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Just as you thought you had gotten the answer, suddenly someone changes the Question. "Where is Jerusalem?"

The name Jerusalem has always been and has always had a direct and complete meaning in the minds of many people. Any time Jerusalem is mentioned it becomes very obvious that it is referring to Jerusalem we know in the Middle East. However, there is more to the name, meaning and physical location of Jerusalem.

Geographically there are 2 Jerusalems and many diverse meanings. Any time scripture talks about Jerusalem it might be talking about the world and its people. Why is it talking about the world’s people?In the beginning where Adam was dug from (The Middle) is called Jerusalem. Since we are all coming from Adam who was made in Jerusalem, the whole world is sometimes referred by the Father as Jerusalem. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem means praying for the peace of the World.

Jerusalem in the Middle East was created by the Holy One of Israel as a model to build the 12 tribes of Jacob for the birth of His son (Yeshua) and also for the great dispersion of the Jewish people in carrying His name amongst nations He was scattering them. This place has always been called a Holy Land. Apparently this is where the greatest human sacrifice was ever made. The Son of God (Yeshua Hamashiach) shedding his blood to atone for the sins of mankind. This Jerusalem with her rich religious heritage has been the central focus of all humanity especially the Jewish people. Yes Jerusalem was built for the 12 tribes of Israel, but that is not the ultimate. The ultimate is the Middle where all Humanity is coming from and where the real and true game of life began.

Whereas the eyes of most men especially the Jewish tribe are on Jerusalem in the Middle East, the eye and mind of the Creator of the Universe is on Jerusalem the exact Middle of the Earth to gather all humanity unto Himself. Ezekiel 5:5, This is Jerusalem. I have set it at the centre of the nations and all countries are around her. This Jerusalem holds the real meaning of the existence of man. This is where the Garden of Eden was located. Apparently it is a Holy Land for this is where the Hand of the Holy One first touched when He marked Time on Longitude 0 degrees. This is also where He touched the ground to scope dust to form Adam. This is where the seat of government for the Kingdom has always been placed. It was here in the Beginning and it shall be here in the End and Beginning. This Holy Land makes all the Earth a Holy Place. For the Middle holds The North, South, East and West together.

This is where the 2nd Exodus is taking place. Where all men are coming to gather to unveil the next phase of human history and begin the New World (New Jerusalem). The 1st Exodus led by the Prophet Moses was out of the African continent. The 2nd and Last Exodus is into the African continent. The Middle is no where, that is geographically and mysteriously cannot be found in the North, South, West or East. It is sometimes referred to as the Valley of Jehoshaphat where The Father sits and judges Humanity. This place has been hidden until the end of time (end of Evil rule) when it shall be revealed to all humanity. Any time scripture talks about Jerusalem in Zion, scripture is talking about this Jerusalem (The Middle of the Earth).

The name Zion has always been very unclear where it could be located and which part of the world it is being referred to. Zion being the city of David was a model for the true Zion. Zion has always been the Biblical name for the African continent. Isaiah 30:19-21 has this to say, My people in Zion inhabitant in Jerusalem, you will weep no longer, he shall be gracious to you. Although the Lord has given you the bread of ……….. Scripture was referring to My people (Jews) in Zion (Africa) inhabitant in Jerusalem (centre of the earth)…..he your teacher (Moshiach) will no longer hide himself. But your eyes will behold him and you shall hear a word behind your ears, this is the way walk in it. And you shall defile all your graven images ….. Out of Zion shall go forth the Law (Isaiah 2:3). And truly too the Law is coming from Africa. Zion shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall designate (Isaiah 62:2). Amazingly the new name for Zion (Africa) has been put into the name given to the messenger. The foundation stone for the New world (New Jerusalem) is placed in Zion. Isaiah 28:16.

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