absolute disregard for maintaining and upholding his promises. His unprofessional and unreliable attitude. His emotional volatility. Saying he will do something and never doing it, and then reverting to 'the wounded victim status', when one had to become more demanding in their approach to attain the promises HE made.

Furthermore, as mentioned towards the top of this page, it has been brought to my attention that currently Jordan Maxwell is now using his cronies and minions to subversively undermine sales on, and my reputation, by posting false and malicious interviews (Scroll to the top of this page and listen to each interview with Jordan). Among other things, Jordan has stated that I have stolen his website, and that he has not received any money from over the last 2 1/2 years, which is a lie.

If you recount reading Jordan's email sent to me mentioned above regarding Dombrovski's payment, Jordan states, "Joe, the company was making money every month off of the my sales and events. I was getting my bit of all of it, each month. I and my work has always paid it's own way and always made money. What I was given each month was part of the sales and whatever the company made. So, what was given to me each month was mine..."

Caught ol' Russ in yet another lie!

Who do you think has been supporting Russell over the past few years? Not Jordan Maxwell or Russ himself. I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks.

Nevertheless, because of the now irreconcilable differences, foul and negative nature of the entire circumstance, as well as the financial depravity this entire experience has brought me; I am putting, along with its website content, and its respective Intellectual Properties up for auction.

To the buyer, I will prove and verify that I am the legal and lawful owner of the above mentioned content, as described in the Agreement signed by Russell J. Pine a.k.a. Jordan Maxwell and myself, on March 30th, 2010.

I understand there are people that, no matter how much evidence dictates the contrary, will always love 'Jordan's work'. The blind will follow the blind off a cliff even if they suspect imminent death; And so, to those people, I am offering an opportunity to salvage what they see to be a treasure.

If you would like to contact me regarding purchasing the above mentioned content, please do so via the email found at the end of this paragraph. Please ask questions only pertaining to the sale of the above mentioned content. All other questions will be ignored. [email protected]
Update - 9/28/2012

Well folks, I tried yet again. After a overwhelming number of supporters taking and understanding my side of the issue (which I didn't expect and highly appreciate from everyone - thank you from the bottom of my heart); and despite many saying I should never contact Jordan again; last night I couldn't help but try and attempt yet one last time to resolve the conflict. I emailed Jordan the following email in a diplomatic plea that we resolve the issue at last. I poured my heart out, and all I got back were more lies and tangent responses.

Now, I will address each issue to Jordan's last email, and then allow you to read the entire email tread below for yourself.

Jordan writes:

Would you like to explain to me what " financial situation / debts accumulated" CAUSED by ME that you are referencing to. What was spent on me that was not repaid back immediately ? What are you talking about.... I made money from day one and always bills were paid. So what "accumulated debts" are you talking about, that I have now caused you ? What ??

My response:

That was true ONLY for the first (very few) months we worked together, ever since then, the business went into ever increasing debt for reasons already mentioned regarding Jordan's (intention or unintentional) evasiveness; and which Jordan and myself already discussed previously. Only some of the expenses include monthly server bills, monthly email database bills, computer upgrades and repairs, general business expenses, monthly company rent, DVD duplication / production cost, etc. Believe me, it adds up after 2 years.

Jordan writes:

Also, I gave you $20,000. in rear books and and not even a thank you !! But I did get a call from your father telling me to get over to the house and sign this contract to make damn sure I never ask for them back. Not "Thank you for your nice gift" .... NO ...."Get over here and sign this contract".

My response:

$20,000?!?! - Definitely not, maybe $200 worth of books that were NOT rare, and besides, I told Jordan back then he can come pick them up at any time, and that offer still stands today, as it will tomorrow. The reason (my dad & I) asked Jordan to sign the contract (which he didn't), because my dad and I were very well aware of the fact that Jordan used the same exact 'victim-argument-tactic' with his former associate, i.e. Jordan's claim that someone stole all his research material and won't release it. So we asked Jordan to sign a transfer agreement. Either way, it doesn't matter now, as now he and everyone is aware that we can come pick it up at anytime.

Jordan writes:

Then Jakub tells me that he is now going to be my manager and he will be the "Boss" from now on and I have to "Get off your lazy ass and get to work" because he is a very important man with an important destiny. Talking to me like I'm a child, but your dad sat there and said nothing. Whatever Jakub say's to me is ok with him !!

