Introducing Myself to Truth Control

by RickyJG on April 3rd, 2014

I would like to introduce myself to the audience of Truth Control. I am here hoping to inspire and guide trough my revelations given to me as special gifts by the universe. I am not here to judge or argue with anyone on any one topic, I believe we are on our own journey and we are here to discover ourselves and evolve, my truth is mine and only mine and if it rings true to you in some way I hope you use it as a guidance tool in your journey. I have been on spiritual journey for many years and have found out that we all have our own uniqueness. I choose to see everyone as perfect because in my heart I believe that we created ourselves to be perfection. My heart truly believes that we create everything in our journey and either we can step back and watch the movie being played out in front of us or we can become the actor and play the part we want to create. I have discovered that everything and everyone in my life is there to serve my higher purpose and most of the people that I encounter in some way reflect a part of me ,most everyone is a mirror reflecting the true me. I once read a book by Pema Chodron in where she mentions that many of us struggle and suffer throughout our lives trying to find the light or to be enlightened when our truth simply is that we are already enlightened spirits. We came here as lights to guide others and although we will encounter many of what we think are struggles or failures nonetheless a lesson is always to be learned. Love is the key to everything as cliche as it sounds love does conquer all. The meaning of love to me means believing that you are your own creator and that if you love yourself enough you will be able to spread that love to others and create anything and all that you want out of this magnificent earthly life.Don't ever give up on yourself always remember that you can change your life with just one simple thought and its up to you to decide what type of thought you will choose. PeaceBeBlessed..RickyJessyG

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loner: top picture

the top picture does this mean your a woman in another life or you want to be that woman in the picture.i do not understand,please explain.thank you for your time have a nice day. loner

RickyJG: Response to loner

Actually Loner i did not add the picture. Quinton the owner of this site did but to answer your question I have been a woman in many of my previous lives and i think this lifetime i took a bigger challenge.. I dont believe in gender in the spiritual world identities such as gender dont exist . Its pure love and bliss. We make up good and bad in this world as well as man and woman what you are doesnt really matter. I feel a lot of negativity in your writing Loner is there something bothering you?' If you ever need to talk you can contact me I can always offer guidance but in reality the picture posted represents peace. I meditate a lot so i think Quinton put up a picture of something that represents who I am.. Its funny how of my posting the only thing that captured your attention was the picture I am not ashamed of the role I am playing in this lifetime and i consider myself Androgynous I hope that answers your question.

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