Jordan Maxwell on Christianity and the Bible

by Truth Control on November 16th, 2009

We are told that the New Testament came from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

But Christianity is also the retelling of the most ancient story the world has ever known. The story of Christianity itself, as it has come down to us, about the one that Christianity calls the Christ, or Jesus, is not the same Jesus that walked on the Earth. There is a big difference between the idea in our mind of the Jesus of Christianity, as taught to us, and the actual authentic Jesus that walked on the Earth.

That's why today Jews do not accept Jesus as the Christ, or the Messiah. They were the ones in the Middle East, it was their country, their language and their book. If they don't accept the story, there must be a reason why. The Hebrews do not accept the story of Jesus as being true. Here we have a religion that supposedly originated in their own country using their own language, and they do not accept it.

Whatever the ancient Hebrews were individually, or as a people, they were not stupid. They were and are very well educated. However, they do not accept the story of Christianity. So, if they are not accepting this story, I would like to know why.

Now, my outcome is that I understand why. I have run this by many times with Rabbis in the field of theology, the clergy. I now know that what I know, they know. Basically, what the Jews will tell you, and they are right, is that there was a man named Jesus, but that the name Christ was just a title, and he did not have this title during his life. Christ.

His name was not Jesus Christ, it was Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, which is in the old Talmud, it's in Jewish literature, and Jews know about this man Jesus.

However, he lived about one hundred years before the Jesus of the New Testament would have lived. The "Jesus of Nazareth" lived about one hundred years before the one that we read about in the Bible. Modern scholarship now tells us that the town of Nazareth did not only not exist during Jehoshua Ben-Pandira's lifetime — it did not yet exist during the lifetime attributed to the New Testament Jesus, either.

There is much in the New Testament does not pan out. The entire story in the New Testament was written in such a way as to tell us a metaphysically encoded story. It is the greatest story ever told, not a collection of facts, but a story.

I am not saying this story is bad, it has a lot of merit, but it is a metaphysical parable, it is a symbolic story. The story comes from God, but was contaminated when man got a hold of it and destroyed the whole principle, by getting involved with money, instead of with loving, and with God. The story itself is a very enlightening story that needs to be told, as long as you understand what is actually being related. There is a message that is encoded in the scriptures, both in the New Testament, as well as the Old Testament.

Encoded in such a way that there is another deeper story revealed within the Bible itself.

So what do I mean by "encoded?"

In the military, or other intelligence organizations, a message might be received to relay critical data. The message says one thing, but if you take every sixth letter from the message and put them together, the receiver has a completely different message. One message is encoded within another.

That is what I'm saying about the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments. I'm not talking about things like that cryptic book, The Bible Code. That has since been intelligently discredited. I'm talking about plain English, properly translated, and reading what's directly in front of you. It's there, but most people fail to see it because they are taking things either too literally, or are accepting blindly what they've been told to believe, without thinking for themselves. All it takes is to look closely, and to think.

Anyone can read the message of Jesus, but only a few unknown people can read the encoded message. Not only do I see it, but I've talked with many experts about this and they assure me this is true.

That's what I am saying here, and that is why the Jews do not accept this biblically written story of the New Testament Jesus, because they are very smart in this field of Semitic theology and they know the encoded message. Now, why the story was written in an encoded form, I don't know. I guess you would have to talk to God to understand the answer to this monumental question.

Most likely, the Divine presented this information in such a way that you have to put out something yourself to get the message. You are not going to just get it, like you go to Sears, you have to really want that understanding. You are not going to receive this understanding by just opening a vein, and popping an IV, you have to really want to acquire this meaning behind the writing.

Seek and ye will find, knock and it will be opened unto you, ask and ye will receive. Ask and it will be given unto to you.

The whole idea is to study and prove all things, don't just accept the way things are, until you have done so. Hold fast to that which is true. The whole idea is for you to do your homework. Don't expect someone to appear and lead you to God. That will never happen, it is not happening now, and it is never going to be that easy.

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