My response:

Never did my brother say he was going to 'manage' Jordan, or any of the above. Everyone knew their roles, and my brother, with the exception of some video taping of Jordan (to which we all consented and agreed upon), had and has nothing to do with 'Jordan Maxwell'. If anything, my brother always worked on Jordan's cars for free, and with the exception of the last time, never asked for one penny from Jordan for all the time and repairs he had done on Jordan's cars.

Jordan writes:

ps: I have an offer for you.... tear up the contract and give me back the website and then I can help you, but not before.

My response:

I think it's evident and easy to understand my dubious distrust for Jordan at this point, and so it's evident that this won't happen. Well folks, one can't say I didn't try.

+ + + + +

Now for the email thread.

I wrote to Jordan:


Jordan ,

Would you like to apologize for what you did, and tell people that your recent claims about me were a mistake, so we can move on with this whole thing?


Jordan responded:


Re: "so we can move"... means what?


I wrote to Jordan:


Jordan ,

I understand you are not the best in business, and there is nothing wrong with that. Your talents are elsewhere. We each bring our own assets into this life and do the best we can to perform the missions we were brought here to do, and that's why collaboration between people in life is necessary.

But I have A LOT invested into our last 2 1/2 years; financially as well as energetically. You know very well that I helped you tremendously everywhere I could, and not just money-wise. You know very well that my objectives for the business and your wellbeing (especially in the beginning) were of the best intentions. Things seemed to go steadily south ever since Switzerland for reasons I never figured out; and as you have read in the article currently posted on, I remembered and read between the lines on practically everything that was happening ever since. I don't take pride in any of this shit. I lost A LOT of sleep and energy because of it... A LOT... even back in Feb. 2011, when this all started, I just contain my emotions very well.

The financials of the situation is another tragedy in itself.

I don't understand why you just don't honestly express yourself, and the way you feel instead of trying to use subversive methods, which made me treat the situation the way I did, and is the reason things are the way they are now. Had you just ask me for the contract back then (early 2011), prior to us getting so involved with each other, I probably would have given to you free, shaken your hand, and wished you the best of luck for your rest of your years on this planet.

But this subversive shit, and then Dombrovski's disrespectful outburst did not help the situation. More specifically, I would say that was the beginning of the end. You knew what he said to me, what he had done (or not done), and didn't say a single word to him, no apologies for me, nothing. You smiled at me like I had it coming for God knows what reason. Put yourself in my shoes and think how you have would reacted to something like that.

Whatever, the past is the past, and that's where it belongs. I don't even care for an apology or any recognition at this point, but rather move on to the next chapter of my life. I just want you to be 100% on where I am coming from, and what really happened, which I'm confident you already know. Clearly we have fulfilled whatever purpose we were suppose to for each other, and it is TIME to move on; for the both of us.

I don't think you're a bad person. We all have our pros and cons, but you went on public radio and started promoting things about me you knew were not true; so naturally, I was forced to defend myself. Again, I don't take pride in any of this crap. Personally, it makes me sick (literally), and sadden to see such potential being wasted on petty bitch fights which should have been resolved privately to begin with; and why I wrote you my email response on August 20th 2012, "Third, if by "give m a price to buy back all of the equipment" you are requesting a quote to purchase the items listed in "Assignment of Intellectual Property", dated March 30th 2010, along with DVD's produced under Momentum Developments, and the agreement "Assignment of Intellectual Property". then please clarify that to be your specific intentions.

Jordan , I understand that maybe you are not the type that cares two shits for money, or even understands its implication for whatever reason, and I don't condemn you or praise you for it. It is who you are, and it is what it is. But please understand that I have a lot (financially) invested in this endeavor, and currently I am under for reason which we both know, not to mention the sacrifices I made to make this thing work as good as it did for as long as it did; which is reason that I want to sell it off, i.e. to recoup loses, and if at all make a little for myself.

Yes, legally it is mine, but 'JORDNAN MAXWELL' is your life, your creation, your heart, not mine; and why I would sleep best if you had it. I want you to understand that even in the dismal chance that I was forced to sell it, and for whatever reason and you couldn't acquire it, I would have put clauses in the Agreement that your work is to always remain on the website unaltered from how it is, and to portray you in the light and esteem you were before all of this public slander bullshit started happening.

So what do I mean by, "so we can move on"?

First, I would like you to tell Cassidy, Santos, Rense and whoever else you said it to, that there was a misunderstanding about what you said, and that you said it because you were angry, because we had an argument, and so what you said wasn't true. (or something to that extent). For now, I will take down what is currently up on the website, and if you are done with what I requested above, then I will thoroughly explain to everyone why I did it, and I will do the best to mitigate public scorn.

Then, I would like to start working on transferring the website and it's assets to you, only in conjunction with you helping me (through people you know have money) with the financial situation I experienced, and currently am in; or more specially, cover debts accumulated because of everything, so I don't come out under when it's all said and done.

Please let me know if this sounds good to you. I will be waiting for your response.


Jordan responded:

Would you like to explain to me what " financial situation / debts accumulated" CAUSED by ME that you are referencing to. What was spent on me that was not repaid back immediately ? What are you talking about.... I made money from day one and always bills were paid. So what "accumulated debts" are you talking about, that I have now caused you ? What ??

Also, I gave you $20,000. in rear books and and not even a thank you !! But I did get a call from your father telling me to get over to the house and sign this contract to make damn sure I never ask for them back. Not "Thank you for your nice gift" .... NO ...."Get over here and sign this contract". Then Jakub tells me that he is now going to be my manager and he will be the "Boss" from now on and I have to "Get off your lazy ass and get to work" because he is a very important man with an important destiny. Talking to me like I'm a child, but your dad sat there and said nothing. Whatever Jakub say's to me is ok with him !!

So please explain to me what debt are you talking about, so I can understand.


ps: I have an offer for you.... tear up the contract and give me back the website and then I can help you, but not before.


And of course, what you read up top was my response.

My Final Word

I have said my peace regarding the entire situation and care not to continue it any further, and to finally make the Jordan Maxwell Experience a faded memory. If you are interested in purchasing this domain, along with it's content, and Intellectual Properties, please contact me @ [email protected].
All content will remain up on as it was before, unaltered.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and feel free to post and share this article wherever you find appropriate.

- Joe Dolezal


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bluesbaby5050: In response to your rightful claim..........

I have seen this man before this,and he got into this business when he was first approached by a Cabal/Illuminati agent! To make a long story short, he stated he was told he could become very famous,and make a good living IF he would Give himself to Satan! He was presented this choice. He said he was given some time to think this over real good before he had made his choice.He chose Satan! This is the truth here. Please correct me if I am wrong.I would not intenionally mislead anyone here. I have heard this mans story from the beginning,and from him by way of Youtube! I thought most people knew this already,as I found out from the internet on Youtube,and I had known this for over a year now. Thanks for posting this scam artiist! He is a Fraud!

lorenzo: jordan maxwell website

jordan maxwell is the name on the web site. that means the website belongs to jordan maxwell. you need to return his website to him. all of the other stuff you wrote here sounds like justification and pettiness. I believe you ARE the thief! stop selling this mans work without giving him the proceeds. stop selling his work! if you feel he stole this from someone else. HOW IS THAT YOUR BUSINESS? God...Our Father in Heaven will seek the revenge...NOT YOU! I will NEVER buy anything from you knowing you have stolen someones livelihood. disgraceful and disgusting.

Chris: Jordan maxwell is not a fraud he is a pleiadian incaranet from

the Pleiades isn,t it strange the same things keeps happening to everyone out there telling the truth like Alex Collier Jordan maxwell robert morning sky stewart swerdlow david icke and others are all called being called frauds and liers this is disinfo the ilumanti they know all these people are telling the truth they have dumb down people so much they will believe what they say with s the true lies the only fruad here is this article this happended to Alex Collier aswell who has been repeatly attacked for his work.

bluesbaby5050: About this Jordan Maxwell.......

He did Not get caught in the net of recarnation. He chose to be born! He be-came a satanists later on! He said so himself!! He was a Jehovha before he became a Satatists! He used to be a Pleiadian,like most of us,or some OTHER alien group, like most of us, this Still DOES NOT Make him real! This just went to court! He really DID STEAL THIS MANS STUFF,Joe Dolezal,and IT WAS PROVEN IN COURT! He DID THIS SAME THING TO THIS Manly P. Hall also! He stole from Manly P. Hall,he took the Credits for all Manly P. Halls work! After he died,and changed his name to Jordan Maxwell ! He changed his name=ID! He has been found out! He is a Fraud! The PROOF was presented to the court! Read it. I already knew about this before it even went to court. This man did confess to the crimes. The link to the court proceedings was listed here too, so people could view it! He was tried, and found Guitly! He had turned to the DARK SIDE FOR REAL! FOR PROFIT, and he was Protected by the Satanist! (NOT THE OTHERS THOUGH, Alex Collier etc.) HE MADE HIS CHOICE! He chose the DARK SIDE, and he had the help of the Satanist! Now he has to Pay the Price! His Karmic Dept.

vanny: no links in this interview

hey, all the 'click here to listen' links are not links...few youtube ones work that's it. none of the radio show ones

vanny: ya, 'the company' 'the family

ya, 'the company' 'the family'. come on guys. either you are trying to SOUND like you involved with the 'real' company and family or you are in it. which one.

obsrvantlouie: Right on Vanny

There are some members here who post as if they know (as in literally have met or do know) annunaki.

The obsession is one of two things: truth or trolls.

This is quite an advanced site. Information being presented to readers here is far more advanced then say "beforeitsnews and activistpost".

Just as the concepts and information is advanced on TRUTHCONTROL. The tactics for trolling would need to be advanced as well. Much could be said here....

Even still, good lookin out.

Aaron L: Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time to upload this article. Personally I find the sociopath analogy to be correct. I too have heard him in his radio recording complaint about the loss of his business and the irony that it is not even his to begin with. I am reminded of the way that Jordon Maxwell's recordings seemed similar to the Ester Hicks recordings. In her recordings she does this Ingrid Bergman impersonation and as we all know English was not Ingrids her native language. For example in the past when a wealthy foreigner learnt to speak English, they could often be found out as they spoke too precisely and perfectly. When Jordon Maxwell speaks some of the words he pronounces seems off and it wouldn't surprise me if English wasn't his native tongue.

edisonik: You will know , who is who by their Fruits

And by their Fruits you will know who is the Fraud and who is the REAL DEAL.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is beautiful, for without dialogue and free speech , one will never get their Real Answers.

We have never asked for Money , We have never asked for Fame, all that we ask is for Peace & Harmony.
Like I said before by their Fruits we will see who is the Fraud and who is the Real Deal.
The Messengers will always get attacked, but the Message is never discredited.

The Human Mind is Quick to rationalize what it does not understand, it is the way of the Human Being. But how are you to know what is Real and what isn't.
When you open your Heart you will see the truth because once it hits you , no one will change your Opinion because it will be based on "FREE CHOICE".

Those Few 1% think they can discredit all Humans who bring out the Truth. It is too Late!.
You cannot change the Truth, it will come even if we are here or not. To all Adamu from all four corners of this Planet.

Tim Lovell: well people are remembering

well people are remembering so much now , its no secret any more just the scientists don't know I guess they don't know everything like they think ...

edisonik: Good Scientists are Discredited or even Murdered!

Scientists that pull the Agenda are paid well for their Deception on many Issues, not Just Extraterrestrials , but on Issues like Global Warming Lies which they are promoting when in fact Earth is Cooling Naturally.
They Hijacked Enviromentalist Movement for their own needs such as Carbon Taxes which does nothing for the Eviroment because they engineer Weather with their Chemtrail Programs.

Westmorland Dragon: 3sides to every story...

Just become a member to this great site, but I've been around the block for many years. There are always 3 sides to every story; their version, the others version and the truth!
I've been following Jordan for many years, and so what if that is his stage name, and although he does repeat himself a lot he is a gold mine of information. I love Jordan. I have also had a preliminary reading from Joey and it was the most accurate reading I've ever had! $20 and we spoke for a couple of hours... Great guy!
Blah blah tear over spilt milk! I care not. Jordan Maxwell is the man.

edz2002: Jordans language

Somebody commented that English wasn't Jordan's first language. I agree, it sounds like some off his pronunciations are Irish.

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